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5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling, inspired. Fillion/Katic get five stars.
Nathan Fillion is brilliant as ABC's new world famous author-turned-pseudo-cop Richard Castle. Behind the veneer of an arrogant celebrity, who seems to have let dozens of best sellers and world acclaim go to his head, Castle is truly a kind-hearted man and a compassionate father. Besides writing, his favorite hobby seems to be irritating Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), the...
Published on April 1, 2009 by M. Carter

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3.0 out of 5 stars Fun
Fun little show with a likable cast and story lines that are entertaining. The type of program that lets you escape from the daily grind.
Published 11 months ago by Sholem Epstein

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230 of 241 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling, inspired. Fillion/Katic get five stars., April 1, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Castle: Season 1 (DVD)
Nathan Fillion is brilliant as ABC's new world famous author-turned-pseudo-cop Richard Castle. Behind the veneer of an arrogant celebrity, who seems to have let dozens of best sellers and world acclaim go to his head, Castle is truly a kind-hearted man and a compassionate father. Besides writing, his favorite hobby seems to be irritating Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), the NYPD detective who was in charge of a investigating a string of copy-cat murders modeled after Castle's own murder mystery books. Since he's killed off the main character of his last series, Castle needs new inspiration for his next set of novels, and he finds his muse with the charming but difficult-to-crack detective. The chemistry between Fillion and Katic is astounding, leaving the audience with more to follow than just the murder cases. Unlike most criminal investigation shows, Castle has a heavy focus on humor and the strong development of its characters and their relationships. Not quite a drama and not quite a comedy, this primetime series has elements that appeal to any sensibility. The twisted murder storylines will keep you guessing for the full hour until the conclusion you never expected.

Bonus material for the DVD includes behind the scenes interviews with the stars, out takes, deleted scenes, and more. Strong first season. I'm greatly looking forward to watching this show thrive and burgeon into big-name status.
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4.0 out of 5 stars It's not reinventing the wheel, but it's almost perfect entertainment!, May 24, 2009
This review is from: Castle: Season 1 (DVD)
CASTLE is one hell of an entertaining piece of light, fluffy cop television. It's the perfect antidote to those who are wallowing in the dark sewers of cop shows like LAW AND ORDER SVU or CRIMINAL INTENT or the brilliant but extreme THE SHIELD. Creator Andrew Marlowe, perhaps best known as the screenwriter for AIR FORCE ONE, has created a very breezy and incredibly fun cop show that's primary purpose is to counter the altogether too intense police procedurals that the public seems to inhale like cigarette smoke (you know it's not good for you, but you can't help it). He's also added the perfect actor for a show like this: Nathan Fillion. Many people weren't familiar with Fillion's work until he became a cast member of the horrifically awful DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, but before that, he was a key player in what's known as The Whedonverse, starring in the all-too shortlived FIREFLY and also guest-starring in the final season of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. He was also featured in one of Whedon's more recent and brilliant creations, DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG, where he wonderfully plays a shallow, over-confident superhero. He also appeared in another VERY shortlived Fox television show called DRIVE, which was cut down before it could reach its potential. He's been featured in films like the FIREFLY sorta-sequel SERENITY, a wonderful indie splattergore comedy called SLITHER, and some unfortunate direct-to-DVD fare like WATER'S EDGE and WHITE NOISE 2: THE LIGHT. But as he proved with FIREFLY, he has more than enough talent and charisma to carry a show on his own if necessary (even though it wasn't necessary with how great FIREFLY was).

And that's very much the case with CASTLE. As mystery writer Richard Castle, this is his show. Despite some strong supporting performances by actors like Susan Sullivan, who plays his flamboyant, vibrant, and at times, annoying mother, and a sometimes over-her-head Stana Katic as his professional and personal foil, NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, this show and everything great about it is planted rightly and firmly on the charm and talent of Fillion.

The show is very much in the vein of a program like MOONLIGHTING, pitting the goofy yet irrestistably charming lothario against the by-the-book, stalwart, intelligent and sassy and undeniably sexy-but-sexless woman as the two of them get into one wild adventure after another. The thing about this show that gives it perhaps an even stronger catch than a show of this type should is that it has a specific "mythology" arc that will carry it for at least another season; namely the unsolved murder of Beckett's mother, and Castle's determination to solve it, even if it means that he will lose a friend and potential love interest in Beckett.

