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Price:$19.22 - $32.92
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23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on November 24, 2007
For quality of construction, features and look, it deserves 5 stars at this price. But unfortunately, Casio has put the glass (or plastic) cover on top surface of the watch and it is very easy to get scratched. Mine got scratched second day (just from a door). Timex usually put the glass slightly below the surface so that it doesn't get scratched easily. This scratch problem made me take 2 stars away from rating.
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on June 12, 2008
I have been very pleased with this watch for what I paid for it. I don't use all the features (like the phone number storage), but the stopwatch and world time features are great. When I travel I leave the analog hands alone and just change the digital to the local time (with a few button presses only). It displays the major city of the time zone too (e.g. NYC). When I get home I push the mode button once and I am back to the standard display. I also really like that I can switch between 12 and 24 hr display with one button press.

It has 6 modes to cycle through with the mode button, and a nice feature is after you have used one (say the stopwatch) then pushing the mode button once jumps you straight back to the main time display - very thoughtfully designed.

The velcro strap is comfortable and the watch is light. My only complaint is the face does scratch relatively easily. It's fine for the office, but not for the workshop.
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21 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on May 28, 2009
[I bought this all black model(#AW80V-1BV), after writing the review below, about the same type but different color and wrist-strap watches below.
This all black colored with velcro wrist strap is great looking also with an almost distinctive touch! I love it!]

All of this for ONLY $20 each?!
WOW! I received both watches today - I bought both the AW80V-5BV (Brown with velcro wrist band) and the AW80V-7AV (White dial with black rubber? wrist band).

When unpacking them I was not surprised to see the watches looking pretty much like they showed on pictures. When I put each one of them on I was very pleasantly surprised at how much better they even looked when I put them on! Who knows, I have beautiful wrists?!... Seriously, I am very happy with the looks and would've thought they cost more if I've seen someone else wear them.

Talking about pricing this watch is a steal! I say again "all this for only $20?!" That's unbelievable! I am going back to check for other colors! I may be wearing a different watch every day just to match the color of my shirts!

Oh, the analog dial of both models is sooo easy to read! The digital display?... I can read it easily from many feets away!
The light is pretty bright! Who says it is not? I don't see myself using it often though... Who wants a light on their watch? Certainly not me! If I am in the dark, the last thing I want to know about is the time - there are more interesting things to do in the dark :) - unless, of course, I was some kind of a special forces commando, or was in some kind of trouble, etc..

SETUP - It was very easy, simple and logical! (Of course, I'm a genious too, besides having beautiful wrists). Seriously, after I adjusted the first one - it took only a few short minutes - by following the simple instructions in the manual, I did the second one without going to the instructions and, believe me, I am the type that would always prefer to have things done and ready, zero-setup type and it was NOT a pain, even for me.

Well, that's it! I recommend it.

SUMMARY: Excellent timekeeping device with expensive features, great looking watch - looks more expensive than it is!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on September 26, 2011
While there's probably no ideal watch, this one comes closest to meeting my essential criteria. It's light, very comfortable, relatively thin and cheap enough that I won't shed many tears if I lose or wreck it. It has an analog face so I can read the time outdoors while wearing polarized sunglasses. It has a digital day/month/date display so I can correctly date checks and plan appointments. I prefer numbers rather than hashmarks on an analog watch and this has them. I've torn an expensive long-sleeve cycling jersey and snagged a couple of sweaters on a watch with an unguarded crown; this one has no crown or jutting controls, the function buttons are smoothly and elegantly integrated. While I'll likely use only the alarm functions, this model has lots of cool bells and whistles which might be handy someday, like DST jump and telememo. I've only worn it two weeks, but based on my more than 25 years of off-and-on experience with Casios, it should be dead-on accurate as well as tough (I wore my first Casio, an all-digital model, for twelve years and only junked it when the case was nearly corroded through). On the negative side... I agree with other reviewers that the backlight is almost useless. The "charge" on the luminous hands doesn't last long enough in the dark to make up for it either. Timex' Indiglo is a far superior system. Placing second indicator marks on a watch with no second hand is just silly. And like Casio watches since time immemorial, it has far too much verbiage crammed on the face. Why Casio insist on making their watches look cheap/tacky with all that excess signage is a mystery, but they always have and presumably always will. At least on this model, the lettering is near-microscopic and so doesn't detract much. In short - a very functional, good-looking watch for not much money. Put a second hand and a working night view system on the next version (Do NOT change anything else!) and I'll be first in line for it.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on June 30, 2012
Great watch for the price. I bought it for casual wear but I'd have no problem wearing it with a shirt & tie if my Seiko was not available. Instructions are a little involved but not enough to turn me off to the watch. I like the dial design, can read it with or without my reading glasses, including the digital screen. Made well, I like the band, like one of the other reviewers said it's attached to the watch with pins like a regular watch. It gives the watch a nice neat look compared to the Velcro bands that other watches come with that sit on top of the band making it too bulky.

