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on February 10, 2012
Buy the darn watch! Seriously, I'd give it 6 stars if I could. I am pretty hard on this watch, taking it through mountains, snow, rain, and close quarters. I'm constantly hitting the glass on corners of metal tables and everything else I run into (literally, I'm clumsy). I use this watch to tell me how close I am to the top of mountains I'm driving over, or whether those rain clouds are coming at me or not. I use this watch daily and love it. I would not think twice about this watch.

Throw out that craptastic rubber band though and get yourself a zulu band


Six months has gone by and I've been tough on this watch. I've left it in the window all day and came back to a piping hot watch. I've taken it to the desert. I live in the Oregon valley and just went through our tropical winter/spring with it. I'm constantly dinging the glass on corners of things and smashing the face of the watch against whatever I so fall into (I'm clumsy). The watch looks new, save for one mark where I dropped it three floors onto concrete; that fall raised a spot on the side it hit. You can barely notice. This watch will last the rest of my life I assume.


So I'll go ahead and admit that it took me almost two days to get the whole watch figured out, there is a 100+ page instruction manual to absorb. But the payoff is saweet! You will need to calibrate everything, bear that in mind. The temp, baro, alt, comp decl, time, world time, date, auto light, etc.. all have calibration/adjustments that should be made. Sounds daunting? It's not, if you read the manual.

The temp sensor is MAX{+/- 0.6}C at all times; I've verified it a dozen times in my laboratory. The baro is MAX{+/- 0.05}in/Hg and has successfully predicted the weather since I bought it. The compass is exactly in line with my two other high-end hiking classical compasses (if you can stabilize yourself that well, it is on your wrist most the time). The altitude is not very good. I have to calibrate the altitude locally and per trip, otherwise large variations occur. When calibrated though, the altitude is MAX{+/- 40}ft, with most measurement errors being +20ft (systematic it seems, likely due to calculation method).

The construction of the watch is solid, with a very reflective and clear mineral glass top. There are no complaints on the construction of the watch at all. However, Resin bands are the dumbest thing ever to be put on a watch. I want to sucker-punch whoever made that decision in watch history. Seriously, for the love of science STOP putting resin bands on watches! Anyhow, buy a PAW1500GB Cover/End Piece Set for this watch and throw a Zulu band on it if you hate Resin bands as much as me.

One last comment about viewing the watch; some have complained. This watch is made for outdoors and as such has a reflective dual layer display. The numbers reflect metallic, not black, in low light. This seems to throw off people in the comments. It is 110% perfect for its job and I will not be buying any other style from this point on. You have to adjust your eyes a bit indoors on the first/second day. After that, it is the most efficient watch viewing experience you can have.

Overall, this is a smoking deal, and an all around great watch. I'd recommend it for the price and I would burn that POS resin band in the fire!! and get a Nylon band for this watch.

It's worth it for any outdoor enthusiast hands-down. Everything works great, except the altimeter which just works ok<->good.
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on December 19, 2011
I've been eyeing this watch for quite sometime, and just couldn't justify the 200 dollar price, but low and behold amazon dropped the price to 149.99 and I had to pull the trigger on this one. First off I already owned a Suunto Core all black model and that watch is very accurate with it's readings; HOWEVER, that accuracy comes at a price. The Suunto (although pretty)is just not a tough field watch, has weak water resistance of claimed 30 meters, and it eats batteries (10-12 months with heavy use). Honestly a tough field watch that doesn't need batteries, 100 meter water resistance, and gives almost as accurate readings as the Suunto and costs 100 bucks less! Hell yes, a no-brainer decision here folks. Plus, the watch is freakishly cool looking (IMHO much better than the Suunto, but that's a matter of personal taste). The double crystal and orange background color does make the display seem washed out, but this is only at certain angles (in bright to normal lighting I notice no issues, and I set the auto-light to on to assist with low lighting situations). Honestly I don't even consider this to be an issue (the Suunto core all black is waaayyyyy worse to read-trust me!). If you are even thinking about an ABC watch, you can't beat this one for the money.....JUST BUY IT ALREADY!!!!
review image review image review image
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on February 3, 2012
On the basis of other positive reviews for this watch, I was under the impression that the 'washout' of the watch display is barely an issue. That is not the case at all - in most situations indoors, day or night, it is not possible to see the time unless you get the angle of the watch correct. It is far from effortless to simply look at the time - you need to position the watch at the correct angle to see it clearly, or use the light. The auto -light does work, but you need to hold the watch at a certain angle for it to activate. To help clarify what the display looks like indoors, imagine a watch that has a low battery - it is like that. Faded and only visible at certain angles. I am disappointed that other positive reviews suggested that you should buy this watch - the most basic requirement (to see the time) is barely met. It does have all the bells and whistles that make it useful and appealing. However, you can't read the display in the rain, indoors, or in the shower for example.

It is a nice looking watch, with great features, but don't convince yourself that the washed out display is not going to bother you. Everytime you look at the watch, and reposition it at a funny angle, you may question whether the $150 could have been better spent. I certainly am. As another example, if you wish to make use of the compass feature, and it is raining, you will constantly have to press the back light in order to see the reading.

I haven't used this in bright outdoor sunlight yet so I am sure that it is very clear in those situations. But in every other setting, it is disappointing.
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on January 14, 2012
This is my first Pathfinder and I am impressed.
I agree with other reviewers that indoors it can be hard to see the display.
That does not take away from this watch.

Likes:1)Very user friendly took me 20 min to set it up.Manual was easy to read and understand.
I also liked the color and the backlight is not overly bright as to blind you at night.
2)Solar powered, no worries about a battery going dead at the wrong time.

3)Buttons are large and one can operate them with gloves on.

