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on August 5, 2012
Owner's manual says the battery charge will last up to 11 months. I've had it since Father's Day 2012 and haven't run down the battery yet. We'll see what happens in the winter time when there's less sun and I wear long sleeves. It has a power saving mode which shuts down some functions when there is low light and the watch is not being used (like every night at bedtime.) I have to wake the watch up every morning, by tilting it to 40 degrees or pushing any button.

Functions seemed complicated at first, but if you gradually read the owner's manual a bit at a time it's all pretty easy to remember. I use the stopwatch and the countdown timer every day. Countdown timer can only be set to 1 minute intervals, though, so no 30 second interval workouts. But overall it makes a great sports watch. I have the auto-lighting function turned on, and the hourly beeper turned on, and the audible beeps function turned on, as well as using several of the alarms on certain days.

Auto-electroluminescence feature (automatically turns on the light when you tilt the watch 40 degrees towards your face) is not supposed to come on unless it is dark, but this light comes on even when it is not really needed--in all but the brightest direct sunlight. Doesn't run down the charge, though.

water resistance seals are holding up good to every other day pool swimming (You're not supposed to push buttons while the watch is submerged, so I don't) and profuse sweat from hard cardio workouts everyday.

color doesn't seem to be fading yet. and the band isn't cracking or creased, either. The band is a little stiff though. It also has very closely spaced holes for just the right tightness.

Haven't really tested the scratch resistance yet because the watch is so bulky that the sides and rim protect the glass. I've been wearing it for remodeling work about 4 days per week. Has a lot of edges that trap dirt and dust, but cleans up easily.

Has preset time in several different cities, so you can wear it straight out of the box without too much programming. After you get the watch features all set up like you want them the World Cities function becomes pretty useless unless you travel a lot.

Overall, I love this watch, and I expect it (and the rechargeable battery) to last a long, long time.

update Nov, 2012:
watch gets significantly less light in the winter when wearing long sleeves more often, and spending less time outdoors. Battery actually went to "LOW" level. had to purposely hang it near a light bulb, but putting it in the sun recharges much faster.
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on October 3, 2011
Initially I purchased this watch so it would be easier to read at night & as I discovered it is not only easier to read, but it is full of features & almost as light as my analog titanium Seiko. The solar battery keeps my G2310 powered all the time, hibernates to conserve energy, & powers up with the first light source it comes in contact with. I'm still learning the rest of the features but includes 31 time zones in 48 cities around the world, stopwatch, bright back light, & smaller profile, to mention a few. All the functions are listed in the Amazon description. Worth much more than the selling price. Highly recommended!
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on August 3, 2012
I received this watch as a gift in 2004 prior to heading out to USMC boot camp. 8 years, 4 deployments, and numerous field exercises this watch stood strong. I bashed it so hard at times I looked down expecting it to be cracked, to my surprise not a scratch. I didn't have to replace the battery until around the 6 year mark so clearly they are downplaying it's actual life expectancy. The features are great, it's easy to read and most importantly, easy to operate (grunt proof at least). I had to replace the band once but I put it through hell and we'll chalk that up as my fault. Dependable and durable are the first words that come to mind when describing this watch. Sadly last month it vanished thanks to some sketchy housekeeping at a holiday in express so I need to replace it.
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on July 18, 2010
Got this watch to use for work and my job is a builder so it's gonna get bashed about and scruffy had it over a month now and not one scratch on the screen. i tested the screen out on a saw blade the saw lost. If you're looking for a watch for durability this is the one for you. Carry on the ggod work G-Shock
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on October 8, 2012
I was seeking a cool, chunky sports watch and had a hard time making my mind up on which Casio. Not 1 single watch did everything I wanted, so I decided the solar and EL illumination were my top "must haves". I like the watch fine, but am not in love. Considered returning for a tide feature watch, or something "fancier", but am keeping it. It is big and chunky, which I wanted. The EL face illumination feature is nice when I ride my bike in pre-dawn hours, and the potential of never needing a new battery is very appealing. Not sexy, but cool enough.
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on April 26, 2014
I love this watch.
I've had it for 9 or 10 years now. It has *never* needed a new battery and keeps very accurate time. The timer, chronograph, etc. are easy to use and set. A full charge lasts virtually forever. Maybe if you put it in a drawer for months, it would lose the charge, but with backup, the time and date would probably remain accurate. You can then put it near a lamp for awhile until it's charged again. (Never had to replace the back-up battery either.) Either the solar charger sucks up light very easily, or a single charge just lasts forever. Not sure, but it never goes below the near full setting. The band has never had to be replaced and the face is still without a scratch. The glass is recessed below the plastic and metal rim, so dropping it or smacking it against something will rarely cause any problems. I've never used the Databank much, because inputting numbers, etc. take awhile and there are other devices for that. In an emergency the Databank might be useful.
Another nice feature on mine, which I don't see on the more recently made watches of this model, it has the month, day and YEAR. No, I don't often need to be reminded of the year, but it's a nice touch.
Bottom line: you cannot go wrong with this watch.

