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5.0 out of 5 stars Thoroughly entertaining television
I'm relatively new to Castle, as I just started watching last season. But it has rapidly become one of my favorite shows on television. There are so many elements that keep me glued to my tv week to week - from the palpable chemistry between Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion (Beckett and Castle, respectively), to the incredibly witty script, to the bro-mance between...
Published on May 17, 2011 by Angie

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3.0 out of 5 stars Better than the last season
Though the 3rd season of the show isn't my favourite the DVD is definitely better than the one of the 2nd Season. There are more extras than previously, I'm glad both with the bloopers and the missing scenes. I have two complaints: first, there are no BD edition, and second I miss the audio commentaries from the main cast very much. In the age of digital distribution...
Published on December 23, 2011 by halaciHU

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66 of 68 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Thoroughly entertaining television, May 17, 2011
This review is from: Castle: Season 3 (DVD)
I'm relatively new to Castle, as I just started watching last season. But it has rapidly become one of my favorite shows on television. There are so many elements that keep me glued to my tv week to week - from the palpable chemistry between Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion (Beckett and Castle, respectively), to the incredibly witty script, to the bro-mance between Detectives Ryan and Esposito. I believe that Season 3 is where this show really hit its stride - nearly every episode has the right amount of intrigue, intensity, and humor. For me, the best episodes of the season were "3XK" (episode 6), "Last Call" (episode 10), and "Knockdown" (episode13). Also, "Knockout", the season finale (which aired last night as of this writing) was one of the most gripping season finales I've seen of any show, period. I can't wait for Season 4!
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5.0 out of 5 stars What's not to love?, May 12, 2011
Tracy (COLUMBUS, GEORGIA, United States) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Castle: Season 3 (DVD)
If you like the old Howard Hawks screwball comedies, you'll love the dialogue. If you love crime drama, it'll keep you guessing (sometimes I'm still thinking it over AFTER the episode). If you like family moments, they're in there. And if it's romance you seek, well... it has that too. This is one of the most well written shows I've ever watched, full of great one-liners and profound subtext. And the entire cast does so much with each of their characters. No wonder it has such a loyal fan following. It's thoroughly entertaining, and definitely worth your time and money.
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5.0 out of 5 stars "Two hundred year old bullet can only mean one thing... Time traveling killer.", September 25, 2011
H. Bala "Me Too Can Read" (Recently moved back to Carson, California, or as I call it... the center of the universe) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Castle: Season 3 (DVD)
- Castle: "How did she die?"
- Lanie the medical examiner: "Stabbed in the back of the neck with an ice pick and then stuffed into the sofa."
- Castle: "So she didn't see that coming."

After eyeballing the hi-tech crime-solving equipment seen in shows like 24 and BONES, there's a cool, old-school quaintness to Detective Kate Beckett's murder board. To sort of piggyback on that observation, sometimes you can have all the fancy bells and whistles, but if you don't have that core foundation of a good cast with terrific chemistry, then you ain't got diddles. Regarding the palpable heat generated by Stana Katic and the awesomely awesome Nathan Fillion, only Boreanaz and Deschanel have got them beat. And shallow guy that I am, I admit that Stana Katic coming in to Season 3 with longer hair makes her look even more stunning. It's also nice to see her Detective Beckett loosening up and having more fun this season. You can only do "icy" so much.

Bestselling mystery novelist Rick Castle must have some kind of pull with New York City's mayor, because he's still going on extended ride alongs with the 12th Precinct, still in the inner circle of the 12th's best homicide detectives, still offering his outside-the-box insights on gruesome murders. Castle's writer's block - which is what led him to his association with NYPD - is long over. Castle has produced two recent best-sellers featuring Nikki Heat, his latest character and based on Detective Kate Beckett. You and me, we know Castle is only sticking around because of Beckett. And, really, with mad respect to Detectives Ryan and Esposito, two fantastic supporting characters, it's Castle and Beckett's interactions that keep me coming back. The homicide cases are occasionally intriguing, but nothing I can't find in other police procedurals. I do like Castle's relationship with his very wise 17-year-old daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn, wonderful). Even if I feel that sometimes, thematically, Castle's domestic complications seem to parallel the murder of the week too often. But Alexis, this season, lands a steady boyfriend, giving Castle a whole new set of headaches.

