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How much water does this machine extract after going through a rinse cycle of a regular washer?
Please check out the video.

Edit 11/13/10: I've been asked how much water this spin dryer extracts. The red Ziploc container I use fills up on a larger load. The container is 32 ounces.
Also, a tip I've found that helps is to close and lock the dryer before it's plugged in. I know it seems like common sense, but I have plugged it in first and then closed and locked, and for some reason it seems to shake more. Also, I've unlocked it before it stops and it seems to shake more. It's a good measure in my opinion, to lock and then plug, and then unplug and then unlock. Some may still have more common sense than me on this issue, but I'm just trying to help the people who have made the mistake as me. Anyway, peace out, and have a good one.

Edit 03/10/12: as for the brake issue. My brake has never worked, as I wasn't even aware there was one. Another poster made an excellent video review on the newer version, and the brake does work. I wish I knew of this, as I would have sent it back immediately. If there are any suggestions on how to fix the brake, please post a comment below.

Edit: 11/25/12: Spin dryer still works very well, but the brake issue annoyed me. The model I've had for 3 years still extracts water like a champ. I bought the newer model (picture comparison posted), and it is a lot less noisy and seems to take a little more time (20 seconds or so) to get to the speed where it extracts water like the older model did. The lid is nicer because you can see what's going on, but the metal lid seemed sturdier. I really prefer the metal lid. Also, the company contacted me in the comments, about making sure the clothes are evenly distributed. Of course I knew that, but it was too frustrating. With the newer machine, I have a lot less shakes and a lot less noise (most times no movement whatsoever). A definite improvement in having the machine gradually speed up, but I have to say I prefer the metal lid. Overall though, the newer spin dryer is nicer, and is a step in the right direction. I purchased the machine at the company's website. It ended up being about fifteen dollars less. If I remember correctly, they don't charge tax.
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on November 13, 2011
I've been using the Laundry Alternative spin dryer for about five months along with a Rapid Washer - DIY Manual Hand Washing Machine+bucket washing system. My clothes are cleaner and have less wear and tear than when I've been using coin operated machines. I've been incredibly impressed with how much water this unit removes from the clothes. It's made my life a lot easier to cutting down on trips requiring me to carry heavy loads to the laundromat. The energy and cost savings are significant as well. I bought my spin dryer through an Amazon advertised external link; it is the newer model shown with the clear blue lid. My observations about this machine:

Requires CAREFUL loading as per the directions. Shortcuts here will lead to poor results, noise, having to unload/reload/wasting time and unnecessary wear and tear on the machine. By loading it correctly not only do you get a better result in extracting the water but most importantly it avoids the issue of unblanced loads which can harm the machine over time.

Regarding noise: when the load is properly balanced it makes about as much noise as an average dishwasher. Again, after reading reviews and seeing youtube demos prior to purchasing this unit, I knew what to expect and I am VERY careful to ensure it does NOT become unbalanced.

This machine CAN handle heavy items (up to 13lbs) but I don't usually do several towels or jeans at a time in this unit because I have trouble lifting those items when they are wet.

Other observations:
You can clearly see if you have soap residue left in the clothes and this unit has helped me to learn the proper amounts of and type of soap to use according to the load. My line dried clothes feel much softer than if I had tried to wring them myself. I agree with another review that spinning longer is NOT better; if you wait till there's just a bare trickle of water to stop the unit and give a quick *snap* before hanging then the clothes will dry fairly wrinkle free.

Now that it is fall and going into winter I have had to upgrade my Rapid Washer - DIY Manual Hand Washing Machine method to a Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine 5.5lbs Capacity to be able to deal with knits and heavier items. I'll update this review if anything changes opinion wise when I have done a significant amount of loads with heavier fabrics.
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on September 23, 2009
I bought this machine to go along with my Wonderwash Mini Portable Clothes Washing Machine because there was not way I wanted to wring out my wet clothes after washing. I saw the videos on YouTube, read the reviews, decided to give it a try and I LOVE IT.