So I say bring on Season Two, and continue the tone that the show has given us, and don't let it conform to what the "hitmakers" see trending with the too-upsetting cop shows. Keep it easy breezy. And hopefully the show will get the audience it deserves, and Fillion will get more of the opportunities he deserves.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Earns a TV "Snob"s Approval, May 4, 2009
This review is from: Castle: Season 1 (DVD)
I never watch television. I'm something of a TV snob and the only show I ever watched "religiously" was "The West Wing" because I found it intellectually stimulating. When my mother raved about "Castle" I didn't take it too seriously because she is of the "American Idol" school of thought and watches whatever is on. Imagine my surprise when I found this show to be a deliciously witty, clever hour of television. The dialogue crackles and Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have incredible chemistry. There's no hint of two-dimensional personalities on this show, and the one liners leave me laughing for days afterwards. "Castle" has wide appeal, and it's an all-around good show. There is no gratuitous violence, the writing is intelligent and sharp, and the actors are phenomenal. I'll be recommending this show to my TV snob and non-TV snob friends because in either case, "Castle" is a fun show for whomever watches it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE, July 28, 2009
This review is from: Castle: Season 1 (DVD)
Nathan Fillion is of, course, the main star attraction in Castle, and everything that has been said about him in the above reviews is absolutely spot on: he is wonderful in this roll he was born to play. But don't overlook Stana Katic. She is phenomenal. Her intensity is pitch perfect as a foil to Castle's bonhomie. He sparkles and she reacts, with humor or aggravation. She is intensely private; he is extremely open. His family is funny, loving, and endearing; she really has no one, except a distant, grieving father. She is all business, and he is ostensibly all pleasure. But, of course, he has depth. It is wonderful to see him get under her skin and help her to feel, and relax, while revealing his often hidden strength of character.

The camera loves Stana. She has an intensely, beautiful face and fine bone structure. The close ups of her interrogating a suspect or consoling a victim are like nothing else in the usual round up of television's female detectives. She grieves for the victim and slices the suspect with her clarity. Her eyes are luminous and reveal intelligence, and compassion, as well as grit and determination. Nathan's eyes are all twinkle, but awareness of the depth and sometimes despair in his "partner's" eyes is not far from the surface.

She is toughness and dedication to duty personified; he is not afraid to appear silly and shallow, traits he has perfected, with not too much depth ever expected of the playboy author.

The two of them are magnificent foils to each other; the stuff of good drama and comedy. The show embodies a good mystery, often paralleling the events in Castle's and Beckett's lives, and with sharp writing, excellent secondary characters are drawn to the delight of the audience, but make no mistake, the show is about Castle and Beckett, and they simply light up the screen. Because of their partnership, both characters grow and share their individual lives, feelings and true personalities. Need I say I love this show. It is a joy to see them shine, Nathan and Stana, Castle and Beckett and demonstrate through this high quality show that neither one is "just another pretty face."

.....continued.....September 10, 2011...Today, looking back over three seasons of Castle, I cannot help but think about the beginning, the themes and threads developed through excellent writing and stellar acting, and realize that Castle is still my favorite show but with one difference. Now it is epic.

"Who are you?" With these three words, Kate Beckett, the "hauntingly" beautiful detective, seizes the Castle stage, and with scorching intensity, surveys the crime scene and never gives in; she is "extraordinary." We are fascinated by her tenacity, her integrity, and her beauty, from our first encounter with her, and so, too, is Rick Castle, best-selling author, young father, and playboy, man-about -town. Indeed, the two unlikely "partners," Richard Castle and Kate Beckett, spend their time together attempting to answer these existential questions about themselves and each other, as their true personalities grow and meet, sometimes, somewhere between real and magic.

Sated with fluff and fake, Rick is bored with his pampered, predictable life, empty of "surprise." He remarks to his daughter, "I would like someone to come up sometime and say something new." Then Kate, real and dedicated, walks into his life, and everything changes for him, so much more demanded and expected. In fact, they have turned each other's world upside down.

