Customer Reviews: Casio Men's MTG910DA-1V G-Shock MT-G Solar Atomic Watch
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on June 5, 2006
I really like mine and would highly recommend it. Many of my buddies had G-Shock watches when I was deployed to Iraq and I decided to get one when I got home. I wanted a watch that could stand up to whatever I put it through. This piece it big, black, heavy, tough, and looks good on my wrist. On top of that, it has atomic accuracy (I don't think this feature works overseas), and is solar powered. The band is metal. The face and back of the watch is also metal. There are a few plastic parts on the case, but you can't tell by looking. It's all black. The light button and ring around the face are shiny compared to the rest of the watch. This is a subtle accent. The watch and band have a slight gloss. I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because it doesn't have a countdown timer and the alarm needs to be a lot louder.
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on February 11, 2007
Currently I a living in the middle of the city of Ambato, Ecuador. I doubted if the atomic time feature would work so way down south. However, I put the watch on my night table overnight, close to a window. It synchronizes with WWVB (Fort Collins) with no problems. WWVB is over 5300 km (3300 miles)from here! I don't know what kind of antenna they put in these gadgets, but I am impressed.
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on August 21, 2006
I had my first Casio back in 1981, when they were manufacture in Japan, ever since I have been fascinated with the digital watches especially being from a generation that saw the development of the digital watches from the old LED watch to the newer LCD.

I've been meaning to buy a new Casio for a while but I was looking for one Atomic, Solar, world time, mineral crystal and with metal band, not so easy to find, until I saw the MTG910DA-1V it has everything I was looking for and much. The watch is big but not uncomfortably heavy once you have it on you forget that you are wearing it (and I have a small wrist). One of the thing that concern me about the watch was Atomic synchronization being that I live in Miami, Florida which is far from the antenna in Colorado but so far it has failed the synchronization only once in a month. Something you should know about this watch is that, because it has a very small antenna, synchronization for those who lived on far places, within the rage of the signal, is only possible at night. The watch has to be position in front of a window with the 12 o clock facing the window and if synchronization is not achieved tried different windows around the house, even if the watch is in a window that has worked in the past it may still failed if you have bad weather conditions. Not to worry if the watch fails the synchronizing, it is much more accurate than a pricy Rolex anyway.

I would definitely recommend this watch it is a must have for a watch collector as well as a regular every day user.
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VINE VOICEon December 24, 2006
Want a one-word description? "Indestructible" comes to mind.

I bought this after reading all the reviews. Here are my thoughts:

A number of reviews comment on difficulties with sizing the strap. I didn't find it all that difficult. Mind you, I do happen to have a well-lit workbench, and a number of extra-small jeweller's screwdrivers. So, I can understand the complaints, but I had no problems.

There's been a bit of commentary on the size of the watch. Maybe I have gorilla arms, but it didn't seem all that big to me. Definitely thicker than the Timex "Ironman" it replaces, but not excessively so.

So, all in all, an indestructible watch, not oversized, and easy to fit to my wrist.

The real downside to the watch is the instruction manual: it's too small to read, so it makes learning the watch unnecessarily difficult.

I own a small number of items that are just beautiful and well-executed: my Benchmade axis-lock knife, my Ford Explorer, my MAG-LITE torch, etc. This watch just joined the list.

UPDATE (12/18/2007): I was in Beijing last week. While standing in the middle of Tiananmen Square the watch lit up, synchronizing on some time signal or other. How cool is that?!?!!!

UPDATE (08/08/2008): I've noticed that the paint is wearing off the clasp. The watch works just perfectly.

UPDATE (11/04/2009): Spring forward/Fall Back happened automatically, while I was sleeping. The paint has worn a bit more off the clasp. The watch continues to work just perfectly. Love this hunka hunka burnin' watch.

UPDATE (12/30/2009): I've decided to get a new watch. Amazon had Invicta dive watches for under $90. Realizing I was using a *tiny* amount of the Canon watch's capability, and squinting into the bargain, I bought an Invicta dive watch that's about two inches across, and has huge luminous numbers. It works for me. Not to take anything from the Casio, it's constantly recharged, and I use it to set times on my other watches. Still, ultimately it had more than I was looking for, or could use, and its manual was a hassle, so it now serves as "chief astronomer," or some such.
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on February 25, 2007
UPDATED November 26, 2007

After wearing it for a few months, I'm still pleased with my purchase. As a couple of other reviews pointed out, the band will become scuffed over time. I work on a computer all day, and the part of the band that comes in contact with my desk has had the black coating worn off. Not too badly, though. If you're the type that likes that "worn in" look, you won't be bothered by it. If you like your watch to look perfect, then beware that the black coating will wear off if you have the band in constant contact with another surface, like a desk.

The atomic timesetting feature continues to work well. I've traveled to New York City and had the watch sync up perfectly in my hotel room in Midtown.

This watch is probably the most comfortable watch I've ever worn. The bracelet fits perfectly (doesn't pinch or pull hair), it's rugged, and the heft and balance of the watch feels good.

The only feature that I wish it had is a countdown timer. But, I get around that by setting one of the alarms to the time I need to measure to.

I'm really pleased with the quality of this watch. It's a big watch, but comfortable to wear, even on my relatively small wrist. The bracelet and case are top quality. I've had no problems getting it to sync up with the radio signal from the atomic clock. And I don't necessarily have to set it in the window for it to receive the signal.
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on September 2, 2006
I've had this watch about a month. It hasn't given me any trouble and I find myself wearing it mostly everyday. I have several watches but prefer the digital format as apposed to the analog. The time is easy to see with the large font used. If you follow the directions by placing it in the window at night with the back of the 12 O'clock side facing the window it sets itself and of course it needs no batteries because light recharges the battery. I highly recommend this watch for someone who wants a carefree watch.
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on June 6, 2006
I've owned this watch for just over a month now and overall I'd say I very satisfied by its performance, but not to thrilled by its aesthetics.

