Customer Reviews: Catherine - Playstation 3
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on July 27, 2011
***This Review is Spoiler Free***
***I won't reveal anything that has not been revealed in the official trailers***

Roger Ebert wrote in his blog: "I remain convinced that in principle, video games cannot be art." Although it would be easy to bash him for his hypocrisy (he defended movies when people said they would never be an art form), the truth is he is old and out of touch with video games. I say unequivocally, that video games have surpassed movies as an art form, and Catherine is just one example why.

First thing to note, this game is ALL about the the storyline and interactions between the 3 main characters. There is a strange love-triangle between Vincent, Katherine, and Catherine. Vincent has been with Katherine for years, and is he happy? Does he want to stay with Katherine forever? A beautiful woman (Catherine) stumbles into his life, and he begins to ponder about his life. Vincent is 32 years old. This should resonate with many people who grew up in the 80s (the original "Nintendo generation"), since today most will be in their early to mid 30s. He is not married (this also resonates with many people, since today more than ever, people are not getting married until their 30s or later), has a steady girlfriend, has a job, and is actually an intelligent and sensitive guy. When Catherine shows up, he really begins to ponder his relationships and his life.

You control Vincent, and the way you interact with people has a definite outcome to the ending of the game. Will you spend your free time at the bar with your friends, or go home early? How will you respond to Katherine's and Catherine's texts? How will you interact with people in general? All your actions mean something (as in real life), and will affect the world around you! This storyline, and you determine how it will end, is told through gorgeous cartoon-like scenes, and everything is fully voiced by professional voice actors who did a fantastic job! The dialogue is mature, well written, funny, and fairly realistic. The problems you (Vincent) and other people face, is (for the most part) very real. Who has reached their 30s and has never had relationship issues? Who does not from time to time ponder how their life is going and would they be more happy if...? However, the game is not just a melodrama. It also beautifully combines horror and humor! The dialogue as I said is very well written and funny. Even during "frightening" moments, the dialogue can make you laugh out loud. The dialogue also makes you think, but let's talk about the horror aspect. To discuss this, lets also talk about the meat of the game.

The core of this game is a platform-puzzle. It takes place during Vincent's nightmares. During these stages you have to reach the top of a structure formed from blocks. First, the game has been criticized for it's difficulty. I played the game on the "Easy" setting, and for the most part it is fairly straightforward. You certainly will die (quite often) even on Easy (at least the first time you play the game), however it is not frustrating. In fact, ATLUS USA toned down the difficulty level, so that Easy for North American costumers is substantially easier than the original Japanese release. However, if you are still worried about the difficulty, ATLUS even includes a "very easy" option! I have not yet played the game on Normal, but I am certain it will be MUCH more difficult than Easy, and there is in fact a Hard level of difficulty... which will likely be quite the challenge! Anyway, the point is, do not worry too much, since you will certainly be able to get through the game. Now then, about the platforming, as I said, you need to climb. You climb a series of blocks which you can push or pull to open up paths. A simple premise, but there is a lot of skill and variety involved. There are numerous ways to reach the top, and the faster you climb the higher your score (your score has no affect on the storyline and is for bragging purposes only). This game requires thinking! If you enjoy puzzle games, you will likely enjoy this game. When you first play, the controls may seem a bit awkward, for instance, sometimes you'll find you pushed a block when you did not mean to do so, because the controls are so sensitive. It's OK, ATLUS has included an "undue" feature! You can undue your moves quickly, and try again, with no penalty! This "undue" feature is available for the Easy and Normal modes. Now then, is the puzzle-part of the game actually fun? Yes, very fun. However, if you do not enjoy puzzle games, then you should skip this game. For everyone else, welcome!