Without a doubt, Castle is about so much more than just another pretty face. The writing, and acting are superb, "on so many levels," to borrow a Rick-ism, although he is usually referring to something provocative, as in "disturbing on so many levels." Revisiting the show's first season and seasons two and three, is illuminating, providing an opportunity to trace two themes or threads and the incredible writing and stellar acting, embodied in a mere television show. The journey to self-knowledge, trust and love propels the story, involving all of the characters, Rick's mother Martha and his daughter Alexis, as well as detectives Ryan and Esposito. But lighting up the screen, is the dynamic between two ostensibly different, sometimes-confused, would-be lovers, Rick and Kate, as they struggle to define themselves and each other.

Often with preconceived notions, both Rick and Kate seem to think they know the answers or can solve the riddle of their "partner." Kate teases on one occasion, "So many layers to the Beckett onion; however will you peel them off?" The fun, frustration and passion lie in the unraveling. Frequently Kate says, "You don't know who I am," words echoing though out the entire three seasons of Castle.

From the beginning Kate shuts Rick down when she feels that he is getting too close to the real Kate: "Don't think you know me," she defends. And in one of the final scenes between them in the season three finale, Kate still cries out: "You think you know me, but you don't." In an earlier episode, Rick pointedly says, that he understands Nikki Heat a lot better than she thinks. Then, too, late in season three, in "To Live and Love in LA," Rick confesses to Kate: "You know what I thought when I first met you. You were a mystery I would never solve...I am amazed at the depths of your strength and your heart." Slowly the layers begin to peel back and unravel.

Also, Rick wants to know the story behind Kate's career choice. He theorizes in the first episode: "Something happened. You are wounded....not that lost someone you loved." Then Kate's achingly, lovely, face changes from mildly amused with this playboy, to seared and stripped, exposed. Reading her face, her pain, Rick retreats, revealing one of his finer qualities: kindness.

Shoring up his playboy image, however, Rick asks Kate to join him for a "debriefing" dinner date at the end of their first case together, but Kate is sure she knows Rick's type, or so she judges: "What, and become one of your conquests," she responds.

Then Rick makes a singular reply for one so sure of himself: "Or I could become one of yours." This man is not all that he pretends to be. True, Rick is not yet the steadfast man he gradually becomes. In the beginning Kate considers his actions similar to "a nine year old on a sugar rush," and she feels forced to endure him. Consequently, she treats him like a child, poking him or grabbing his nose or ears to admonish his demanding, spoiled behavior. Although childish and pampered, he is generous; and honor defines him. A nurturing father, Rick is present for Alexis, for fun, in crisis and for decisions, and Kate begins to see the loving father in his soul-searching and in their discussions on raising a teenager. This is a rare man she discovers.

In their dance of discovery, Rick, like Kate, reveals a compassionate and sincere nature, and this revelation disrupts Kate's preconceptions or fears of Rick. Rick often makes witty, self- effacing remarks, charmingly side-swiping a conversation, reluctant to expose his serious side. He is invested in maintaining his shallow, bad boy image, and he, too, is hiding. He may think he is peeling Kate layer by layer, but he, too, is exposed. When Rick tells Kate he was a lonely kid, Kate kindly comments: "You had a lot of imaginary friends." Rick quips," I still do."

Slowly, the seemingly shallow man realizes the harsh truths of Kate's cop world. Real heart break and death are not as easy to handle as they are in his novels, and the cop's burden is a harsh reality. What will you tell Alexis, Kate frequently challenges Rick. His clear response is always: "the truth." Indeed, truth is the essence of this man, this story teller.

Another theme originates in the opening scenes of this drama, and threads across three years until the season three finale. Kate asks Rick: "Why are you here?" He considers the story his first reason for shadowing the detective. Inspiration and research for his next novel are also safe answers. Gradually, however, the charming novelist realizes what everyone suspects; he is there for her. Rick admits this to his mother when she asks him why he is risking his life, for he cannot rewrite the endings and charm his way out of a bullet. With love for Kate etched on his face, he admits to his mother that, "it's not about the books anymore."

In season one we see his growing love and awareness of Kate and his need to be near her, and we see him change to become a better man, for her and his daughter. In season three Captain Montgomery advises his four, young protégés regarding marriage. So much of a successful, caring relationship, he explains, is realized by "just showing up." It was as if he were speaking to Rick alone because no matter the obstacles, Rick will not leave Kate's side; she cannot "get rid of him."

