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122 of 134 people found the following review helpful
on September 24, 2005
I never wrote a review before. But after reading some of the reviews here, I decided to add my two cents in.

Unlike some reviews posted here in which the individual obviously did not even attempt the evocation, I found this book to be highly structured, very coherent, and well thought out. The ease of transition from one point to another is refreshing to say the least. The writer leads you step wise from one point to another, always building on previous subject matter, and blending the discussion into a logical whole. The author continually restates important concepts so that the teachings will blossom in your mind, which will allow you to integrate his teachings to improve your own individual life.

For myself, I never found evocation to physical manifestation to be either very satisfying or very fulfilling in any way, much less in the material sense. I either received partial results, or had no end of problems from these "New Ager" evocations. Yes, I used this writer's advice. And yes, I worked HARD, especially when obtaining the necessary materials and in understanding the important concepts that the author was conveying. But by doing so, I was able to turn the corner in my evocational work completely. Now, I find it the MOST satisfying of magical practices. And I mean this literally.

I suppose those reviewers here who are (so transparently) intimating they are "masters," didn't like what they read, especially when it is so plain and obvious that they did not perform the evocation or bother to attempt to perform it properly. Little wonder. As I said, this book calls for precise, hard, WORK - something the 'practitioner' of magic today has a special aversion and little patience to. I should know what I am saying here. I began my work in magic when I was 22. Now, at 59, and after seeing and being a member of this "Secret Society" and that "Magical Order" or "New Age Lodge" so I could be accepted by "New Agers" for more years than I care to admit, I understand what the author of this book was trying to convey. And in my opinion, he conveyed it is a truly masterful way, since there were no contradictions in his writings and I clearly understood what I had to do to perform a successful evocation. One review here essentially said that this writer (must have been) conveying (or "projecting") nothing but his own ignorance, failures and frustrations (on the reader) until he (the writer) found this way to get the evocations to work. From my own years of experience in magic, the only failures, frustrations, and ignorance conveyed here were in the rationalizations and intellectual pretentiousness echoed by such self-serving arrogant comments. Everyone wants to believe that they are a "True Master" and that they know more then everyone else. I say this, because in all of my years in private magical practice, as well as in those Orders and Secret Societies mentioned, I have NEVER yet met ANYONE who succceeded in evocation to physical manifestation the way this writer says it actually occurs. And which I have VERIFIED for myself DOES occur - AFTER using his instructions.

This is an exceptional book. Read it CAREFULLY. Take detailed notes. DON'T be afraid to own up to your own past negative experiences in evocation to physical manifestation (not to be confused with the delusional "evocation to astral manifestation") from following New Age silliness meant to sell books. The problem isn't with you. It's with the material you worked from. I can't remember the number of times I went into a ritual not knowing if I really unerstood what I had to do correctly. We all traveled that path at one time or another. Work the method this author gives. If you do, I'm certain you will be as amazed as much as I was at the powerful results you'll receive.

You have a choice. Study and practice from the old Grimoires (not New Age junk) and get the results you're after, or continue to flounder along with your latest 'Magic Made Simple' book (making the author rich at your expense) building newer, better, and more acceptable excuses to explain away your total lack of results or the incomplete results you continue to receive, while still deluding yourself that you're a "master" or "adept," as some reviewers here so obviously allude to!

When it comes right down to it, succeeding dramatically in evocation is like a lot of things in life: it takes determination, dedication, being able to think things through, admitting your strengths and weaknesses, having a good plan (or work book), and plain hard work. It's as simple as that. Then you won't have to read any reviews - you'll have your own experience, and KNOW for yourself and this fact alone will make all of the difference in the world for you.
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59 of 63 people found the following review helpful
on February 17, 2006
I was very impressed with the review given here by the Top 500 Reviewer. Maybe he and I are the only ones who saw beyond what this book appears to be. Yes, it is a book about evoking demons and getting them to do your bidding, and I'll admit that appears to be the main thing it teaches. But if you look deeper, it is as that other reviewer said, and as I have found out for myself. That is unlike that reviewer I am a practitioner of the Art, and was only interested in using the information to satisfy my earthly desires. But in the process of doing this I found much, much more. I found that all of my beliefs were completely challenged. I was brought up in the 1980's and everywhere I looked I saw modern books dealing with Magic, none of which did what they said they would do, at least not completely. But I believed them, so I kept at it. In other words I believed everything without challenging those beliefs. The result was I lost about 15 years and wound up completely frustrated. Then I began Ceremonial Magic and the Power of Evocation. After hating it for about 6 months and actually throwing it against the floor about 12 times because it made me challenge my beliefs, I began to work from it because it kept haunting me. I still am working from it and am getting magical results like never before. But there is so much more to it than that.