The machine is so easy to use; you simply place your sopping wet clothes into the unit making sure you balance your load. Place the rubber disk on top of the clothes. Close the dryer and switch the lever to "On" and watch the machine do its thing. In about 2-3 minutes the machine spins the excess water out of your clothes and leaves them damp to the touch. Of course you will need to place a container under the unit to collect the excess water, because a lot of water comes out of the clothes. My synthetic clothes came out practically dry. After spinning I simply laid them on a drying rack for a few hours to finish the drying.

I'm always amazed by the amount of water that comes out of the clothes. The unit is pretty quiet except when the load is unbalanced. For unbalanced loads you simply stop the machine and move some items around to even it out and start it up again.

Of course this unit is not as compact as the Wonderwash Laundry Mini Countertop Clothes Spin Dryer Portable Clothes Dryer or the Wonder Wash. It's about the size of a tall kitchen trash can and can be stored away in a corner or a closet.

I really like my Wonder Wash but the Spin Dryer has the overall the cool factor going for it. This is an amazing machine!
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on March 17, 2010
I find this spin dryer a useful machine. I had reservations about the price, however after the first two loads I feel glad I bought it. I ran through it two soppy wet loads, and both nearly dry in under five minutes total from time put in to time taken out.

I wash mostly by hand and like not having to wring clothes to reduce their drying time. This fits the bill nicely. The machine weighs almost a hefty 25 lbs and seems well made. I had a few minor issues on the first use, yet quickly found solutions. The issues I will mention in case you find my solutions useful.

Issue. I can see how the plastic lid for the clothes can easily get lost or damaged - so question: how to replace? Does spin-dryer maker sell extras and at what price? Can I make my own out of a 9.5in disc of durable vinyl?

Issue: I noticed a stream of water that somehow leaked from the base of the unit during spinning. So question: can I place the unit on a rubber mat, perhaps with a raised edge like a rubber car mat to catch the chance spill? Perhaps the leak came from the spout, even though I kept a dish under.

Issue: The lid difficult to grab to raise it. Solution, I put a piece of self stick rubber disc on the edge (the kind of disc normally put under a vase to keep scratches off furniture).

Issue: When sopping wet clothes put into the spinner, a lot of water gushes out, overflowing any small dish. The first try I found myself using two bowls back to back, running back and forth to empty each one. Solution: I found a five quart salad bowl to put under the spout, plenty enough with a 5.5in high edge, flat bottom and 15 inches diameter.

Issue: Even though I tried to get the last water out of the bottom by tilting the unit, after I stored it away, a half hour later I found a puddle of water on the tile floor at the spout. Solution: I put a sponge under the tap to catch the dribble.

Issue: Moves across floor during excess vibration. My solution: hold down with strong hands on the top edge of the unit (not on the lid which can pop in) to prevent skittering on a damp floor. It appears the feet are not actually functioning suction cups. I just hold it down firmly for the minute or less I will run the machine. I find no need to run it till drip stops completely, just run it till water stops gushing, then unplug unit (or turn off switch on power supply), lean unit over to dribble out remaining water, then remove clothes AFTER machine stops - NEVER put hands into spinning tank. I will point out that in spite of my "issues" I find this a fantastic household machine.

Issue: Machine rocks loudly when I try to spin dry a single towel. My solution: a pair of men's heavy shoes on top of the vinyl disc - I used rubber clogs just in case they got wet, which did not happen. The shoes added enough weight so it spun without a knock. I guess any pair of shoes or even three baseballs may work just as well, as long as heavy - though my lightweight house slippers did not.

