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on May 30, 2007

1. 5 alarms with one of them having a snooze option.

2. Moon Phase and Tide forcasting, you can advance to dates in the future on the moon screen and can view the tides of that day (I can predict the tide on a specific future date).

3. You don't need to hit any buttons to determine the current tide/moon phase.

4. Countdown timer, some casio's do not have this option, but this one does.

5. Dual Time Zone.

6. Sun Compass (show you an angle and you line the sun up with the angle and you can determine where North is). Each dot/mark on the watch is 6 degrees.

7. Every screen but the stopwatch show the current time.

8. Stopwatch has split times (however not reviewable - see cons)

9. Band is very comfortable with a strong buckle and is not bulky.

10. Pretty good instructions, good detail, shows the options.

11. The Price is great, other comparable watches (with good brand names) with these options run around $60.


1. I wish the booklet or a website provided the lunitidal interval for most beaches as this value slightly differs from location to location. The Lunitidal Interval is a delay between the moon at the middle of its rise/set and the following High tide. It is needed for the watch to display accurate tides.

2. The countdown timer can only be set to minutes. I can set it to count down from one minute, but I can not set it to count down from 20 seconds.

3. The band where it connects to the watch body cannot rotate past a certain point. This means that it is always in a circular arrangement and not as comfotable as it could be in a pocket. It can not be flattened

4. I wish the light was an indigo light instead of the bulb light.

5. I wish the lens was a little better protected by the outer rim. I hate scratches (no watch is perfect in this regard).

6. The indicator that shows if the alarm is armed is a little difficult to see - but it can be seen.

7. Seems to be about 4 fast after a month.

My con's are more a bit of whining. I love this watch. I purchased this watch for a specific purpose, but now I wear it all the time. Great look, very comfortable, very useful.
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on March 3, 2008
I bought this watch because i was going to the rainforests of africa for 3 months and needed an initial timekeep while i was in the capitol city but figured it wouldnt b as important in the rainforrest and would probably get really messed up, so i didnt want to spend alot of money on the watch. I did abuse the crap out of my watch but by the end of the trip it proved to work very well and a very good deal for under 25 dollars, i wanted to keep the watch but instead gave it away to an african friend of mine as a gift, im planning on buying another one because it was a great watch, very durable, no worries about getting it soaked/hitting it over a tree accidently/dropping it off a small cliff by accident (granted it did fall on leaves)... and the tide feature was nice when i was by the ocean, i didnt think it would work (or that the tides would b somewhat diff where i was) but it proved to be true and allowed me to know if i can leave town and get back on time or would the roads be flooded due to high tide and id have to go for a swim for a nice distance... reliable, sturdy, (NOT very big like some guy compared it to G-Shock, thats just silly, its nothing that size) and dont look half bad, plus the alarm always woke me up on time (im typically a hard sleeper) and the light feature allowed me to see the time even in a dark tent... my only complaint was that u would have to keep hitting the light button after every other button u press in order to get it back on (light turns off as soon as other button is hit), so if i was setting my alarm in my dark tent i would have to set it one digit at a time making sure to hit the light every digit imbetween... but its completely doable and would not stop me from buying it again in the future... also stop watch and count down timer proved to be excellent for field research
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on October 14, 2007
I own a lot of watches (something like 50 and I wear 20 of them actively.) I bought this watch as a vacation watch (I break it or lose it, it's okay.) I liked the phases of the moon and tide feature. However, in reality those features don't work so well. The Phases of the Moon works okay except the display is hard to read. The tide requires longitude, latitude and tidiludinal (or some such) setting that requires a $2.99 purchase at some surfer site for each beach you might want to visit. So, that feature is useless. The watch itself is less comfortable than other Casio and Timex plastic watches and it has a "bad plastic" smell to it that hasn't gone away. The back light is weak. The multi timezone feature is useless. For $17, it's not a bad deal, but if you've got a larger budget (say, $30 or $40) spring for a better watch, even if it's got fewer features.
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on January 7, 2014
The function button sticks out too far and is constantly switching the watch to various other functions. Then when I look to check the time, it is displaying the countdown timer or some other display besides time of day. This happens all the time, within minutes of putting the watch on, it mistakenly switches to one of the other displays. This is a very serious product failure. I have had other Casio watches and never had this button problem.
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on October 14, 2007
I decided I wanted a decent-sized yachting watch with the tide shown on it as I thought it would be handy for sailing. I looked around and discovered there are huge differences in prices for watches and as I couldn't justify spending much, after some study I ended up choosing the Casio Sea Pathfinder. Now I don't know much about brands but I do know that Casio isn't a cool brand but, hey, getting this much watch for less than twenty pounds, I couldn't complain. The Amazon price was significantly cheaper than prices in the various chandlery mail order catalogues (now there's a surprise!). Please note there is a blue strap version (the one I chose) and a black strap version which I think are the same watch (at least the same innards) but slightly different visually.

