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on August 14, 2007
Ordered the watch through Amazon via Chelsea Watch. Was shipped fast and was exactly as promised. Comes with a bracelet sized for an elephant's trunk so unless you are an elephant, removing links is in your future. Do yourself a favour. Take it to a jeweller as the pins have tiny, tiny retainers which you will lose.

The watch is a little on the light side, guess that's because the case is mostly plastic and the safety clasp is cheap but will last. I love the auto illumination feature which lights up the face when the watch is angled towards you. Gets the atomic time with no problem as long as it is near a window. No complaints, I wear this thing all the time now.

In the future, I will only buy solar watches. This is my second one and the first with the atomic time receiver.
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on April 12, 2008
This watch is exactly what I was looking for: automatic sync with NIST, selected time zones, a stopwatch, all at an affordable price. It was very easy to set up, too. The tag "atomic" is misleading. NIST time transmitted over WWVB is based on an atomic time standard; however the watch itself is not atomic powered!
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on June 27, 2010
I love and use every feature of the watch. The other reviews tell you how great most everything works. But many don't seem to use the solar bearing.

If you are a hiker, you may think, as I thought, that it would be a great feature to get a quick bearing without a compass. There's a straight-forward but non-trivial calculation to get the solar azimuth given the time of day and latitude and longitude. From the description of the watch, you would expect it to do that calculation.

However, it appears that the watch does _not_ do that calculation. It produces a linear result which is much too simple, and is off by nearly 40 degrees at certain times of day. It appears to get the azimuth closest near sunrise and sunset and noon, and is off most of the rest of the day.

I was quite disappointed when I found this out. If you never plan to use the solar bearing, you won't care a whit.

[Fortunately, I decided to test it out before hiking without a compass, and I happened to do it at a time that showed up the error very well.]

Here is an example, for a particular day, of the azimuth according to the watch and the correct azimuth from the US Naval Observatory, so you can see what I mean:

(Sorry, I can't format this properly. The last number on each line tells you the error.)

Time USNO azimuth Casio Forester bearing difference
04:00:00 AM 51.2 58 -6.8
05:00:00 AM 61 73 -12
06:00:00 AM 69.9 88 -18.1
07:00:00 AM 78.3 103 -24.7
08:00:00 AM 87 118 -31
09:00:00 AM 96.8 133 -36.2
10:00:00 AM 109.8 148 -38.2
11:00:00 AM 130.9 163 -32.1
12:00:00 PM 170.7 178 -7.3
01:00:00 PM 217.1 193 24.1
02:00:00 PM 243.8 208 35.8
03:00:00 PM 258.9 223 35.9
04:00:00 PM 269.6 238 31.6
05:00:00 PM 278.5 253 25.5
06:00:00 PM 286.9 268 18.9
07:00:00 PM 295.6 283 12.6
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on September 24, 2008
This watch is actually better than I thought it would be. One nice feature is the auto-light feature at night. While in a dark environment, you simply lift your wrist to view your watch and the light comes automatically. I have no idea how it works but it is my favorite feature. I've had so many watches in the years past but this one is the best ever. I will never have to worry about the battery wearing out or the time being incorrect. The instructions tell you to lay the watch by a window at night so it can sync up with the atomic clock signal. I have never done this. I wear it in bed every night and it syncs every night without a problem. I live in St. Louis, MO so my signal must be pretty strong. The watch is bigger than I originally wanted but I am already used to it. I also like the four alarms and the snooze feature. I am so glad I bought this watch. PS The band had to be resized and I brought it to a mall for resizing. The first place I brought it to the guy refused to even try so I took it to a jeweler and they resized it. It took the person a long time and in the end, the pins that hold the links together kept sliding out. I would continue to push them back in all day until I put a very small drop of gorilla glue on the tip of each and now they stay in. Buy this watch! I hope you like it as much as I do.
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on June 29, 2008
Radio controlled calibration calibrates the time nearly every night (some nights it does not get a signal, but the next night always works), so the time is always right. The battery is solar charged (technically, if it was solar POWERED you would not have any power if there was not enough sunlight). It has 4 daily alarms, but only one has a snooze on it. It also has no countdown timer. It will give you sunrise and sunset times every day of the year, once you enter your time zone and latitude and longitude. Entering the time zone requires you to enter the appropriate city from a list, rather than the actual time zone. It will also tell you what direction you are going using the solar azimuth. This only works if you can see the sun. BOO! A digital compass would do this much more effectively.
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on May 29, 2008
I am very happy with this watch. In Central Texas it is able to reliably resync at night without even taking it off. When I first received it the battery was not fully charged, but a few hours of sunshine fixed that and it has remained fully charged with my normal daily (mostly indoor) routine. I have found the sunrise/sunset time estimates (rounded to 5 minute intervals) to be useful and I am very happy with the multiple alarms. My only remaining concern it the ease of changing time zones when I travel.
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on March 26, 2008
When it comes to Casio's Wave Ceptor watch, perfection is what comes to mind. Why, you ask? because accuracy is what this watch is all about. The time is updated automatically several times a day, so it NEVER displays the wrong time!
I've owned Casio watches before and have never been disappointed. I purchased two of these, one for me and one for a friend. When we get together, both our watches display to the second, the correct time. Who could ask for anything more.
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on April 18, 2009
I purchased the watch in May of 2008.
The main reason I purchased a watch with a metal band is that I have had so many of the plastic/resin bands break and the replacements cost almost as much as a new watch. This one seems durable although the band is connected to the body of the watch with plastic/resin. Hopefully those parts will not become brittle and break.
**The body of the watch is plastic even though it looks like metal.**
As other people have mentioned, upon receipt the watch may take a few days to get up to full charge.
Overall, after 11 months, I'm still satisfied with the watch and glad I bought it.