In another moment of self-discovery, Rick confides to his mother: "I don't want ordinary. I want..." His mother fills in the word...magic. Kate recognizes his magical qualities, pointing out Rick's innocence, noting his love of zoos and museums. She won't admit it always, but she enjoys his amusing stories and his witty repartee. Rick loves life and enjoys fantasy. With a child-like joy in life, he plays laser tag and fences with his daughter, rocks out with his guitar, carves pumpkins, throws costume parties, flies black-hawk, model helicopters, or dons the trappings of the mad scientist. He sees the magic in life, in family, in fate, in the universe, in love, in the heart, in Santa and in hope. And he wants to share the magic, especially with Kate.

Rick's beliefs and their differences are never more poignant then in this exchange between them when they part company for the day.

"Until tomorrow," Rick remarks.

"You can't just say good night?" Kate retorts.

"I am a writer; until tomorrow is more hopeful."

"I'm a cop. Goodnight."

However, when allowing Rick back, in seasons two and three, Kate does say to him: "I'll see you tomorrow."

Over time, Kate awakens to the fun in Rick's company with him "pulling her pigtails," and begins to relax and enjoy herself a bit more. In a final scene, Captain Montgomery sums up the impact Rick has had on Kate. He sees how good Rick is for her, and he tells her that she wasn't having any fun until Rick came into her life.

Well-grounded, nevertheless, Kate believes in real and always. She isn't sure that Rick fully understands these concepts, given his track record of two failed marriages and many empty conquests. "When it comes to marriage, I am a one and done kind of girl," Kate reveals. But along the way, Rick learns the word always. "Always" becomes a code word for their unspoken love and commitment to each other, and they use this word guardedly and tenderly.

Gradually, throughout the first season, Kate begins to trust Rick with cases and thus with her life. His magic works in season one, until Rick tries too hard to fix Kate and bring her some closure in her mother's murder. With his anguish visible and knowing he will cause her pain, Rick tells Kate the truth about his discoveries regarding her mother's murder, clearly knowing that she will withdraw completely from him. Feeling betrayed and unwilling to go down the same path that nearly destroyed her before, and even with Rick by her side, Kate wants Rick gone and no longer shadowing her. His worst fear is realized, and he must leave her. The end of each season brings something to separate them, a betrayal, another man or woman, and finally... a bullet.

And so it goes, sometimes... star-crossed love.

Their love story begins with two questions: Who are you? Why are you here? For three years, Kate and Rick struggle with shyness, hesitation and rejection, unable to find love and fulfillment with each other. Sometimes they come so achingly close to a declaration of need and love, but they are so star-crossed that it hurts the heart to witness their pain and poor timing.

Finally, it is the symmetry of those first words, colliding with their resounding echoes and responses in the final scene, crushing and uplifting us simultaneously, gripping us with heart-stopping intimacy. "Who are you?" "Why are you here?" a lover's quest. At last, Rick and Kate solve the existential mystery, each in his own way. Kate's response is her last loving look at Rick before she is shot and before their world falls apart, and her trusting gaze at him while in his arms, fallen and bleeding. For Rick, the writer, the answers to the mystery are etched in his last words:

"I love you...Kate."
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5.0 out of 5 stars Nathan Fillion is Amazingly Good, and yeah, the rest of cast and show are fun, too!, April 2, 2009
Mir (North Miami Beach, FL USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Castle: Season 1 (DVD)
I'll freely admit that the reason I watched the premiere of Castle (and every episode since) is because Nathan "Captain Mal" Fillion is in it. Love the man. LOOOOVE him. He was pitch perfect as the futuristic dashing spaceship captain, a hoot in Dr. Horrible's, and he's got an incredible comedic ability blended with good acting chops and toothsome looks. He's great.

So, finally, we see him get top dog billing on a prime time show on one of networks. He's Rick Castle, a bestselling author who is drawn into a partnership (of sorts) with police detective Kate Beckett played by Stana Katic when murders by a serial killer are based on Castle's novels. She's the reluctant partner, he's having a grand old time (with lots of humor), needling her while also being insightful and helpful due to his myriad connections. (I do enjoy how, as the show progresses, we see how he puts that celebrity of his to good use.) That's the core of the show, the conflict and chemistry between the cop and the writer.

