Customer Reviews: Casio Men's WV58A-1AV
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 24, 2010
Update - I have now had this watch for four years and it continues to operate flawlessly, as described below.

This is the least fancy and has the fewest functions of this variety of Casio watch. Thus, it is also the least expensive variant. This watch is very accurate, not too bulky and is inexpensive. A five-star watch for me, but it might not be for you if the concerns mentioned below are a problem for you, particularly with regard atomic time reception at your location.

There are many different variants of the Casio "atomic" watch to choose from, so I will discuss some of the watch properties and why I chose this one. Then I will discuss some of the quirks and potential difficulties that new owner should be aware of. Sorry about the all caps headings of the following sections. I am not shouting, but this is the only way that I can highlight the information provided in each paragraph.)

PLASTIC CASE AND BAND - least fancy but you do not have the problem of removing links to size the band. It is also much lighter than a watch with a stainless steel case and band.

NOT A SPORTS WATCH - This watch is not a sports watch with a high G force rating or deep depth water resistance (it is rated at only 50 meters). This was not a problem for me as I do not use it for sports or underwater. On the plus side the case is only 11mm thick versus 15mm for a Casio sports watch (the 4mm difference equates to 5/32 of an inch).

BATTERY POWER NOT SOLAR POWER - In speaking with people with solar variants of this watch I found that, while the solar power was generally quite reliable, there were times when the watch could not be used unless it was first exposed to direct sunlight for several hours. This might occur if the watch was left in a drawer for a while or if it constantly was worn under a long sleeve shirt.

ATOMIC TIME FUNCTIONALITY - There are only two transmitting stations for the atomic time synchronization, Ft. Collins Colorado and Rugby England. Under the best of conditions the Ft. Collins transmitter has a 2000mile (about 3000km) range and the Rugby transmitter a 1500km (about a 900mile) range. However, under adverse transmission conditions this drops to only 600 miles for Ft. Collins and 500km for Rugby. Thus, under the best of conditions there are regions of the world where this feature will not work and a much larger area where it might only work sometimes. As I live well within 600 miles of Ft. Collins this is not a problem for me. So far, I get a good signal all the time, but sometimes signal reception could be a problem for most of the largest population centers of the US (Southern California, Eastern Seaboard of the US, Southern US). However, as discussed below, time synchronization every day, or even once a week, is not necessary, so periodic disruptions in the signal should not adversely affect the functioning of the watch. I do not know if the same limitations hold for all of the Casio Atomic watches. Please note that the TIME SYNCHRONIZATION DOES NOT FUNCTION FOR THIS WATCH FOR SOUTH AMERICA, ALMOST ALL OF AFRICA, AUSTRALIA AND MOST PACIFIC ISLANDS, SOUTHEAST ASIA, INDIA OR ASIA.

SIX TIME SYNCHRONIZATION RESETS A DAY - According to the promotional literature the watch automatically obtains a time signal six time a day. This is true, but the six times are all during the night: 12AM,1AM,2AM,3AM,4AM and 5AM, and the reset will not occur a second time if successful previously that night. I got the impression from the instructions that the synchronization is done at night because the watch is more likely to be stationary at that time, but several people have commented that it is due to the superior reception of the time signal at night. For whatever reason, my watch synchronizes at 12:04 AM every night. It is also suggested that the watch should be stationary during the reset process and ideally in a specific position. Do not throw out the plastic stand that the watch comes on as this is an excellent stand to hold the watch during the reset process. I do not know what you do if you work at night. The auto reset may not work, but you can manually synchronize to the atomic clock whenever you want, so this should not be a reason not to buy a Casio atomic watch. Also, as mentioned below, I do not think that even a daily reset is necessary to keep the watch accurate to within one second, which is the display resolution.

BATTERY POWER, BUT NO BATTERY CHANGE INSTRUCTIONS - This watch works on a lithium battery. The type battery is specified, but there are no instructions for its replacement, but there is only one way this could be done. The back of the case is removed by 4 very small screws. The only problem with this type of case is that it is very difficult to get the o-ring that provides the water resistance back in place, and the feature is generally lost when the back is removed. The alternative is to send the watch to Casio for repair, or to go to a local watch repairer, but this would likely cost more than a new watch. I generally just replace the battery and hope that I can still get the o-rich back in place properly. The upside is that a special tool is not required to remove the back.