To aid in band size adjustment, I will try to post pictures of some links and the pin assembly and the tools I used to remove the pins. In the pictures, the pin/sleeve assembly is positioned next to the link in the same orientation as when installed in a link. The point of the safety-pin is used to push the small end of the link-pin out of the tiny compression sleeve in the direction of the arrows on the links. Do the work in an area where you can keep track of the tiny parts and find them if you drop them. Use two large paper clips to push the pin and sleeve together when connecting the links.
Another option is to buy a link pin removal tool (Amazon has them).
If you're not good with tiny parts, get a professional to do it.
review image review image
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on August 2, 2008
As DigiSol wrote in 2007 "Ordered the watch through Amazon via Chelsea Watch. Was shipped fast and was exactly as promised. Comes with a bracelet sized for an elephant's trunk so unless you are an elephant, removing links is in your future." DigiSol recommends going to a jeweler to resize the band. I advise that if you are reasonably skillful, have two paperclips, a magnifying glass and a neddlenose pliers, you can remove links in about one-half hour.

The case is metallic-looking plastic that appears to be fairly rugged. I prefer it to a metal case because it is lighter. I find its appearance to very pleasing.

All of the features work as advertised. Be prepared to spend about one-hour with the manual. If you have previously owned similar CASIO watches, then you'll easily program this watch. Fortunately, none of the adjustments are counter-intuitive. BTW, you'll need your home lattitude and longitude to program the Sunrise/Sunset feature.

My watch arrived with its battery charged to 'M' - second highest level. Interestingly, it also arrived already synchronized to WWVB, which occured the previous evening while waiting in our local Post Office.

For me, a rechargable battery and automatic synchronization are now mandatory features for my watches. The watch's many features are both useful and fun. For these reasons, I am pleased to recommend it.
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on April 11, 2009
With it's rugged good looks and Casio technology and reliability you can't go wrong with this watch. I look for a few key features in a watch and this one has it all. I am a huge fan of Solar Power (no batteries to replace), Atomic Timekeeping, and Auto EL Backlight. This watch also features sunrise/sunset times and a crude compass feature. I have no use for the compass and judging by it's operation / limitations and others reviews I don't think it's all that accurate but I could be wrong. Anyway, the Atomic Timekeeping works great as does the Solar Power. One other feature that I love is the Auto EL backlight. It illuminates the watch with a simple tilt of your wrist when you look at the watch. No button to push for the light! The price is low enough not to break the bank and I think it's a great buy! You can't go wrong with this watch.
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