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on December 14, 2008
This is my first compass watch. I was concerned that the compass would be difficult to use and calibrate. After receiving the watch I was easily able to use and calibrate the compass. A neat undocumeted feature of the watch is that the current time is displayed in all modes - world time (which also shows the name of the world time city selected), compass, stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm. The digits are large and easy to read. The backlight illuminates the digits, not the whole watch face. The cloth band is very comfortable and looks sturdy and well made. All in all a very good value for the money.
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on December 16, 2008
I bought this watch recently and as any Casio watch its great looking and worth fully for the price tag. Compass, World timer, Stop watch, Alarm and timer features are great and easy to operate. My only complain is the thermometer which I find practically useless. The instruction manual says watch sensor needs 30 min to adjust to the atmospheric temperature. For instance if you take your watch from warm place to a cold environment it will give erroneous readings for 30 mins!! And if you are wearing your watch, you can't depend on the reading at all since body temperarture will ridiculously increase the reading even in a cold winter day! If you take off your watch and try to measure.. you have to wait 30 mins to get accurate readings. So this sensor is not useful at all for measuring temperature when you are outdoors. Other than this, I like the watch.
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on April 1, 2010
The watch is tough and the nylon band is much more comfortable than the usual plastic band you find on most inexpensive watches. I have the following negative comments:
1. The watch is HUGE. It spans my entire wrist. I should have paid more attention to the dimensions.
2. The temperature function is for all practical purposes useless. You have to take the watch off and let it return to ambient temperature before you can get an accurate reading.
3.The compass reading doesn't stay on long enough. Since the bezel doesn't rotate, you have to rotate your whole body to align the indicator with north, or else remove the watch and rotate it. Either way, the indicator is usualy already gone by then.
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Like many, I have had Casio watches for years.

This watch is not my first, but it is one of my most recent and favorite purchases of a Casio watch.

First off. No rubber watch band that will break after a few years of use in salt water. This is a rubberized nylon band. Green - not my favorite - but still sturdy.

Second, the watch face is pretty large. And better yet, the digital clock has nice large numbers.

Third, the features are nice. This watch has a digital compass which is fairly easy to set up, but will probably require the use of the internet beyond the instructions. Multiple alarms, stopwatch, timer and world time constitute the features on this watch beyond the compass.

It is sturdily built, with the band, mineral face, a plastic ring around the watch face to prevent scratches, and a very solid feel. However, the watch is quite light as well. It is also supposed to be quite water resistant.

This watch should last for a while.
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on September 19, 2012
Some great reviews out there but I thought I would do a thorough review of the pro/con's.

*** Pro: ***
Large face
Nylon band (last longer)
World time
Dual Time
Stop watch/Timer
Compass (w/ declination)
Temperature (w/ calibration)
Back Lit
Protected Face (recessed)

*** Con: ***
Alarm too quiet
Compass time too short
Back Light time too short
Temperature reads body temp

First off I got this watch for world traveling. Reading the reviews I did not see anyone mention that it has the capability of doing Dual Time. Basically you can have your "Home" time zone on top and "Current Location" on bottom. This is great and was exactly what I was looking for. Once you set-up your home time then you can flip through world cities while traveling. It also has Day Light Savings mode for the Dual Time in case certain cities that you travel to do not have day light savings.

Some people claim that the compass is inaccurate. Well first off I calibrated it, then I set my declination. Many people failed to mention this in their review. There is a feature where you can adjust for your location. My home city's current declination is 16deg. That is huge, so you have to adjust it for this. I am sure many people did not even realize this feature. Finally I measured my casio compass with a real compass. I would say it is about 1-3 degree's off of my real compass.

I have been trying to calibrate my Temperature gauge. I have a home digital temp and my casio reads about 0.4 degree higher than my wall temp gauge. Of course I am not even sure if my wall temp is that accurate. To me 1/2 a degree is not bad for a watch. Mind you that this is calibrated with air temp, not on my wrist. I will try wearing the watch and then recalibrate with my body temp. I am not sure if that will work correctly.

Another small nice feature is the double beep once you hit the main Time screen. That means you can quickly change modes without looking to get back the the Time mode.

