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46 of 50 people found the following review helpful
Watch arrived quickly and was put to use. I own several G-shock and Ironman watches. This watch has good quality throughout. Probably my favorite part of it is the module which is the same as the G-Shock DW5600 series. In essence that means the watch displays the time in stopwatch and countdown timer mode. That is useful if you want to time something and stay aware of the time of day without having to push buttons to do it. The alarm also can be set to a particular day of the month or week at a specific time in addition to the normal ad hoc alarm functionality you'd expect. G-Shocks have a softer resin protecting the watch that is actually replaceable, but most people just buy new when the resin eventually starts to crumble. This watch has a hard plastic construction that seems like it will hold up well, though is not replaceable.

Now for the rest of you that just buy watches to wear and tell the time. This it does admirably. It's accurate and reliable. It's not too thick. Reasonably nice looking for a sporty watch. It doesn't look like a can of tuna on strap. (Yeah, Seiko folk, I'm talking to you) Can take a pounding or be worn under a dress shirt. Though there are those that think that's a fashion faux paux to do so. That's their backward view, not mine. This is a great watch for someone that works outdoors or needs a tough watch for sport or job and is a good watch for someone that wants a quality digital watch in general.

The legacy. The FBI director wears this same model. Search the net and you'll see. There are also photos of NASA divers wearing it as well. So it's definitely a watch that makes the grade.

Five stars for ruggedness, reliability, classic functionality and wearability. This is the Rolex Explorer of the digital world.
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 2013
1) It only cost me $24.
2) It's comfortable. This watch will fit a wide range of wrists! 13 holes in the band for your fitting pleasure!
3) It's not a G-shock... But it possesses many functions ordinarily carried by one. I.e. Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch. And it seems fairly strong... Not likely to fall apart for at least a few years.
4) COOL feature- Time continues to display during Timer & Stopwatch modes.
5) Green "Electro Luminescent Backlight" sufficiently lights watch for 1.5 seconds. (I timed it for ya!)

1) While using the Timer or the Stopwatch, one must "reset" using the upper-left hand "Adjust" button which is recessed (and on most watches reserved strictly for adjustments of settings). For instance, the watch wearer needs to press "Adjust" to "zero out" the stopwatch. I dunno... It'll be especially awkward especially if you're a track/swim coach, or someone who often uses those features.

Well, I like it!! But, I have 25 other watches too, most of which I also like. This carries all the traditional functions of a Casio watch. Thank you for reading this... hopefully it helped. Ask any questions... I'm pretty good about replying within a day or two.

Happy Holidays !!! :)
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21 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on June 10, 2012
This watch is unbustable!!!

It was bought in Poland over 20 years ago for about $140 (that was about $100 less than it was in Australia at the time).

It's still being sold today... which says a lot about it's classic appeal (is any other Casio still being produced after so long?).

It goes through an original watch band every ~2 years.
The band probably only goes that fast because it goes in water, solvents (petrol, methylated spirits, diesel, etc...) and anything else my hand happens to go into.

Don't try aftermarket bands they're rubbish. Bite the bullet and pay the ~$20 Casio want to post the original band to you.
It saves money as the original band lasts 2 or 3 times longer than the after market bands. Plus it's usually more comfortable.
NB. It's a proper silicone band. The cheap imitation bands must be low on elastomer or something else.

It goes swimming occasionally if I forget to take it off:
That includes in the sea and in chlorinated pools.
Forgot once or twice and got into a hot shower with it!

The watch continues to work faultlessly through it all. Seals are all still intact and have never been changed.

It gets dropped regularly: It's not done on purpose... but it will be sitting on the desk and you'll knock it off...
or it will be on your pants and you grab the pants but forget the watch is there.
Wham... it hits the ground (sometimes concrete).
It's definitely shock resistant!

It's taken 20+ years of this!!!

The battery usually lasts about 2 years... you'd probably get more if you don't use the light much or if you got a good quality battery:
the jewelers seem to only stock the cheap 2616 70 mah batteries... but Duracell and a few other batteries are 90 mah.

The long life of the watch is mainly attributable to the water proofing as non-waterproof watches die fairly fast.