So, what's the watch like? Firstly, I'm a woman (albeit a large one!) and some men's watches look ridiculous. This one is fine, it's got a large face but not enormously so and a curved glass top so it feels smooth. There are four large buttons, two either side, which are easy to press. The main display (usually the time) is easy to see and very clear, the tidal and lunar displays less so, although you get used to reading the watch face.

There are a number of different modes including time, dual time (i.e. two different time zones), moon (how many days into the moon), 5 alarms, stopwatch and countdown timer. Interestingly I've found myself using the countdown timer when cooking (rather than a normal cooking pinger) because it's very easy to set. In fact all of the options on the watch are easy to set - once you've found out your lunitudinal interval. This mystery number helps the watch know the tidal states but the little instruction book that comes with the watch only gives general lunitudinal interval locations, such as 'London'. Armed with a set of tide tables and the watch, I discovered that London is significantly different to Eastbourne (Sovereign Harbour) tidal times. The thing I hadn't realised before buying this watch is that you can dial in the date and time and it will tell you the tide at that point, it doesn't just tell you the tide right now, so I was able to check the calculations up till December this year. Eventually, after some googling, I found a table of lunitudinal intervals along the South Coast of England. It didn't include Eastbourne but did have some other locations and, with a little trial and error, I managed to find the best lunitudinal interval which meant my watch tides agreed mostly with the Tide Table tides. And so far the tidal display seems reasonably accurate - it's nowhere near good enough to use for sailing planning but is a helpful quick check when you're thinking about walking on the beach (will the dog be able to play in the rock pools or will they be covered up?) and for general interest.

Being a digital watch it does have the unfortunate problem that when wearing polarising sunglasses (as I do when sailing) it's hard to make out the LCD display, but this is also true for the log, depth display, radar etc on the boat and isn't the fault of the watchmaker, just something to bear in mind.

Battery life is supposedly 10 years but most people will be bored with the watch by then and have moved onto the next one. The light lights up the face in the dark (what more do you need), the beeps for the alarms are loud enough to wake me, the watch overall seems perfectly adequate and it looks good. I think if I'd paid fifty pound I would have been very happy, for less than twenty it's a complete bargain. Go for it!
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on March 9, 2006
I needed a watch to perform basic functions like countdowns, timing of laps in swimming and running etc. I have found that it was easy to set but it took a little time to turn off the alarms and set the tide function. Once those were set I have been very happy with it. It's nice to have it water resistant.
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on June 7, 2011
I'm reviewing the W-753-1AVDF, although my watch is a discontinued "brother" watch with different colored buttons. It still says W-753 on the back.

I recently came off vacation with six new, cheap watches. I had some gift cards that were burning holes in my pockets, and found myself tired of the easy-to-read but boring "Analog, white face, Arabic numeral and leather strap" option that I've favored for 35 years. What? There are Chinese watches for $15 that do all of THAT stuff? Well, the Casio in question was $16.99 on clearance (discontinued) from a local big-box chain that does NOT start with "T" or "W".

First, moon and tides. I'm a fisherman, but even I will probably not use these features, except to measure a coworker's theory that customers get crazy during a full moon. I doubt if I will check my watch whether the fish are biting or not to corroborate other theories.

The Casio 753 is VERY comfortable. It is the ONLY watch of the various six (Timex, Casio, and Armitron) that I picked up that I would FORGET was on my wrist. Yes, strap fit is a highly personal thing, and will vary based on the shape and size of your wrist; for me, the 753 is a match made in heaven. Best test? Forgot to take it off before bed, and was surprised to find it on my wrist when I got up. The 753 is not a thin watch to be sure, but the watchband ergonomics are great.

Second, the face is easy to read and crisp. Unlike my Armitron (incidentally, the jilted Armitron is on my wrist, because I can't stand not to use what I bought), all of the digits are in solid, digital gray. The Armitron, in comparison, has the day/date backed up by an odd dot-matrix which makes it strange to read.

The day/date feature is also pretty good, because it actually says, for example, "TU 6-7." Some of the other watches I bought, reviewed, and looked at have "TU 7", for example. Awfully difficult to forget the month? Well, tell a customer what to write on a contract or a letter and it's easier to repeat "6/7" than it is to remember, "uh, June 7, that's six-seven." At least, for this cave-dweller.

