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on December 31, 2010
After returning my second blow dryer to Target, I went on a short quest to find a quiet (or at least relatively so) blow dryer. Thanks to the amazon reviews here, I found it. The Centrix Q is MUCH quieter and the sound of the dryer doesn't have that high pitched frequency of the cheaper ones. It has a lower pitch in tone, in its sound, which I really prefer. On the slow speed, it is very quiet. On the higher speed, it is relatively noisier, but not bad at all. It also dries very quickly on the higher speed - so I can dry my short hair in about 4 minutes. Finally, the weight of the dryer is light. I also like how they distributed the weight; it makes it very easy to handle. LOVE this dryer! It was worth every penny! Note to others - if you search for this dryer on youtube - you can hear its sound in some of the reviews. I found that very helpful as well.
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on January 9, 2012
I don't understand how anyone could write a review about this thing and say it's not the quietest high-quality hairdryer available! I research my purchases extensively--both online (reviews) and locally--and this was no exception. Went to local stores to do the hands-on testing after regretably purchasing a FHI Nano 2000 based on reviews and subsequently returned (loud, too hot, not impressed at all). Tried MANY and narrowed it down to the Chi, Rusk, and the Centrix (which like the FHI was unavailable for me to try locally). The Chi was quiet but had only one heat setting which was too hot for my twin 5 yr-old daughters! The Rusk Speed Freak was impressive--tied for most quiet of the ones on display and seemed well built, but the other one it tied with was the SAME one we are replacing--the Revlon T Studio (less than half the price). Was really hoping for QUIETER and BETTER. Also, while the Rusk has 3 heat settings, the low was too low and the medium was a bit too scorching for my skin. Took a chance on the Centrix and am VERY impressed! The packaging screamed top-of-line product, the hair-dryer feels extremely well made, and the best part......ran in to the bathroom and plugged it in next to the T studio for a side by side comparison. The result: OMG....not even CLOSE!! SOOO much quieter! My daughters and I can have a conversation or listen to music while we dry, and I don't have to worry about the long term toll this ritual is having on my family's hearing! My wife's hair absolutely looks healthier and she does not find it heavy or cumbersome in the slightest (5'4", 95lbs!). The middle heat setting is PERFECT and it dries quickly too! You will NOT regret this one. Hope this helps some folks!
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on July 13, 2012
First off... don't expect silence, as it still is a hair dryer with a motor and fan. But this is certainly quieter than any hair dryer I have ever used. Those expecting 'whisper quiet' or silence should wait for Dyson to come up with a $500-$600 magic hair dryer. With this, you can carry on a normal conversation, without raised voices while using it.

It was immediately apparent on my initial examination... the key to the quiet design is that it includes a 'Squirrel Cage' type fan (see the images I published above). This type of fan, due to its larger diameter, requires lower revolutions-per-minute to produce the same air flow as a straight through in-line fan. With the slower turning, this makes for an inherently quieter motor requirement. The audible frequencies of this unit are, therefore, in a lower 'hushed' range. This is also how central heat/air conditioning units produce air flow, also very quietly.

Some have mildly complained/commented that this is a 'big' hair dryer. It is true that this is no compact unit, nor was it intended to be. it is a salon size hair dryer. It is a bit bigger (wider) than most, but it is a fair trade-off for the quietness. It is not obtrusively large compared to other full sized dryers and, in my opinion, is not at all heavy for it's size. It, however, needs to be wider than others in order to include this fan which, as I noted before, is larger in diameter and is oriented perpendicular to normal dryers.

Another contributer to air noise in general is air turbulence. This dryer has more air intake area, which should contribute to less turbulent flow of air being drawn in. Any restrictions in air flow cause turbulence, and will result in noise. The perfect example being the 'speed-booster' included with the unit, which helps to produce 50 mph air-speed according to the literature. All it is is a restrictor oriface that goes on the front air outlet. The forcing of more air through the smaller exit does make the air travel faster, but at the expense of more noise due to turbulence. It kind of defeats the purpose if this dryer for me, but it works in case you need more air speed. I don't expect frequent use of this.

The rocker switches feel of higher quality than on typical department store brands, but this, as well as the overall quality and design, should be expected of a dryer in this upper price range. As far as any negative reviews noting longevity problems, I can't speak to that as I only opened the box today. Time will tell, and if problem arise, can always come back for an update to this review. I expect longevity to maintain the 5 stars I have given it.

I believe it hits the design point spot-on for the intended product market. I am pleased so far with the initial product quality and design.
review image review image review image review image
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on October 18, 2011
I thought I was going to go deaf, nevermind my wife,every morning waking up near the airport, [whoops the bathroom], listening to that damn hair dryer. Well I'd had enough, my heartthrob absolutly refused to shave her head, and I may of lost some of my chick attractment, so a divorce was out of the question. It was time to throw money at the problem. $100.00 later it dries her hair and it is quiet! Buy it if you can!
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on November 16, 2012
I am a blow-out junkie. I have fine, naturally curly hair which I hate. I blow dry my hair straight every day with a round brush. It takes me about 15-20 minutes. I generally buy hair dryers in the $30-40 price range (my favorite so far is the Remington Pearl). I like to have a couple of different heat settings and I always use my dryer on the highest speed. My hair dryers generally wear out after 12-18 months, so I had been thinking about trying a more expensive dryer.