I LOVE the music in this game! It's a combination of soothing jazz, with arrangements of classic music. The music really hits the spot, and in my opinion is perfect. If you enjoy "fantasy" music (either in games or movies), then I think you will very much enjoy the music here. When the action gets fierce (and it does), the classical music also gets fierce (yes, you'll be surprised, classical music can be fierce)! When you reach the top, and have survived the nightmare, you will be rewarded with Handel's Messiah (and it sounds great)! All the classical music is arranged, which means that this is NOT the "normal" arrangements that you can purchase online or listen to at a performance. The arrangements were specifically made for this game, and not only are they lovely and catchy, but you get a FREE CD SOUNDTRACK of these arrangements if you pre-ordered the game (I believe every first print of the game comes with an artbook and soundtrack)!

You probably noticed that I did not talk much about graphics. The reason being that you have likely already seen the trailers and know what the graphics are like. They are beautiful. However, you should NOT purchase this game for the graphics. You SHOULD purchase this game if you want a game with a deep, original, and fascinating storyline. The game does not hold back on the mature content. However, keep in mind that mature content does NOT mean pornographic material! I will say this once: other than a bit of cleavage and maybe a buttocks, THERE IS NO NUDITY HERE! This game is NOT "Leisure Suit Larry", your goal is NOT to score! If you're a teenage boy (either physically or mentally) and you just want to play this game because 'Catherine is hot... oh yeah... hot' then you are going to be very disappointed. Vincent is a mature man, and the game ultimately asks just one question: What is love? There is nothing more mature in art and literature, then the question of love.

+++Original and thought-provoking storyline that is superbly presented! THIS IS INTERACTIVE ART!
+++Beautiful graphics, and fantastic music!
+++Top notch voice acting!
+++Various difficulty levels so everyone can finish the game!
+++Different endings depending on YOUR choices!
+++Humor and horror combined in a wonderful way that few games can match!
+++If you get a first print of the game, you get a free artbook and SOUNDTRACK!

-Well, the game is relatively short (first time through will be 10-20 hours). However, with different endings and difficulty levels (as well as multiplayer) you can come back for more!
-MSRP is $60. That's quite a bit. The price will definitely go down. However, you might not get the soundtrack (which would be a shame). Honestly, this is $60 very well spent, and if you get it for less, even better (but trust me, you want this soundtrack :)

Are you looking for something original, fresh, with a storyline and characters that most men AND women in their 30s can really relate to? Something with beautiful animated cut-scenes, fantastic music, and a mature storyline that is NOT about saving the world? In that case, welcome to Catherine! Catherine is the latest example of how video games can make us think, laugh, and even get teary-eyed. This is a true work of art!
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on July 27, 2011
I got the Special Edition in the mail yesterday. Amazon rocks! So I put it in and... 7 hours later I'm still playing it and only stopped cause I had to go to sleep. This game is amazing. Right now I'm at stage 6, level 2. (There are 8 stages). It may seem too short but it has multiple endings and a lot of re-playability.

Graphics: I don't like Anime. Let me repeat. I'm DO NOT LIKE ANIME. I don't hate it, i just don't care for it. But this game looks beautiful. It actually makes me sorta like Anime more. But overall, the graphics look beautiful.

Music: If you've played Persona 3 then you will know some of the songs here. The music works very well. In the nightmare stages the music fits when the stage has a foe chasing you and when it's more a stage to get you used to the new stage elements that have been introduced.

Story: Here is where the game shines the most. You play Vincent who is having nightmares every night. At the same time, he is being pressured by his long time girlfriend, Katherine, to take their relationship to the next step. And on top of this, another girl, Catherine, is seducing him and trying to take him for her own. Now he is caught in a web of lies, secrets and guilt. Every time you pass a nightmare sequence you wake up to more drama in his real life. It's very engaging.

Gameplay: I really hate to call the nightmare sequences "puzzles" cause it sorta makes it less than what it is. These are Vincents nightmares. He has to climb to the top of these evil towers to escape so as to not die in real life. So the tower begins to fall down as you start climb, or there some huge monster chasing you. Everything in the dreams is connected to his real life in some way. There is more I would like to say to make sense of the sheep you see on the cover, but I don't want to spoil anything.