It works because of Fillion's immense personal charm, humor, and snap-crackliness. Stana is fine in her semi-tense, driven, cop-girl who doesn't eat enough way, but the show is Nathan's.

It was nice to see Susan Sullivan of Dharma and Greg fame again, this time as flamboyant mom--oh, those bright outfits, that hair--to Castle. She's good in anything, frankly. We also have a cute if way, way, way too sweet-and-nice daughter to Castle. (Pulease, I haven't met a teen this squeaky nice since Sunday School decades ago. Given grandma's dramatics and dad's wicked sense of humor, where did she come from?)The scenes of daughter and dad tend to be really squishily heartwarming, and that's okay with me. Sometimes, I need that sentimental dose.

The supporting cop cast adds to the fun--watch them enjoy their espresso in the episode where Castle springs for one for the crew.

Whether Katic will be able to keep up is my main worry. She is doing okay, and there are moments when you're glad she's the crankier one, "straight man." But this show will rise or fall on not just Fillion's talent and charisma--and yes, hottienss--but on whether she can really ramp it up and keep the core hot.

If you like a less serious cop show, and you are a fan of Fillion's, you've gotta watch/get CASTLE.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable Extras on this DVD set, September 30, 2009
Cubist (United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Castle: Season 1 (DVD)
The first disc features an audio commentary on "Flowers for Your Grave" by creator/executive producer Andrew Marlowe, executive producer Rob Bowman, and actors Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, and Jon Huertas. The book launch sequences were actually shot on location in New York City as part of a presentation before the show was picked up. Marlowe talks about the challenge of introducing all the regular characters while also telling a mystery story. Marlowe and Bowman talk about casting Fillion and Katic. Meanwhile, Fillion cracks jokes and is his usual entertaining self.

The second disc includes a commentary on "A Chill Goes Through Her Veins" by Marlowe, Bowman, Fillion, Katic, Huertas and Molly Quinn. They talk about the challenge of filming on an actual construction site. Marlowe and Fillion talk about their approach to the character of Castle. Katic goes into detail about her character's backstory and how it informs what she does.

Disc three starts off with two commentaries on "A Death in the Family." The first one features Marlowe, Bowman, Fillion, Katic, Huertas, and Quinn. Everyone banters back and forth while sharing anecdotes about shooting this episode. Katic talks about the dramatic material in this episode and how it changes the relationship between Castle and Beckett.

There is also another commentary for this episode by Huertas and fellow cast member Seamus Dever. These guys crack jokes and praise the episode's guest stars. They also tell all sorts of filming anecdotes.

"Whodunit: The Genesis of Castle" features Andrew Marlowe talking about the origins of the show - a desire to hearken back to shows like The Rockford Files - Season One and Moonlighting - Seasons 1 & 2. Fillion, Katic and the other regular cast members talk about their characters.

"Castle's Godfather" is an interview between Marlowe, Bowman and T.V. producer/writer and legend Stephen J. Cannell. Bowman knew Cannell when he was a kid and got his start on T.V. working for him. The two men share entertaining anecdotes about some of the shows they've worked on together.

"Write-Along with Nathan Fillion" is a hilarious mock-featurette as the actor spends the day with Cannell. The actor shows up to the man's house late and is forced to camp out until the next day. Fillion hangs on Cannell's every word but seems more impressed by the T.V. mogul's numerous classic cars. This is a fun extra as these two guys play well off each other. Give these guys their own show!

Finally, there is "Misdemeanors: Bloopers and Outtakes" which is an amusing montage of the cast goofing around and blowing their lines with Fillion getting the lion's share of the laughs.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow! This show really rocks! Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have great chemistry and overall, the series is fun/enjoyable!, September 25, 2009
This review is from: Castle: Season 1 (DVD)
Witty, suspenseful and fresh! The first season of "CASTLE" is the modern "Moonlighting" featuring a cool cast and each episode with an entertaining storyline.

"CASTLE" debuted on ABC as a mid-season replacement and began airing on March 2009. Created by Andrew M. Marlowe ("Air Force One", "End of Days" and "Hollyw Man") and executive produced by Rob Bowman ("The A-Team", "The X-Files", "Day Break") comes a new drama series on crime solving.