CONCLUSION: Based on the time and the work it saves me, and its efficiency, I RECOMMEND HIGHLY and would buy this machine again (paid 145.95usd on Amazon in March 2010).
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on July 20, 2011
I bought the previous model of this spin dryer in 10/2009 from Laundry Alternatives. I was happy with it while it lasted; I used it for 2 - 6 spins per week, but then the door latch stopped working (it will no longer open when the spinning stops) in 7/2011, after using it for 21 months (maybe 300-500 spins). It was past the 1 year warranty so Laundry Alternatives will not replace it or fix it. A small rubber part that controls the door latch has ripped apart, but Laundry Alternatives does not provide any spare parts for it. Laundry Alternatives has not offered me any info on how long these devices usually last or whether mine was unusually defective; their response is once the warranty is over that's it. So I will have to pay the town appliance trash pickup fee to get rid of it if I can't engineer my own solution. My low rating is due to the early failure of the appliance and the poor response from the company. I know nothing about the differences between the previous and current models. (Note: some credit cards offer extended warranty on purchases; mine doesn't, but if I had bought this with one that did, I would have gotten a replacement when it failed.)

Positives: using it did dry the clothes much faster (instead of 60 minutes in the dryer, it was ?10-15 minutes loading, running, and unloading the centrifuge, then 25-30 minutes in the dryer) and it did get rid of detergent-y water from the clothes, with all the benefits that might entail (less wear on clothes, less detergent on people, less electricity used). The noise did not bother me in the basement, and it usually wasn't too hard to load it so it was balanced (except for some large items).

What I didn't realize in advance: The capacity in the centrifuge is smaller than a full wash load, and the opening to the centrifuge is so small that you can't just dump all the clothes in it at once. Instead you have to carefully load the centrifuge one item at a time with 1/3-1/2 of your load, run it for a few minutes (it takes time to spin up and spin down in addition to the 2-3 minutes of spinning) and unload it one item at a time, then do that whole sequence two or three times in a row for each full washer load, which takes time and attention. While the clothes then dried faster in the tumble dryer, by using a spin dryer I spent more of my own time in the laundry room (than I would just throwing everything in the tumble dryer straight from the washer and leaving for an hour).
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on April 24, 2011
We purchased this spin dryer after a few months of high electric bills. My husband, 20 month old daughter, 6 y.o. step-daughter a couple weekends a month and 2 cats produce a lot of laundry. I get by pretty well with my portable Haier washer and dryer. They are about half the size of a regular washer and dryer, but they sure beat going to a laundromat or using the gross old appliances in our apt. laundry room. I am able to hang laundry outside on nice days, but in Portland, OR those are hard to come by for most of the year. Our electric bill was getting out of hand this winter and was mostly due to using the dryer for many hours just about every day! After reading about this spin dryer, I was really interested in purchasing one. We have already saved money with our washer and dryer despite the high electric bills this winter, but I figured we could save even more in the long run by adding this spin dryer to my laundry routine.
The spin dryer came a couple days later than expected, but I understand that The Laundry Alternative just started selling them again after redesigning them. When it arrived, taking the machine out of the very sturdy and well packed box was pretty easy. However, I did notice a lose nut in the bottom of my machine where the motor is. At first I didn't think anything of it, and my husband seemed to think it was maybe from the packing. After running the spinner a few times, (it worked so well and we are still amazed by all the water it gets out of our washer spun clothes!) I noticed that a little plate had also fallen loose with the nut in the bottom of the machine. I took the bottom off the machine and was able to place the plate and nut back on the bottom of the turns out this was part of the braking system, because now my spin dryer actually stops fast when I turn the lever to off position.
Even with the minor repair I had to do(the reason I gave four stars rather than 5), I love my spin dryer. It is so easy to load the clothes in, and cuts down on drying time by at least half. We use cloth diapers for our baby, and we have seen a noticeable difference in feel and smell. It seems that spinning the excess water out, rather than evaporating it out, gets out the soap and mineral deposits as well. All of our clothes seem fresher and brighter after the spin dryer! I think everyone should have one...think of all the energy we could save!
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on June 7, 2010
Unit does what it's supposed to and does a very good job. If your washing machine has a really good spin cycle, the water that it pulls out of your clothes will not be very dramatic, but with jeans and towels, it really does a good job getting them ready for the dryer or just hanging up. Definitely quickens up drying. Have a 110V dryer and this cuts down the time spent running it, so it is a cost savings device for me. Only issue is the cover is very loud from vibration while in use - have to hold it down for the 2-3 minutes it runs, so be prepared to be with it while it runs. Kinda noisy if you have sensitive neighbors who are going to ask if you are working on a jet engine in you apt. Place 2-3 rubber mats under it to decrease vibrations to the floor.
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on February 26, 2010
We have The Laundry Alternative Spin Dryer. We have run hundreds of loads through it. It repayed itself in gas cost (for our gas dryer) within the first six months - it uses a pennies of electricity per load. Our gas bill the past year is half what it was for the previous years.