The only negative comment I have is that the light on it is a joke. It's not bright enough to be able to read the dial in the dark. If that's not your major reason for buying it I would definitely recommend it. Everything else works fine.

It's $1.50 cheaper now then when I bought it for 21.50 but I'm not complaining. Also it's easier to put on if you have problems getting the strap through the buckle with a regular band. This wraps around in seconds without a problem.

One of the main reasons I bought it was the 10-year battery. If I get anywhere close to that I'm a happy camper. The water resistance feature was the other reason. I've been in the water with it already with no problem.

You can't go wrong.

UPDATE: As other reviewers have said this plastic lens scratches very easily. I'd take off 1 star for that. Mine is difficult to read in some lighting situations.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 16, 2012
My husband recently experienced a miracle. He had a kidney transplant. At first, he needed to take medication four times a day and could never skip it. I bought this watch and it has three alarms. Now he can be doing anything and never miss his medication at the time he needs it. It was very inexpensive. The only drawback is the velcro band which can get stuck when you try to push it through the loop. It was a great purchase.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on January 8, 2014
I bought this watch four years ago, and it keeps nearly perfect time -- lost maybe two seconds in four years. I love its accuracy, perpetual month/day calendar, durability, tight construction, light weight, 10-year battery, classic military style, digital time display supplement, world times, stop watch and timer functions. The telememo function I can do without, but I actually have used it when I went to the UK without an international cell phone.

Chiefly, I buy watches for utility, not snob appeal. I want them to be reliable, accurate and durable. My body chemistry chews up base metals, so I need watches to be either stainless steel or resin (gold is a waste of money in a watch, IMHO). Even the lume on the hands and the night light are adequate (although not great). So this has it all, and its positives FAR outweigh its few, minor negatives:

1) Acrylic crystal -- it scratches easily. But I just found a solution: Polywatch acrylic polish. I just ordered it for 8 bucks.

2) Chintzy faux leather on the band -- I liked the Velcro closure system for its infinite adjustability, but in a year the fake leather wore out in spots and revealed the ugly grey fuzzy base layer. Solution: I bought an official Casio all-resin band, which fully complements the watch's little bad-ass looks. I've also ordered a stripe Zulu NATO band, which is really going to look boss.

3) Resin case and lugs -- Not really a problem. A sharp blow put a little nick at 1 o'clock, but the case is matte, so you can hardly see it. I even had to take a close look to find it for this review.

So all this for less than $20 makes this watch one of mankind's greatest commercial values ever. Don't hesitate to buy it. At worst, it's a great beater watch or substitute when your #1 watch is on the fritz.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2010
I wanted a watch I wouldn't worry about - so something waterproof I could wear in the water and shower, that looked good at the beach or at the office, was comfortable, but I also needed world time since I do some travel to other time zones. I've had the watch for two weeks now, love it for what I need. If I had to dress to impress, this probably won't do. Looking closely, it looks a bit cheap, but it doesn't draw attention to itself and looks good enough to go almost anywhere unnoticed. The band is web nylon and velcro, dries fast enough to put on long sleeve shirt after being in the water, and I have hairy arms so I find it very comfortable (doesn't pull my hair out). My other watch is a Seiko dive watch so this one feels light. I can have the analog hands set on my normal time zone and set an alternate time zone of my choice (major cities in the world) in the digital window, very easy to use. The display cover is plastic, but I've worn it two weeks everywhere (incl salt water) and still looks like new, no scratches. I agree with other posts, the light feature for night viewing is terrible, with the ugly yellow light you're barely able to see the analog hands, but not the digital display at all, so if you're traveling in another time zone you need to turn on a light to see what time it is. Alarm works good. Oh yeah, can't beat the price. If I ever leave it somewhere, no worries, I'd buy another.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2013
Bought one for my son just over a year ago.

Here are the problems:
1 - Like others have said, the watch crystal gets easily scratched.
2 - The buttons will eventually end up sticking which makes the watch useless.

I pulled apart the watch to see what would cause the buttons to stick.
I did not find any dirt inside the buttons but I did find two possible issues:
1 - The buttons are plastic so over time they can grind against the casing of the watch making rough edges which cause them to stick. It does not take much of an edge to jam the switch.
2 - The rubber seal on the metal pin of the button (visible when you pull the watch apart) may have swelled just enough to make it sticky in the shaft it travels in. Do not know what would have caused it to swell.

So there you have it, 8+ years left on the battery but buttons have failed.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on April 7, 2013
OK, I don't use most of the functions, but the one I rely on is the one that changes the analog time. I travel extensively and cross time zones often. It is ok as long as you are going with the sun (West) - the watch changes time zones (clockwise) just fine. Going against the sun - (East) - you have to advance the time in a clockwise manner - sometimes 11 hours forward. It is tedious and time consuming when all they had to do is give you a counter clockwise option. OK, I could keep the watch on a single time zone and use the digital time feature - however when you go to Asia for 30 days at a time, or travel to the middle east for three weeks, the analog watch is my primary watch and change it to current time. It would be better with a counter clockwise function.
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