A few very minor things that casio should have adjusted on this watch:

They should have made the compass feature delay longer. I think it is set for 10 seconds. But by the time 10 seconds has passed I have only been able to adjust my body to the direction. Then I have to push it again to get another reading. I see no reason to have it delayed at 20-30 seconds. And then push a button if you want to see the clock.

The alarm needs to be louder like others have pointed out.

The back light needs to be at least 5 seconds. Not 1-2 seconds.

The watch face is a tad large, however that is the IN thing right now with watches.

Finally it would be nice if the bezel would rotate so you can adjust it for the compass.

Overall for the price and features I have not found another watch that is better. I did a lot of research on every brand and prices. I wanted a watch where I would not be heart broken if I lost it.
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on June 4, 2009
This is a fantastic model from Casio. Accuracy and battery life are never concerns with Casio watches. The few things I am not delighted about with most Casio models are their cheap plastic looks and the rubber watch band which easily breaks.

However, this one looks great due to its beautiful aesthetic design (colour combination inside the LCD display (a sea greenish hue) and of the dial as a whole, the size, font and positioning of the digits, the partitioning of the display into three parts, the elegant main time display). Much better looking than almost any of the G Shock or other digital models.

The compass works great and it has lots of other features - the timer (countdown) being a really useful one for multiple tasks - exercising, cooking, meditating, jogging, whiling (when you want to set aside a specific amount of time for a leisure activity) etc. The band is not the typical rubber which breaks easily (characteristic of Casio watches and one of the weak points of most Casios) way before the watch ceases to be useful but is actually made of some kind of polyester which is quite comfortable, earthy and green in colour.

The temperature detector works very accurately too PROVIDED you take the watch off and let it lie in the ambient temperature for about 15 - 20 minutes.

I own many Casio watches but this one is my favorite along with MDV301D-2AV which is another OUTSTANDING Casio due to its aesthetics, form and overall quality.
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on March 29, 2014
I looked around a lot for a watch like this, and read a lot of reviews before buying it. I wanted a good, dependable EDC (every day) watch that could time me on runs, hikes, and help me out on the trail with some general direction, all for less than $75. I actually ordered the comparable TIMEX (Expedition Trail T49612) version of this watch and sent it back. The TIMEX was huge, hard to read, and just didn't look good (greenish markings on huge black rubber case). I seem to keep coming back to CASIO because they seem to just "get it right" for me.

What's the difference between the SGW100B-3V (this watch) and the SGW100-1V, you ask? It's the same watch, as near as I can tell, except the 3V has a high-quality nylon wristband and the 1V has a rubberized sports band. I chose the 3V because I have not had good experience with rubberized wristbands. They aren't too comfortable, either. I wore a G-SHOCK for a few years until all the eyelets in the band tore into one, long slit. This didn't hold my watch on too well, and I lost it in the ocean. The nylon on the 3V is great. It is durable, looks better than the rubber wristband, and is comfortable. It doesn't pull on my arm hairs like the rubber always did.

Now, for the watch itself. Great readability and functionality. I like the how the seconds are displayed on the line under the hour and minutes, so your eyes instantly fall on the 4-digit time. The ILLUMINATOR feature makes all the digits shine, but not the face. This makes the watch extremely readable in the dark, but you're not going to be able to use it like a mini-flashlight. The 4-button controls are easy to master. Here's a pro-tip for you: Rather than straining your eyes to read the tiny operation manual, look up the PDF online from Casio and use the zoom to read it like normal text.

The digital thermometer is just as others have described. On my wrist, it usually shows about 85 degrees (no matter what the air temp is), but it is accurate when the watch is unworn for 30 minutes or more. The temperature is factory calibrated, but you can check it against another thermometer and adjust it by a few tenths of a degree if you wish. I think the thermometer function is helpful for waking up in a tent or bivouac with your 3V next to you and checking the temp before you crawl out of your bag.

The digital compass is excellent. I have checked it against several other commercial and mil-spec compasses and it's readings are pretty dead on. Even though CASIO says it's not meant for accurate land navigation, but more for general direction, I feel it could hang in there for some basic land nav. There are 16 directional arrow indicators around the outside of the face for indicating North, so your arrow is less accurate than your digital compass degree reading (360 degrees). The compass needs to be user-calibrated something like every 100 days. This means spinning your watch 360 degrees while it is taking readings. I'm really not sure what the purpose of this is--it might have something to do with ensuring the magnetic sensor has not become inaccurate due to ambient magnetism or a bad bearing. There is also a declination adjustment (look yours up online by ZIP code) so that your watch can show you true North. I play a little "game" with the compass when I'm bored. If I'm somewhere I've never been, I'll mentally guess which direction is North and check myself with the watch. I know; I'm a nerd.