The electro luminescence is GREAT!!! It lights up the watch face evenly and quite brightly. It uses very little power and does not wear out!
It is much brighter than the electro-luminescence on modern watches (undoubtedly to save battery power).

Over time the watch has started to lose more and more time... but it's only in the minutes/yr so just have to remember to adjust it every 3 to 6 months (important for exams). It would be nice if it could be corrected... as I'm sure it's possible.

The watch is thin enough so that it fits under clothes without problems. It is also thin enough so it doesn't snag if you're lifting someone or something.

The other thing that has kept this watch going for so long is that the jeweler always changes the battery.
He makes sure the seal is correctly placed and greased.
For the trivial sum of $10 or less... it's not worth making a mistake.

One of the key usability features of this watch is that the numerals are large and remain dark all the time (no power saving modes)... even the seconds can be easily seen. It also has a clearly visible day and month along with the name of the day (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat or Sun).
All most new watches now have LCD numerals that are much fainter and harder to see... particularly in poor light.

Alarm is useful those few rare times when it needs to be used.

Stop watch is likewise useful. You can count up or down depending which one you use. Very useful distinction. You use it seldom but appreciate it when you do.

Don't press the buttons when you're in the water. This would let the water get past the seals and ruin it... or so I've been warned.
So far I've resisted all such temptation... but it's the kind of thing that could happen by accident.

It's a functional watch and doesn't look out of place on your arm.
It blends in nicely... and looks aggressively masculine if you happen to notice it.

Hard wearing:
The glass has a few little scratches on it... which after all this time and hard work is AMAZING.
Back of the case is nicely polished from rubbing on my arm but you can still read the model number.
Yes all the writing on the outside finally wore off... but on the inside it hasn't even faded.
The outside writing lasted ages!!! Given all the solvents it's been in it's surprising.
This is like a G-shock... except that it's not called one (apparently it shares a module in common with the G-shock).

Fortunately the price is much less than if it was a G-shock!
It's much thinner (13 mm)than the average G-shock (~17 mm)... which is too bulky and prone to snag on things.

Wish list:
1) Alternative time zones would be nice on this watch:
If you're passing through multiple zones it can be quite hard to keep track of when you are.

2)Likewise it doesn't do daylight savings... but given that this is a political decision I don't really mind... but the change often catches me unaware.

3) A little bit thinner too! 13mm is not slim. 8-12 mm would be better!

4) A lower power consumption would also be great ie. longer battery life.
Changing the battery every 5-10 years would be nice! As it is the failing battery often corresponds to going on holidays... when you might not have time to change the battery. Fortunately it fails with plenty of warning (light starts to noticeably dim)... so you don't have to worry about not having a working watch.

5) Solar power boost

It turns out one of the new G-shock military inspired watches has solar (battery lasts a long time), multi-time zones and is 13mm (which is thinner than all other G-shocks)... so if you're willing to spend about $100 more you can get these features. In the last 20 years the track size of electronics has come down... and as the track size comes down so does the power consumption... which is another reason why the battery on a new watch should last longer.

Making it better:
It should be possible to make this watch with no buttons... or no intrusions into the case where the buttons are. Those are all weak points.
Wonder why nobody has done it?
Either a magnetic sensor or a touch screen would do the trick.
Also should be possible to program the watch via the computer. That would make it easier to customise... and to tweak the crystal?

Overall this watch deserves every star you can give it... and for the price (which is now ridiculously low) this is a real bargain.
The other 99.99% of watches in this category are junk at this price... but this one is gold.

If you buy this for a boy this is likely to be the last watch he'll ever need (assuming he doesn't lose it).

If you're tired of buying watches that break then this is likely to be the last watch you buy unless you get bored with it.

It would be a thoughtful gift for a man who appreciates things that work well.
He'll think of you for years to come... every time he looks at his arm.

When you're tired of it you can gift it to some kid who has no idea how good a watch can be... he'll remember you long after you've forgotten.

