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VINE VOICEon April 4, 2009
The premise of the movie is clever. Dogs and cats can talk, think, build machines, and are in general as clever or more clever than we humans, but they just keep it all hidden. And they are in perpetual conflict against each other.

The plot is that a human (Jeff Goldblum) is on the verge of discovering a cure for dog allergies, and the cats want to reverse it an make all humans allergic to dogs. It's rather silly, and just furnishes a backdrop against which to show doghouses with sophisticated electronics, ninja cats, and other aspects of the cat vs. dog conflict.

Tobey McGuire (Spiderman) voices the protagonist dog, a puppy accidentally inserted into the conflict. Alex Baldwin, Joe Pantoliano, and Susan Sarandon do some of the other dogs. One of the great voices of our age, Charleton Heston is the leader of the dogs, but his part is brief. Sean Hayes gives a nice, over-the-top, supervillianesque performance as the cat antagonist, and Jon Lovitz does a good turn as his assistant. In general the animal voices are the highlight of the movie, along with the continually funny joke of the dogs possessing technology and intelligence about which we humans have no clue.

Elizabeth Perkins and Jeff Goldblum lead the cast of humans. Perkins is passable, but this is not one of Goldblum's better efforts. It's really the animal's show. I found the parts with the humans to be pretty boring.

The movie contains some good moments with the animals, though, such as the the Russian Blue cat operative breaking into the human's house. It balances out as something worth a watch for a Saturday afternoon popcorn movie, but probably not something you're going to drag out and watch every year or three.
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on October 19, 2001
In "Cats and Dogs," perhaps the best family film of the year, you'll get a healthy dose of hearty laughs, humorous jokes, and purr-fect fun. Combining live action animals with special effects and puppets, the movie is not as amusing for its technical wizardry as it is for its grandiose amount of wonderful, lighthearted comedy that is as fluffy as its Persian antagonist. Quite simply, the movie gave me the feeling of being a kid all over again.
In a classic role reversal, the movie plays the dogs as our heroes, while the much-beloved feline is the vicious villain. The plot needs little explanation: scientist Brody (Jeff Goldblum) is out to discover a cure for human allergic reactions to dogs. This, of course, has our feline fiends just waiting to get their hands on the finished product in hopes of reversing the process and taking over the world.
Led by Mr. Tinkles (voiced with a delightfully cocky wit by actor Sean Hayes), the cats wage an all-out war against the dogs trying to prevent their plans from success. This includes Lou (voiced by Tobey Maguire), who has become the new pet to Brody's son; his inexperience as an agent makes him a prime target for assault, though his comrades, led by the stern Butch (voiced by Alec Baldwin), offer him help and guidance in the ways of becoming an agent.
To dismiss the film on the basis of its special effects and plot logic is utterly ridiculous. The movie is a shining example of what it is: a successful children's film that is pleasing in every way imaginable. It features some of the funniest dialogue of the year, which is appealing more to understanding adults, while the non-stop camera movements, cheesy effects, and delightful characters will no doubt carry children along on its wild ride.
I found myself laughing uncontrollably with the film, watching such pranks as ninja cats wearing night-vision goggles, a cat coughing up bombs disguised as fur balls, and the best of them all, featuring Mr. Tinkles falling prey to the plump maid of his owner, who dresses him up in lacy outfits ("Evil does not wear a bonnet! Did Genghis Khan ever wear a bonnet?"). It's all in the interest of tickling our fancy, and I must say, I laughed uncontrollably.
Though actors Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, and Alexander Pollock do impressive work as the human family, they cannot hold a candle to the voice actors who supply the dialogue for our friends in fur, including Tobey Maguire, Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Michael Duncan Clarke, Joe Pantoliano, and the great Charlton Heston. Each of the characters is voiced magnificently by their actor, though none so brilliant as Sean Hayes, who is a real hoot as Mr. Tinkles. His devilish wit and impressive voice talent are amusing, a Dr. Evil for the younger set, if you will.
To call "Cats and Dogs" anything but good, clean fun only proves the cynicism of adulthood. The movie is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic films of the genre I've seen in quite a while, a cross between the animal physicalities of "Homeward Bound" and the technical spy intelligence of the "James Bond" films. This is the ultimate definition of "cute," and is nothing short of total, complete fun.
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on January 5, 2002
This family movie will offer great fun for all, or at least all dog lovers. Here dogs are the undisputed good guys, whilst cats are all evil. Cats are underway to ensure that scientist Jeff Goldblum will never finish his serum to make all humans allergy-free to dogs. They plan to reverse the effects to make everyone allergic to dogs.
Perhaps the most frustrating thing about 'Cats And Dogs' is that it's obviously biased, especially for a movie that scoffs at people for actually having a favourite animal! That said, the special effects are fantastic and it's jam-packed with great characters and one-liners. For instance, a dog labelling himself 'Toto Annihilation' will have you rolling in your seats. Plus there's the fact that cat lovers can console themselves in the fact that the felines are undoubtedly the best characters, from the dictatorship of Mr Tinkles to the Samurai fighting cats and the Russian spy cat. The dogs, for their part, are mostly pretty wet, except for a marvellous Susan Sarandon as a stray mutt. Although it's surprising that many of the celebrity voices are highly unrecognisable. Indeed, you hardly notice Alec Baldwin or Toby Maguire.
Unfortunately though, for all it's style and obvious wit, it still has such a lame plot that you'll be gagging from some real action. It's the characters that engage rather than the big action sets. The idea is good too, but it's still more flashy effects than story or character progression. Thankfully though, the ladles of sickly sentiment are not as bad as in many kids' movies.
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on June 15, 2016
I purchased this movie and previously purchased a Vizio television with an AMAZON VIDEO App that includes an "Amazon" BUTTON on the remote control - PURCHASED not rented - in reliance on the availability of this AND MANY OTHER MOVIES for viewing by my PERMANENTLY DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED 26 YEAR OLD daughter on the AMAZON Video App on the remote because she is not, as a consequence of her disability, able to maneuver screens and log-ins on a television. In fact, I have purchased over 140 (ONE HUNDRED FORTY) movies on Amazon Video in reliance on her ability to view them on her television, which she is not able to do on other televisions we own, such as Sony televisions, having complex menu systems. Now, TODAY, JUNE 15, 2016, Amazon has decided to discontinue support of Amazon Video on her Vizio television and instead wants me to buy a Firestick for $50, which she will undoubtedly be unable to use! This is fraud. This is likely also a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and just bad business!!!!!! Do not BUY ANY AMAZON VIDEOS unless you intend to purchase a new television every year to keep up with Amazon's unscrupulous and fraudulent business practices.
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on January 12, 2010
I have 2 daughters who absolutely loved this movie!! My 7 year-old was laughing so hard at times she couldn't catch her breath. Their friend, grandmother, father and I thought it was pretty funny, too. We all agree that Mr. Tinkles (the white cat) was the best part of the movie - he's hilarious! I would definitely give this one a thumbs up:)
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on January 8, 2005
Cats and dogs are, without a doubt, the two most popular pets in the world. Who can resist those cats when they purr while rubbing up against your face? And what about man's best friend, when they look at you with those cute, puppy eyes?

