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on April 1, 2006
The one reservation is that the plastic and the strap fall apart after a while. So splendid is the watch, however, that I'm forever tempted to preserve the thing somehow, perhaps by encapsulation or making a nice metal bezel to hold a good strap onto it. My experience is that one watch is good for two strap replacements, though it's a bit of an exercise to get the pins out.

The major advantages: It shows the day of the week, the date, the hours, minutes, and seconds. And that is _all_ it shows. No alarms to surprise you, and no stopwatches. There is no joy like that of finding out that instead of local time, the '1:33' you see displayed on your watch's dial means that you accidentally started the stopwatch an hour and 33 minutes before.

The only 'accessory' is that you can set the thing to read on 24-hour time, which is necessary in some applications. The watch is very light, very cheap, very accurate, and I believe the battery lasts approximately forever. There's no back-light, but that's why the battery lasts a long time.

The only other difficulty is availability: Wal-mart--and, obviously, 'em, but at about ten bucks each, they're not high-profit items.

Another bit of folklore. Someone--not me--has or had non-commercial website devoted to this watch.

M Kinsler

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on October 21, 2010
I can't remember the specific date when I received my first F28 Casio - but i do remember how. It was a christmas in my early childhood, and being from a relatively poor household, gifts were typically modest. Well, rather than giving me some socks or a few dollars to spend on candy like I would normally get, my family pooled some money together and bought this for me. I had owned some toy watches before, but this was the real deal, and I couldn't have been more delighted. I used it for well over six years, and through that time it took so much punishment that I am sometimes in awe of how much this little guy can withstand.

Well, after the sixth year I took it to the repair shop and with a heavy heart the repairman said it wouldn't be worth fixing anymore. I was distraught, but still kept it as a token of some fond memories anyway. Since then I have caved in to social pressures and bought fancy, overpriced things that were very showy and difficult to use. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I stumbled on my friend here, tucked away in a small moving box, and nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't realize how much you could actually miss a watch, or maybe I just missed the old days where things were just a whole lot simpler. I was absolutely thrilled to find that they were selling this watch on Amazon, and even moreso after receiving it. It's everything I remembered it to be, there's no confusing bells or whistles - just an honest watch that tells you the day, the date, and the time. No lights, no flashy gimmicks or stop-watches, or god knows what else they put in there these days, just good old-fashioned sturdy craftsmanship.

Sometimes the simple things really are the best things in life. Thank you Casio!
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on June 18, 2012
I first saw the Casio F-28W a long time ago, in a Casio watch display case. I remember seeing the $10 price tag, and was impressed that a high-quality electronics giant such as Casio actually had an incredibly cheap watch. I bought it, expecting it to last about 1/2 - 1 year. Boy was I wrong. A decade, 1 battery and 1 band later, It looks brand new. It's a superb cheap watch, that's perfect if you only need a new watch every few years or so, as you can keep rebuying it. A replacement band costs under $10, and a battery under $3, so you'll have no problem with keeping this watch for a very long time. Oddly enough, it looks a little different than all the other cheap Casios, with a unique band design and caseback. It's so light and comfortable that I always forget that i'm wearing it. It gives you all your basic time measurements: Month, day #, day of the week, AM/PM/24 HR., hour, minute, and second. That's really all you need out of a basic watch, and Casio delivers.

Very comfortable
Very light
Easy to replace the battery
Easy to replace the band
Very sharp and legible LCD display
Water-resistant (Rain, washing your hands)
24/12 Hour time
Easy to set
Day of the week, as well as numerical date
Casio quartz reliability and accuracy

Band may need to be replaced if under heavy abuse
Band may not accomodate larger wrists

Overall, the F-28W is the best watch I've ever seen for under $12, and you can't go wrong with a Casio this cheap. If you only require Basic time measurements at the lowest cost possible, this is the most reliable timepiece you can ever get.