The humor is great, the banter flows naturally. I love the meta-touches, such as Castle promoting his Nikki Heat books and the Derrick Storm graphic novel (all of which actually now exist) and Castle's poker nights with fellow writers such as Michael Connelly, Dennis Lehane, and the late Stephen J. Cannell (and I love the touching tribute the show pays to Cannell). And, not to flaunt my nerdiness, but did you also catch Fillion's nod to FIREFLY in the episode "Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind"?

Mulling over Season 3, stream-of-consciousness style: Feuding pizza shops. Murder on a soap opera set. A treasure hunt solved by MAD magazine. The validation of a medium. There's even a vic what gets killed by a 200-year-old bullet, to which Castle remarks: "Two hundred year old bullet can only mean one thing... Time traveling killer." But, as good as those episodes are, they aren't the cream of the crop.

But these are: The cat-and-mouse "3XK" episode has Beckett's team tangling with the notorious Triple Killer. "Nikki Heat" guest stars Laura Prepon (That '70s Show) as the actress cast in the film role of Nikki Heat, and this fun episode finds her tagging along with Beckett and Castle on a case. In Season 2's "Sucker Punch," Beckett was forced to kill the hitman who had murdered her mother before she could learn who ordered the hit. Season 3's "Knockdown" has Beckett following up another lead in her mother's murder. Adrian Pasdar plays a tautly wired Homeland Security agent in a two-parter ("Setup" & "Countdown") which has the team frantically combing New York City for a dirty bomb set to explode in mere hours. "To Love and Die in L.A." has Beckett and Castle taking a trip to Los Angeles to conduct an unsanctioned investigation. (We also get a chance to see Stana Katic in swimwear, so there are no losers here.) In the explosive season finale, "Knockout," Beckett makes more headway into the conspiracy behind her mother's murder, but the cost is the gut-wrenching death of a regular supporting character and a suspenseful cliffhanger.

It's no coincidence that these episodes are compelling because they feature a more emotionally-invested cast of characters. And, like all savvy television shows, CASTLE knows how to tease the audience, almost getting the boyish writer and the distant cop together, but then wrenching them apart. You need that element of pining. Season 3 has Castle reuniting with his ex-wife and publicist, while Kate Beckett hooks up with a dashing, motorcycle-riding surgeon. But we realize that these are temporary barriers, and don't pose near the threat to our two leads getting together that Beckett's damaged psyche does. I like the crime-solving bits. But the show's not about that.

Bonus features:

- Cast & Crew Commentary for 2 episodes, except I'll only mention the cast: "A Deadly Affair" (with Nathan Fillion) and "3XK" (with Seamus Dever & Jon Huertas)
- Deleted Scenes (and plenty of 'em)
- "Murder They Wrote" - a round table discussion with creator/exec. producer of CASTLE Andrew Marlowe, exec. producer Rob Bowman, mystery writer Michael Connelly, comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis, and Nathan Fillion (00:22:00 minutes long)
- "CASTLE Goes Hollywood" - Behind the Scenes of shooting the "To Die and Love in L.A." episode (00:07:58 minutes)
- Bloopers (00:04:12)
- "Murder Boards" - Propman Kurt DeFilipps explains the process of producing Beckett's murder boards (00:03:22)
- "Get On The Floor" Music Video
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33 of 37 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What A Great Show..., May 24, 2011
This review is from: Castle: Season 3 (DVD)
What a fantastic...wonderful show...It has everything...Comedy...Drama...Romance...The way that they are treating the romance between Castle and Beckett reminds me of another great show the "X-Files"...where the relationship between Mulder and Scully was brought along slow...where the longer they were together...the closer they became..."Castle" is by far my favorite show...I too can hardly wait for the 4th season to begin...
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5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING show, pre-ordering this ASAP!, June 30, 2011
This review is from: Castle: Season 3 (DVD)
I've been in love with this show since the day it premiered on ABC. This isn't your run-of-the-mill cop procedural. It's full of excitement, drama, mystery, witty banter, comedy, romance, family moments, and all-out fun. That's not to mention the amazingly talented and well-rounded cast that make it come alive on the screen. The writing is also top-notch, giving a realistic quality to the characters and helping the show to move smoothly. That's not to say the show hasn't had misses amongst its hits, especially this season, but as the show has grown and moved along, it has only gotten better.