The first season which featured 10 episodes stars actor Nathan Fillion ("Firefly", "Drive" and "Desperate Housewives") as Richard Castle. The famous mystery novelist who is adored by many but behind-the-scenes, he is a playboy who has an on-and-off fling with his ex-wife (who is an actress), another ex-wife who is his publisher and lives with his bright teenage daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn, "My One and Only") and his meddlesome mother and former Broadway actress, Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan, "The Nine", "Dharma & Greg").

There is a lot of pressure on Nathan to create another book and with him stuck, his luck starts to change when he meets by-the-book Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic, "Heroes", "The Spirit", "Quantum of Solace") who is investigating several murders which have taken place and the way that they were done were like the murders featured in several of his novels. Because of his knowledge of how things end up with his books, he gets the opportunity to assist the detectives in their case.

Eventually, Richard Castle discovers that he can do several things in his life. Write his new book based on Detective Beckett, see if he can woo Detective Beckett and most of all to investigate other murders which he can incorporate ideas for his new book. At first, it seems implausible but with Castle being so well-known and friends with the mayor, Captain Montgomery (Ruben Santiago-Huds0n) will do what he can to make the mayor and his boss happy, so he allows Richard to tag along with Detective Beckett.

Needless to say, she's not happy about it but with his skills of mystery writing and her skills as a detective, the two find out that together, they can be an effective duo in crime solving. Also, joining Beckett are Detective Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas), Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) and forensics doctor Dr. Lanie Parish (Tamala Jones).

"CASTLE - The Complete First Season" features 10 episodes on three discs. Included are (spoiler-less summaries):


* EPISODE 1 - Flowers For Your Graves - A copycat killer is on the loose and they are using Rick Castle's novels as a source of ideas. With the NYPD Detectives having a tough time with the case, Castle offers to assist the investigators.
* EPISODE 2 - Nanny McDead - A nanny is found dead inside a laundry machine and Investigator Beckett must find out who the killer is. Meanwhile, Rick Castle pulls strings with the Mayor and Captain in using Beckett as a source of ideas for his upcoming book, thus allowing him to tag around Detective Beckett on cases.
* EPISODE 3 - Hell Hath no Fury - A body is found wrapped in a rug and Castle and Beckett and it appears to be a politician. Who killed him?
* EPISODE 4 - Hedge Fund Homeboys - A man who once was from a wealthy family is found dead and while Beckett and Castle try to investigate, his friends try to do their best in stopping them.


* EPISODE 5 - A Chill Goes Through Her Veins - A woman is found frozen, her husband is found dead. Beckett and Castle investigate.
* EPISODE 6 - Always Buy Retail - Why are women who have been buying fake Gucci bags being targeted for death?
* EPISODE 7 - Home is Where the Heart Stops - Someone is murdering the rich and famous and robbing them of their jewelry. Can Beckett and Castle stop the person before they commit another murder?
* EPISODE 8 - Ghosts - A woman is found dead in a bathtub filled with motor oil. And the woman who last spoke to her happens to be a mystery ghost writer. Will Beckett and Castle find out who the true killer is?


* EPISODE 9 - Little Girl Lost - A little girl has gone missing and for Detective Beckett, she is reunited with her former flame from the FBI.
* EPISODE 10 - A Death in the Family - Detective Beckett warned Rick Castle not to look into the death of her mother but wanting to help her, he does. Meanwhile, the two investigate the death of a plastic surgeon.


"CASTLE - The Complete First Season" is presented in Widescreen (1:78:1) and is enhanced for 16×9 televisions. The drama series is quite slick as it gives you the feel of New York and like many abc studios related DVD releases, Disney has always done a good job with their TV show transfers. A show that balances outdoor and indoor shots with good lighting, the picture quality for "CASTLE" is pretty solid. I didn't see any major artifacting issues or low level noise that was distracting.

As for the audio, the series is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. The series is front and center channel driven with a few episodes (that involve gun fights) utilizing the surround channels. The series does utilize quite a bit of music and for the most, the series is understandable and clear.

Subtitles are in English SDH, French and Spanish.