You are given questions to answer here and there throughout the game that determine the direction the story will go for you. The game has multiple endings and difficulties and medals you can get depending on how fast you climb the towers. So you can get a lot of game play out of it.

Overall, I love this game. I think it is pure genius. The issues that it addresses are very relate-able and really suck you into the story.

The Special Edition comes with just a pillow case, not an actual pillow by the way. The Special Edition isn't really all that worth the extra $20 in my opinion but this game is so special i just HAD to have it so I don't regret it. There hasn't been a game like this in a long time. I'm VERY impressed with how well they pulled off this whole concept and made a very VERY fun game.

If you are hesitant on this game, then try the demo. But i will warn you, the demo doesn't really do a great job in tying in the nightmare sequences with the story so you may get the wrong idea. Also the nightmare parts are a lot more complicated once you play the full game, and they get really creative, fun...and HARD. If you can rent the game, that would be best. But I would say if you like it, to go ahead and buy it. It's one of the few games out there that is worth full price in my opinion.
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on July 27, 2011
In a video game market so oversaturated with sequels and remakes, it's so hard to find retail releases that dare to try something new. Catherine is one of those few games that you don't know what to expect since the gameplay mechanics are so unlike anything else. Having something go outside the mold of what games are supposed to be is so refreshing.


The game is primarily a combination of 2 games: a dating/relationship simulation and a block puzzle game. The general formula is cutscene(s) mixed with dating sim then going to sleep and doing 2-3 block puzzles in the nightmare mode.

The block puzzles involve moving blocks to get to the top of a long platform. The bottom of the tower is constantly falling or something else happens at the bottom that limits the time you have to complete the puzzle. The blocks vary from ordinary blocks to blocks that will shoot spikes at you if you step on them for too long. Occasionally you can find or buy power up items that can create a new block, allow you to climb two blocks at one, and other useful things. The mechanics of the puzzles and powerups allow for many different techniques to create pathways to get up the tower. You are scored based off of how fast you get up the tower and how many moves you make.

The dating sim part of the game involves around the main character who is traversing these block puzzles in his sleep. Inbetween nightmares the main character will make choices about his relationship such as if he wants to cheat, does he want to have a serious relationship, and other important decisions a man must decide fo himself. These choices are made through conversations with other characters, your choices in responses in your cell phone, and how you choose to respond to certain events in the game. All of your decisions affect the morality meter that affects both the story and the endings of the game.

STORY (Spoiler Free)

The story centers on Vincent (the player character) and his relationship with his girlfriend Katherine. The relationship between the two is starting to move toward the point of having to make serious decisions about what the future of their relationship will be. Vincent has to decide for himself whether to take the relationship to the next level or not and most of the conflict in the game revolves around this core question. Whenever vincent and other men fall asleep at night they have nightmares of climbing a huge tower in a hellish world. One man has apparently died in his sleep but is it coincidence or related to the nightmares?

The story of this game pulled me in and had me hooked from the start and will keep you glued to your TV throughout the game. The story is very mature, intense and extremely entertaining. The voice acting on all the characters is top notch even for the minor characters and they do an excellent job at making the characters believable.


The gameplay is very different from most games out there so while i personally love this game, I can see this not being for everyone. If you are the type of person who loves puzzles, loves anime, or loves games that are unique this game is an instant buy for you. For all other gamers I recommend looking at gameply videos, trying the demo, and deciding for yourself if this is something you could take a risk on an try to enjoy. If you're willing to take a chance on a game that is outside your comfort zone, you may end up being highly rewarded.

I give this game a big thumbs up!

Review from Dan's Gaming Stream
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on April 27, 2012
Catherine is unique, I'll give it that. But although it's slick it's one of the most frustrating games I have ever played. From the creators of Persona and Digital Devil Saga, we have what feels like a dating sim game crossed with a platform puzzle game. You play as Vincent, a guy having a personal crisis about committing fully to a relationship with his girlfriend. At the same time he is suffering bizarre nightmares about climbing never ending staircases, and then waking up with a naked mystery blonde in his bed!

