Customer Reviews: Casio Men's PRG-270-7CR "Pro Trek" Resin Digital Solar Watch
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on January 6, 2014
We live in an age where our smart phones and tables give us a lot of information, so a watch that tells us about our environment is not as novel as it once was. This watch is not a device like our phones, it is an instrument. Our phones receive information from towers and satellites and display it for us. This watch gathers information about air pressure, temperature, and the magnetic field of the earth and converts the data into useful information about our environment. Like all instruments, you need to set it up and calibrate it so that it will work properly for you. That being said, this watch is very cool. I found the set up to be very straight forward and intuitive. I am very familiar Casio watches so the initial process of telling the watch where it is was exactly like I expected it to be. It likely helped that I downloaded the user's guide from the Casio website (module 3415) prior to the watch arriving in the mail. The watch needs to know your timezone, latitude, longitude, altitude, and current barometric pressure in order to start making data for you.

The case measurements for this watch were pretty daunting to me. I have a pretty small wrist (just over 6") and usually am down to the last notch or two on my watches. Lately I have been wearing mostly automatic diver watches (Seiko SKX007 and Sea Urchin) or a small G-Shock (DW-5600). This watch wears exactly like they do, which is to say that it wears smaller than the measurements would suggest. I really enjoy wearing it. It is also quite light weight. It is by no means small, but it does not appear comically large on me either.

The negative display is going to take some getting used to. This is my first watch that features this type of display. It appears pretty dark in lower light conditions and it is difficult to see the smaller indicators for the battery, alarm and so fourth. However, when it catches the light just right, everything is visible. The backlight is wonderful and quite attractive. The display is very easy to read once the backlight is activated and since the watch is solar, you can activate that light as much as you want. I do like the cosmetic appearance of the negative display. It somehow makes the watch appear a little more formal and serious. Same goes for the light grey case material. The combination of blue lettering, charcoal band and light grey case make for an attractive package that does not scream "I am an outdoor hiking/camping watch" like the green on black with yellow buttons package does.

This watch does not feature atomic time synchronization and I am okay with that. A co-worker of mine has a couple of atomic/solar G-Shocks that he has a hard time keeping synced. Apparently the power reserve can go down to a point where the watch will stop looking for the signal every night. This is not a first hand experience of mine, so I cannot say for sure. My atomic Casio is battery powered and has synchronized every night, with out fail, for the last four years. Since adopting mechanical automatic watches I am not so concerned about having to re-zero my watch every couple of weeks. So if this is a feature you can live without you can save a few bucks with this model.

After dialing in the magnetic declination for my area and calibrating the compass I find this feature to be quite accurate. You should always carry an actual compass in the field, but this is a pretty handy and quick reference. Having the compass indices only around the outermost edge of the display is not as bad as I thought it would be. The last model or two of these watches featured a duplex display that would superimpose the compass over the entire display. I find the new way to be acceptable.

This is my first watch with an altimeter / barometer. I did the initial set up at work on the third floor. I engaged the altimeter as I walked down the stairs after work and was pleased to see the altitude falling as I descended. I was not sure how the buildings HVAC system would affect the pressure sensor in the watch, but it seemed to calculate a reasonable number for my decent. I will have to check it against the actual height of the building.

This is my second watch that features a thermometer. I calibrate the thermometer while I am wearing the watch. This means that when I put on a long sleeve shirt or jacket, the watch will not show the room temperature as accurately, but I know this and can live with it. You should also know that if it gets warm enough for you to start sweating the watch will not display an accurate ambient temperature reading. You can calibrate it "off the body" if you want a consistently accurate ambient temperature reading.

What else... five alarms, count down timer, stopwatch, world time, sunrise and sunset data, and a few data logging features for pressure, altitude and temp. Third gen ABC technology and you can let your kids play with it because they will never kill the battery. For the price this watch is hard to beat. You can drop a 50 to 100 more dollars for atomic time keeping, or just buy a $30.00 atomic watch (or a $10.00 atomic alarm clock) and check this thing once every couple of weeks.You can also spend $400.00 for a G-Shock Rangeman and get a very similar set of features, atomic time keeping albeit in a much tougher package.

