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on August 8, 2012
My older gelding had been acting lame when I rode him. I called my farrier and he had some suggestions. One of which was to try a pair of these boots. Boy did it do the trick! No more lameness, no more reluctance to go on the trails. Easy to put on and take off. Super secure. I never had one come loose or slip. Heavy duty and made to last. Great traction. Can't say enough good things. Check their website for fitting info - you need to have the right size.
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on July 26, 2013
I love the Cavallo Simple Boot, and keep 2 pair for each of our riding horses. Sometimes I only use the front pair, but when riding in real rocky terrain, I will use all 4. We used to shoe our horses, which added up to a lot of money, when we may not even ride during that 6 week period. For just over what I pay for a set of 4 shoes, I can buy a pair of boots. Now, if we have periods when we cannot ride, I don't feel so guilty about the money spent on shoes. My first set (4) has lasted me several years and are still in good shape. I know some complain about the velcro not staying together, but I don't have this problem (I do ride in mud). There are keepers, included in the box, which you can use to keep the velcro down. Also, you just have to be diligent to rinse them off well after each use, making sure to really clean out any debris in the velcro. If you take good care of them, they will last many years. I expect that since the base is made of leather, any good shoe repair place can replace the velcro when it wears out, but I'm not there yet. I highly recommend these boots!
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on January 2, 2014
These boots have been amazing. Easy to put on, easy to take off, do not rotate, and get a great snug fit. I recently have pulled shoes off two of my horses who have poor hoof walls, thin soles and easily lose shoes. These boots have been wonderful~ my horses stay comfortable while their feet grow out. Amazon has the best price around- I did add the gel liner and am happy with that as well- I feel the extra cushion is beneficial. It has been very cold here, with hard rutted ground and my horses are staying sound. It did warm up a few days ago, and the horses were walking in mud- so I took the boots off. Completely amazed that there was no mud on their hooves. These boots really keep out the mud and debris, yet they have draining areas so their feet never stay "soaking" if it were to rain. These boots are one of my best purchases- and have held up well.
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on January 19, 2013
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on August 28, 2013
Cavallo Simple boots are made for round hooves.

So far they are the ONLY boot I have found to fit my haflinger. I understand there are some 'wide' boots available ow through Easy Boot at about the same price level.

ONe of the things i love about this boot is the 1mm 'rise' around the outside of the foot platform. this allows sand, water etc to easily exit the boot while allowing for a more natural 'downward bone movement' inside the hoof and frog function with each step. I am sold on these 100% if they fit.

For the money .. one shoeing and shoe removal = approx cost of ONE Pair. And these are roomy enough to fit from trim to trim. The comfort cushions and pastern wraps are great for 'fresh trim' size and by the time 4 weeks is up I am down to using just the boot. And they protect the hoof, not stymie normal hoof function.

I use the clips to keep the velcro straps more secure when riding across country, chasing cows or riding trails. it's just easier. any saddle or shoe repair place i think could replace or repair those straps too if necessary.

They stay ON. They FIT ROUND hooves and they protect from rocks and heat (pavement) providing GREAT shock absorbency and hoof support for a horse that has to pack around a hefty rider or a smaller rider with a heavy saddle and saddle bags.

They are easy enough to put on and the horses LOVE the 'rock relief' they get from them so up pops the hooves and patience even from the ancy QH 'rodeo queen' horse and the squirmy old Haflinger gelding. I never had this experience with other hoof boots... I can also put medicated pads in the boots for the old horse who tends to get thrush or shed his frogs way too often and let him wear them during the day. The QH has thin soles so she can have hers on over night if she is really uncomfortable.

The cushion pads designed to be used with these are fabulous to help prevent sore legs and are great to use for longer trailer rides and any time after a fresh trim! My horses wear their booties in the trailer and neither one paw nearly as much, infact the mare does NOT paw or act stupid in the trailer with boots on her feet.. fronts only or all 4. Same with the old halflinger with the bad tendon. Added traction and cushioning I think is the reason.

The only drawback is the gap at the back of the boot so the 'hollow' of the pastern can get pretty full of stickers and i am always afraid one of them will pick up sharp gravel or sticks. Cavallo NEEDS a gaitor Bell boots help so do the pastern wraps and leg wraps. i'Ve gotten VERY clever with batting, tapes and vet wrap along with no turn Bell boots and polo wraps with 'ice' inserts for long rides through stickery areas.. especially where Mexican Puncture weed is an issue.