I now challenge everything and am examining every single belief I have, and am beside myself more days than not because challenging blind beliefs is so uncomfortable. But what I am finding are the lies taught to me by others and accepted by me because I just didn't know better. Or at least that what I say for now. Bit by bit my life is taking on a new form if I can use that word. I see myself and the world differently, and people and the world react to me differently as well. And I like the way this feels and the new reactions that come to me from others and the world in general. Every day I would get up only because I had to. I dreaded my job, my family, other people, who I was, everything. I was just sick of the lot of it and was completely lost but did not know it. Not any more. Everything has changed and for the absolute better.

There is much to this book. So much more than just the ceremonial magic which by the way, has nothing to do with so-called "modern magic." It is like a course in psychotherapy, except it works fast, and very deeply indeed. If you want to change your world in more ways than one (and by that I mean just magically) try this book. But be sure to read it slowly and think about it carefully. Then apply its irritating attitude and questions to your own beliefs and keep at it. You will come out the other end someone entirely different and of this you can be very sure. But you will find something else as well. And that is that you will like that other you that you have become.

By the way the author now has a web site. I found it by just typing in his name without spaces (josephlisiewski) and putting a dot net, dot org, and then finally a dot com after it. The last one did the trick. The site is actually listed as 8thmatrixpress and is worth a visit.
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77 of 84 people found the following review helpful
on September 1, 2005
I ran across a copy of this book in my local bookstore last year. How it

got there I don't know, because the publisher doesn't have a great

bookstore presence. At least, not that I ever saw. After flipping this book

through and seeing the extreme pains this writer took to explain what must

be every aspect of the evocation process, I decided to buy it. But more

than that. I decided I would work it through, as I have over a half dozen

other evocations from other books. And I did. The results I got I will

never put down in print for others to read. All I will say is I was and

still am completely astounded at what a REAL - and I mean *REAL* in every

sense of the word - evocation does! The physical effects and the results

are more than I ever experienced before! And all of this from 'real' demons

if the writer is correct. Certainly, they weren't from some part of my

brain as so many now-a-days practitioners claim are the things operating in

any evocation! No. Not what happened in the room I did the ceremony in.

They were not due to some subconscious forces doing what I saw and causing

what I experienced. Neither were the profound results I received in getting

what I wanted!

One last thing. I read all of the reviews here. Maybe it would be better if

people WORKED a book - any book including this one - before they go off

making 'profound' statements of disliking or even liking it. Otherwise, all

they generate are 'opinions' that are either for or against their own

beliefs. That's not what Magick is about, or at least, should not be about

- just mouthing plain beliefs and warm and fuzzy theory-feelings that for

some reason they prefer. One thing is for sure. If you work this process as

the writer explains it, you will be DELIGHTFULLY surprised in the extreme!

Both the apparations that occur and the results will be something you will

NEVER forget!

You should also know that this book is not for the weak or dabbler to say

the least. It takes lots of time, patience and EXTREME attention to detail!

But so does succeeding in anything for that matter. One thing is for sure.

This book teaches you that there is NO free lunch in Magick! However if you

are a SERIOUS Practitioner of Magick, I advise you to carefully consider

this book.
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87 of 96 people found the following review helpful
on November 7, 2004
I have been studying and implementing Dr. Lisiewski's advice give in Ceremonial Magic and the Power of Evocation, and like some of the other reviewers here, have been getting quite favorable results. To be more sepcific, I have been getting positive results where I had been getting negative ones before, favorable results where I had not been getting any whatsoever, and have actually "reversed" former results I could have lived without in the first place. I was not aware of this process of "Subjective Synthesis" that he discusses, nor the "Magical Propositions and Axioms for Success and Survival." All I can say here, is that they make complete sense to me, and explain some of the trouble I got myself into by doing evocation the modern or "New Age" way, which he objects to so strenuously.