The gameplay of Catherine is very, very simple. During the day you play Vincent in a bar, drinking with his friends. The bar is the only playable area of the game (apart from the nightmares) and it's only one room, with conversation options that pop up with people as you walk about. You never play as Vincent at any other time of day. When you decide you've had enough of the bar, you can go home. Once you decide to leave, the other half of the gameplay kicks in...Vincent goes home to sleep and the nightmares begin. In these dreams Vincent has but a single task: to climb an immense staircase made of square blocks. Well, it's not really a staircase because the puzzle is that the blocks can be pulled and pushed and you have to work out how to make an initially unscaleable surface or pile of blocks climbable, so that you can reach the top and end the nightmare.

So why do I think this game is painful? Because these dream stages are so freakin' difficult! I ended up screaming, wailing and jumping out of my chair far more often than I care to remember. Ok that's an overstatement, but be warned - if you like brain teasers you'll be delirious, but if that's not your forte, "Catherine" can be almost unbearably challenging. The reason it's so hard is that the block puzzles require you to think predictively, logically, and fast. That last one is the killer. There's no luxury of contemplation, because in the dream, you must climb steadily and quickly as the bottom rows of the staircase fall away beneath you at a constant rate and if you're too slow you fall off with them and thats Game Over. Well you get retries, but these are NOT unlimited, and the main menu is not what you want to keep seeing. So things start off simple, but very soon the puzzles become quite tricky, and then they become more challenging, and then they become maddeningly difficult. As they get worse, the game designers throw more evil at you in the form of trick blocks that crack and explode, make you slide off the edge, or kill you with sudden spikes. And every few levels there is a boss, in the form of a giant ..creature that attacks you as you climb and rips away blocks as you scrabble to get higher. As a result I can tell you, that the end of some stages will be a blessed relief, but for me it was not a sense of achievement I felt, but relief at knowing I would never have to go through it again.

I should of course praise the game designers for having successfully designed such a devilishly difficult game, but, well maybe people who play for distraction and entertainment don't need their challenges to be quite this...punishing.

So in short, you have to like the block puzzles because that really is the entire game. Outside of this, the "plot" part of the game (Vincent's real life) is as weak as dishwater. Vincent is a loser with no charm or ambition. As his girlfriend Katherine berates him about not being serious he sweats and fidgets like a spineless worm, even going into full scale meltdown when she tells him she wants to start a family. It's actually quite pathetic to watch. Equally loopy are Vincents encounters with the mysterious blonde babe Catherine, who he can't be man enough to dump even though there's obviousy something a bit psycho about her. The whole plot revolves around helping Vincent come to his senses and make the right decision but he's so dumb I really didn't care about him. Some of this is due to the really terrible script, in which you hear the kind of dialogue they only seem to write for video games, along the lines of: "Vincent, you've been acting really weird lately", "Vincent what are you talking about? I don't understand you?" and the classic "Won't someone just explain to me exactly what is going on?" All of which happens in the bar and the lines of dialogue are little more than cliches tossed about to fill enough screentime inbetween the nightmare stages.

The design of the game is drawn anime style, totally flat (and actually quite poorly drawn) in the cut scenes, quite nicely cel-shaded in the bar, and full blown 3D in the nightmares. The best looking part of the game is the nightmares by a long shot, although they always look pretty similar (wall of blocks, always from the same angle), but the bosses are great, really fun to watch..if you can appreciate this while desperately trying to climb away from them!

So my bottom line is, there were times when I absolutely HATED playing this game. It's quite hard to recommend, you really need a masochistic streak to keep coming back to it and trying to solve the puzzle stages, but there are sure to be a few people that eat it up. The final few levels are insane, although I have a tip for you, in that things peak in difficulty at about 75% of the way through the game, and then actually feel easier as the last stages are more about speed and dodging attacks than solving seemingly impossible climbs. But it IS difficult, and when I finally finished it (I admit a couple of tricky moments meant I had no choice but to turn to the internet for clues, but the final chapter was all my own doing), I thought to myself: "Thank God that is finally over!!"

