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on July 24, 2013
UPDATE 06/03/2014: THE EXACT WATCH MODEL NUMBER ON THIS REVIEW IS INCORRECT. THE WATCH I PURCHASED IN JULY 2013 IS LISTED ON MY "PURCHASED" SECTION OF MY AMAZON ACCOUNT AS 6-WVA-M480D-7AJF. There are MANY variations on this model of watch. That is why at the time I quoted the "4709" number which is engraved on the back of the watch. I thought I was ordering a version of this watch with a second hand - but mine had none. The watch I actually got did NOT have a second hand, has a white face with the 12, 3, and 9 slightly larger than the other numbers on the dial, and the "light" button ONLY lights the small digital screen. B.T.W., the watch is still nice, although the face got a large scratch that I find very distracting soon after I bought it. The plastic on the face seems pretty soft, so be careful. Otherwise still a nice watch as my review states. Sorry for the confusion on the model number, but there seem to be MANY versions of this watch! At the time, I posted my review on several of the models because I wanted to get the info on adjusting the band out.....


I got my watch yesterday and so far I love it! I plan to post this review under several of the "Casio Wave Scepter Tough Solar Radio-Controlled Watch Multiband" watches because YOU NEED THIS INFO TO GET AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE MANUAL!!! These watches are all pretty much the same - just different style faces, which is really nice choice wise! There are not many reviews yet (7/24/2013) so I wanted to get this info out.

First, the watch comes with a Japanese Manual ONLY. However, this is not a problem. Just look at your watch back for the 4-digit start to the model number, which on my watch has a box around it. The same number will also be printed on the front of the Japanese manual. Use the link below [THANK YOU RICHARD H. MARTIN for your 6/29/13 review & Link info.!] but just substitute your watch's four-digit number for the one I used(mine was 4709). Be sure to leave everything else the same. You will need Adobe Reader on your computer, which is a free download from (almost everybody will already have this on their computer). The manual will be downloaded for you to print out at home (5 pages). You should also save a copy on your computer for future reference. The manual for my watch is written in very good English so it is very easy to understand! It prints in small letters, though, so have a magnifying glass handy :-)

Here is the link: [...]

Second, the watchband. Gone are the days of taking the watch to a jeweler to have the band adjusted! Gone is the hassle of trying to remove tiny pins to adjust it yourself! Tucked into the Japanese manual will be a separate slip of paper with directions for adjusting the band. They are in Japanese. I could not find an English language copy anywhere. Here is what you need to do:

1. This is the most important step, and the one that caused me the most trouble: Get over the idea of having to remove links! You will NOT be removing any. No pins or tools at all will be required. It is so easy that, if you haven't adjusted one of these new bands, you will be astonished.

2. Look at the pictures and forget the Japanese writing. Ignore the picture at the very top of the page, since it just shows you the overall operation of the catch. Look at the three pictures in the middle of the page. The first shows you how to open the locking tabs to open the catch of your watchband. The second (middle) picture is the important one. You fold the first section of the catch back in the direction of the arrow. This unlocks the band and allows it to slide in or out of the locking mechanism to lengthen or tighten the band respectively. NOTE THE ENLARGED PICTURE below that shows you how to sight through the little square hole on the locking mechanism. You want to line up the space BETWEEN TWO LINKS before folding down and locking the band to its new length. (I think having the crack between two links visible through the square hole assures that the catch can properly lock between links when folded back down.) Now fold the band back down to its normal position.

3. That's it. The extra links remain under the watchband. At first I thought I was going to hate having them there and that the extra lengths were going to make the band uncomfortable. I looked for ways to remove them, but there are no pins so I don't see any way to remove them! Then I tried it and thought "well, this is NOT going to work...". So far, however, I have found that I don't feel them at all. Some people may be bothered but so far I am surprised that I am not. The good news is that the band looks like it would be easy to replace with a more traditional metal watchband if you wish. I would suggest that you give it a chance first.

4. The good news: Since those links remain there, it means that if you gain or lose weight you can adjust the size of the band in seconds. If you are working outside and your arm swells a bit and the band is uncomfortable, just quickly adjust it a link larger. When you cool off in the air conditioning, slip off the watch and tighten it again. VERY nice!

Third - reception for the Wave Scepter feature. (Actually, on the back of the watch it is spelled "Wave Ceptor".) The first step is to set the watch to the correct time region. The process is easy and clearly set out in the English version of the manual. In the U.S. the transmitter is in Colorado. I got a signal just fine here in South Western Ohio. I will be traveling to Virginia soon but we have other "atomic clocks" in Virginia that get a signal from Colorado just fine, so I do not think there will be any problem there either.