Of course, that purring and those puppy eyes are all just an act, to hide from us humans the fact that there is a war going on between cats and dogs. The cats want to take over the world, once again forcing humans to submit to their will, while dogs are determined to protect humanity from the evil cats.

That, in a nutshell, is the plot of "Cats & Dogs," a sometimes funny, but flawed, look at a battle going on right underneath our clueless noses.

Overall, this movie is quite funny and enjoyable to watch. There are several truly hilarious moments (the entire ninja cats sequence is the best) and the voice-overs are great. But the special effects, especially in the beginning of the movie, leave a lot to be desired. There are several spots throughout the movie when you are jarred out of the fantasy of the movie because what you are seeing looks so fake.

The DVD version does come with some interesting extras, some of which are different depending on whether you select the dog or cat choice in the beginning.

This is probably a movie you will want to rent first before you buy. Although most people will enjoy it, not too many will be interested in watching it again and again.
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on February 2, 2016
My daughter loves this movie. It's really cute. My wife and I laughed out loud multiple times during it. Like I said it's really cute, so you can watch it multiple times and not get too tired of it. Which happens when you have kids.
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on June 11, 2014
The premise is interesting, the cast is decent (even Jeff Goldblum), and it's kind of a fun movie. It's just not really my thing. I will admit that the interactions between Tinkles, the main antagonist of the film, voiced by Sean Hayes, and his right-hand cat, Calico, voiced by Jon Lovitz, were funny...the driving/ransom video scene were especially funny. But the laughs were few and far between. I'm sure younger kids will get more out of this and good for them. But even with Alec Baldwin and Toby McGuire as the leads, it's just not my thing. That's really all I've got to say on that. Enjoy.
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on December 1, 2015
Box a little smashed...but what would you expect from a clam shell case that is essentially vintage anyway. Still good deal for my money...however would have appreciated knowing that before I purchased.
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on February 19, 2015
Fun movie for downtime. Cats are self-serving and dogs are heroic; these two stereotypes play well into this film. Cats are trying to take over the world and dogs are trying to save the world from being taken over by cats. It's full of fun bits and laughs at ourselves through our dogs.
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