Customer Reviews: The Laundry Alternative Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer
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on April 8, 2014
--Does exactly what it is suppose to do.
--fits a full queen size comforter (you have to cram it in there, but that IS what you are suppose to do)
--I get ~3 cups of water out of a load of laundry by using this, from my washer's spin cycle
--you can better tell what cloths are bleeding by seeing what colors show up in the water
--you can better tell if you are using too much soap in the washer (by seeing bubbles in the water coming out from this) (This has led me to both decreasing the soap I use, and running the rinse/spin cycle on my washer 2x (it 'does' double rinse/spin, so really 4x cycles), and that has helped me with my soap allergy irritation that I didn't realize was even bothering me on my bedding/etc)
--Enabled me to cut back on the amount of time/heat I need to use on my dryer by ~1/3 of original or so for t-shirts/cottons/etc and to use ~1/4 of time for jeans (I have portable in-home 110w Dryer, so it doesn't get AS hot as normal dryer) But in either case, less heat/less time => better for your cloths.

--Have learn how to better spread out cloths inside it so it spins without going off balance
--hard to balance with heavy things such as jeans (but you learn to do it better)
--can be loud, it is a 3000 RPM motor... etc

One of the best purchases I have ever made.
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on August 25, 2011
My spin dryer arrived today and have already run two loads through it. It appears smaller than my broken Spin X, but works as well if not better. I loaded several large towels and a few smaller items and the unit works very well. It starts up quickly and is not that noisy, I thought it was very quiet. I like the clear lid, since I have to stand and watch while it is in operation, I might as well watch my laundry spin. I can do a load of towels in the tumble dryer in 30 min vs. 60 min.

Having owned a Spin X, here are the things I miss: 1. There is not an automatic shut off, which is why I have to stand watching the unit run. The Spin X automatically came to a stop after a few minutes. Experience with the Laundry Alternative unit will let me know when to turn it off. 2. The SpinX's drain spout was more of a chute where as the LA unit's isn't, and I noticed a tendency for it to drip beyond the edges of the catch container. 3. Clothes aren't as "dry" as with my older unit.

I love the plastic disk that is used to top and hold the laundry in place. Didn't like the "new" smell of the unit when unpacked. Only 4 stars since I used for the first time today. Will update my review should anything change. In conclusion, money well spent.
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on January 3, 2013
i must have received a defective machine. i tried EVERYTHING to get this product to work, but with no luck. i was excited to have this dryer along with the panda washer i purchased, but i after several unsuccessful attempts, i have found that it is much more convenient to just hang dry clothes. with having a newborn, i need convenience. the instructions for this dryer said to fold clothes and place inside. i tried this using adult clothes and baby clothes. Nothing worked, the machine would never start or begin to rotate. i attempted contacting the seller for insight, however, the voice mail box was always full, hence, i was unable to ever get through to anyone for assistance. the return process was successful, even though i needed to pay almost $30 return shipping cost.
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on June 17, 2010
Back in January of this year, sick of laundromats, and without a washer/dryer hookup in our new apartment, I took the plunge and started doing all of our household laundry by hand. Granted, we're only two people, and perhaps if there were more than that, I'd at least want a wee bit more stay-at-home time during the week. Nonetheless, I ordered the Sputnik 3 (aka Wonderwash), and this Spin Dryer to go along with it. Together, these products work like a DREAM. I am a regular spoiled middle American, who has been totally accustomed to tossing clothes into a standard washer/dryer, my whole life. I thought I might not be able to make the transition.

My points: 1) I'd say, first and foremost, our clothes have NEVER been so clean. 2) our clothes are not wearing out as quickly. 3) we're saving on energy expenses, and laundromat fees (which add up people, yes they do). 4) the spin dryer not only functions like something one would expect to come from NASA, but if you have any appreciation for finely crafted mechanisms, it is pretty much a joy to use. 5) I did experience an issue with my spin dryer within the first months of use. I contacted customer service, and they completely and immediately resolved the problem. This was even just over email. I didn't dial a 1-800 number and press 1 if this and 2 if that and 30 minutes later speak to an actual person. No, I sent my email, and literally within minutes, I had a reply, and a resolution. Unbelievable. I've never had a service issue so swiftly, and directly handled by any company, at any time in my life.

My advice for the prospective spin dryer customer, 1) purchase your spin dryer direct from [...], and get this model. It is space-age in performance and function. I LOVE mine. I'm so grateful something like this exists on the planet. 2) Be sure to read the directions before operating. Properly balancing a load, and I've found, watching how heavy a load you're putting in, will reduce the time you spend rebalancing, and speed up the whole process. I wash all our clothes in the Wonderwash first: I place it in the bathtub and use two buckets to alternately fill with water, and do the initial clothes rinse. Once all that's done, I lightly ring out the clothes (I don't stres myself much over that at all), fold them loosely, and transport them from bucket to spin dryer. I put in a balanced load, place the plastic dealy on the top of the clothes, and switch it on. I keep a three inch deep pan under the water spout, and a bowl in that, directly underneath the spout. I stand there for a second when it first starts, and empty the water from bowl to bucket so my pan doesn't overflow. That's it. When the stream is reduced to drips, I stop the dryer, wait for it to unlock, and remove my practically dry clothes, hang them, and go about my business.

