Customer Reviews: Celtic Woman: Believe
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on January 17, 2013
The music is good and the scenery and sets are good, but for some reason, this is just not my favorite of the Celtic Woman DVD's. I love the music and their voices, but if I want to watch Celtic Woman, this is not my first choice.
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on March 2, 2012
Now before I start my review I want to first prove that I'm a Celtic Woman fan because I'm sure what I have to say about this performance will upset some of the more dedicated Celtic Woman fans. In addition to having almost every CD, DVD, and solo album I traveled from SF to the city of Quebec, literally from one end of the continent to the other to see former CW member Meav perform at the Quebec Celtic Music Festival, and it was well worth the journey.

Now with regards to CW Believe I'm afraid that the group has hit its all time low...

First off the group has only three singers; CW prior to this has always had at least 4 singers (CW New Journey had 5 singers) and you can clearly see/hear the difference with one less singer. And personally I feel that they tried to substitute this with what I felt was cheap theatrics such as all the dancing and the confetti at the end.

Second, I feel that Lisa Lambe falls short of the mark; now she is a very good singer with a very lovely voice but I feel that she fails to measure up to previous CW members such as Meav or Lynn who are exceptional singers.

And thirdly, I feel that the show wasn't very Celtic; Mairead was really the only celtic element in the performance. It seemed like they had very few celtic songs when they normally have a even balance between celtic, pop, and classical music; this performance had mostly pop songs. Personally I think that CW became less celtic when Orla Fallon left.

Now saying all that I still enjoyed watching the concert, I thought it was well done and very entertaining; I particularly loved the songs "Bridge over Troubled Waters", "Téir Abhaile Riú", "Green Grow The Rushes", and "Ave Maria"
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on January 4, 2012
Watched this on PBS and was distressed by several issues. First, there were only three "Celtic Women" singers and the preparation for the tour seemed at a significantly lower level than all prior tours. I missed the crystal clarity of the missing voices of Maev, Hayley, Alex, and Lynn from prior tours. Second, most of the pieces were either solos or unison arrangements and the overall impression comes across as musically anemic and unpolished compared with the rich harmonies and tight timing synch of the prior tours. I was looking forward to seeing this next tour in person, but will most likely pass on this year's version as it is not up to the standard I have come to expect in Celtic Woman performances. It is not BAD, it just is clearly a "rebuilding year" and it shows too much.
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on February 7, 2012
Regretfully I can't gush over 'Believe'.
It's just not as good as previous shows -- my critique is aimed solely at the Producers, not the girls, who are wonderful.

Too many of the numbers did nothing for me -- that's one man's opinion, subjective as it is.
Hopefully, in the fullness of time, one or two might grow on me.


Why oh why did they record the concert in Atlanta?

We can all agree that the Fox is a beautiful theater -- if you're doing GONE WITH THE WIND you couldn't find better.

This is an Irish group, surely they could find another suitable location in Ireland?

No doubt the girls sing just as beautifully in Atlanta, but outside of the Motherland you do lose a certain ineffable something.

Maybe it's money, maybe it was cheaper to tape in Atlanta?
If it was a financial decision -- I've heard there are some nice theaters in Kazakhstan that rent for a song (pun intended)

Please, for goodness sakes, go back home for the next one.
I don't care if you tape the show in the Ladies Room of the Dublin Central Railway Station, just DO IT IN IRELAND !


Has anyone else noticed that the number of 'stars' is going down ?
'New Journey' had 6 ( 5 singers + 1 ), 'Songs From The Heart' had 5, this one has 4.
Are the Producers trying to shave costs here too?

With this sort of downward progression, how long can it be before they trot out our beautiful Chloe to do the show solo?
(and then I expect they will remind us that the name is CELTIC WOMAN, singular ! )

Now just to prove I'm not 100% grinch, I must praise Management for their choice of Lisa Lambe ( Lisa #2 )
She's a ravishing stunning redhead with a perfectly enunciated angelic voice.
Were I only 20 years younger? ( Okay, let's get real, 30 years younger.)

PS: "Jumping the Shark" alludes to an episode from the HAPPY DAYS sitcom, in which Fonzie jumped over a plastic shark. A critic later opined that the show went down-hill after that, and in fact it was cancelled not long thereafter.
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on January 2, 2012
I just think they use their arms too much. Like in 'A Spaceman Came Travelling' - how to the arms add to the song at all?
And I always thought a tribute was more than two songs, but there you go.
A New Journey is still, and will seemingly always be, my favourite Celtic Woman concert.
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on February 14, 2016
one of my least favorite celtic woman but cmon, its still, celtic woman
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on July 16, 2014
Only 3 stars has the sound near the end was a bit distorted.
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on January 14, 2012
Like most others here, I saw the show on PBS. What is their director thinking? The choice of songs was really off. I am tired of hearing Ave Maria, not to mention Bridge Over Troubled Waters which I thoroughly hate. I don't want to hear songs that have been over-done by others. They need to be a little more creative about what they sing. They are Celtic Woman so I prefer they do a predominance of that type of music. Their singing was fine but I was suspicious it was not a live performance.

Their new singer is great and I enjoyed watching her even if a little over-exhuberant. Chloe needs to stop holding her arms out at her sides. She looks unnatural and I was hoping she had stopped doing that pose. Her singing has improved and is lovely. I personally like the addition of the children singing with them and I am assuming it was to add to this particular show since it was lacking in the number of singers. Perhaps they couldn't find women with the availability to do the tour. Unlike others here I liked the step dancing addition. It was very refreshing to see something added to the show that enhanced the performance. There is no reason they can't have dancers and other things (special guests) for their numbers. As for reviewing the disc itself, I don't intend on buying it because of all these issues.

I hope this next show will have more than two singers with Lisa going on maternity leave. As for the blueray, there are numbers of people still using the older television sets and having blueray will make no difference even if they can play them. I haven't noticed this big significant difference and I have a new tv and possibly blueray is slightly better than DVD but I could care less. I want DVDs and not blueray. Hopefully they will offer that but I don't see the need personally. I've always considered it nothing more than a money making scheme.
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on January 29, 2012
Well, to begin: Only three Celtic Women sang on this recording, backed by an unnumbered but overwhelming chorus. If I wanted Choir Music, I would have ordered any number of other groups and would expect a choir performance.

I loved Celtic Women when there were four, or even five Celtic Women singing without HUGE NUMBERS of backup singers. I think they have "jumped the shark" with these production values.

Bring back the simple Irish lasses whose singing was good enough to stand by itself.
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on February 8, 2012
Not with the venue, the songs, or the orchestration.
Here's whats disappointing:
The quality of the video is horrible. Anything other than a closeup is fuzzy. It's not my dvd player or my tv causing the problem, it's the dvd itself. Not asking for blu-ray perfection, just the same quality I get from every other concert/movie I have in my collection. I don't even own a blu-ray player.
Also disappointing is the way Celtic Woman is becoming like a box of chocolates,,,,,,,,,,,,you never know what you're gonna get. Last year Alex & Lynn were introduced, but just as soon as you warmed up to them, they're gone. Now we have Lisa L (who I think is fantastic) replacing Alex & Lynn. How long will she be around? Don't get too attached.
In reality Celtic Woman should be called Celtic Trio,,, with Chloe, Maried & Lisa K (when she's not having a baby), along with one or two temporary fill-ins as needed.
I hope they don't start taking their fans for granted & just throw anybody/anything out there, figuring the name itself is enough of a draw. Fans have their limits.
And PLEASE do something about the video quality. A smart phone can do better. : = (
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