I was a little disappointed because I thought the digital display would be larger. However, the numbers on the display are quite clear and easy to read. I've decided that I like it. The watch does not have a countdown timer, but it does have a stopwatch, alarm, dual time zone, and LED light that lights the digital display only. MY model (4709) does not have an analogue second hand, but seconds are displayed in the digital display. You can quickly and easily cycle the digital display between time, day/date, and month/date. You also use the digital display to check/set watch functions. The digital display can show the status of the last time signal and will tell you the date and time of the last successful time sync.

All and all a very nice watch - thin, light, and very nice looking. Highly recommended!
Slacker Sonny
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on January 21, 2014
It is difficult to find a watch with an analog face and digital functions that actually looks nice too, as most seem to be made for geeks who value function over appearance. But this watch look looks better in person than on the pictures, with a hard crystalline face and a metallic appearance to the dial. It is packaged for sale in Japan so all the info is in Japanese. However, it was easy to find the English instructions for Casio module 5161 that explained how to use the watch. I like the digital display as it is just a tiny bit larger than my previous Casio, and easier to read. The normal time display shows either day/date (the most convenient); or the digital time in hr:min; or the seconds along with an icon showing that the watch has received the correct time during the previous day. During the first day the watch did not receive a time signal, but after that it started working very well and even caught the time when it was on the bathroom cabinet. It also has numerous world time zones and I love the feature of selecting another time zone and the watch automatically sets the dial to that time! And there are also alarms, a stopwatch and timer. So, overall, I am thrilled with this watch.
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on April 9, 2015
Watch is phenomenal, I only have 3 complaints as I have been a tough solar user for 8 years now and have seen some functions come and go.

First off the digital chronograph/stop watch is limited to 59'59.99". Why the limitation??? I have an old toughsolare waveceptor that was limited to 999'59.99". Ever want to time how long a journey took, that watch did it effortlessly, For my next purchase I'll have to do a better time hunting the specs down.

Second, there is no quick world to home time switching method, on my lost casio tough solar watch, I remember holding down 2 buttons and it would automatically switch your home time to the world time you selected. This was perfect for trips outside your time zone, and switching back was just as painless. For this watch you'll need to hold the light button to make any changes, which is weird as your wasting a bit of that sunlight you have stored up.

Last complaint, the band, I don't like it, sure you can adjust it in half a second, but its not as secure as the old clasp and pin style. I like my watches tight, probably too tight as my band over the course of a week or 2 begins to slip, and it does scuff the parts you don't see as it slips by its locking mechanism. Only way for me to fix this is to put a new band on and it does use normal band sizes so that can be accomplished(20mm).

So why 5 stars, if you're still reading. Watch is superb, it doesn't require much light to be fully charged. Screen shows no wear after direct blows to sharp metal counters. I don't baby this watch, I wear it 24/7 over the last 4 months and the watch itself looks new. The band on the underside shows scratching but other than that, I expect it to weather many years(10+). Time will tell. I love casio brand and styling. the the watch always updates from the atomic signla. I do need to tell it when we are in daylight savings time, and the 3 button design isn't my favorite. But the watch is fantastic and looks great. For my next purchase, I hope to get my 3 complaints taken care of, but its better than the wva-M480 it replaced, which as nice as it was, had a couple more nagging issues than this watch.
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on December 15, 2014
The 1st watch I ordered arrived with a defective alarm transducer (no alarm sound). Oh well, stuff happens. Amazon offered me a immediate refund which I used to purchase a 2nd watch. I received the 2nd watch in two days (despite Amazon's very poor delivery packaging). There was no packing material in the Amazon shipping box to protect the watch in transit. The watch arrived and works as advertised. Upon close inspection, no physical defects were found. The adjustable length wrist band makes wrist sizing very easy. The watch has updated via the WWVB nightly time standard every night without fail. Despite having to return the 1st watch, I still have to give this watch 5 stars. It looks great, works great and is straight forward to set its many functions. I'd buy this model watch again, but I'd have to keep my fingers crossed that Amazon's shipping department put some packing material in its shipping box! The watch scores 5 Stars and Amazon shipping scores 1 Star.
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on May 27, 2014
Bought this to replace my older casio waveceptor watch which finally died after 9 years.