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on February 17, 2012
I have had this unit now, not quite a year. In fact about only 9 months and there is something you should be aware of. In the instructions, it says to firmly press down on the close with the provided insert. I did this only a few times and when I say a few, I would say three for four and the bottom plastic piece split where one of the rubber feet goes into the provided hole and the rubber foot keeps coming out of the hole that is now a slot. It has gotten to the point where I have to remove the three rubber feet in order for the unit to sit flat on the floor. So use care when pressing on your clothing. The unit still works great but I am really disappointed in the construction of the plastic base and rubber feet. Poor quality construction.

I also lowered this product by two stars


If you have one of these, there is really no need for a dryer unless you wash large comforters, blankets or pillows. I did wash a (KING) blanket and it barely fit in this unit. I turned it on for about 3 minutes and it was dry enough that it did not require the use of a dryer.

If you do have a dryer, this is still a very good investment for you. Use the Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer for about two minutes and that will cut your drying time so much so that you will make your money back in the amount of electricity you would have used to dry your whole load straight out of the washer.

I washed my sheets, spun them in the Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer and they were dry enough to just go ahead and make my bed without drying them.

If you use the Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer and hang your clothes out to dry, it won't take but a few minutes for your clothes to be completely dry.

What a great investment. I am a happy camper now.
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on December 8, 2014
Worst manufacturing quality product I've ever bought in Amazon. Period.

CONS: (yes there are pros too, see below)

Like other reviewers said the little handle came off after literally only one use, I'm gonna have to glue it back using something stronger like epoxy.

The (empty) drum is seriously unbalanced. For something that's supposed to spin at 3800 RMP you'd think they'd take care of balancing the drum as part of their manufacturing process, think again.

The whole thing stank so bad of chemicals, specially after running for a few minutes, that my throat was burning after one day of use, and I had to move it to other part of the house, far away from my laundry room.

When I tried to balance the drum myself (in a similar fashion as to what they do to balance car wheels) I found that (inside of the units) there is an attachment for a rod that connects the closing mechanism from the bottom part where the engine and the break are, to the top. This is there for that rod to be held straight. Well the rod was purposefully installed outside of it's attachment because the thing was built so far off specs, that it couldn't be aligned, so again, the build quality is so bad that it doesn't even meet it's own (poor) design.

The outside is cheap thin tin with a paper sticker (the meadow, the sun and the product name) so poorly glued on the unit, that there are wrinkles in the paper and it just looks ugly and carelessly installed.

The securing mechanism that comes installed at the bottom of the unit for shipping, is so poorly designed that it broke the plastic underside of the unit and pieces where flying inside of the unit after the (mandatory) removal of this securing mechanism before use.

When I first ran it to test it after it arrived (it was still empty), the engine would hum, but the drum wouldn't move. I assumed it was because it had gotten stuck due to rust or something, so I had to bypass the security mechanism and, while it was on, nudge it with my hand. After that it finally did start and has been starting on it's own since.

It can take very small loads. 3 to 4 small jeans or 2 to 3 towels. I bought it to supplement my washer and sometimes it takes 6 full loads in the spin dryer to process all the clothes I can wash in one sitting on my washer.

There is no on/off switch to stop it after it's done, you either open the security mechanism which engages the (cheap) break and sends the whole thing spinning/shaking while the break overheats (something I think you can probably do for a month or two before you wear that break for good) or you have to unplug it every time. Was it so hard to add a 30 cent on/off switch to the original design?

Overall it's very poorly built, and it feels like it won't last more than a couple of months (note: it's just me and my wife here, no kids so no that much work). IMHO this would be a good buy at $60 to $75 but for almost $140 I really don't recommend it unless you really need it.


if you can manage to balance it properly (no easy task) it is extremely silent. (if not, then it's not awful loud, but you will hear it throughout the house).

it get's the job done. I remove about 15 ounces of water for each washer cycle, and that's after my washer's spin cycle has already removed most of the water (15 ounces takes about 3 to 6 spin dryer cycles, and takes about an hour to complete all of those, but hey 15 ounces is 15 ounces that would have otherwise have to air dry and add to my home's humidity level)

it's small, so if you leave in a small apartment that's a plus (for me it's a minus because I have space in my house and I would have wanted something that can accommodate more than just a pair of towels at a time).
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on April 2, 2012
I just got this dryer last week and started using it last night. It works extremely well. Follow all the instructions and advice given in the literature that comes with it, and you shouldn't have any problems. I bought it for conveniently doing baby laundry right in my bathroom each day, and also to save my older regular washer and dryer the wear and tear of washing cloth diapers daily. It is much bigger than I expected and holds a lot of laundry. And it gets so much water out of the clothes!