I bought the Centrix Q Zone because it was on a great sale. I got it for about $70 bucks and though it works well, I'm glad I didn't pay more for it. I was interested in a lower wattage dryer that supposedly had the same oomph as my 1875 watt dryer. I was also intrigued by it's quiet claim.

Straight out of the box, the Centrix Q doesn't have as much air power as my cheaper dryer. Once I attached the "power boost" attachment and the concentrator, it had the same air power as my other dryer. The low speed on this hair dryer is VERY quiet, but useless if you are straightening your hair. On the high speed the Centrix Q isn't noticably quieter than my other dryer. Using the Centrix Q hasn't cut down my drying time, but it hasn't extended it either. It isn't any lighter or heaver than my other dryer. I've only had it for about 4 months, so we'll see if it lasts longer than 12-18 months. In the mean time I wonder if I'm saving the environment by using 375 fewer watts every day. Maybe?

Also, if having the cool shot button is really important to you, you probably won't love this dryer. If you hold the button down forever the air will eventually become somewhat cooler, but it is hardly a "cool shot" button like my other dryer. I don't use it extensively, so it isn't a big deal for me.

One thing that is different on the Centrix Q is that this dryer sucks the air in from the underside of the dryer. Other dryers suck it in from the back. My hair used to frequently get sucked into the fan if I wasn't careful with my other dryer. With the Centrix that hasn't happened. The Centrix is kind of a weird shape. It's not quite as sleek and packable as my other hair dryer. I take my regular dryer with me everywhere, including trips to Africa. I don't use travel dryers because they are awful.

Bottom line: if you are currently using one of those terrible, cheap, fold-up, travel size, tiny hair dryers you will notice a huge difference if you buy a Centrix Q. However, you will also notice a huge difference if you just start spending about $10 more and buy one of those $30-40 hair dryers. I don't know why you would jump from buying $20 hair dryers to $100 hair dryers. Unless this dryer ends up lasting forever, I'll probably just go back to my old $40 hair dryer.
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on April 12, 2011
Hopeful for a quiet, solid hairdryer, I ordered this direct from Amazon and received it quickly. I tested it out, and on full speed it was nice and quiet. I switched it to low, and there was a distinct buzzing/rattling sound, the kind that grates on my nerves. When I shook it the buzzing briefly stopped, but started again as soon as I held it steady.

Thinking I received a defective unit, I returned it, and quickly received the replacement with no hassle from Amazon. Unfortunately, the second unit had the same issue. It seems to be a design defect. I returned the second hairdryer for a refund.

On low our $20 hairdryer is quieter than this unit, and less annoying. One star.
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on January 11, 2012
I used a Tenma Sound Meter 72-935 to compare other brands of hair dryers to the Centrix Q Zone operating dryers on high. I monitored the sound level about an inch from and centered on the air intake and about an inch to the side at the front of the nozzle (not in the air stream). The Centrix measured as much as 10db lower than the best of the four dryers to which I had access. That means it is perceived as being about half as loud. Tomorrow my wife will start using the dryer and we will learn how well it performs otherwise. Of course the price is significantly higher, but we value our hearing and comfort.
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on August 9, 2010
We received the hair dryer and upon trying it, it had a buzzing sound only at low speed. The sound would go away when I move the dryer so it seems centrifugal force makes the sound come and go. I called the company and they said the sound should not be happening and they offered a replacement. Problem is, I asked them about turn-around time and they said 10 to 14 days! And that is once they receive it!! Needless to say, not very good service from a premium hair dryer company. I am returning it for refund. Thanks any ways [...]
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on October 8, 2010
I am somewhat disappointed in the amount of noise the hair dryer makes. While it is slightly less noisy than a regular dryer, it is not as quiet as I (or my husband) had hoped. It does lack that high pitch squeal often associated with dryers and emits a deep, less irritating humming sound! (I hope the description is helpful for those seeking peace and quiet)It does definitely dry hair faster.
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on October 10, 2013
This is the quietest hair dryer I have ever owned. Don't get me wrong, it isn't silent, and it isn't even very quiet -- just quieter than normal. However, it doesn't shrill, which is what I now realize is the most annoying part of a hair dryer's sound.

It is a happy surprise that although my hair doesn't fly all over the place, it still dries quickly -- very quickly. It seems my hair isn't subjected to super high temperatures and high-speed fanning to suck out all the moisture, as it feels soft, rather than brittle when it's dry.

And there's a nice long cord, so I don't feel like I'm on a short leash.

Why only four stars? Well, if I wrote this last week it would have been three stars. On the negative side -- and this is significant -- it took about a week to get used to the position of the switches. Horrible ergonomic design; I almost sent it back. I kept going to a higher speed when I meant to turn off and turning off when I wanted to change speeds/heat setting. So there's a learning curve I never experienced with any of my other hair dryers.

Would I buy this again? Would I recommend this? Yes and yes. It's a good deal for what appears to be a very good hair dryer without the annoying shrill.
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