I think this watch is a great value. It is also a stand alone instrument. It will most likely last for many, many, many years. It will never need to have the case opened and have its 100M water resistance compromised. It will never need a software update or faster towers to work. It will never loose reception. It does require you to know a little bit about where you are and what you are looking at. And if you cannot figure out why it thinks your elevation is changing while it sits for several hours on your desk, get your smart phone back out and Google air pressure.

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on March 15, 2014
I researched a lot of ABC watches prior to my purchase and loved the specs on this watch. Everything about it was perfect for me...except the dark face and size. I have almost girly wrists and knew the watch itself would be large on me. The entire casing pretty much was the size of my wrist when strapped on, but it was more the band that bothered me. I was on like the 4-5th hole from the smallest and the remaining band stuck out/up almost an inch past the moveable band that is meant to keep it flat. Perhaps this would have conformed and rounded with time, but for the few days I tried wearing it, the excess band sticking out kept snagging my shirt cuffs. I have no doubt the watch would have been great for someone with larger wrists or if I bought and replaced the stock band. However, that is not the reason for 4/5 stars. A few other reviewers on here agree that the face is too dark. I took a chance and it turned out to be a little darker than I had hoped. Don't get me wrong it looks really sharp, but if I were to just glance for the time I would have to take an extra one-mississippi to make sure I saw it correctly. The back light was fantastic at making the display pop, but I found myself hitting it too often for just normal use. Two examples that come to mind - if you are in a semi-dark room (like a bedroom with a small nightstand table lamp) you will have difficulty seeing it. Second example was actually in really good room illumination - the display was actually washed out because of glare if you didn't view it at the right angle!!! I expect a watch to be something I can quickly glance at and get the information I need without having to work for it. I am a 27 year old office-job type male with great vision, if you are thinking about this watch for someone over 45 with emerging presbyopia you may want to think twice! On a final note - I have returned the watch for a full refund (thanks Amazon!) and considering purchasing the same watch with a different color and display (PRG-270-1). So many awesome functions make this watch a great purchase for an intro to a professional watch enthusiast!

EDIT - thanks for the feedback anonymous amazon customer. I agree 4/5 stars was not appropriate for the problems I had with the watch. Because the purpose of a watch is to tell time easily, I have bumped this down to 2 stars due to the darkness of the display. This is a major flaw and ultimately resulted in my return.
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on January 31, 2014
For this review I have chosen to start by describing myself a little. First of all, I am a watch lover. I am also a techno-geek. I am male and an engineering student. I am lightly active in outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, mountain-biking, etc. I have a taste for well made goods, artisan crafts, and I rank reliability and durability at the top.

Out of the box: when I first got my watch this morning (Amazon Prime-next day upgrade $3.99) I was thrilled. The box was in excellent condition and packed well. The watch is contained in a small (adequate) MDF box that is aesthetically pleasing. The watch came with a small encyclopedia (owners handbook), written in various languages.

The Watch: The watch is solidly built and looks very technical (I like that-the geek in me). I chose the white/charcoal gray model for everyday wear. I used to own the Pro-Trek PRG-110 and I consider this an upgrade from that model. The band fits my (medium) wrist with the clasp prong right in the center-most hole on the band. The band is a tad thinner than the one on my PRG-110 but just as sturdy. The Pro-Trek logo on the band is a "muted" white and looks very classy.

Calibration: I sat down with my smart phone, my watch, and the owner's book and began reading instructions and calibrating. This watch requires the user to have a certain degree of technical expertise (understanding barometric pressure, temperatures, unit conversions, latitude/longitude application, etc.). It took me a couple of hours to work through all the material.

PROS: Solid build, negative display keeps watch from looking "ordinary", instrumentation, all-in one, great looks, Casio reliability, comfort, waterproof, go anywhere, Amazon price and shipping.
CONS: Negative display can be hard to read in certain light, but it takes less than a second to look, read, and understand data.