Traction is also greatly improved! I am considering buying 4 more pair so they can each have 'studded' shoes for winter as the ice can be horrendous here.

Shoes don't come close to this type of protection or hoof/leg support. Cavallo for our saucer hooved beasties is the best bang for our buck. And .. we get NO buck as getting a rock wedged in a hoof, a stone bruise or a ripped frog or sole from rocks... not an issue with these boots!

i am sold on these, can you tell?
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on July 27, 2013
The Cavallo boot is so much easier to apply and remove than the Easy Boot. It out preforms and seems more comfortable for my horse. I wish I had tried these sooner!
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on July 10, 2013
These are good boots in many ways. Very easy to get on, inexpensive, durable, good grip, good fit, no rub marks, stay on well and stay straight. However, if your trails have weeds and stickers, you will want to invest in a different boot. EVERY nook and cranny fills with foxtails, including all of the velcro, which makes it not work anymore. The inside holds almot a cup of stickers once they pack themselves in. To get them out, you must curry comb the velcro for 15 minutes each, which ruins it and pulls the stitching out. I have tried vet wrap to keep the stickers out to no avail, it just bunches up at the ankles. Bell boots might work, but they'd have to be rubber and tight around the ankle. These have only been on a few rides with me and are already becoming useless due to the stickers. I never found any review mentioning this issue, so I thought I'd try to save some people riding like trails their time and money!
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on February 3, 2014
I have two horses, half-sisters. One has bullet-proof rocks for feet; the other was not so lucky. These boots even them up. Basically, hiking boots or tennis shoes for horses, however you wish to think of them. They are easy as pie to put on and remove. Once on, the horse is just as stable as bare feet. They have a nice collar which excludes most debris, and doesn't seem to injure the horse at all. When she is sore-footed, I put these on either during daylight, or even leave on a couple days should she need a foot rest. She always seems renewed when the boots are removed, what I mean is that the boots seem to allow her feet the needed rest from the rocks etc. and she is good to go again. Save lots of cash, since she required front shoes 24/7/365 to be sound. They are not perfect, in that they do tend to wear a bit. I have found the stitching to be the problem with her. I extend the shoe life by putting strategically torn pieces of duct tape over the wear places, preserving the factory stitching. These wear places are between the hoof and the inside of the boot. The soles seem relatively long-lived, but she paws rarely so that might be an issue if your horse paws. Finally, she seems to love having them on, and of course we all want happy horses. Very pleased.
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on December 1, 2015
I actually have size 2s. Both in Simple and Sports and a few other sizes also, with 14 to 15.2h horses I always needs the 1s and 2s so they get used the most, 3s seem to be for bigger horses. The Simple is for round feet, my fully transitioned barefoot 14h draft mustang cross who had under run heels, terrible thrush up into the hoof, massive heel pain and forward foot syndrome with extremely long toes that landed toe first for years before I got him and years after through a succession of farriers trying different methods to fix him til I finally got sick of it and had a barefoot trimmer come in. When I transitioned him I used these, they are great. Stay on through anything, sucking mud, rocky trails, deep water. They do get some gravel and hitchhiker seeds in them. He loves them. Steps right into them. He now has a round short hoof, lands heel first confidently (took 2 years of barefoot Pete Ramey and ABC methods) and what a HUGE difference! I looked at many other boots friends have and these are by far the easiest. I only wish these had a breakover point slightly further back like the Sport boots do. I prefer how horses move more naturally in the Sport boots, same confidence, just a more natural stride. I use them on navicular cases and arthritic horses and what a difference. My Draft/Mustang pony still wears the Simples for extreme trails, climbing rocky inclines, he can do it without but steps more confidently with them. Normal trails we no longer need them but for transitioning and a few extreme rides a year- they are awesome. Highly recommend for the price, love how they fit multiple horses. They rub if a bit loose or in between sizes when turned out or ridden hard in them, but can't be beat for the ease of use. Throw them in the washer when dirty and run an oiled rag over them when they come out to keep leather supple (again I prefer the material of Sports but can't get them for round feet only oval). Clean velcro with a furminator or clipper blade, a few swipes and good as new. I"ve used these for over 2 years now and holding up great
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on October 20, 2013
I love the Simple Boots. Easy to put on and remove. They also hold up good on rough terrain. I am using them on a horse who was very under nourished so he does not grow any foot. He is transforming to barefoot after being shown in shoes. I am sure he will only need to use the boots for about 1 year, then he will be able to go total barefoot. But for the transmission period, he is using these boots and they fit perfect and work great.
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