When I received the watch I noted that it was 8 seconds slow (versus the atomic clock signal that I get on my computer) and when I checked the last time that the watch was synchronized to the atomic clock, I found that it was about 5 months before. There is a button that allows one to check the day and time of the last synchronization. This meant that the watch drifted only about 0.05 seconds a day (in 160 days this yielded the observed 8 second error). This means that resetting only once every 3 weeks or so would keep the watch accurate to within one second. However, it also meant that the atomic function might not be working. Please note - had I read the manual more closely (not easy to do since the manual is only 1x2 inches in size) I would have found that the watch ships with the time synchronization turned off, so the lack of a recent reset is normal. I tried the manual atomic synchronization reset and this initially did not work, further pointing to a possible defect in the watch (but also according to the manual this is normal). I then (following the manual) placed the watch near a window, properly oriented in its cradle, and left it there for about an hour and the signal reception icon then became apparent (it initially was not). The watch did not reset at this point (nor should it since the auto reset only occurs at night), but when I went through the manual atomic reset procedure it did do it, eliminating the 8-second error. That night, at 12:04 AM, it reset again. To date, the watch synchronizes even when it is in my night table draw, in a random orientation. Thus, at my location, which is within 100 miles of Ft. Collins, I do not need to specifically orient the watch to get it to synchronize. However, in a less favorable location it may be necessary to carefully follow the orientation directions in order to link up with the time set signal. The moral is to be patient, read the manual, and follow the instructions before you give up and send the watch back. It may take time to locate the signal and more time to synchronize the watch.

I hope that this level of detail is helpful in deciding if this watch is for you. I like the watch a lot. I have had Casio watches for many, many, years (at the present time I have two other functioning Casio watches) and like this one I find them to be excellent, both in their general quality, high degree of functionality and for their low price. You may not be getting fancy jewelry, but you get an excellent timepiece.
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on September 9, 2008
This watch has the features, weight/feel that I wanted for work. (HEMS)
The "atomic time" feature coincides exactly with our helicopter's Garmin 530 radios. The backlight lasts long enough after pressing to write down and view my times without repeating over and over again. The only reason I gave a 3/5 is the watch arrived without instructions. None.
I do not know if that was a Seller issue (Chelsea) or Manufacturer. (Casio) I have enough gadgetology experience that I could eventually figure it out. I prefer instructions and if I cannot find any on-line, it may take a while. (Syncing the radio signal, changing from Central Time to Pacific, changing the 12 hr format to 24 hr, etc.) Overall, this is exactly what I have been looking for.

Addendum: Go to Casio's website. Enter in the 4 (or 3) digit number from the back of your watch and it has a library of all the relevant instructions manuals in pDF format. Which, come to think of it, is a little easier to read than those manuals they usually put under the display box. But it is an additional hassle if you don't have internet access.

Yet Another Addendum: I'm changing my stars to 4/5. The watch lasted almost a full 3 years. It still works now but the radio/atomic feature stopped working on a scene call the other day. I now have to manually set it....not everyday of course. It's not fragile, but I certainly would not immerse it in water like I did the other day and leave it there for longer than a few seconds. The price makes a re-order an easy answer. This is a great product.
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on December 5, 2007
I purchased this on a whim. It's very useful and worth the money. In addition to radio synchronization, it includes a stop watch function, with lap feature; a count down timer; second city time; and an alarm.

It is fairly large, but not "in your face" large.

It's comfortable and easy to read and use.

This is my third "atomic clock." I bought it because I've been impressed with the technology. My other clocks are a wall model and a bedside alarm clock. Both synchronize easier than the watch. BUT, I expected that. The clocks are fairly large compared to the watch. Accordingly, the watch has more trouble receiving a synchronizing signal - it's antenna simply is not very large. (The signal is a very low frequency one from Colorado (if you're in the U.S.). Proper receiving antennae for these frequencies are typically hundreds of feet in length.) Place the watch next to a window, with the top of the watch parallel to and pointed out the window and you should be fine in the continental U.S. Frankly, it's amazing that it works, but it does.