I don't like the Casio's instructions. There are 56 pages (tiny pages, 1x2 inches, in English, folks) telling you how to get from here to there. If you have to take a 10-day course to memorize how your watch works, something is "less than intuitive."

Light: I LOVE the fact that the 753's light is activated by a big old button on the front of the watch. This is perhaps a symptom of my own failing (too many watches, dude!), but it is unfailingly easy to use.

Azimuth settings...are you SERIOUS? Who is going to use their 1-inch digital watch for sun azimuth? Sorry, but a poster on another site correctly pointed out that if you can see the sun, an analog watch is easier to find South than any digitial, particularly the 753, whose azimuth dial is actually flattened at the bottom instead of round like the rest of the watch! This is a cute feature, but not very practical.

I don't use digital watch alarms or countdowns (at least, not with the Casio's mini-dictionary), but I do enjoy a stopwatch occasionally. Unfortunately for me, the 753's stopwatch is the SECOND TO LAST feature on the menu, so I get to cyle the Mode button through Moon/Tide Range/Alarm before getting to the stopwatch.

I've had the watch less than two weeks, and it has some flaws, but for being comfortable and easy to read, I'll give it four stars for now. If it lasts more than 5 years (remember, it's supposed to have Casio's famous 10-year battery), perhaps it will have earned it. Speaking of the battery, I do like the fact that the back of the watch is secured with tiny screws instead of "one hammer fits all." I've broken enough friction-secured watches to know that I can get a small enough screwdriver, but I can't get all of the steel backs to return to normal on some cheap watches. User maintainability is always reassuring.

Perhaps I'll get back to you in 2-3 years to update...perhaps I won't! :)
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on January 13, 2015
It's like other Casio watches, good quality and light weight. It has more features than I need; such as 5 alarms. You need your longitude for the moon feature and your +- from GMT to get your sun bearing. Cute features but not critical.
I wanted a good looking watch with an easily accessible light feature. This watch works for me.
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on July 8, 2015
I actually received mine from my dad literally ten years ago and this watch still works.
The same alarm I set up back in the mid 2000s rings every morning and all of the functions such as the stop watch, tide graph and light are still functioning.
But by the ten year mark the strap that came with it snapped in half but it can easily be replaced for as little as $10.
The protective crystal will get scratched but the contents will still stay clearly visible.
The metal/plastic casing on the other hand is actually pretty pristine even to this day.

Overall this is a great watch at a great price.
review image
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on August 5, 2013
I had not wore a watch for so many years.
After I found myself in Mexico swimming to the reef and walking in the jungle I felt the need of a watch to have an idea of the time when I do not want to carry my phone with me. Also in NYC some public pools do not have a clock and I need to have an idea of the time.
I was really tempted by different Casios available on Amazon.

This has dual time, countdown, 5 alarms and the moon / tide feature intrigued me.

date and time are legible even if the font is a tad small. I like how it shows weekday / date / time all at once.

You need to give a look to the manual (available online as well) to set it up the first time, but the learning curve is pretty easy.

To set the tide you need to know the longitude of the location where you are (just a quick google search) and the lunitidal value (which is a bit more complicated as nearby locations sometimes have very different values (like NJ and MA). So I am not sure how accurate that may be.

What I did not like is the light: it is a pretty dim orange LED.
It stays on for some instants without having to hold the "light" button but it switches itself off when any other button is pressed.
This issue must make it a bit annoying to set up an alarm without any other light source.

When you set the alarms or the hourly chime the indicators on the Casio are really tiny and hard to see. I am 46, I have 20/20 vision although small type recently is not as comfortable to read. I really think Casio should have made the alarms more visible. In the product photo or rendering they look definitely more visible and larger than on the actual watch.
I would like to see at a glance and quickly if i have an alarm on or off. I may get used to that tiny dot indicators.

The glass is actually plastic and is not protected by the bezel so I suppose it can easily be scratched.

The moon phases and the tide values are really hard to see in dim light as the background is dark grey. The faint orange LED illuminates the bottom area of the watch from one side.
Along with the hard to see alarm and chime indicators made me take off one star from my initial review.

Anyway, I paid $17 or 18 incl shipping. I think the watch looks quite nice, it is comfortable.

After a few days I bought a Casio AE2000-W for $10 more.

Such a better watch, mineral glass, protective bezel, better legibility of indicators, more stylish to my taste, stronger LED light.
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