It is a full-time occupation to use: One load in the washer for half an hour makes three loads in the spin dryer for ten minutes each and then less than a half hour in the gas dryer to finish off. Each load in the spin dryer must be carefully loaded to avoid imbalance; still, some loads will be unusable and have to be re-loaded so that the spin dryer will work.

Many parts of the spin dryer have failed: two load-control disks shredded, with pieces ending up jamming the drum. They quickly replaced the first one when I complained; since then I haven't asked for service. We don't use the load-control disk any more, we just load less and compact more carefully. The safety-interlock that keeps the door shut while the drum is spinning is broken. A plastic fitting on the drum brake melts, requiring readjustment every month or so. The rubber vibration interlock sensor wears out every few months, requiring me to refabricate it. The on-off linkage has come out of place a couple of times. I got it back together each time, but the start position almost doesn't work now.

As an aside, I believe the big washers with ultra spin dry face the same reliability problems. European washers (which have ultra spin dry) that I've used are unreliable and also take all day for a small load (they also heat their own water, using lots of electricity). My Maytag washer has run a couple loads a day for forty years with only hose and belt replacement.

A year later:
The Laundry Alternative contacted me to satisfy my complaints. Great service!
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on October 1, 2010
I bought this [or an extremely similar] product in 2006. After about 1500 spins [expected average life, 10000 spins according to Laundry Alternative], the braking system broke. I'll try to fix it, but I'm not that handy.

It worked well during it's lifespan. It can be loud. It does demand more of your time than simply tossing the clothes into your tumble dryer. I spent about 10 minutes per washing machine load with the spin dryer. I'd then finish in a tumble dryer on low heat instead of medium or high. The spin dryer saved me about 20 minutes of time in the tumble dryer, meaning I could do more loads with the spin dryer than without.

This appliance really can save alot of energy. I figure it cost me about $0.03 to run the spin dryer and it was saving me at least $0.20 a load on power in the tumble dryer. It's more complicated than the energy it takes to run the tumble dryer, remember that your tumble dryer -likely- exhausts outside your home. It costs money to recondition the air that replaces what you exhaust. Figure in the extra wear and tear on your dryer and clothes, and the spin dryer probably still broke even for me even though it didn't last nearly as long as I had hoped.

This product is best for those who

* Want to save power.
* Are handy; limited availability means limited help getting it fixed.
* Have some spare time.

3 stars; great idea, just wish it was a little more durable and more common in the US
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on March 7, 2011
I reviewed the video that another reviewer had posted but you cannot comprehend from that video just how loud the unit really is. After being delayed by over a month from the original ship date, I found that the unit removes a marginal amount of water. Not really more than a modern front-load washer. But the main drawback is an uncontrolled shaking and rapid "knocking" noise during the spin that is extremely loud. As in chainsaw loud. I thought it was just unbalanced until I went back and looked at the video. I realized it does it even when balanced. The video is accurate except you can't replicate and appreciate the kind of noise it actually makes. I was so excited to get this product but I have to use it only when NO ONE else is in the house. My family thinks I am crazy for ordering it, but I guess you never know till you try.
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