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on December 6, 2009
I've been happy with this watch, and it takes getting used to a pressure-based altimeter to realize how to use it best... if you're familiar with the concept of setting a reference altitude, you'll figure it out just fine.

It's reasonably robust, though one button has seemingly shifted inward slightly, requiring a much firmer press, after a fall to a rock ledge while hiking. So be it, I can't blame Casio for me juggling my watch and dropping it, can I?

The battery life is such that I generally (almost always) leave the "auto-backlight" turned off, as it will run the battery to low at times if I sleep with the watch on, turning its backlight on when I shift in my sleep.

Two points that I can't make sense of in the slightest, which are: first off, and this truly a pure software question, for some reason the countdown timer does not go longer than an hour, which I don't appreciate; secondly, it would be fantastic if there were a single button or button combination to return to the main time screen, from which you can access barometer, altimeter, and compass functions. It is a bit irritating to have to go through six screens while looking at the watch to find your way back.

One other small note, the backlight will not stay lit when you press any button, so you need to light the backlight, press whichever button you'd like, and then re-illuminate to confirm the step taken.

The longer timer and the backlight remaining on were two points that timex got right with my cheap nearly disposable ironman digital, it's odd that casio hasn't had the sense to fix these minor points.

Don't expect the watch to update to atomic time every night... some nights it fails to hook up, and that's not really a terribly big deal...

All in all, very happy, though some aspects of the interface are a little bit user unfriendly. Also, as everyone else has said here already, the thermometer doesn't work in any meaningful way while the watch is on your wrist. If you want to spend hundreds more, get a suunto with gps, but for my money, and with the functional solar power, I'm quite happy with the watch.

One other minor point, in respect to criticism in quite a few reviews here, I've not had any issue with the excess of the band not remaining in the retaining loop, there is a ramped spot on the end of the band that seems to do a great job keeping it in place. Not sure if this is a design refinement or not, but I've not had any issue in that area.
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on January 6, 2011
How can you beat an outdoors/sports watch that has a solar-recharging battery and sets itself every night via the atomic clock signal? You can't, unless you get a fancier version of same. This is a pretty powerful self-contained package and I like my watches to be super-accurate (or why bother), so that auto-set is a great feature for me.

You can set it to auto-illuminate when you move your wrist to look at the face (with no real battery consequences that I've noticed) and it has all the usual alarms, timers, etc. that you could ever need. For outdoors gadgetry, it includes a compass, thermometer, barometer and altimeter. I have found that the compass, thermometer (when not on wrist) and altimeter are all quite accurate, but have not really vetted the barometer although usually, merely observing the up and down trends on a baro is all you really need and since it does display the trend, I'm fine with it. Water resistant to 100 meters means you can keep it on while you wrestle alligators in the swamp or plant limpet mines on enemy hulls.

This watch hits a real sweet spot in terms of price and features, IMO. Note however that this IS a very large watch and is pretty hard-core looking, but hey, if you're browsing Pathfinders, you're not exactly expecting a Movado alternative for wearing with your tux to the baccarat table, are you? This is a manly watch meant for wearing as you plunge your Unimog through snake-infested stream-beds at night while avoiding hostiles.
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on January 28, 2012
I received this watch as a gift (6/2010) and immediately loved it. I spend a lot of time hiking, climbing, fishing, skiing and hunting. The buttons are large and easily accessible, the altimeter and compass are very handy. Eight months after receiving the watch I noticed the LOW battery warning started flashing. It would only charge to medium after setting it in the sun and then flash a LOW warning in an hour or so. I returned it to Casio (3/2011) and they replaced the main body circuit board. Great, fast service! Now here it is 10 months after the repair (1/2012), and it will not charge again. Very disappointing.
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on July 26, 2010
I picked this up at Costco for $129, which is pretty cheap compared to the Amazon price (fifty bucks less). The solar and atomic functions work very well. Seems really built well. Although it can be slightly complicated trying to figure out all the symbols, Acronyms, etc, the watch doesn't take too long to learn most of the functions. Compared to the Suunto Core I own, this watch doesn't have the nice dot matrix of the core but for for the elevation and barometric pressure, you do get a little dot matrix. With so many features: Solar powered, Atomic time keeping, baro pressure, elevation, compass, etc, the watch is a good deal and looks very cool.
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on July 6, 2011
I purchased this watch as a birthday gift for my 14 year old son. He spent 12 days at Philmont scout ranch hiking 80 miles through the mountains which really gave him a chance to test it in harsh conditions. The watch never missed a beat. His favorite feature is the graphing altimeter with the record feature. This gave him the opportunity to review the altitude changes at the end of each days hike. Also the thermometer was spot on with the actual temp. The size of the watch has never been a problem for him (he wears it all the time) and it still looks brand new. He loves this watch. Great job Casio!.....Updated 7/18/12.My son just returned from Northern Tier camp in MN. Another successful trip, this time in a canoe for 137 miles into Canada. He used the barometer on his Casio to accurately predict the weather during the trip. He has worn this watch everyday for over a year going on numerous campouts and the entire school year with no problems at all. This is the best watch I have ever seen and would not hesitate buying another one.....Updated 8/22/14. Another successful scout trip. This time he went to Sea Base in the Florida Keys swimming, snorkeling and sailing in the ocean for a week, using the barometer to predict the weather and the compass to confirm headings on the 70 ft sailboat he was on. Once again the Casio performed flawlessly. He has worn this watch every day for over 3 years including school and many,many camping trips (he has now earned the Boy Scout High Adventure Triple Crown Award). The crystal looks like new and all the functions work perfectly. He had to replace the band because the loop that the strap end tucks into broke. That is the only thing that has happened to this watch. It reminds me of the old Timex commercial " takes a licking and keeps on ticking". Buy this won't regret it.....Update 5/9/16. Almost 2 years since my last update. The watch has performed flawlessly for almost 5 years with no problems. My son went from First Class to Eagle Scout wearing this watch the whole time. All functions still work correctly and he rarely takes it off. Very impressive watch.
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on June 6, 2013
The Casio PAW-1100 is a great watch! I spent lots of time searching and comparing watches, mainly between the other Casio Pathfinders, TIMEX's models, etc.