This season, there was a lot more intensity and suspenseful drama than the first two seasons combined. Now, while it's always nice to have a light, fluffy episode (e.g. Almost Famous, Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind, and Poof, You're Dead), the action of these more intense, darker ones (e.g. 3XK, Knockdown, Setup/Countdown, Knockout) really picks the show up and shows its full potential. On top of being "bigger", the show has also kicked up its romance factor: Ryan proposing to his girlfriend Jenny in the middle of the precinct, Lanie and Esposito hooking up, Alexis getting a boyfriend, and the ever-growing relationship between Castle and Beckett (even with Beckett seeing someone else). Perhaps getting viewers used to the idea of romantic relationships for when Caskett becomes a reality? Just a thought. Though, those two have matured greatly together over this season, and I personally can't wait to see them as a couple. They've come so far and, as frustrating as the wait is, the writers have taken great care with getting them to that place together. This season has truly displayed that.

One thing about this season that stuck out for me was its display of growth in the characters. There were moments of very raw emotion as well as surprising moves from everyone; Alexis getting into a little trouble, Martha truly showing how wise she is, Ryan and Esposito fighting each other, Montgomery making one of the hardest (and final) decisions of his life, Beckett breaking out of her hard shell and showing her softer side, and Castle finally growing a pair and calling Beckett out on things he's been wanting to for a long time--not to mention owning up to his feelings for her. It's more of these characters and who they are underneath that we've never seen until now. It shows their depth and new dimensions to explore for future situations. This is yet another thing that makes "Castle" shine.

In conclusion, and on a lighter, slightly fan-girly note: this season was FREAKING AWESOME! I'm so excited for season four, and I'll be sure to buy this DVD to add to my collection of the first two seasons. I could watch these episodes over and over and not get tired of them...really, I could. So, as far as I'm concerned, this set will be more than worth the money.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A review of the reviewers, July 23, 2011
Flutemom (Milpitas, CA United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Castle: Season 3 (DVD)
I have loved "Castle" from the very start, and have been a fan of Nathan Fillion ever since my son-in-law introduced me to "Firefly." But what I want to observe here is the extreme literacy of all the reviewers of this show. Their reviews are thoughtful, incisive, insightful, and caring -- and extremely well written. This says an awful lot about the show. I can hardly wait for Season Four!
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5.0 out of 5 stars I'LL STAND BY YOU, June 4, 2011
This review is from: Castle: Season 3 (DVD)
"You need to be honest with yourself as to why you are doing this," Richard Castle's mother advises and worriedly expresses to her son in "Knockdown" an earlier Castle season three episode. Indeed, while following Detective Kate Beckett, on the trail of her mother's murderer, Rick places himself, in mortal danger...constantly. Why?

And then Rick confesses to his mother and....himself: "It's not about the books anymore." His love for Kate is engraved on his face.

Throughout season one and two the storyline establishes a lovers' dance between Kate and Rick, with the roguish playboy's attempts at befuddling, wooing and softening the troubled, complex and annoyed Beckett. With wit and a sense of the ridiculous, Rick brings fun to Kate's life and makes her feel. But so much more happens. The man who gets by on his charm and "not a little talent" transforms himself along the way because of Kate's integrity and tenacity.

Season three had its charms, and I truly hated to see it end. Now I eagerly await the video and the start of a new season. All of the characters are so strong, and the chemistry between the two leads is so palpable, the viewer is ensnared into this world. It is amazing the power of fiction, of this television show to enthrall and involve, so much so that the faithful audience constantly roots for Kate and Rick to recognize the love they share...the heartbreaking love everyone else sees.

In "Knockdown" Kate tells Rick to go home. She tells him, "It is not his fight." She begs the question, "Why do you keep coming back?" And the answer is written all over his face as Rick, the writer struggles to find the words, his voice, to tell her, and then breaks off with a joking repartee about being the plucky sidekick. He settles for the partner role when she informs him that the plucky ones get killed.

At the end of "Knockdown" she thanks him for having her back and saving her life, for standing up, and Rick responds with one word: "Always!"

"Knockdown" has its counterpart in the season three finale..."Knockout."

