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on June 9, 2011
I am retired military and law enforcement... been through a lot of watches. I have a few Pathfinders and a Suunto, but I really like this watch - it has everything I need. I do some land navigation and survival instruction and use this watch exclusively. The only thing it does not have that my Pathfinders do, is the compass feature... but I honestly never use the compass built into the watch. You'd be hard pressed to find a better watch, even at twice the price.
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on February 16, 2013
Are you kidding me?

Nope, not kidding. Thanks Casio, you've come through again. This is an awesome watch and rivals others hundreds of dollars more. I'm wearing it right now and have been for several months. And I don't even like watches!

I bought this to go backpacking in, hated no knowing exactly what time it was. I got way more than I bargained for. The Barometer is priceless and very accurate. When a low pressure system is approaching the watch will tell you how fast it's coming in 5 gradations. If it's on 4 or 5, take cover quick!

Yes, of course, the altimeter needs to be calibrated often and with regularity, especially if the barometer is not steady. But that is the way with altimeters, even the ones in airplanes. It denotes altitude in segments of 20 ft. That is plenty precise for me. The thermometer works accurately but you must take it off your wrist first and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Wish it went further down than 15 degrees F, but oh well. That's the way most of these watches are, even the expensive ones.

The looks are nice too, you won't mistake this for a pretty boy watch by ant means. It's rough and rugged. It's not as huge as some of the watches you see, I'd call it mid-size. Supposedly water resistant down to 100 meters which means you can swim in it, bang it around in the water and it will be fine.

Love the green synthetic woven material they used for the band. Better than leather or plastic/rubber. It doesn't stretch. Holds fast.

Best of all, for 43 bucks you can beat the hell out of this thing and not worry about it. If you're like me, that's a big plus.
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on April 5, 2012
Watch is nice, no doubt. You can't go wrong with Casio afterall.
I wanted a watch with an altimeter and got one for a cheap price.

* Aesthetic, nice, no complaints about the look. Definitely does not feel cheap
* Pretty cheap price, but as I said does not feel cheap
* Has the nice function of altimeter, barometer and thermostat - the things I needed
* Altimeter is never accurate but this one does a good enough job (just as good as the $200 watch equivalent)
* World time is nice, lets you view the time in different timezone locations (with or without daylight saving)
* Daylight saving aware, new for me, maybe it's standard already in most watches...
* 5 alarm clocks

* The thing that annoys me the most is that the alarm rings just once (10-15 seconds) and then shuts off. I'd like to see something that would ring until you shut it off & perhaps then nag you again. Can be solved though by setting a few alarms (you have 5)
* World time interface lacks a bit, clicking the wrong button and you have to cycle through all the timezones to get back to the timezone you want. In addition the interface includes only 3 abbreviations which are not always very clear. The interface in that screen is just bad as it shows the abbreviation of the timezone near the local time and the time in that timezone below it in a different "window"
* Some people might complain about viewing angles. I'm not.

All in all it's a good watch, just not perfect. I like this watch altogether and thinks it's a good bargain.
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on March 11, 2014
I love reading reviews on the web. So entertaining.

Folks, this is a $42 wrist watch. And I think it is an incredible value for $42. So here are some thoughts and comments:

First, the nylon band is quite comfortable, much more comfortable than the resin bands found on most of the Casio G-Shock watches. The band seems stiff at first, but in short order it will soften up and contour to your wrist. The best part is the nice tight spacing between the adjustment holes, allowing much finer adjustment than the resin bands. My wrists swell slightly when I am working hard, when it is hot, or by the end of a long day, and I can loosen the band just a teensy bit so it isn't tight. The nylon band will get dirty, especially if you sweat a lot, but it cleans nicely with a little liquid hand soap and an old toothbrush or a bristle brush. The leather ends attaching the band to the watch itself hold up pretty well, much better than the resin band ends.

The face of the watch is easy to read. The main screen shows the time, day and date. The backlight is sufficient to read all the info on the screen. There are some reviews that gripe about the short duration of the illumination, but having it short saves battery life. And yes, this is a battery powered watch, not a solar powered model.

The crystal is pretty tough. Much better than a plastic crystal. I beat the crap out of mine, but have yet to put a significant scratch or ding in it. Welding splatter will definitely damage the crystal, but that is the case with virtually any crystal available.

The watch is fairly large, but not as thick or bulky as an older (original) G-Shock model I had 10 years ago. The watch is nice and light, lighter than you might guess from its appearance. Compared to many of the "Wrist-Clocks" that seem to be in vogue these days the watch isn't over-sized.

I find the buttons quite easy to use. They are protected from accidental bumping and activation by the side sensor housings and the screw housings, and you definitely have to want to push them to activate their functions, but I see that as a plus. I use my timer regularly which requires pushing all of the buttons (getting to the timer function, starting, stopping and resetting the timer etc) and I find it easy to use. Several reviewers have commented on the buttons being difficult, especially when wearing gloves. OK, I guess the buttons would be difficult if I was wearing heavy gloves, but I don't think I've ever seen a wrist-watch that was glove friendly.

The Barometer/altimeter function seems to be generally misunderstood by many reviewers. I've found the barometer to be fairly accurate when compared to a calibrated unit. I've checked mine numerous times against the Automatic Weather Observation System (AWOS) at the airport that I fly out of as well as other airports, and it generally within a few percent of the indicated current pressure. The altimeter is only as accurate as the watches calibration to the current atmospheric pressure, and folks, the atmospheric pressure changes constantly, and often by quite a bit. The watch has no automatic way to adjust for the constantly varying pressure, hence the indicated altimeter reading is often inaccurate. If you care to learn the process, you can calibrate the watch using a known altitude for you exact location, and then keep track of your elevation changes for a short while, but the calibration will only be accurate until the pressure changes. Too much work for my purposes. I find that the altimeter is nice to get a general idea of what your elevation is, not for navigating using the contour lines on a topo map to determine an exact location.