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on March 18, 2009
I live in a Ft. Worth, Texas suburb and the time synchronization works great. The directions say to place the watch in a window at night in order for it to receive the radio signal. I place it in my bedroom closet with the door shut. It has never failed to synchronize in that location. Everything works on the watch and I like the way it looks, (at least I used to). Within two weeks of buying the watch, the crystal looks like it was used by a very busy mechanic for fifteen years. The complete face of the watch is scuffed and scratched. I was wearing the watch on a cruise which is not exactly rough usage. The "crystal" on this watch is not glass. It is hard plastic, but it is not nearly hard enough. I know this is not a G-shock, but I did not think it was a toy. Do yourself a favor and find a Waveceptor model with a real crystal.
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on July 5, 2011
I am currently looking for a new watch since this thing has a tendency to reset its self back to 2005 and also reset's the time back to midnight.

Originally it did it sporadically... but I have had to reset it twice in the last 2 weeks. This is unacceptable because I have to log times and events at work.

Once I get my new watch in... I plan on having fun with this one. It will become a flying target for the 12ga. I will have the last laugh.
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on June 18, 2009
I bought this watch in November 2008 and it quit working 6 months later. It fogged up after I got caught in the rain and quite working soon afterwards, even though it is supposed to be water resistant. I sent it back to Casio USA for repair or replacement under warranty (which is supposed to be 1 year) but Casio wanted $40 to fix it. I only paid $48 for the watch, so I said no thanks. On top of that, they wanted $8 to mail the useless watch back to me. I am going back to Timex.
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on July 17, 2007
I have been using this watch for 2 months. I got great compliments but, I had to lie about the price, since people wouldn't believe me I got this watch for the price.

I live in the Bay Area, California. The watch synchronizes pretty much every night.

I have no complains.
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on February 2, 2013
I bought this watch in August 2011 and was very happy with it for the first 6 months. Then the watch started to reset to January 1, 2005 once every two weeks. The reset period started increasing. I tried to be careful how the watch would rest while I slept or played sports but it kept resetting. It finally was resetting once every two days. Meanwhile I checked the web and reviews and this seems to be a common complaint for this watch. I tried replacing the battery but this only worked for a week or two before it has started resetting itself. The reset frequency then started to increase again.

The last basic Casio watch I owned was for 10 years before the area where the pins that held the wrist strap wore out. The Casio I owned before that one lasted 12 years. It would be fair to say that I had much higher expectations for this watch than what I experienced.

If you want a good disposable watch that will be fairly hassle free for a year then this is the watch for you.
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on September 22, 2010
Bought this watch 11 months ago. Up until about a month ago I have enjoyed this watch more than most watches I have owned. The only problem I had up to that time was a dislike of the watch band. It has one retaining loop to hold the band in place and frequently it will slide off and then the band is loose and sticks out.
The upside to this watch is that the time is always spot on correct. I work on an hourly schedule and must know the correct time. With this watch that was always possible.
My complaint and why I rate this watch with a 2 stars is that about a month ago or after 10 months of use water began to show up on the underside of the glass face. Since it was under warranty I mailed it back to CASIO 1st class for less than a $1.50. A few days ago I was informed that the watch would not be repaired under warranty and that they wanted $15.00 for repairs, about $6.00 for shipping and some sales tax as well. In the end they wanted more money to repair an under warranty watch then I originally paid for the watch 11 months ago at Amazon.

At this point I consider CASIO warranty to be worth little if anything. I will replace this watch but not with a CASIO.
If your going to wear a CASIO almost every day and subject it to constant use beware of the potential for a warranty that will not be honored.
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on December 27, 2012
Watch works fine except for one problem. It randomly resets itself to January 1, 2005. The whole point of getting this watch was so I wouldn't have to worry about setting it. It did fine getting the signal and adjusting the time most nights with no effort on my part, but about once every week or two it resets itself to 12:00 AM on 1-1-2005. Can't even get it to pick up signal at all anymore.

Don't bother with this one.
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