In a face -off with Rick, Kate asks him how he feels about her. Still he cannot say all the right words, but he knows they have kissed and have almost died in each other's arms and have never talked about it. He rattles her. And she makes an amazing comment: "Being with you is like hanging around with the funniest kid in the school. And it is not enough."

Stricken, more aware than ever, Rick cannot convince Kate to stand down; the word quit is not in her vocabulary, even if her life is in the balance. Captain Montgomery tells her that she gives the dead a voice, but she does not owe the dead her life. At the funeral Kate voices the captain's words when she says that sometimes, if we are lucky, we find the person who will stand with us. Then Kate looks at Rick, and in that frozen moment she understands love: love's actions, love's steadfastness and love's power. It is etched in Rick's face and reflected in hers.

Finally, in the last scene, the writer finds the words... his voice.... his words of love.

..........continued ....September 2, 2011

It has been three months since my Castle season three review (above), and two years since I first reviewed season one. No doubt I love the show, Kate and Rick, but I've come to some new revelations regarding Kate's comment on her "hanging around with the school's funniest kid, and it is not enough." Her attack has always disturbed me. What more does she want? What is not enough? And I consider: What do you do when everything is not enough?

In Countdown Rick holds Kate dearly, protecting her as they both nearly freeze to death in each other's arms; later he defuses the bomb, saving the city from destruction. This man is no longer the immature playboy or "nine year old on a sugar rush." And Kate knows this as she watches Rick's every move with pride and love. Still she will not share any private time with him to decompress after a shattering day; she allows Rick to walk away, dejected and clearly alone while she embraces Josh.

Rick has saved her life in countless battles, going through every door with her as her partner, usually unarmed. She turns to Rick, always. He welcomes her into his home with generous, open arms. To the ex -cop Raglan, she identifies Rick as someone she trusts. Where are the other men in her life? Faithfully, Rick measures up and lifts her sinking spirits with supporting words, with a joke, anything to ease her troubled mind and soul. He listens to her pour out her heart's desire, often clumsily, for surely she is aware that he loves her. Everyone has told her so. In sync with him in all areas, she knows her heart would break without him near.

No price is too dear for Rick to pay as he loyally watches over her safety. He cannot stop himself from giving her gifts of love and thoughtfulness...her father's watch,and the Temptation Lane, signed, cast picture, knowing that these gifts connect to her childhood. When Kate reminds him that he cannot stay out of her personal life after he gifts her with a memorial to her mother, Rick's face crumbles until she thanks him. Of course he cannot stay out of her life; he wants to be a part of it. Rick is a happy soul who often says "until tomorrow," because that adieu is more hopeful. He lifts her heart and soul and she knows it. She has said that she believes in Richard Castle. He is enough.

In the finale Kate tells Rick they are over, but the captain enlists Rick to help him save Kate's life. Lovingly, Rick over-powers and holds a grief -stricken Kate, away from the battle which leaves her captain dying. In this poignant scene, Rick tenderly consoles Kate, stroking her hair, touching her face, holding her back, while telling her how sorry he is. She cries out his name and strokes his face; does she comprehend? When she looks at Rick as she eulogizes the captain, she seems at peace with Rick's love. But is it enough, now?

I truly love, respect and support Kate, and these words are hard to say. But right now she is not enough. For so many reasons, she clings safely to a man she does not love, afraid to be with someone real. I didn't think I could ever say this because Kate is a strong dose of reality, and Rick, well, Rick is magic.

As for the next season, Season 4, I realize Castle cannot continue on the same note we have all come to love, given all of the changes taking place on the show, and many of us will be concerned for our favorite lovers, wanting so desperately for them to be together.

But in truth, every character needs to progress and grow. Surely new obstacles will provide conflict and tension, challenging the entire cast. Indeed, Rick must deal with Kate's fears, Alexis' concern, his own guilt, a new captain's disregard and perhaps the case papers Capt. Montgomery mailed in the finale. Kate must come to know herself better, work to heal herself, and recover from her physical and psychological wounds, both recent and deeply lodged.

If she sees competition for Rick's attention or someone else in her place, she will have to share more of herself, let others in, and fight for Rick's love. She has taken him for granted; she wants him boxed into the small space she allows...on her terms. But Rick is too real (a role reversal for sure) and demands more. Rick now knows (for his everything is not enough), that to win Kate, to gain her love, to hold her, as he so wants to do, he must first let her go.