I don't like the adjustable watch band. Being able to adjust the band without a special tool is slightly convenient (but really I only need to do this once...). However, the latch and band feels very large and clunky compared to my older waveceptor - the latch sticks out way too far from my wrist. Would not buy this again, I am thinking about my options to replace either the band or the watch.
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on March 10, 2015
I have had many Casio's over the years, usually much cheaper than this one. But I wanted something a little nicer to wear at work while still having the capabilities of a digital watch, and this definitely fit the bill. It has the appearance of a nice dress watch while still giving me all the functions that I like on the digital watches, such as alarms, countdown timer, world time, etc. Unlike a lot of my other Casios with metal bands, this one has stainless throughout instead of some plastic made to look like stainless, which inevitably gets scratched and starts to lose it stainless look. The watch functions are well thought out. I like the fact that I can check to see when it last synced with the atomic clock. It goes into a sleep mode and night and then catches up with the exact time in the morning. So far I have worn the watch under my sleeve and the battery, while not always full, is still at the "mid" charge stage, so it looks like I won't have to go out of my way to keep the solar battery charged.

My only complaint has to do with the band. It is an unusual band in that it can be sized without taking out links. It is easy to do, but it does this by sliding the excess band under the other part of the band. If you have relatively small wrists, as I do, there is a fairly large section of links underneath, so the band does not fit flat like other bands. If you have a large wrist it may not be an issue, but I didn't like it. I took a metal band off one of my other Casio watches and used that instead, and it was fine, even though it was slightly narrower than the one that came with the watch. I would have preferred that they use the regular band with the removable links. They are usually easy enough to adjust, and you typically are only doing that once. The band sits much better without that large section tucked underneath.

But even if I had to go out and buy a different band this watch is still a great buy, and I am very happy with it.
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on June 11, 2014
This watch is simple, but offers me everything I need in a watch. The most important is accurate time, and that I have since the atomic clock in Denver sets my time. The watch also provides the day and date in large, easy to read digits. That's it!
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on May 29, 2014
I like the sweep second hand, and the fact that you never have to change batteries and the illumination covers the whole face.
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on June 30, 2015
This is all it is advertised to be. The watch band fits and is comfortable for me. I have a 7.5" wrist. It was already in English when I got it. I live in Seattle and it easily gets the time updates every night. It looks sharp and crystal is clear and has not scratched at all. It is easy to change time zones and it automatically adjusts the hands to the new time zone. It requires careful attention to the instructions to make programming changes.
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on April 5, 2015
Best watch ever! I've had a slightly older WVA-470 model Wave Ceptor for about 5 years now - A+ on that one as well. But Casio has made a few changes in this 630 model that I like better:

1) The 3-button design vs. the 4-button is simpler & more intuitive. It's easier to remember how to do all the things your watch can do. With the 470 Wave Ceptor, I found myself having to look back at the manual on occasion. The 630 digital design & menu structure is simpler & easier to understand & remember.

2) The LED light illuminates the whole face, not just the digital window.

3) The 630 has a countdown timer that the 470 didn't. I find the countdown timer very useful when you have a pizza in the oven that you don't want to forget about & burn, or clothes in the dryer that you don't want to sit too long & wrinkle.

4) The band has a standard lug size & connection to the watch. The black resin band on my 470 has held up well for 5 years, but it always bothered me that, if I ever needed a replacement, I would have to special order a band specifically for that Casio watch. With this 630, any standard/generic 20 mm watch band will work, if/when the time comes for a new band.

5) But I'm not complaining about the 630's band. It has a clamping/locking mechanism that allows you to quickly adjust the size - and you can make very minor loosening/tightening tweaks, too. No more getting the mini screw driver set or taking out links. In less that 10 seconds, you can take the watch off, loosen or tighten the fit, & have it back on your wrist. For me, this feature is wonderful. I like my watch to fit just right. My wrist swells or contracts depending on if I'm hot or cold, or if I'm exercising. Now I can quick adjust my watch fit perfectly at any time, on the fly, with no tools.

Other than those differences, my new 630 has all the great features & benefits of my older 470 Wave Ceptor - the reasons I got a Wave Ceptor in the first place. Atomic time keeping, solar power, & all the digital features is a beautiful, elegant, yet simple analog watch.

I have heard complaints about picking up the radio signal from Fort Collins, Colorado, complaints which I think are partially warranted - depending on your location, obstructions, & the time of day. But I'm in central Florida, & I got in the habit of placing my watch in a window sill on the northwest side of my house at night (in the general direction of Fort Collins). I have never had trouble picking up the nightly automatic receive/update signal. I have tried a manual update, outside with no obstructions, during the middle of the day - it failed, so the time of day does matter for the low frequency signal.

In summary: In my opinion, you can't go wrong with this WVA-M630D-2AJF Wave Ceptor. The features are an improvement over the older WVA-470. I was partial to the dark blue face, but I have seen another model with a black face, & another with a white face. If you get one, like me, I think you will rest assured, knowing that you have one of the most complex, yet simple & beautiful (not gaudy), time pieces on your wrist as you face the challenges of your day.
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