Is that the kind of feeling you want to have as you watch the closing credits of any game? Up to you!
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on August 23, 2012
This will be a short review, simply because there are very few points I need to make. And yes, it's entirely positive.

1. BEST LOCALIZATION OF A JAPANESE GAME EVER: The voice actors are phenomenal, and the fact that each of them was allowed to improvise a bit in order to make the dialogue more natural drags the adaptation from awesome to inspirationally badass. Closed-minded anime fans be damned... Catherine is an awesome game in English.

2. ADDICTING GAMEPLAY: If you sit down and play a bit of the puzzle game in Catherine, you'll stay for the classical remixes. Once you've played more than an hour, you can't stop... it's just that much fun. I mean, you're Troy Baker in his skivvies with a pillow, climbing a staircase of giant blocks. By the time you pull yourself away to work or sleep, you have the Tetris Effect; you know, where everything you see seems like blocks which you can move around and stack. Except this time, your publication's paragraphs must have the words pushed around such that you can climb to the top of the page! (True story.)

3. BOOZE AND SEX: The downtime, when you, you know... AREN'T climbing blocks in your boxers... you're boozing and dealing with relationship issues. What a good way to pass your time! Every so often, you get to respond to text messages in a surprisingly interactive way, which is fun. And if you can't wait to go back to climbing blocks, there's always the bar's arcade game which provides a long series of untimed block-climbing puzzles for your perusal.

If you like being a badass in your underwear, twisty "WTF" plots, semi-realistic relationship drama, block-based puzzle games, hard classical remixes, or drinking and going home with good-lookin' chicks voiced by Laura Bailey, you should play Catherine. In other words, everyone will find something they like. Even my girlfriend loves the game.

Oh yeah, and there's booze trivia! I mean, who doesn't love learning while drinking? (*This review was written by an Engineering graduate student.)
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on July 29, 2015
Very interesting story. Made me laugh a couple of times. Dialogue is pretty darn good between the characters. Each character has their own personality. Your Character for lack of a better word, is a slacker. His unmotivated and has no ambition. He's perfectly happy with the way things are and doesn't want to change, he wants everything to stay the same. He's a go with the flow guy. His Gf Katherine on the other hand, is ambitious. She is career oriented, goal oriented, and focus on what it is she wants out of life, versus Joe who just sort of flounders around.

Katherine is seeing everyone around here progress through life, get married, have kids, buy a house, while her and Joe are sort of at a standstill. She starts to raise questions about the future of her and Vincents relationship, which he takes as a "threat" to his comfortable existence, independence, and freedom sort of speak. In the mist of his fear and emotional existence, in walks, "Catherine", a girl with the same name, spelled differently, with a personality and look that is the complete opposite of Joes' Katherine. She is beautiful and a complete she'll! Will Joe stay faithful and finish what he started with Katherine?? Or will he embark on a new adventure with the New Catherine full of fun, adventure, and spontaneity? Only you can decide, because you make the decisions. What would you do if the girl of your dreams walked through the door??? Now for the bad. This only really one gripe that I have, but its a big one.

The Puzzles. This game is full of puzzles you must solve when Joe goes to sleep in order to progress through the game. If you fail to solve the puzzle, you fail to proceed in the game. I did not know anything about puzzles when purchasing this game. I thought this was a straight role-playing simulation game, sadly it is not. You will have to do multiple puzzles every night the main character goes to sleep, they have tied this into the plot of the game itself, but sadly it is just annoying after a while. You really just get through the dumb puzzles just to get back to the story which is why I bought it. I got to the point where I just got so sick of the puzzles, that I stop playing the game.