"CASTLE - The Complete First Season" includes the following special features:


* Audio Commentary for "Flowers For Your Grave" with Executive Producer Andrew Marlow, Executive Producer Rob Bowman, Actors Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and Jon Huertas


* Audio Commentary for "A Chill Goes Through Her Veins" with Executive Producer Andrew Marlow, Executive Producer Rob Bowman, Actors Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas and Molly Quinn


* Audio Commentary for "A Death in the Family" with Executive Producer Andrew Marlow, Executive Producer Rob Bowman, Actors Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas and Molly Quinn
* Audio Commentary for "A Death in the Family" with Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas
* Whodunit: The Genesis of Castle -(6:15) Andrew Marlowe talks about how he came up with the idea of "Castle". Interviews with crew and cast and behind-the-scenes of making the series.
* Castle's Godfather - (7:16) Andrew Marlowe and Rob Bowman talk about how they got to work with Stephen J. Cannell (creator of "A-Team" and "Rockford Files").
* Write-Along with Nathan Fillion - (9:07) A hilarious featurette featuring Nathan Fillion wanting to learn from Stephen J. Cannell.
* Misdemeanors: Bloopers & Outtakes - (2:37) First season bloopers.


"CASTLE" was definitely a surprise. I can remember seeing the commercials during "LOST" but and for the most part, it kind of reminded me of the old "Moonlighting" years of crime investigation. But after watching the first episode, I was instantly hooked.

Both Rick Castle and Detective Kate Beckett are just polar opposites but you know that there is this sexual attraction there that makes their chemistry work onscreen. In a way, both are like Bruce Wayne (Batman) in the way they are keen in investigating things. Castle, as a mystery writer and having done a lot of research, puts himself in the shoes of the criminal and thinks of the many possibilities that can exist between the characters. Detective Beckett, almost having a similar tragic Bruce Wayne story is a by-the-book detective and for the most part, have their unique way of feeding off each other in terms of handling a case. But Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic do a great job and have good chemistry onscreen.

So, far every episode has been intriguing, suspenseful and entertaining. If there was one thing that tends to creep in my head that is more on the negative side, is just the serious aspects of a popular writer getting the opportunity to tag along a detective on her various cases. I just have a hard time seeing the NYPD allowing such a thing and allowing a writer to get that close to the detectives.

Granted, this may seem a bit farfetched but overall, the writers make it work. Each of the characters are actually quite enjoyable to watch, especially Castle's meddling mother Martha and logical and intelligent daughter Alexis, it's good to see Castle pulled out of his element once in awhile. Beckett's partners Detective Esposito and Ryan lend that serious but also comedic moment for the series.

The first season of "CASTLE" has been quite enjoyable thus far. I'm glad to hear that the series has been green lighted for a second season because "CASTLE" has been nothing but entertaining, fun and a suspenseful drama series thus far.

"CASTLE - The Complete First Season" is definitely worth checking out!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Castle - the best new show, April 28, 2009
K. Chaplin (Sydney, Australia) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Castle: Season 1 (DVD)
I originally checked this show out, due to another actor saying in jest(I hope) that Castle was copying the series he is in. I'm glad I did, because this show is fantastic!
Rick Castle(Nathan Fillion) a best selling novelist and father, and Kate Beckett(Stana Katic) a straight lined NYPD detective, have a great chemistry on screen. It's their banter and chemistry that make this show.
All of the actors in this show are very talented. Fillion, I knew from Firefly and Serenity. I hadn't heard of Katic before, but I'm glad they were both was cast in these roles, because I am loving these two characters and actors more and more with each episode.
This is more a dramatic comedy, than just another cop show. Check this show out! It gets better with each episode. It really is the best new show out there at the moment. 5 stars!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Perfectly fun, December 27, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Castle ain't no "Wire," or even "Firefly," but I doubt anyone is really watching it for that. It is kinda exactly what you think it is - a little campy, predictable, and funny in an obvious, but smart, way - except, it is done very well. I have all the seasons and so far, I haven't gotten tired of it.

So, if that is what you are looking for, this is perfect.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous!, May 12, 2009
This review is from: Castle: Season 1 (DVD)
As a writer, I find Castle a fabulously entertaining show. So many times writers on shows are given cars by their publisher (I wished that happened!) or treated in a totally unrealistic fashion. Richard Castle might be more successful in his career than I am, but almost every show has a moment where I relate to him as a writer. More than that, I love the banter and mystery, and the supporting cast that form the relationships that truly make the show. Here's hoping there's a season 2!
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