PS...the Castle lover in me must say: Let her go, Rick, but just a little bit, for we love her, too.

...continued September 28, 2011..."RISE," RENEW, RECONCILE AND REDEEM...MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR NOW

Rick and Kate's dilemma still comes back to what do you do when everything is not enough. In 3x24 "Knockout," Kate tells Rick that hanging around with the school's funniest kid is not enough. But thankfully that equation has changed in the new season; amidst the uncertainty, hope and love prevail.

Poignantly titled "Rise," the Castle Season 4 premier is imbued with renewed promise, reconciliation and a chance for redemption as Kate and Rick struggle to find a new dynamic, a new relationship between them, granted, not built on total honesty, but always built on love.

I can understand why Kate does not admit to hearing Rick's profession of his need and love for her. Acknowledging it at this time would change everything between them and possibly jeopardize their chances with each other, especially their friendship which she has always needed.

Momentarily dazed near her, Rick lies to Kate when he tells her why he is staring at her, saying that he didn't think he would see her again. He stares at her because he is overwhelmed with his love for her. Apparently he and Alexis have a running dialogue about Rick's "tell" which indicates he is lying or bluffing at poker; his nose twitches. The camera certainly zeroes in on Rick's nose twitch as he speaks, standing at the foot of Kate's bed. With the many close ups of this man available, I have never seen this.

Next, seated by Kate's side, nervous before her, Rick is ready to own his words and to tell her again of his feelings and his love for her, until she tells him she doesn't remember anything and that some things are best not remembered. It is heartbreaking to see Rick's sad eyes, his swallowing, his hesitancy, his dejection, the rejection. Seeing him cut off, adrift, is painful to watch.

Yes, Kate needed space, but he needed her. Cut off from her for three months, Rick needed contact with her to heal from the horror and trauma of her near death. Later, in the book-signing/swing-set scene, everything she says is pointed, sub-text, revealing her love for him. She is trying. Rick is a forgiving person, in love. Studying his face, Kate wills him to get it. And he does.

With the echoes of "Knockout" still in my mind, I think of the last time Rick tried to tell Kate to walk away, that she wasn't fine, and then...their breakup. Now, once again, his emotions, his hope, his love play upon his face, along with the trepidation that she will not listen. He must convince her to redirect herself and save herself from the edge of destruction, and from those who would kill her, knowing that shelving her mother's case, even for a while, denies their love a chance to thrive.

Thus Rick's eyes search her face; his voice, hushed, and sometimes breaking, tells of his passion, of his desperation to make her understand. She is so fragile and stressed, he fears to hurt her further. With hope, and awareness, Rick asks her "to give it time; they will figure it out together...just not today."

Adding to Rick's heartfelt entreaty, and unbeknownst to him, is Kate's truth: she did hear him pray for her life, plead for her to stay with him, proclaim his need for her and profess his love for her. Perhaps it is her secret knowledge of the depth of his love that grants her the peace, the honesty to listen to him and to acquiesce.

He promises her his help and a solution. Responding to her fear that she will not know who she is if she doesn't find an answer immediately, Rick gives her an incredible gift with his words: "You are who you always were." And so in tune with her, Rick states what she needs to hear. Kate still "honors the victims" with compassion and solace as she has always done. She can get her bearings by "not letting them rob her of her life."

Not their usual way of talking, this is evident in this interaction, the most powerful scene of all, even considering the other emotionally-charged exchanges. For Rick has her survival riding on her accepting his guidance and not blasting him out of the water. Far more than any words, Kate's acceptance of Rick's advice speaks volumes to her trust in him, her need for him and for healing.

This time she listens to him.

Consequently Rick is able to redirect the chaos in Kate's soul, saving her sanity and selflessly delaying his chances with her, getting her involved with another case and supporting her through a stand-off with a killer, thus confirming his own role as partner and equal.

Later Rick asks Kate for her thoughts on the day, and she says, "It's not enough. But it is enough for now." It is a start. Smiling, Rick reminds Kate that the "wall inside won't be there forever." Significantly, as Kate turns and walks away, somewhat uplifted, Rick's face reveals his turmoil. He is playing all sides against the middle, fearing the outcome, the loss. Right or wrong, Rick is deathly afraid with Kate's life in the balance; he will bear the pain and the fall-out because he can not bear to "lose her again."