I washed a load of baby items, including about 20 microfiber washcloths (used for wipes) and about 24 onesies (in the Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine 5.5lbs Capacity that I also just bought) and put them in this dryer to spin dry. The microfiber cloths had absorbed so much water that I decided to squeeze them out into the bathtub before putting them in this dryer. Nevertheless, this dryer extracted literally about 3/4 gal of water out of that load! Those little dishes that other reviewers show for collecting the draining water would never have worked -- I needed a bucket to contain all that water. I was shocked. (I have the dryer on a shelf unit, about 15" off the floor, so placing a bucket on the floor under the drain spout is a good option for my set-up.) When the laundry came out about 3 mins later, the onesies were slightly damp, and the microfiber cloths were completely dry to the touch (although I did hang them, just in case there was a bit of moisture that I couldn't feel)! (I used the Whitmor 6171-844 Clip and Drip Hanger with 26 Clips to hang all the onesies, but just draped the cloths around the bathroom until morning. The washer and dryer hold so much more laundry than I expected them to, that I guess I need another one of these hangers to hang an entire load of baby items!) Everything was dry by morning.

Today, my son got called in to work early and needed his work clothes dried in a hurry. They had already been washed in a regular washer and had gone through that machine's spin cycle. This little machine spins so much faster than a conventional washer that I told my son to put his clothes in it for 2 minutes to get even more water out before throwing them into the regular dryer. He did this, and even after the regular washer's spin cycle, this little dryer extracted almost another full cup of water out of two shirts and two aprons! They got dry in the tumble dryer so much faster after that! I'm extremely impressed with this machine.
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on October 25, 2014
I like this spin dryer because it spins the majority of the water out of my clothes in 2-3 minutes but I hate the fact that I have to wait till I have a huge load of clothes in order for this thing to work.
It only works well if you pack clothes in it until you can't put in no more.
Good luck if you only have one load of clothes b/c this thing will wobble and spin very slowly if you don't have a lot of clothes in it.
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on January 8, 2012
Try any form of hand washing and you will find that although your clothes may be wonderfully clean, they are always left sopping wet and wringing them is very hard work, much harder than the washing itself - also wringing isn't good for delicate things and sweaters etc. The Spin Dryer solves that beautifully! It does exactly what they say it does, it spins the clothes nearly dry - even jeans and towels.

I simply opened the box it came in, unpacked and set it up according to the included instructions. I washed 3 loads and squeezed the excess water out. I loaded the Spin Dryer with the wet laundry, again according to the instructions, turned it on, and let it spin for approximately 3 minutes. The clothes came out nearly dry and ready to hang on hangers on the shower curtain rod in my bathroom. They were dry and ready to put away in just a couple hours.

Just one thing to be aware of: the Spin Dryer extracts a lot of water from your clothes so be sure you have a big enough container under the drain spout to catch the water. I used a 2 quart plastic mixing bowl.

I live in an apartment building, and we have laundry facilities here, but it is $3.00 per load to wash and dry, at an approximate annual cost of $360.00. The Rapid Washer and Spin Dryer will pay for themselves in less than a year. My apartment is small, and it's very easy to use the Rapid Washer & bucket in the bath tub and the Spin Dryer on the floor in an empty corner of the kitchen.

I strongly recommend the Spin Dryer, it does exactly what they say it will do and works perfectly. I also strongly recommend the Rapid Washer. They are the perfect combination. It will save you lots of money on laundry. And it's perfect for small spaces, apartments, dorms, etc.

I read through the product reviews of both these products before I bought them (one of the definite advantages to shopping online!), and concur with all the positive reviews. As for the negative reviews, well, I can't imagine anyone having any trouble with either of these products IF THEY FOLLOW THE INCLUDED INSTRUCTIONS. It's that simple :-)

UPDATE- it has now been 1 year I have been using the spin dryer and it is still working beautifully :-)
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on June 19, 2012
I bought this spin dryer directly from the company's website. The packaging was very secure - styrofoam pads well placed, screws to hold tub in place. It extracts water very well from clothes. It did have a very "plasticky" smell when first opened but that fades off after days of being out and used.

What I don't like about the design of this spin dryer is the lid. The handle, that you use to lift/open the lid, is attached to the lid by two plastic pins. The pins are 2.73 mm diam x 5.84 mm height. They are inserted into two pin sockets on the lid. Twelve days after I received the spin dryer (with the spin dryer getting used once or 2x daily, except on weekends), the handle came off while I was lifting the lid off. One pin broke off leaving a portion still in the pin socket. One pin came off cleanly and intact. (see photos in product image gallery)

I emailed the company about how to get the lid handle fixed because I considered the pins breaking off as an issue of quality which would be a warranty issue. I have not heard from the company yet. Perhaps I should just fix it myself with epoxy but I don't think it's right that a brand new spin dryer would have a lid with a handle that can break off so easily considering that you would expect that the lid of a spin dryer would be lifted many many many times during its lifetime. Nor do I think it's right that a consumer should have to fix a brand new (12-day old) spin dryer with epoxy.

I'll wait a full two weeks and file a report with the BBB if LA still doesn't respond and resolve the issue.

This product is worth 3.5 stars. Product warranty and support is worth 0. Average rating = 2.
review image review image
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