Being the pessimist that I am, I'll start with the less-than-great issues. This little slugger weighs in at 120 grams, but thats not a real issue for me. The biggest problem is the height from the back to the face of the watch. Its 16 cm high, that about double my Citizen Calibre (Both are solar powered watches) I can only assume all that height comes from all these advanced features. I like to wear watches with the face on the inside of my wrist, instead of the top of my wrist. I like wearing digital watches this way especially because of the accessibility to the controls. The only issue here is the band width to face width ratio is small, but that strictly personal preference. The only other thing not up to my liking is due to the recessed control buttons that make adjusting and setting a little less that on the fly, but I've so very paranoid about my watches snagging on clothing. (More so on pull-push crowns than on digital watches) So really the buttons have became one less thing to worry about.

Now on to the praise. Number one feature I love is the automatic time synchronization that happens about 4 time every day. (2, 3, 4, and 5 in the morning before you ever wake up and notice it) This insures that your time and date is accurate every day, including leap years and day light saving/spending time. After reading the manual I found that this synchronization can be affected by so many things, including how far you are from the transmitter in Fort Collins, USA. Luckily I saw the watch in person before buying it, and the display has a signal strength indicator. I live in west central Minnesota, USA and I get full signal strength. Indoors, outdoors, bomb shelter, it doesn't matter.

I enjoy buying solar powered watches simply for the fact that I never have to worry about batteries...ever. The solar watches of today are so advanced that I believe that that they justify the cost of owning one, depending on who you are. This watch has a straight forward battery strength indicator that will also inform you on the battery mode.

-G-Shock, recognized by being one of the toughest watches on the planet.

-The band can be adjusted either with a pen knife or a small screwdriver so you don't need to have the band adjusted by a jeweler (unless you want to) or buy a watch band setter.

-And every thing else listed by Casio

In reprise, I wear this watch daily, and I wouldn't keep a watch if I weren't satisfied. If you want an every-thing-and-more watch that will will never need anything from you and you don't mind the added bulk, this is a watch to add to you investigative list. I strongly suggest trying to find this watch in person before buying it anywhere simply to verify that you are alright with that bulk.
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on June 4, 2006
I just came over here to look for a new book, and I happened to see the advertisement for this watch. I have it, and I LOVE this watch! I'm a big Mission Impossible Fan (looking forward to seeing MI3) and so I didn't know Tom Cruise would be wearing it in the movie. How cool!

Anyway.. this is a great watch. It's rough and tough, and easy to use, and does EVERYTHING I wanted a watch to do. I had a hard time convincing my husband that I really DIDN'T want yet another dainty little gold "girly" watch. I'm an artist, and I wanted a tough watch that would perform well and didn't need to be pampered. This is the one! I highly recommend it!
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on November 13, 2006
I initially wanted to purchase the MTG-911DMS-2VDR and stumbled across this one. At half the price, it is practically the same watch as the MTG-911DMS-2VDR (I guess you just miss out on the fancy MI-3 packaging) . I would highly recommend this watch. One of the few times where I have not been disappointed. You get exactly what you would expect. A big, bulky, G-Shock that will take all the abuse you put it through. Looks very clean, all black with some grey components (no bright red or flashy chrome pieces that cheapen the look). I'm sure that military and LE personnel will love this watch. The auto time setting feature works without a glitch. My only complaint, and a small one at that, is that there is no countdown/timer feature. I would have rather seen that feature than the time recorder feature. But again, a minor detail when considering the watch as a whole. Again, I highly recommend this watch.
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I have had this watch for at least 2 years (sorry can't remember exactly when I got it) but I bought it at Sam's Club for pretty much the same price Amazon has it for and I can tell you that it is without a doubt the best watch I have ever owned. I have seen some reviews complaining about the black rubbing off in places and all I can say is that after all this time mine has like 98%+ of the finish and looks good. The time is always accurate and my watch syncs up about 4-5 AM CST every morning and yes some mornings it does not sync, uh like thats of no value unless you need micro-second accuracy every minute of the day. If it syncs only once a week its going to have the correct time within a second so that complaint is just stupid. I can attest to one problem, it has a feature that allows the backlight to come on when you turn your wrist (nice function late at night in bed or other low/no light situations), BUT use this function VERY sparingly since it will run your watch DEAD in a few days or less in most places (maybe not in the desert). I love the guy who subtracted stars because the "book was too small" WTF, this is a review of a watch, what you expect, a 8" X 11" ???? Anyway, I highly recommend this timepiece with one exception for me and that was as a runner, I bought a cheap Timex that has a stopwatch and a big button for backlight and is lightweight for that use since this is a big watch and somewhat heavy as watches go but not uncomfortably so except in the above situation. Love never having to do anything to a watch except wear it, BTW it sets itself to DST automatically unless you turn that function off (why would you do that, but it allows it) 4 Stars easy .....

UPDATE: Just a quick update to attest that nothing in the above review has changed and I still wear it everyday (over 4 years of ownership). The finish is still 99% intact and obviously, it keeps time accurately and syncs on a regular basis, usually everyday. I upgraded my rating to 5 stars based on the fact that it still works flawlessly after all this time and the few problems have been operator induced and easily remedied.
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