Ceramic Cook Top Can you use a cast iron skillet on a ceramic cook top?
asked by Barbara Schirmer on January 28, 2010
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I use my cast iron on my ceramic cook top all the time. I'm of course careful not to drop them, but everything has worked fine including my 9 quart dutch oven. I have found that hard anodized heats faster on the ceramic, but love using my cast iron too...
Mouse answered on February 3, 2010
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I have been using this pan for 3 months now with no real issues. A few things to remember when using cast iron on ceramic and glass top stoves.

1. When purchasing cast iron for use on ceramic and glass top stoves inspect that the bottom is flat and free from burs or sharp parts as they may scratch the stove top
2. Avoid dragging the pan around as they could scratch the top. I don't follow this rule and haven't noticed any, but i don't baby my stoves
3. Don't put a very hot cast iron pan directly on a cold ceramic or glass top stove, could crack stove top or pan, use a heatproof trivet
4. Don't put a cold cast iron pan on a hot burner, again could crack either. Put the cast iron pan on before turning the burner on
Wayne answered on May 20, 2010
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Yes, love my old cast iron cookware. It is just fine on ceramic top range! (One thing, never been anemic; wonder if that's anecdotal.)
Phre2 answered on November 28, 2011
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