I have to agree with Mr. Tahbion's review in most part, but strongly disagree with him in his saying that you have to have been raised a strong catholic for this book to work for you. I was not raised in any religion, have been into a church twice in my thirty-some years (to attend a funeral and wedding) and to this day, don't consider myself anything but a philosopher of sorts, although I have studied the religions of the world for many years as well, and really, don't agree with any of them. So all in all, I think this book is what the "average" magician is looking for if he wants to build or rebuild his personal magical universe. You won't regret working from this book I assure you!
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84 of 93 people found the following review helpful
on February 17, 2005
A Practitioner of the Art

I was both amused and dismayed at the flippant remarks made by some readers regarding this book. For me, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It's about the contents and nothing else. And not in some belabored complaints about issues no two readers will agree on to begin with no matter what subject the book is on. Enough said of that. Personally, I'm happy to see a hard scientist "come out of the closet" so to speak and admit he explores nature by other ways, not just the ways their science and society approves of. Plain and simple it takes guts to do this in a world dominated by a science that thinks it has the answers to everything, yet which has created more problems than it solved.

As for me, I have been practicing Magick for over thirty years myself, and couldn't agree with Dr. Lisiewski more in what he wrote in this book. I agree with his "subjective

synthesis" completely, and found his "magical axioms" rightly stated, and in a truly helpful way. He focuses on issues not excuses. This is the way it should be! I say this, because my successful evocations only occurred when I stumbled onto

the things he states in the advice and suggestions he gave in this splendid book.

As to his beefing about the "New Agers" as he calls them? And their phony baloney to do a quick get a way job on what they call magic? Does he hammer away at them too much? My opinion? It's ABOUT TIME someone gave them the shots they deserve,

straight up! I'm sick and tired of going to my local magick book shop and seeing the garbage on the shelves I do from week to week, month to month, and year to year! From hoodo to woodo to every ick, ism, aft, and ology there is, yet nothing to HELP

a person do REAL Magick!

I see you're coming out with more books, Dr. and I say, Keep up the good work! There REALLY are people out here who want to learn as much REAL magic as they can!

Forget the rest!
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61 of 66 people found the following review helpful
on November 22, 2005
This book takes one deep into the understanding of magical evocation. The book explores the ideas of grimoire creation, a history.

It's axioms prove most helpful in that one can make use of them for any magical practice, especially that one must understand what the symbolism behind the tools mean and the significance of ritual movement.

Highly recomended
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121 of 136 people found the following review helpful
on January 19, 2005
This book has been causing a much needed rift among the practitioners of the Ritual Magic community that in reality is a long time coming. The premise of the book is that the Spirits listed in the old grimoires are not "parts of your brain" as the frustrated- psychologists-come-magicians would have you believe, but rather independent beings of great power and thought. Now I have sided with the latter argument for some years now maintaining that these Spirits want and need interaction with us as much as the help we want and need from them. Though I part company with the author in several places in his book. Oh and FYI, this is a book about manifesting the Spirit to VISIBLE appearance right dead in front of you!

First off Lisiewski feels it's necessary to put that "Ph.D" right out in front there as if it's a badge to impress you with. His doctorate is in the field of physics and it is interesting that a scientific physicist practices the art of summoning demons and devils from the underworld. Another thing I disliked is his constant name dropping of his "teacher" - from his descriptions of their contact, it seems they were phone acqaintances more so than an eye-to-eye student-teacher relationship - the late Dr. Francis Israel Regardie. (If you don't know who HE is, then use a search engine and look him up!) Joe seems to find it necessary to link himself to Regardie early on probably to establish in your mind that he's got some lineage or validity behind him. Then he brings out that he was a student of the late Frater Albertus who was not only a Ritual Magician but also had a course in Alchemy that Lisiewski claims to have taken.