At home Rick must address his daughter's reprimand that he grow up. Taking responsibility for the situation, Rick tells Alexis he must be there for Kate. The voice of his conscience, Alexis asks her dad two crucial questions:

"Does she make you happy?"

"Yes, she does." Rick replies.

"Is it enough?" Alexis asks.

"It is enough for now."

And so it is.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Season 3 got better overall, but Rick & Kate are still apart after 3+ years., May 29, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Castle: Season 3 (DVD)
OK, please don't misunderstand me: I absolutely LOVE the "Castle" series. But love doesn't have to be blind, and being completely loyal doesn't mean you can't discuss imperfections of the ones you love, right? So let me start by saying that "Castle" has brilliant writers, great plots and plot twists, murder-mystery suspense and action, clever wit and amusing humor, intimate moments, touching pathos, attractive and lovable primary characters and chilling villains, a wonderful cast of very talented actors, great directing and editing, colorful framing shots of New York City and inspired musical soundtracks. In sum, "Castle" is, by far, my favorite show on TV. BUT as much as I love this show, I'm sorry to say that I sometimes felt disappointed by some of the episodes in season three. Seasons one and two felt consistently stimulating and satisfying to me, in nearly every episode and in nearly every way. But to my sensibility, while season three achieved more spectacular moments, it also suffered from more disappointing aspects. First, in season three, the writing of the stories and the dialogues was sometimes uneven. At times the writing was MAGNIFICENT (like in the season three finale), but many other episodes were not as clever, intriguing, amusing, or touching as the episodes mostly were in seasons one and two. The primary and secondary actors are still delightfully talented, but without the best writing, the actors cannot shine to their fullest abilities. Second, the producers and writers made the debatable decision to make the relationship between Rick and Kate suffer a major setback and take a long detour. While there may be dramatic (and financial) reasons to extend the show in this way, it felt contrived and frustrating to me. For example, at the end of season two, at the very moment that Kate is apparently about to tell Rick that she loves him and wants to have a romantic relationship with him, the writers have Rick suddenly reconciling with his ex-wife and going away with her to the Hamptons for the summer. And worse, the writers make Rick completely obtuse and oblivious to all of the obvious signs of emotional turmoil in Kate, just as she is trying to talk to Rick about her feelings. This major turning point that sets up season three seems very contrived and contradictory because Rick is usually exquisitely observant and insightful about so many details and motives of crimes, and yet here (and elsewhere) he fails to observe and understand the emotions, desires, and needs of Kate. The writers (whom I deeply appreciate) repeatedly do this to Rick and Kate (and to us, the fans) at the most important romantic moments, like when Kate aches for Rick to tell her that he loves her, when she longs to hear that he wants a romantic relationship with her, and when the big lovable dope repeatedly should just kiss her! Similarly, I think it is very unrealistic that two strong-willed, highly intelligent and articulate characters like Rick and Kate have never (after three years now!) had a self-revealing, heartfelt conversation about how they feel about each other and whether they both want a romantic relationship together. This three-year failure to talk heart-to-heart would never happen in real life. And after the first two seasons, as the love between Rick and Kate intensified to the point of breaking through their insecurities and fears of rejection, in season three the producers and writers made Rick and Kate pull way back from each other emotionally and relate to each other often as "just friends" and "professional partners". I felt frustrated and less interested when their relationship became more disengaged. Third, all of the secondary characters (who were given more lines and better lines and a lot more time onscreen in seasons one and two) got neglected and excluded too often in season three. This decision hurt the show's quality because all of the secondary characters act very well and really add depth to the show (and add enjoyment for the audience) when they are given a chance to participate more in the dialogues and stories.