I'll go back eventually, but for now I retire. So the short, the story is good. Keeps you engaged and interested, but the puzzles really do impede on the game and the story line quite a bit man, a lot actually. 3 stars for that.
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on May 20, 2012
Catherine is a very innovative and unique game that's very welcomed in today's video game industry. The tone and setting is incredibly calm and mature which is both relaxing and interesting. The plot seems far from being video game worthy and sounds more like something that would thrive more in another entertainment medium, yet it works very well for what it is and does.

+ Mature and refined atmosphere.
+ Many interesting and defined characters.
+ Challenging and fun puzzles.
+ The general idea of the story and gameplay is a nice change of pace and done really well in its own right.
+ Various endings.

- (Possible spoiler.) "Morality" system is misguided. The way it's presented makes it seems like a morality gauge, but at the end, the game specifically tells you it's a choice between freedom and order. It makes no further comments about this being a philosophical or lifestyle point and is generally poorly done.
- Choices don't matter during gameplay minus a line of dialog here and there and, ultimately, only amount to which ending you get.
- For some reason, I feel this game is very forgettable. It tells a good story and has a lot to offer, but possibly because of its simplistic nature it doesn't stand out as well in memory as other video games do.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone at all interested in it or the concepts of it.
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on November 12, 2015
Can I just say I really love this game?
First I'll mention that when I got this it came with small booklet that had some concept art as well as other blurbs or excerpts about the game which was AWESOME for the price I got this at ($17) and totally unexpected. Seriously get it new, completely worth it.

Anyway, about the game. I'll be brief since there's a billion other reviews about the game.
I'm sure from the cover you can tell that it's not exactly a kids game; it's a game that's focused on the character's relationship morals and depending on your choices throughout the game your character will base his decisions on the overall moral standards of the choices.
Since this is a Shin Megami Tensei game, not everything is black and white. There's no good or bad and the 'justice' answer doesn't necessarily mean the right answer.

The character you play as (Vincent) starts off with a dilemma, relationship commitment. And this game explores that concept by throwing metaphors after metaphors as well as ridiculously tough puzzles at you that make you think outside the box.
I finished this game in 3 days (without watching other people play because according to my friends there are some LP'ers out there that really suck at this game) and those 3 days were one of my most stressful gaming experiences ever but also probably the most rewarding.

Essentially you have to climb a timed tower (the word 'timed' is used really loosely here) while pushing and pulling blocks to carve a path for yourself upward. The game for the first few puzzles will give you some strategies (if you ask around) and I like to think of it like math. You learn the basics but applying it takes skill. In order to be good at this game you can't just memorize patterns because not every situation is the same. You have to understand the basics and use that base to apply it quickly to the situation at hand because oh god, the game is NOT going to wait for you.
This game also has a challenge mode for those really out-of-box thinkers out there. Also, if you've watched other people play this game please don't use that feeling as a standard towards how you feel about this game. Watching people play doesn't give you the stress and the panic and the extreme ELATION when you actually complete the level.

Seriously though, for 17 bucks? Just get the game if you think you're an intelligent being that lacks a challenge.
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VINE VOICEon September 18, 2011

+ A humorous animated story balanced with addictive puzzle gameplay.
+ Multiple endings based on user choices.
+ Two-player Colosseum mode and Babel challenge stages increase replay value.
+ On repeat playthroughs, you can skip levels with a Gold ranking.


- Some puzzles can be very difficult, even in Easy mode.
- Time limit gameplay can be frustrating for some players.


The story introduces us to Vincent Brooks, an average guy with an average job and no ambitions to better himself. He's been a faithful boyfriend to Katherine McBride for the last 5 years, but she's beginning to lose patience with Vincent. After a night of drinking, a mysterious woman named Catherine seduces Vincent and throws his world into chaos.

Every night, Vincent dreams of climbing up dangerous towers of blocks and his skills are put to the test every time he closes his eyes. Strange deaths have been reported around the city and Vincent realizes that if he dies in his nightmares, he may not wake up at all...


