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on June 8, 2014
I like the idea of a gluten-free and dairy-free cookie. However, I was not satisfied with their Rainforest cookie; one thing I found was there were not enough cherries and at 150 calories for two cookies, I am a little shocked, since they seem like a petite cookie with ingredients that are more "natural." I might consider another flavor.

I received the package in excellent condition and on time, but as for the cookie itself, I would not buy this again.
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on October 22, 2013
I'm not a Paleo eater. I more closely follow the "clean eating" dietary guidelines. But I thought I would try these out on a whim after chatting with a friend who really into Paleo.

As a clean eater, I routinely make "cleaned up" versions of things, including flourless cookies and such like. And I've had plenty of cleaned-up cookies much yummier than these. Just made some almond butter cookies recently that are close to Paleo rules, and all my friends demand that I make more of those every time I make them. I'm pretty sure no one would be demanding that I make more of these Caveman cookies if I brought them to a party though.

If you're looking for a health-food type of cookie replacement and you're Paleo, maybe you will enjoy them more than me. But if you aren't Paleo, they're a bit too stick-and-twig.

I gave it two stars.
1) For living up to their Paleo philosophy.
2) For a pretty good granola bar type of taste.

I deducted three stars.
1) Flavors like the pepper and fruit could have been played up just a bit more. Obviously I don't want cookies to burn my tongue, but you could barely taste the pepper at all it was so scant, and there could have been a bit more nutmeg too.
2) Package is small for the amount you pay. Even considering that it's a specialty item. I would actually pay more for a bigger package, really. The package is just small with small cookies.
3) Would probably sell much better in log-shapes labeled as Caveman granola bars. I think these are just poorly marketed.

I also vaguely wondered about all the cookies being individually wrapped in cellophane. Seems like a Caveman philosophy might also want to embrace more biodegradable packaging, liked waxed paper? Or maybe I'm confusing clean-eating philosophy with paleo philosophy. Still. It seemed silly to individually wrapped these tiny cookies. They should have just all been in a sleeve together.
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on November 23, 2013
Cookies were hard and dry. Yuck. I don't think that I will be repurchasing this particular flavor again. No thanks.
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on June 6, 2013
This was the worst cookie I ever tasted. One bite was enough for me. Do Not Order ! I will be asking for a refund.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 14, 2015
I am not on a Paleo diet (which would be very difficult for a vegetarian like me), but I got a couple of these in a subscription box and decided to try them.

They are not going to remind you of cookies made with flour, but if you are avoiding grain for some reason, they're not terrible. They're pretty chewy and not crumbly but their texture reminds me more of an energy bar than it does of a cookie. They're pretty small, for what it's worth (although a serving is two cookies, not just one).

You can see the full ingredients list and nutrition facts panel in the product images. I did not even realize until afterwards that these were supposed to have cayenne in them -- I didn't taste it. I did taste the cherries, but there really weren't many of them at all. This was mostly just chewy and tasted basically like nuts. It didn't crumble or fall apart, but it also wasn't hard.

Protein and fiber are pretty good for a packaged snack, but there is a lot of sugar in these and it's almost all added sugar (as honey, primarily). I think if I am going to eat something so small with 12 grams of sugars, I'd rather go for some candy.

In the end, this was OK but nothing too exciting. If you are on a restricted diet and this meets your needs, it's definitely worth a try. Otherwise, there are more enjoyable ways to consume sugar if that is your plan.
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on July 6, 2012
Disappointed in the flavor of the cookie. It's actually very small, sticky and not tasty. For 100 calories you can find many other foods to eat for a snack.
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on November 11, 2013
Not for me. Just a strange texture and flavor. I don't think that there is anything they can do to improve these.
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on October 23, 2015
My fiance and I have totally different opinions on these cookies. He loves them, and I'm not crazy about them, so I figured I should review them and give both of our opinions to give you some perspective. First, he tends to like cookies and bars that contain fruit and nuts more than I do. I'm more of an indulgent, sweets eater. We both like chewy cookies and can't stand anything crumbly or crunchy. And we're both very healthy eaters, adhering to a fairly strict paleo diet. And both of us have frequently been very disappointed by paleo products, mainly due to the high price not matching the quality or quantity.