I would order the same watch all over again. Completely satisfied.
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on February 23, 2015
It's a cool looking watch but it is hard to read in dim light. The compass works well enough to get you in the right direction.
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on February 25, 2014
Great looking watch, but the face is way too dark!!! Call me a watch traditionalist if you will, but the main reason that I buy a watch is for the TIME feature. Unfortunately this watch face is hard to read unless you are in absolute "light" room conditions or outside. I found that if you are not looking square at the watch face or if you are in a room that is low light, this face is hard to read. I returned and ordered the PRG-270-1 (lighter face watch).
I love the way this watch looks, the features are nice (accurate), fit is nice (big face), and its comfortable to ware. I had a Casio triple sensor pathfinder before this and was happy for many years. I'm sure this watch, with an easier to read time will soot my needs better.
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on November 5, 2015
I Really wanted this to work out, but it is just comically dim. Believe all the reviews about it being too dim in low light. It's REALLY dim, and the Auto LED is just about useless. Another reviewer said Auto LED worked maybe 1 out of 6 times, I wasn't even remotely that lucky, it worked maybe 5 times TOTAL when actually on my wrist, out of many attempts. The time is legible in most light conditions, but forget using the compass or setting anything, you simply can;t see some of the many timy indicators. I love the low profile look of this watch, but c'mon, when you're in the woods or on a boat and need help from a compass in low light (exactly when you might need it most), you want to be repeatedly hitting the light button? Cool looking watch, if you're guaranteed to be using it exclusively in bright daylight knock yourself out, but I'm returning it for one of the traditional screen models. There's one with an almost all black body that I might like, I loved that this watch doesn't have any bright colors, but the 270-1 only has bright orange direction indicators, which are one sharpie stroke away from black, so I'll go that route if I don't like the orange. Oh well, it seems like a good product, an I took a chance and struck out on this one.
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on January 3, 2014
I looks nice and it's features are out of this world. The compass is dead on after I net the Magnetic Declination on it. The temp gets a bit off from body heat and alot off if your hands in your pockets or jacket or near a fire w/e you need temp accurate take it off. On thing I wish Casio would add to this watch or one like it for about the same $ is the moon cycles and tide cycles but tide does change alot depending on what waters your in seen them off by alot but the Moon Cycles are important for hunting and fresh water fishing.

Great watch though I use the timer and stop watch all the time rest is just a bit here and there but I've yet to make a good hiking camping trip with it yet as I just got it. IT's complex but really easy to use after you spent some time with the manual.
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on June 10, 2015
I bought this watch about a year ago and so far it has been working great. The description says it can get up to 15 seconds off per month but it still has the exact time after a year. Another thing people seem not to like about this watch is that it has a dark display, in my opinion the display is just fine and it is not hard to read. Another good thing about having a dark display on such a big watch like this is what makes it not stand out as Much. I have used this watch for tracking my verticals feet I ski and it is magnificent at that. I would totally recommend this to anyone and it is a great deal for the low price.
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on October 11, 2015
Before buying this watch I read the reviews. I have to say after wearing it daily I have had none of the negative issues that have been reviewed. The watch itself is pretty large but that's not a problem. The display isn't hard to read in sunlight or in the dark when the light button is pressed. You can increase the time the backlight stays on, which helps you see the numbers better. All in all I am pleased with the watch.
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on May 4, 2015
If you want a watch with a face you can read without pressing the LIGHT button, don't buy this one. Dial is difficult to read even in bright light.
Then.... the illumination is only for 3 seconds. Can't set it to a longer time. Setting up the watch is somewhat difficult at first. But after reading instructions 3 or 4 times, was able to set the time. Compass is off and probably just needs calibrated for my location. That will have to be later when I have a night to sit and read the entire manual to understand how all the settings interact. The chime to tell you alarm and hours is barely audible and can't find way to make it louder. Plus the sound isn't very distinct. I for one will not purchase another digital watch with dark face. Other than that it appears to be a good watch. Fits well.
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