The alarm on both of the units that I have had is very sufficient as a wake-up alarm. I don't have the best hearing, and have no problem hearing it in normal noise level environments. If you get one that is hard to hear, or seem muted, send it back and get a different one. Ya gotta remember, this is a $42 watch made over-seas, packaged, shipped across the ocean to a distributor, then shipped again to your house all for the cost of a couple of movie tickets, sodas and some popcorn.

The cons? For one, the watch will out-last the watch-band and the battery. My bands seem to last about 3 years until the leather ends are shot. The nylon part appears to be indestructible. The only replacement band I can find is $29. A battery is $10 to $15 at the cheap watch-shop in the mall, and that does not include a replacement gasket for the watch-back. So, when the band wears out it is cheaper to order a new watch from Amazon that to get a new band and battery. Hopefully I'll find a more reasonable replacement band one day. For now I can put a $5 resin-band on my old unit and keep it as a backup (18mm band width at the pins).

The thermometer is affected by the heat from your body, and really does not give you any idea of the outside temp. As others have noted, you can take the watch off and set it in the shade for 10 or 15 minutes and it will give a fairly accurate ambient temperature. Nice if you are asleep inside your tent and wake up wondering just how cold it really is, but not really useful for taking a quick check of the temperature. But......I've never heard of a wrist-watch that was any different.

Bottom line? This is a very nice, accurate, rugged, and feature filled watch for $42. You can get one, wear it, beat it like a kid's Christmas drum, swim with it, stick it in the dish sink and not worry about ruining a heirloom-grade time-piece. Like all Casio's and most digital watches, it will keep accurate time, remember what day and date it is (programmed for longer than I'll live), wake you up when you need it to, time your bread in the oven, workout or flight time and more.
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on March 31, 2011
This is a fantastic value...Great quality...Very accurate...I bought it because I have a G shock model I have worn snow skiing, water skiing, diving....Absolutely bullet proof...I bought it 26 years ago...been through 4 or 5 bands but the watch is still super accurate...I am a retired Police Officer...Every watch I ever bought for work broke except this one...My new watch does everything and has a better band...Believe it will outlast me!!
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on October 14, 2012
1) Barometer is highly accurate
2) Altimeter is accurate
3) All functions are easily navigable
4) Strap is strong and comfortable

1) Thermometer is terribly inaccurate, due to its proximity from your skin
2) Frame is bulky on a medium sized wrist
3) Strap clamp is cheap and slides

With a strong durable design, and functions straight out of a James Bond film; this watch has the feel of Military issued gear. It has all the positive attributes of Casio's Flagship watch "G Shock", but has even more functions, and a more comfortable strap. All metal is made with allergy friendly stainless steel, the watch frame seems very durable, and the strap is made of a strong fabric with a stainless belt latch. This watch is ideal for both an outdoor adventurer, and a techy nerd.
review image review image
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on August 8, 2014
I had this watch for 3 months and when I went into a 4 foot deep pool it leaked badly and clouded up. After one month of being cloudy it stopped working all together. Since it was within the warranty period I called Casio expecting them to handle the problem. Their customer service was quite poor and very rude. They said yes it was within the warranty period BUT I would have to pay for shipping to them to have it fixed. So they have a bad product and you have to pay to get it to them. I did ship it off at my expense to their repair center. After 3 calls to determine status over 3 weeks they informed me a replacement watch would be sent to me. Three weeks later it arrived. My joy was short lived as the first time I went into a pool the new watch did exactly the same thing as the defective watch. It leaked and this time stopped working within 2 days.
I am done with Casio products and just bought a Timex Ironman watch.
My advice- stay clear of Casio products as their waterproof claims are a sham and quite deceptive.
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on April 26, 2012
First off I'm not a watch wearer, I haven't found a watch that I can have on my wrist long enough, but I think I just did. I love the watch, the style, the color and the wrist band. If you're trying to decide between this and the H model, I would definitely take this, I've tried on both and this is by far the most comfortable watch band I've worn. To me this watch is perfect (if there is such a thing) if your looking at it, buy it, for the price you can't go wrong. Highly recommended.
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on March 24, 2012
I was looking to buy a pathfinder and while searching I came across this watch. It is not a pathfinder but it is very close to it for around 1/5th the price. Light and comfortable and looks good. Functions well, Temp/Alti work well once calibrated. The 5 alarm and snooze function come handy as does the 29 time zone setting. Big Dial but just the right size for my hand :) though lean people will find it a tad larger. Happy with the purchase.
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on October 14, 2015
Purchased this watch from on April 2nd, 2015. Great features, good display, comfortable band. In October, the watch band pin pulled out leaving the hole on one side incapable of holding the watch band pin. Sent the watch to the Casio Elite Service System Team (Casio's official repair name, not mine), based in New Jersey of repair. The watch comes with a 1-year warranty, so it was well within the warranty period. Casio inspects the watch and asks for $72.53 to repair the in-warranty watch. Additionally they stated the following, "Due to the fact that we can no longer obtain parts from the factory for this product model, your product will be replaced with an equivalent model or a model of equal value if exact model is not available. Your original product will not be returned."

Wow! Medieval customer service to be sure. To disparage the watch is unfair, but giving this one star review is the only way to properly illuminate potential buyers of Casio products to beware of their service and support, which in my opinion, is nil. Moving on to another brand...
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