He says that these cookies are the perfect texture, a combination between chewy with the right amount of crunch. I personally feel that they taste like a protein or energy bar as far as texture goes, except they're very, very small, and I would have to eat about 4 of them to feel like I ate a complete dessert or snack. He doesn't seem to mind their small size, but once again, he's not a dessert/sweets kind of guy.

I feel like they're much too gritty and I prefer cookies that contain chocolate or peanut butter or something that's a bit more decadent. These taste very healthy to me - not that that's a bad thing. Here's the thing: eating paleo isn't always easy, and it's great to have a product that you can just grab and snack on and not have to bake yourself, so I'm always grateful for products like these cookies. It's just that I find myself never reaching for them and instead, even if I'm tired, pulling out my mixing bowl and setting the oven to "bake" instead. It's not that they're awful, it's just that they don't entice me at all. But then there's my fiance who orders them as a splurge item, and who knows - different taste buds, different strokes.. something like that!

I guess the thing that bugs me the most about these though really is the size of them. For the price, they could throw in a couple more cookies or something. I realize paleo products are always expensive. I'm used to shelling out cash for my healthy diet, but most of the time I can justify it and with these, I just feel like they aren't worth the money. That being said, they make my fiance smile and it wasn't too long ago (a few years back) that he was eating Moon Pies and candy bars, so I'll gladly keep ordering them for him!
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on April 6, 2013
I am getting back to Paleo after years and health issues convinced me to go back. Man have things changed. Last time I did this, it was just meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, berries. No coconut flour or almond flour. Now we have products like these - and I wanted to like them. I will eat them - I wish I had only bought one box to try, instead of three flavors. They will be good to keep in my bag along with Tonka bars, for snacking when I am out and about.

First, the cookies are just a little bigger than a 1/2 dollar, individually wrapped. There are only 8 in the box. Now, I know that paleo I gradients are more expensive, but $7 for 8 small cookies seems a little much. I googled Paleo Chocolate Chip cookies - you ca use Easy Life or dark chocolate chips, chunks, or chopped up bars - that are made with almond and coconut flour. They were amazing and way cheaper to make.

As others said, these are chewy and not very sweet - kinda odd aftertaste. They taste more like a Lara Bar, with a similar consistency to a protein bar. Again, they were about two bites each.

So, I will use them, to carry for snacks, but I have found dozens of recipes for Paleo cookies that I think are way better. Plus, as part of Paleo, we are supposed to avoid processed foods - these are just too easy to have on hand all the time. Now if I want cookies, I have to make them - which kills my cravings a lot of the time.

If you have kids and the $, I could see where these would be good as snacks for school or lunches.
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I'm tired of stingy reviewers. I know it says 4 stars mean you like a product and 5 that you love it and people seem to think that they really have to LOVE something to give it 5 stars. I think if a product is good and I enjoy it, it deserves 5 stars, even if there are little issues with it. So these cookies get 5 stars because I think they're delicious. I could have knocked them down because I wasn't expecting that little heat from the cayenne but cayenne is listed on the ingredients, I just didn't think to look for it and the heat isn't too bad even for me and I'm a wimp. These are paleo cookies, they're not going to be buttery, super-sweet, and thick like your regular cookies but for what they are, they're fantastic... and even for a cookie in general, they're very good. They have just the right amount of sweetness and a nice chewiness that is almost like how a caramel is chewy. What impressed me the most was how they're individually wrapped. I love that, I can eat one cookie without worrying about the whole bag going stale before I get to it. I enjoyed these so much, I went and ordered every other flavor. So don't let the other stingy reviewers dissuade you, these are great cookies... just don't judge them by normal cookie standards.
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