Back to the positive side of season three: it's a pleasure to see Kate's vulnerable and self-protective character grow psychologically and open up interpersonally -- often due to her interactions with Rick and her deepening feelings for Rick. And season three did provide several intense and touching experiences between Rick and Kate, and with Ryan and Esposito, and with Captain Montgomery in the season finale. The finale was AWESOME and actually exceeded the high quality of seasons one and two. The confrontation of feelings between Rick and Kate was raw and honest, and the final scene between Rick and Kate was especially poignant. At long last, Rick finally tells Kate that he loves her -- under extreme circumstances that are desperate and life-threatening. BRAVO! I just hope that in season four the producers and writers will finally allow the characters of Rick and Kate to have a full and satisfying romantic relationship together. Enough already with the frustrating dragging out and postponing of the love we all want to see fulfilled! Let Rick and Kate be happy in a loving romantic relationship with each other. And let me and millions of us fans be happy for them. (Ha! It's funny how emotionally involved I feel toward these make-believe characters.) So let's see "Castle" portray and explore a mature and deeply loving relationship between Rick's and Kate's characters. Doing so should enhance the show and advance the story, not harm or end it. There are still countless ways to make Rick's and Kate's romantic relationship have dramatic challenges and interesting developments, and touching, profound, bonding experiences. The keys to keeping "Castle" successful rest in choosing the smartest direction for the overall story, and then investing enough money and talent in the writing of each episode. If the direction of the overall story is satisfying to the viewers, and if the writing of each episode is consistently suspenseful, insightful, amusing, and poignant (which is difficult to maintain at the highest level), the actors, directors, and production staff have proven that they are immensely capable of bringing the writing and the stories to life in a thoroughly enjoyable way. So best wishes to season four! May "Castle" achieve more consistently the best writing of the first three seasons -- and explore even higher and deeper realms of life and love!

UPDATE on June 10, 2011: I've changed my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars because the more I review past episodes and think through the evidence, the more I think that Rick's and Kate's three-year inability to tell each other "I love you" and to at least TRY to love each other in a romantic relationship may NOT be due to the writers using the old formula of keeping our hero and heroine "in-love-but-apart" to create tension and interest in the audience. Instead, Rick's and Kate's three-year inability may be a dramatic reflection of their life experiences, fears of being hurt in a romantic relationship, and psychological and behavioral defenses. If anyone is interested in my evolving thinking along these lines, please read my two comments below the review by "Trueheart." I welcome your comments about my theory (and your own theories) about this three-year difficulty by Rick and Kate. Cheers.

UPDATE on October 9, 2011: I just watched all 22 episodes of Castle Season Three on DVD over the past week and it confirmed some of my views, but it also changed others. Changes: the time devoted to the secondary characters in Season Three (and the actors' performances) are excellent. I don't remember why I originally felt that there was less time devoted to the secondary characters in Season Three. I guess it was because of one or two episodes where the story focuses more on Castle and Beckett. Also, the writing quality throughout Season Three was consistently superb, and in the season finale, it was absolutely magnificent. Confirmations: the writers keep having Rick "choke" and "screw up" when it comes to expressing his love and desires to Kate. After three seasons (and now into the fourth season), the writers still have not explained why Rick consistently fails to speak and act well romantically when it comes to Kate. After all, Rick is a fluent writer of over 20 best-selling novels; he is extremely observant, quick-witted, and articulate in person; he has been married three times; and he has charmed many women, in and out of bed. So why is Rick so unable to talk with (or kiss) Kate?

Here are some of the many examples of Rick's romantic malfunctioning: In the "plucky sidekick" episode, Kate asks Rick emphatically "So, why do you keep coming back, Rick?" It's a real moment-of-truth and a golden opportunity for Rick to tell Kate that he loves her and wants to be with her in a committed romantic relationship. Rick hesitates, fails to tell her he loves her, and evades the question. In the episode "To Live and Die in L.A.", Rick tells Kate that he admires her strength and her heart, and tells her that she's "hot," whereupon Kate tells Rick that "You're not so bad yourself." For once, Kate looks imminently receptive for Rick to kiss her. But Rick fails to kiss her, and hesitates for so long that Kate becomes self-conscious and uncomfortable, and therefore excuses herself and leaves. In the season finale, when it becomes clear that Kate is a target for murder, Rick goes to Kate's home to ask her to "walk away" from trying to capture or kill the murderers of her mother -- so that Kate might save her own life. We expect Rick to understand Kate's character and psychology, to have thought through ahead of time the best way to persuade Kate, and to talk with Kate in a sensitive, empathic, supportive manner. Rick starts out well, but then loses his focus and his temper. He fails in several ways: when Kate says "Is that what we are?", she is clearly challenging Rick to finally tell her that he loves her and wants her romantically. But again, Rick fails to say this essential truth. (Why?) Instead of remaining empathic and sympathetic to Kate's underlying emotional needs and desires for love and commitment, Rick overreacts to the surface of Kate's anger and fear, gets defensive, loses his temper, and instead of expressing his love and desire for Kate, expresses his frustration with their relationship, and ends by aggressively telling Kate that she is "afraid" and "hiding in nowhere relationships with men you don't love." Rick may be accurate in his description, but he is horribly wrong in his manner, timing, and focus. That wasn't what Rick should have told Kate at that moment, it wasn't what Kate needed from Rick at that moment, and it wasn't even what Rick came over to talk with Kate about. And it sure wasn't loving and helpful. Even when Kate forcefully tells Rick that "You think you know me, but you don't!" Rick can't or won't stop the tirade he's on, can't stop to ask Kate to help him understand her better, can't get himself on Kate's side at that moment, for both their sakes. Rick has seriously mishandled several steps and several goals of his visit to Kate. (Why?)