Lisiewski does a fine job of explaining that the roots of real Hermetic Occultism does not belong to the Golden Dawn as so many have believed but rather to older sources which have been recently (last 50 years) revealed thru Greek papyrii. Lisiewski does his damndest to take cat-o-nine-tails to the modern New Age authors - which he doesn't name but you're sure he's talking about Poke Runyon, Don Kraig, Nelson White, Konstantinos, William Gray, Dion Fortune, etc. - for their ill conceived notion that the Spirits of the infamous grimoires are nothing more than aspects of our own subconscious minds.

Now in all fairness, Lisiewski does mention on pages 87 & 88 where he asks if there is a psychological basis related to the Spirits from the grimoires and if by transferring this subjective basis from the mind of the practitioner to the magic triangle, ordering it to behave and then re-assimilating, is the practitioner doing some self-psycho-analyzing. Lisiewksi states "I don't know". And it appears he and Regardie (a trained psychiatrist)

had words on more than one occasion about this very subject and that they disagreed. He goes on to say that by viewing the Spirits as objective Entities, it is from a purely pragmatic point-of-view. I agree.

Now as a practitioner of Sorcery who has successfully practiced the art of Evocation since 1988, I take umbrance with the author on two very important issues he raises.

First off is found in his "10 Axions for Success and Survival" - which the word "survival" I found to be little more than trite sounding. In Axiom number 9 where he admonishes you bt saying

"Do not to reject the religion in which you were raised as, nor the commonsense found in what religionists call The Commandments of God. The use of these precepts is crucial in devising an effective subjective synthesis and producing a corresponding coherent, integrate subconscious belief system. It is also the one fundamental axiom every Practitioner of magic rigourously avoids, which accounts for more magical failure than is realized."

I feel his use of the word "reject" is incorrect, rather he should say "despise" as rejecting something and despising it are two totally different views and there is nothing wrong with rejecting your childhood belief system however it's all well and good to not despise it. In essence, don't blame the Buddha, Yahweh, Jesus, Mohammed or any other Deity for your parent's and culture's screwups. The old adage "Jesus save me from your followers" gives rise to this idea.

The next bone of contention I have with this otherwise very worthwhile book is how the author speaks with a forked tongue. On one hand he's telling you that to get the results you want, you must follow the grimoire to the letter and he uses the Heptameron as an example because it requires the fewest amount of implements, tools, sacrifices, and etc. He makes it very clear that you cannot expect to get something for nothing and really takes the New Age Magicians to task for this aspect!

THEN he explains how he gets the Spirit to do his bidding. In essence he fills his head with the power of "God" thru invocation and wrestles control with the Spirit itself. Why wrestle you ask? Well because he believes these Spirits are antagonistic toward him and don't really want to do anything to help him. Once control is maintained, then he charges the entity to do his bidding. The charge has to be worded almost like a court approved legal contract lest the Spirit find some loophole in it and screws him over.

But what is Lisiewski really telling you here? Yes, that he acts like a bully and forces the Spirit to do his bidding without any hope of reward! Now if this atittude was prevalent among Paleros or Santeros in the African Traditional Religions, they'd get Jack Squat for results and abused & slapped around by the Orishas and Nganga Spirits for such insensitive greed.

Here Lisiewski telling you that you can get something for nothing. He offers the Spirit NOTHING as compensation for helping him. Then he goes on to discuss - at boring length - his viewpoints on the dreaded "slingshot effect" and how to avoid it. This is totally unnecessary IF the practitioner asks the Spirit what sort of reward it would like for its services from the get-go. Obviously he never read the classic grimoire "Le Dragon Rouge" because in it the practitioner summons Lucifuge Rofocale & then barters/ negotiates with the Spirit for its help.

In the latter half of the book, he takes you thru the Heptameron grimoire and discusses what you'll need and how to get ready for the event. In this he is superb. His notes are well done and his thought processes are clearly understood.