The world time feature is great with plenty of city time-zones and a DST toggle. If your friend is overseas and you want to know if it's too early/late to call, it's literally ONE button-push away to check. I keep mine on LON (London) time so I can quickly see UTC.

Standard stop watch. Elapsed, split time, and two-finisher capabilities. The buttons are pretty easy to push, and this helps with reliable start and stop. We've all been there, with our thumbnail on a tiny metallic button, when we tell our friend, "Ready... Set... Go! Wait, I mean, Go! Now!"

Standard timer. Keeps going when viewing other modes.

Four alarms WITH snooze function. Not bad!

Overall, the watch just looks good. I would say it gives off a hiker or possibly military-type look. The different colored markings on the case and the silver/grey bezel kind of catch the eye. You can tell it's not a cheap drug-store watch just by the look of it (which is more than you can say for some of the CASIO styles). If you're not used to a large watch, you'll think this is pretty big. It's fine for me. I do have to lift it slightly up on my arm when getting into the front-leaning rest position (push-ups) or else it digs into the top of my hand, so that's something to consider.

I have three minor nit-picks of the watch, but not enough to dock a star-rating on a stellar watch:
- You can only scan through the time-zones in WT mode in one direction.
- I can't remember which mode this was, but at one point I was adjusting a value on the watch and the positive (+) button was lower right and the negative (-) direction was upper right. This seemed backwards to me.
- The wristband is attached the case by a pin which is held in place by a small steel buckle that is hinged to the case. Most other CASIO cases have a giant protrusion that encloses the strap and pin. It makes me wonder if the connection is a little weaker than on other CASIO watches; but time will tell.

Overall, this is a great watch. The 200M rating is reassuring for any aquatic activities. The strap is comfortable and the watch itself is surprisingly light. I bought this watch thinking I would only put it on when wearing jeans, work clothes, or clothes for hiking, but I've ended up wearing it every day since I bought it. I would not wear it with coat and tie, however--that's kind of where I draw the line.
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on January 11, 2010
I was looking for a waterproof sports watch with compass and stopwatch/timer function in the $50-80 range. For a guy I guess I have skinny wrists, so the Timex watches like #T49686 appealed to me for their smaller size and lesser weight. However my last Timex Expedition (similar plastic design to their digital compass watches) broke quite easily, proving their inferior durability. The Casio more than justifies the miniscule size/weight difference.

Advantages (vs Timex)
Mineral face (vs plastic)
Better water resistance - 200M (vs 100M)
More durable bezel/case (Timex plastic is more fragile, rotating bezel breaks)
Better controls (on Timex you can only increment timer in one direction, not +/- mins)

Cons (don't know about Timex)
The Casio has 4 daily alarms. You can't have different schedules for different days of the week.
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on January 12, 2009
The display is great - clear and very easy to read outdoors or indoors, in darkness or light. The world city time, chronograph, compass, and alarm modes are very easy to read and use. The only weak points for the watch are that the temperature reading is accurate only if you remove the watch from your wrist and let it sit for a time, and the band is a bit stiff starting out.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Ok all my life I have been the one to get the cheapest little 4 dollar digital watch and stick with it until it breaks than get another..
For the first time in my life I decided to splurge... and get the 50 dollar watch..
The compass works quite well, I thought it would have N E S W and an arrow pointing to whatever it's closer too, no it tells u exactly where north is and gives a degree, I haven't gotten out another compass to see how accurate it is, but it works for me.
Only complaint is the light, it stays on for 1 second. No more or less and holding the button doesn't keep it on, if you're reading the date at night or trying to see anything better speed read..
Other than that I love the band, feels and looks like it cost more than 2 dollars..
The thermometer is crap, inside a room with a temp around 80 degrees it reads 94.. also outside (deployed to Iraq) it's about 120+ and it reads 94 to 98... so it's reading the temp of my skin.

Not bad at all just wish the light either stayed on longer or you could change the timer on it.
Also the 4 alarms are a God-send for my current schedule.
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