In the same episode, Rick tries to express to his mother how he would be utterly devastated if Kate were to be killed, but again the words get caught in his throat. Martha says something like, "Oh Rick, for someone who is so good with words, you often can't find them at the right time." Rick chokes on his words and actions, when it comes to Kate romantically. (The writers have gradually revealed why Kate "is fighting her feelings for Rick" and is "hiding in nowhere relationships", but the writers still need to explain why Rick, who can speak and act so effectively in a range of situations (including life-threatening situations) suddenly fails to speak and act well -- and even speaks and acts poorly -- when it comes to Rick's romantic feelings for Kate. I hope the writers will soon start revealing Rick's previous life experiences and the psychological reasons for his many failures with Kate romantically. And I hope the explanation is a lot more interesting and profound than simply that Rick doesn't want to ruin what he and Kate currently have, and also is so intent on not harming his future chances with Kate romantically that he keeps holding back on taking any chances with her in the present.)

But for all of Rick's inability to tell Kate that he loves her over the first three seasons, Rick breaks through his fears and inhibitions when Kate gets shot and may be dying, in the final moments of Season Three. Twice, Rick tells Kate that he loves her. That's a huge breakthrough and I'm very glad for it. But we've now seen three episodes of Season Four and Rick is still not talking with Kate about his love for her and his desire to start a romantic relationship with her. Personally, I think the writers need to have Rick and Kate start talking about their love for each other, and then start acting on their love for each other. Either that or start having episodes that explain in much more detail why Rick and Kate are not yet able to talk and act on their love for each other. Unless we know more about the reasons for Rick's and Kate's romantic dysfunctions, watching two beloved characters be unable to romantically behave normally or happily for three or four years is more frustration than I think is fair to the fans.

For anyone interested, please read my comment (#23) about the first episode of Castle Season Four (and the psychological reasons for Kate's romantic conflicts regarding Rick) in the comments to Trueheart's review below. Cheers.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Better than the last season, December 23, 2011
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This review is from: Castle: Season 3 (DVD)
Though the 3rd season of the show isn't my favourite the DVD is definitely better than the one of the 2nd Season. There are more extras than previously, I'm glad both with the bloopers and the missing scenes. I have two complaints: first, there are no BD edition, and second I miss the audio commentaries from the main cast very much. In the age of digital distribution buying any kind of solid media is the expression of devotion - ABC should respect these viewers more providing really rich extra content and quality.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Castle's Biggest Fan!!!, July 24, 2011
This review is from: Castle: Season 3 (DVD)
There's witty banter. Inside jokes. Some heartfelt romance moments. Some very action packed episodes. What's not to love? Season 3 of Castle was by far the best season ever. A two parter episode involving Castle and Beckett trapped in a freezer together. Castle and Beckett are ready to die together when there's only 60 seconds left on a dirty bomb in Times Square. The season finale made me cry! The loss of a loved one leads to big moments for the crime fighting duo-including one that ultimately threatens Beckett's life- and those very strong three little words are said.
I'm counting down to the Castle season 4 premiere! One of the very few quality TV shows left. I recommend it to ANYONE. AWESOME SHOW!
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