By the way, I saw a review that said when the person got the watch, it said made in China. I can't speak for others, but the back of my watch says it was made in Thailand.
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on May 1, 2015
I bought one of these watches back in 2000. Used it in all conditions for 15 years. It never left my wrist. I had it in the surf, on building/construction sites, used it working on cars and the list goes on. I threw just about every bad scenario at this watch. What destroyed it was all the welding I started doing about a year ago. Just recently the crystal glass got that bad where I couldnt see the face anymore. Unfortunately the splatter embeds itself into the crystal glass and you cant fix it after that. The case became a bit faded but that probably from all the chemicals Ive worked with over time. The solar didnt let me down for 15 years. The rechargeable battery lasted the test of time. The watch strap/band was replaced ones during the watches life but the replacement wasnt the best quality and Id say wouldve broken soon anyways. The new aftermarket wrist band was about 9 months old. The watch still operates as Im typing this but unfortunately I cant find a replacement glass for it. the watch is still charging through all the damaged glass. Its the best watch Ive ever owned. Casio out did themselves when they designed and built this watch. I believe it is the watch the American military used back then and it was designed for a purpose of use. Ruggedness and precision. A test was done to test the strength of the watch and some other items. The items were dropped from a helicopter at a height of 40 meters onto a solid concrete surface and it was the only item that came out unscathed and didnt miss a beat. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I have now upgraded to a Casio Men's G-Shock GA100CS-9A Watch - Yellow but this one doesnt have tough solar which is disappointing. I hope this watch will last the test of time as well. I will let everyone know in 15 years time.... LOL....
I recommend this watch to all and I will miss my 2000 model. G-shock is the way to go.
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on October 2, 2012
I have owned this watch for about 10 years now, I have worn it everyday and rarely take it off, I have done EVERYTHING with it on and it still works perfectly. Highly recommend this watch.
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on December 9, 2012
This watch seems much thicker than 11mm- it sits off my wrist about an inch. It's huge, chunky in a masculine way, and not dressy, but it does not seem to draw attention, either. I bought it for two things: to never replace a battery, and for toughness. I had a plain Casio (not a chrono nor a G-force) for years; the plastic band (similar to this one) finally broke. It was nearly impossible to replace. The watch continued to run on its original battery for about 10 years. I don't bother replacing batteries anymore, since every time I've had it done, the watch (regardless of brand or price) has died thereafter. I also have some weird electro-thing going on on my arm, so that many watches go bonkers after a while. So I got an expensive name sun powered watch; it looked good; all was great until my wife knocked it off the table where it was charging with sunlight. Bye-bye watch!

So I still wanted solar power, but I wanted a tough S.O.B. This one seems to fit the bill. I notice that unlike that other watch, the glass face is protected all around it, instead of the glass sitting on top of the watch. Buttons on some watches have failed, or were activated accidentally while wearing the watch-- these buttons seem heavy duty and well protected. Also, this one has power saving features the other solar did not, and supposedly runs 11 months straight on a full charge (like if it is in a drawer for months at a time), so I don't anticipate having to charge it up, a problem with the other one. I did not want a kinetic watch, since the generator on those runs at many thousands of RPM's- that sounds like mechanical maintenance to me.

I'll use my gold Swiss pocket watch for dress, and this Casio for everyday. It has every feature that you'll really need. The instruction booklet is very complex and intimidating-- it took several tries over several days to set the watch, because I didn't realize that it has one setting to cycle through all time zones when you're traveling, and a regular read setting for just your time zone, so both may have to be set. I noticed that Casio customer service was eager and fairly quick to reply- although by then I had it figured out. Now that I understand it, it's no worse than any other.

The other solar watches I found were at least 50% more expensive than this one, and probably more delicate. This is a good value at retail, and even better if you get it on sale. The movement is still Japanese, not Chinese as on so many more watches today.
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on August 5, 2012
I purchased basically the same watch four years ago. The darn thing keeps very accurate time still and the tough solar battery is still perfect. This new one seems to be acting the same... perfect time and recharges very fast in the sunlight. So Why did I buy another one??? The case around the watch finally started falling apart after four years. The band also broke after 3 years and after a lot of hassle I was able to get another one here in the Philippines. These problems would be easy to fix in the USA but I am traveling and am in the Philippine Islands. I would love to know how to order an Extra band for this watch since it will probably keep on ticking for years. I looked around the Amazon site but could not find any watch bands to order for it. It's the most accurate watch I have ever owned... Love it
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