Frustratingly there is no index and that seems to be a common trait for New Falcon publications. The Bibliography is good and concise. Over all the book is recommended if you're versed in this type of practice. I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner though. I obtained it from Amazon for sixteen dollars and ninety-five cents cover price. I give it four out of five stars.
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67 of 74 people found the following review helpful
on November 7, 2005
I applaud this book and its author. FINALLY, someone said what needed to be said and that is, that the great mass of New Age "teachings" out there simply do not work. Period. They claim this and they claim that. Yet anyone who has worked their heart out over months or even years doing what they were instructed to by these modern books, have found there rewards to be very, very paltry at best (you do delude yourself a lot though, because you NEED help, have nowhere else to turn, and so want to think magic "works" even when the results are not there. I know because I was this way myself for many, many years.)

But this author went a step further. He gives what DOES work, although it is a very hard Path indeed, just as some other reviewers pointed out here. That is, it is not easy, and it is far, far from simple. But the important thing is that this book WORKS! As far as I am concerned, this is all that counts. And the reason for this is that he advocates working ONLY from what he calls, "Old System" magic books. In short, from the Grimoires (Grammar of Magic) of the middle ages. And he begins by giving you the simplest of all to start from.

I was one who bought this book right from the publisher when it first came out last fall. At first I thought the author was crazy to want you to go through all the rig-a-ma-role he demands you have to go through. But then I realized it was only what the old grimoires themselves told you to do! Then when I read it a second time and realized even more - that his "Magical Propositions and Axioms" explain WHY you have to do these strange things and (in a way) he `simplifies' those strange actions you are to take in order to work the magic (by this I mean getting all the hard to find items the grimoires tell you are necessary.) I then put these two realizations together, began the work, and after a lot of trouble, did exactly as he said. And now I KNOW why he is so down on the New Age, and why I was so disgusted with it myself. When I finished my first evocation following his book, I got magical results of the kind I only read about before. This type of magic is REAL and it DOES work no matter what ANYONE else says or complains about!

For me, I have had enough of failure and the New Age senselessness that is being hailed from the rooftops by people who continually fail to get what they want from magic, but who are absolute "experts" at fooling themselves because they are too lazy to do what the New Age "taught" them they don't have to do. I am sticking solely to the "Old System" magic from here on, because the results ARE there whether it pleases - or displeases anyone, like some of the ignorant, lazy, and dull negative reviewers here - or not. I recommend this book highly, and am going to buy this writer's other books now, seeing the results I got from his first one.
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95 of 107 people found the following review helpful
on November 4, 2005
On my first reading of Lisiewski's grimoire, its tempting,
because he is so dogmatic, to begin to slice and dice his
thinking. However, on round two of studying his book, I decided
that for what it is doing, which is advocating following
grimoire methods and guidlines to the letter, to create a
physical evocation of an astral entity, it's really on the
mark. An open question, however, is what is meant in a logical
manner, by physical evocation, as it relates to our human
essence. This would not be an open question if the great, and,
for occult purposes, unknown tome by Kant called the Critique of
Pure Reason was in the library of every occultist, because
it answers and resolves this magickal debate completely.
That being said, Ceremonial Magic, if followed as the author
has written it, will lead the practicing occultist to fantastic
and incredible experiences.
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57 of 63 people found the following review helpful
on February 13, 2006
After great effort I conducted my first evocation according to the instructions written down in this book. I have done many other evocations by other methods such as are given in more modern books but my results always ranged from none at all to lacking in some crucial way. Not this time for sure. The apparitions I saw in the area I conducted this ceremony I was not expecting, as most authors exaggerate. Not this one. After I got hold of myself during the evocation I experienced what I believe to be the "Bliss" or "Divine love" the author talks about, and the final appearance of the spirit occurred just as he said it would. I did receive what I wanted the spirit to confer on me, but did also experience no small amount of "the slingshot effect" as the book discusses. I will know better for next time.

This is a Book of Keys as far as I am concerned. Those Keys are to the Gates of Hell, and open those gates it will. This book is meant only for the most courageous of those willing to open those gates, and I recommend no one treat it as just another book. If they do, they will suffer the consequences for it, and on that you can count. It will be some time before I do another evocation using this book since it will take me time to get my self back together. This subject is nothing to fool with.
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