UPDATE 6/22/12:
I'm happy to report that this watch performs exceptionally for just being "Water Resistant". I completely forgot which watch I was wearing today, and swam for about 4 hours. After I swam I took a shower and it was then I realized that I was wearing the F28W-1. I was pleasantly surprised that the watch held up very well and absolutely no water has penetrated into the timepiece. Just another example of value for money from the Casio F28W.
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on March 23, 2008
This watch is just about perfect. Keeps good time, is easy to set and easy to read, runs for years on the original battery, costs almost nothing. No complicated functions most people never use. Too bad the strap breaks after a few years.
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on January 25, 2013
I had been looking at all the the retro Casio digital watches and settled on this one because it was the simplest and cheapest. Coming from an analog watch I wasn't sure I would like switching to digital so I didn't want to invest a lot of money in a watch I might not wear. I really like the fact that it has no bells and whistles; time and date are the only things to set, making it very easy to set once and forget about. The recessed buttons disappear nicely under the case and are not difficult to press when needed. I took off a star because the watch band is shockingly skinny by modern standards. The band is only about 14 mm across for much of it's length, making it look rather delicate and, dare I say, ladylike across the inside of the wrist. If you are man enough to wear such a slender band I heartily recommend this watch. However, if you need a massive timepiece locked to your wrist to assert your virility you should give this one a miss.
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on September 28, 2013
I have several watches, including an expensive mechanical watch, and this is still the one I wear every day. It's the best digital timepiece you can get in the price range, no doubt. And in my humble opinion the best digital watch of all. The battery and the watch itself will last a very long time, Casio's 7 year rating for the battery is probably underestimating it especially since there aren't any lights or beeps to drain the battery.

And when the battery does die, it's relatively simple to replace it (though instructions are hard to find). Take a sharp or flat metal object like a pocket knife or spring bar tool, insert it into the notch on the watch back, pop it open (very carefully). Then undo the tiny metal tabs and replace it. I suggest buying an extra watch to practice if the watch's longevity is important to you. Actually, buy several and you will be set for a long time.

The strap is comfortable yet flimsy, I suggest you either get some 18mm replacement resin bands, or better yet an 18mm nato strap. I got Clockwork Synergy's black and gray one and it looks sharp. The separated lugs on the watch body make it easier to insert a nato/canvas strap when compared to Casio's F-91w model.

I also considered the F-91w, but the extra bells and whistles to me just weren't necessary. I get by fine without a light and alarms. And the two buttons are recessed which I like a lot.

Yes, this watch and the band are relatively small, but that's how watches used to be and this way it won't get caught on things. Together with how feather light this thing is, you'll hardly notice it until you need it.

Amazon has a good deal here, and these watches have become harder to find in big box stores compared to the F91w. Casio seriously made an amazing, minimalist digital watch here and I hope they keep producing them. I will keep buying them on occasion to give away or use as desk clocks.
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on January 2, 2013
The watch is nice. Small and compact, short profile (ie. height) on the wrist, no side pushbuttons to accidentally activate. I also like that you see the date, day, time and am/pm without having to push a button. However, the band is very inadequate. It is barely long enough to span my average-sized wrist. It's also very narrow and digs into the flesh. I will keep but by the time I replace the band, I will likely have exceeded the price of the watch.
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on May 29, 2008
I'm convinced that this watch has something of a cult following. The battery lasts forever and the dial shows time, day of the week, and date, all without pushing any buttons. It's indifferent to rough treatment and is, in the strictest sense, a working man's watch. There is no chronograph with which to time yacht races, no alarms to go off when you don't want them to, and absolutely nothing that has to do with skin diving, which is a blessing right there. The only difficulty is that with time the band deteriorates: if I ever find the opportunity and gain the skill, I shall figure out how to make a copper/leather/somethingelse band for this timepiece, and it'll last forever.
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on September 30, 2014
Buy F-91W instead. Better buttons, better plastic, better quality, for nearly the same price. At first glance, I thought the only difference were the buttons between this F28W and the F91w, but it's not. There's all kinds of little differences and the buttons on the F28W are very hard to press, need to use a pick. I don't like the arm band on the F28W either, it's grayish not black. And the back plate is plastic on the F28W, where the F91w is stainless Steel, so it has a lower profile.

Link to F91W watch. Buy this one instead.
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on November 9, 2008
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