4)Compass is pretty accurate,I would not use it to call for artillery but if you are lost and without a lensatic compass this will get you going in the right direction.One can also adjust the compass if they believe it is off.It is important to have it level with the horizon.

5)Altimeter is accurate I live in the mountains and it was dead on.

6)Barometer is fairly accurate also.
Note:Barometer and Altimeter can be set for Metric if one desires.

Dislikes:Temp can take a while to adjust if one goes outdoors.It took 30 mins to adjust from 70 degrees F to 25 deg f.When I went outside in the cold.
The compass stays on for a short time then reverts to time mode.

Overall:For me I'm very satisfied with this watch it is light weight easy to operate and rugged enough for hard use.I was debating between this watch or a Suunto Core I'm happy with my choice and have no regrets.
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on March 11, 2014
This thing is dead sexy. Yes, inside you have to look at it at a specific angel to see it well. It does wash out. I know its a real big deal and inconvenience, but I like, use the light? Maybe more often than on other watches but I honestly don't mind. Aside from that I have nothing else negative to say. It doesn't look like a fat guy with a fanny pack's geek watch like the other green blue yellow and red pathfinders. Its aesthetically dope and functionally sound. It came out of the box spot on with the baro and compass. The altimeter works well, but it will work better once I calibrate it to a fixed point. I like the display in that once outdoors, the sunlight really makes the display pop. This is nice watch, especially for the price relative to other pathfinders. I have ordered the adapters from casio so I can rock a black, grey and orange nato strap as well. I like this watch.
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on March 8, 2012
The display is slightly hard to read but it's not *that* bad and shouldn't deter anyone.

The watch is terrific. I work as a ship captain and do a lot of scuba diving. I wanted something that was near bullet proof but loaded with features. Particularly, and for anyone in the maritime world, the barometer graph is sitting right on the main display showing the trend over the last 24 hours. For me a dropping barometer is about as important as anything else. The barometer is also very accurate.

Built well, looks good, lots of features. Took me a few minutes to go through the guide and set everything up properly. Another note for mariners or pilots (or anyone covering a lot of distance routinely) is that the sunrise/sunset data and time zones are set via a city code for the time zone and a lat/long for the sunrise sunset. Short of GPS I'm not sure there's a better way to do this (and GPS watches tend to be huge and have very short battery life), but for some of the features you'll either be tweaking the watch a lot or just not using those features heavily while on the move.

Another consideration for maritime use is that the atomic feature is (to me) unwanted because I'd rather know the watch's monthly drift than have to wonder whether or not it automatically updated it. For emergency navigation you need an accurate time piece and you have to know whether 1200 really means 1200 03 because the watch is three seconds fast every month, or if it's 1200 on the nose because the watch updated itself. Personally I stick with the manual time syncing as I truly believe it's a better way to do business.

It looks like Amazon stopped carrying this model; maybe there was only a short run of them. It's a shame: really great time piece.
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on November 19, 2012
I have owned this watch for 6 months now and have nothing but good things to say. Very easy to set up and use. The display at times can be hard to see, but nothing a slight tilt of the wrist will not fix. The backlight is bright and makes reading the watch in the dark real easy. The numbers are large and easy to read. All functions work great. I have got nothing but good comments about the looks of this watch. the orange and black look great together. Would recommend to any outdoor person looking for a good durable, multi function watch.
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on March 13, 2012
I finally talked myself into getting a quality watch for work and chose this one based on looks and features. The looks take care of themselves. Completely different then most digital watches and even different from all the Casio watches that i could find. The orange face really stands out. I have had no issues with reading the face as some reviewers have. Everything is situated to be very user friendly. I like the fact that when you use other functions, the time is still displayed at the bottom. the compass work fairly well. I haven't used the barometer or altimeter other then playing with them so i cant talk much about their accuracy. The solar battery seems to be a great change from normal batteries and i have had no issues keeping it charged. I think the manual says 5 minutes of sun a day is all it needs for full functionality and normal lights at anyones work will do the job also with alittle mroe time. I have already put this watch thru a beating at work and i dont even see any scratches on the face or case or band. All in all, i am not dissappointed at all. The only two cons i have are that the alarm is very short (I havent cared enough to check the manual to see if i can change it) and the light doesnt seem to stay on when you are making adjustments to the watch (Timex watch, if you hit the light button then went straight into adjusting the time or alarm or whatever the light would stay on until you completed that function)
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on December 16, 2011
I paid extra for shipping as I wanted my watch before xmas, and for a change Amazon got it right! The watch seems well made, but I think some photo's on here in my eyes are specially picked to enhance the sex appeal of this watch, don't get me wrong it is well finished for a plastic watch but not the best looking I own, but that's fine as I bought it for the functions. The booklet that comes with it seems very over whelming, I am to read all that to operate a watch? but don't worry most of the booklet is for other languages/countries, so it does not take too long and your new watch is set. I read on Amazon that some people found it hard to read while being indoors, and yes that's true, but again its nothing to worry about as I am to use the watch more outdoors, fishing/hunting/camping and so on. I can't fault the watch, but than again I can't compare it to anything I own, all my other watches are made out of metal, and are more bling watches that show the time. Would I recommend it? yes sure as my score is a 5 out of 5.
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on June 6, 2013
Very nice watch with some outstanding features. Hard to read in some light, but you get used to it after a short time. I like the "no battery" part as it will function as long as there is some light. All the functions work great but altitude needs to be reset each time it is used in a different area.The band really sucks though and I replaced mine with the Casio #10320754 watch band ($35) that was recomended by another person who rated this watch. However this band was not designed for this Pathfinder model. I had to improvise and attached the watch to this band using two very small zip ties through the holes where the old band was attached. This works great and I found orange zip ties to match the orange on the watch at Harbour Freight.
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