Here's why I picked the 1100:

- Large digits / display (most other Casio's are too small, including the RISEMAN that I also have)
- Easy to push buttons (again, the RISEMAN is a bit tricky...)
- Alarm that's loud enough!
- 5 Alarms - key for me...
- Design - love the way it looks.
- Atomic - sets the correct date and time every night at 5 after midnight (I'm in Ohio)


- The watch is BIG - if you're not ready for a larger framed watch, this may be too big (but I love it!)

Unrealized benefits:

- The strap is perfect - hasn't come undone (where the left over slips out...) since I put it one 2 weeks ago! That's a constant pain with other watches...

If you want a watch that so far seems to perform, get this one. Most of the features are useful, but it all depends on what you do. If you need tidal data, moon phases, there are other watches. I don't, so this is perfect. Check's weather, temp, alti, and don't forget the sweet compass, too!
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on March 23, 2012
I've had my Pathfinder PAW1100-1V for over a year now and it's hands-down the best sporty/multifunction watch I've owned. I was nervous it wouldn't be quite as tough as my 16 yr old G-shock but it's doing great! I bought this watch specifically for the solar atomic capability. My G-shock runs fast and I had to replace the battery at least every couple of years. No more! I have auto-light on and the only times I've ever even noticed the battery level fall are in the few weeks around the winter solstice. This has been remedied both times by setting the watch under a desk lamp overnight for one night. You can find the watch for well under $200 periodically. But it's worth the cost either way.
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on March 29, 2013
I have had the fancier T (T for Titanium Case and Band)version of this watch since about 2005/06. I have to agree with all the positive comments here, this is the best watch I had in my 68 years. I never had a problem with any Casio watch, the all took a licking and kept on ticking.
Three points of advise:
1: Read and comprehend the about 150 page manual and keep the manual handy, your going to need it.
2: This watch NEEDS Sun light to recharge. If you always wear long sleave shirts or have the backlight turned on it needs 8 hours of direct sunlight on ocasions.
3: This is a VERY large watch, tight shirt sleaves can be a problem.
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I have owned this watch for as long as I can remember and maybe was long as 15 to 20 years. I purchased it on vacation in Hawaii and I have loved it ever since. It is solar powered and it is still working on the original battery. That's after I didn't charge it for about a year and it still came back to life.

Every function on the watch still works and it performs like a champion. It still syncs to the atomic clock in Colorado nighty at 4:05. I just have to set it on the window sill with the 12 facing west and it does it automatically. I love the features of the watch like the compass, barometer, thermometer, stopwatch, back light, alarms and timer. I have worn it canoeing and fell into the river and the waterproof construction to 10 bars has kept it going strong.

This is a rugged watch and I just wanted to tell people that after all of these years this watch is working well. If you are an outdoorsman you will love this watch. I was considering getting the battery changed but I am having difficulty finding anyone locally that does this. All of the jewelry stores are afraid to change the rechargeable type of watch batteries. It still works and it still recharges up to the high rating after all of these years. Perhaps it is better just to leave well enough alone and continue to enjoy the watch. For me this was a great buy and I recommend this style of watch. I rated it at 5 stars!
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on October 7, 2014
This watch is great. I have been able to use all the features on it as per instructions. When used properly and correctly, it works as it is supposed to. When this one wears out or breaks (or I'm feeling like spending on another), I will definitely buy another Pathfinder like this.
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