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22 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on March 8, 2010
I bought this watch in October 1994 and have worn it daily without problems. The battery was replaced in 2004, the original band was replaced before the battery. I can't say anything negative about this watch... it's simple to operate, durable, and performs like it did the day I bought it from Mervyn's 16 years ago. I highly recommend this watch!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 1, 2014
I am a little gobsmacked that this watch is still available, and at less than 30 bucks it is a steal! I bought mine about 20 years ago, I worked as a roadie for much of that time so it has been smashed around A LOT, loading trucks, pushing roadcases along corridors and scraping it on walls, all the time wearing t-shirts so no protection for the watch. It is indestructible.

The blue print wore off fairly quickly (thankfully) and the plastic bezel is tough and takes all the knocks that would otherwise damage the glass. The glass only has a couple of light scratches even after all the abuse. I've probably gone through 4 straps, maybe 3 batteries, but the thing won't die. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but at 30 bucks it's cost me $1.50 a year and falling. I have no reason to think it won't last another 20+ years of abuse as my beater watch for sports, gardening, metalworking etc. I only found it on Amazon as I was googling the model to buy a new battery for it. Actually, I probably paid more than 30 bucks the last time I got a new strap for it, could have got the whole thing. Insane.

Seriously, I have worn this so much my wrist has worn down the heads of the tiny stainless screws holding the back on! Unbelievable.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 26, 2013
I have always loved Casio watches. I have collected several over the years. I have worn the G's quite a lot. Let me tell you though that this DW290 is one my favorite Casios.

This model is old school cool. It has a great wrist presence with a nice clear display. The numbers are easier to see than on other more expensive models for some reason. The screen is not cluttered with useless graphs and flashing nonsense.

For this price there is NO WAY you can go wrong. It will give you years of service. A big, muscular, retro, MONSTER!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2012
I know it's been said many times before, but the DW-290 really is one of the best bang for the buck watches. I've had mine for about a year now and, while my newer dw5600 is getting much more wrist time, I tend to wear this one around the house when doing chores and playing with my kids.
It has lots of great features that are mentioned in all of the reviews (countdown timer, alarm, etc). The buttons are much easier to press (less recessed) than the 5600. The backlight is excellent. The band is so comfortable. It has a strong wrist presence.
The reason I gave it 4 rather than 5 stars are for a couple of cons:
The teal lettering on the band and bezel came off after just one day in a pool. This may not me a con for some, as it kind of looks good "stealthed out", but part of the charm of this watch is the colors.
The band (on mine, at least) tends to squeak quite often as it rubs against the bezel.
Other than those issues, the watch has held up well.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on June 8, 2008
I have had this model of watch for over 10+years. I initally bought it for scuba diving, which it worked great at. It then survived multiple years in the military with no problems and working great. I actually bought two of them, and am now getting another as back up, just in case casio stops making them. Its not too big, like many of the Gshock ones, like wearing a hockey puck on your wrist. All the extra functions work great and the dial face is tough! My main one is all scratched up, but stil going strong. When you get this, not if!, make sure you get several extra straps sometime, as you will go through many of them before the watch ever dies. The only thing I guess is a minor concern is that when replacing the battery, they usually say they cannot guarentee the water reisitance after they open it, but I never have had an issue.

So do you, and everyone you know a favor, and get this watch! You'll never have to get another one again.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on November 7, 2012
I've been using this watch for around 4 years now in grad school. I wanted something strong and simple enough to be used daily with a chronometer/timer which is handy for lab research and fieldwork. This watch never failed even during really harsh conditions which include: a rainforest volcano expedition, several glacier traverses, fieldwork in extremely salty waters and in muddy wetlands. The seals never broke and even below freeze temperatures it worked fine. Another fact: there is no need to replace the battery yet. Only the strap broke after heavy abuse a year ago, which was easy to replace (you can get a new one in amazon listed as Casio 19mm Black-Resin-DW280/290). Of course there are more fancy watches with a lot of other features but those hardly are as solid as this one and of course cannot compete with the price. Recommended
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on August 4, 2007
I recently retired several old G-Shock watches and needed one for fairly rugged duty. I'm pleased with the readable display, good light, and buttons that are easy to find and press. I was a little disappointed that some of the paint in the "Illuminator" label has already worn off (about a month's wear), but I have exposed it to rough conditions and this is a minor point. I would readily buy another one as a gift or for myself.
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