There are 3 main areas of gameplay in Catherine:

(1) The Nightmare stages - in his dreams, Vincent stands at the base of a block tower wearing only his boxers and holding a pillow. He is given one task: to reach the top alive. Blocks can be pushed or pulled, and Vincent has a number of different obstacles in his blocks, bomb blocks, trap blocks, and more. There are various powerups and Enigma coins scattered throughout each level.

(2) The Landings - this is a resting place in between Nightmare stages. Vincent can talk to other sheep, learn/teach climbing techniques, and use Enigma coins to buy powerups. He has to answer a question to advance to the next stage, which can affect the outcome of the game.

(3) The Stray Sheep Bar - while he's awake, Vincent can interact with bar patrons, receive and send phone messages, play a mysterious video game called Rapunzel, and drink to his heart's content. Drinking to excess in the bar helps Vincent move faster in his nightmares...a useful survival skill!

There's a lot to love in this game. There are separate types of animation for the gameplay and the cutscenes, and it kept me focused on the story as a whole. The music was excellent, ranging from synth-pop to classical. I also liked the multiple endings; I kept playing again and again to figure out how Vincent's life would turn out based on my decisions.

Once the game is completed, it unlocks the option for 2 players to complete against each other in a race to the top on the stage of your choice.

Finally, if you earn a gold ranking for a Nightmare stage, you can skip that stage on your next playthrough, which saves you time to complete the other endings.


Each question in the Nightmare stages is designed to make the player examine their relationship morals. Here are some of them:

(1) Which is more "cheating" - an emotional tryst, or a physical fling?
(2) Could you ever be paid enough to go nude in public?
(3) Cosplay in the bedroom: Aye or Nay?
(4) Could you show everything in your inbox to your lover?

Your answers affect the end of the game, and if you're connection to the Playstation Network, you can see an average of how many people responded similar to you.


There are 50 trophies to earn in Catherine. You can earn trophies for watching each of the 8 endings, saving bar patrons from dying in their dreams, listening to trivia about alcohol, and more. Among the tougher trophies to earn are completing the Babel bonus stages, finishing all 64 levels of Rapunzel, and completing the entire game on Hard mode. Casual trophy hunters will earn roughly 9-15 in one playthrough, but for the trophy hounds, this game will challenge your puzzle solving skills.


Atlus is a company known for their difficult games, and Catherine will challenge your patience just as much (if not more) than Demon's Souls did. You might be on a run, making a good pace, your score multiplier is maxed out, and right before you reach the top, you slip on an ice block and fall to your death. This game is all about patience and planning.

The nice thing is, Catherine offers 4 difficulty modes. At the main screen, hover over the "Golden Theater" and hold down the Select button until you hear a chime. This will activate Very Easy mode. You can also change difficulties during the game if you're getting too frustrated.

Since Catherine is a game with time limits, it can be very frustrating to gamers who like to take their time with puzzles. Each stage can be retried later on with infinite continues, which helps to ease the frustration.


Catherine is one of the most unique games I have ever played. It's anime, it's about relationships, it's about responsibility, and it's a race to the top of a tower of blocks. It takes a little while to get used to the gameplay, but once you do, the next time you hear a church bell, don't be surprised if you find yourself thinking "THE BELL! I'M ALMOST THERE!"

Recommended for purchase, and I would highly recommend it for a rental as well. If you want to get some extra goodies, check out the "Love Is Over" Deluxe Edition.
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on February 16, 2014
After playing through the game on the Xbox 360 this was a must buy for PS3 (yes I did buy the game twice but it was worth it!)

The PS3 Pros of the game:
Graphics don't glitch since it wasn't ported to this system!
Awesome controller for better input experience when your in the heat of solving puzzles.
No noticeable stutters during game play!

None that annoy me enough to be worth mentioning or to remove stars for.

Get gold trophies on everything and start playing with a friend in the challenges they are a blast.
Learn how to cheat and undo at those inconvenient moments so you don't miss a beat as you progress
through the puzzles.
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