Customer Reviews: Ceton InfiniTV 4 PCIe - 4-channel Internal Cable TV Tuner Card for CableCARD
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on October 21, 2012
I bought and installed the Tuner Card and it worked from the beginning, I did, however, have a problem doing some updates and contacted Customer Support. They responded quickly and after a series of emails and troubleshooting steps, determined that I needed a replacement.

Ceton Customer Support made the entire process seamless and I had new card and was up and running in short order. I am really impressed with the timeliness and quality of support and would recommend this product and its support group without hesitation.

The quality of TV viewing and recording is amazing.
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on October 14, 2014
Great device but had problems installing it and the software seems dated. Also cannot watch TV from a cable box plugged into it so you pretty much need to take OTA channels if you're going to use this.
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on November 22, 2015
I've had this thing since a couple months after they launched, and it's been nothing but problems. I battled with this thing for years, yes, some problems had to do with my cable service provider, and I gave up on it for a couple years, but I finally got my cable provider issues straightened out, and my HD Homerun Prime works flawlessly, but this POS constantly crashes and requires a system reboot to work again. Tried all the firmware updates, tried moving the card to a different PCI slot to keep it cooler, nothing helps. It crashes pretty much every day.

When I restart the system, it usually works for a solid day or so, but then it'll crash again, usually when it's supposed to DVR something. I'm going to need to upgrade to a 6 tuner card soon, and between this and my HD Homerun prime, there's no contest. The HD Homerun prime is rock solid, and I'll probably look to get an HDHomerun Prime 6. Steer Clear of Ceton, go with a Silicon Dust.
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on March 19, 2012
I purchased this because I got a notice in the mail from COMCAST stating that all the channel would be scambled by March 6 2012. I got the cable card from the local service office with no problem. Installed the PCIe and inserted the Cablecard with no issues. The instruction from Ceton was clear and easy to follow. Surprisingly, activing the card went smoothly also. I tried the network tuner with the new HP PC but could not get it to work, it kept freezing the PC and I would have to repair Windows 7 (tried at lease 3 times). So I decided to try it on my older PC and it installed without any issues. I think it may have been the HP OEM software not Windows 7 that had caused the issue. Finally the network tuner was working and have not had any issues. I also installed a PCIe fan next th the card to keep it cool based on other reviews (just to be safe). I have two tuner shared out to my HTPC in my family room and it works great. Note: If you turn off the PC with the tuner install on and turn it back on you have to reboot the PC that network tuner is dedicated to. I have not had any missed recording yet. By the way March 6 came around and my QAM channel tuner still works on my other PC so I really didn't need this. FCC required that all local channel (ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS...) be available to everyone and can not be scrambled. It is nice to be able to watch HGTV, SiFy, and the make me fat (FOOD Network) channels, but I will go back to regular basic package after my the 29.95 deal expires. I read that you can use the PCIe tuner for QAM channels too. Four tuners plus two tuners equal six! I'll never have worry about having not enough tuners now with two HTPC in the house.

12/30/12 Updated after 10 months of use.

The video is great when it works. I used the network tuner option to two other PC in the house (2 tuner each). The problem is the tuner would disconnect and I would not get shows recorded. It would disconnect during a viewing of shows and I would have to reboot the PC. This became very old and I finally had to get an alternative solution (SiliconDust HDHR3-CC HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD TV tuners). It is a network tuner and seems to be working better than CETON. I will write a review on it in a couple months. I was hoping that CETON would update the driver and fix this issue, but it has been 10 months since and no new updates. $200.00 wasted and uncountable amount of time spent. VERY DISAPPOINTED.
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on October 24, 2013
I really want to like this card! I'm having a horrible time getting this setup on a PC that I've had for years with a number of other capture cards that worked great. I'm a computer systems engineer that has been in the field for 14 years and I know computers better than most so I know it is not an "user issue" I have a friend in NYC who uses another carrier with this card and loves it. From everything I have read, I REALLY want this to work, but I have to throw in the towel on this.

Charter has sent out three techs to my home four times. Each time they can not wrap their head around what I'm doing with a cable card and a PC. I've updated the drivers twice (now on a beta driver) and this time, the PC does not see it at all. The whole time, Charter says the issue is with my hardware, then Ceton support states everything is working great and the issue is with my service provider.

Again, I love the reviews and what I should be able to do with this card, but I can not waste any more time on this. I'm giving this product a rating of two due to the open communication of Ceton support. Thanks for trying.

I will gladly revise this review if something changes before I return this card.
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on November 27, 2012
Unfortunately I too am in the same boat as majority of the folks posting bad reviews. I'm very tech savvy and have a nice new computer that I built (i5 quadcore ivy bridge with plenty of RAM, SSD's, etc.) So on to the review...

This thing is an unreliable signal hog. In a bad bad way. I'm on Verizon FiOS and all of my equipment worked great. I gave up a Set Top Box for this card in hopes to view the multiple tuners on several devices. Big mistake. This thing barely works on 1 computer with numerous signal issues etc. I've bantered back and forth with their tech support who to this day has not provided an ounce of support (fix it information.) I put poor Verizon through hell - what a great sport they were - a tech visit and the guy replaced everything. Literally - everything between the fiber drop and the Ceton card (ONT, cable run, splitter, wall plate, and connecting cable) - signal well within specs but I couldn't get FX HD or EPIX HD to work. When they finally did - the pixelation was horrible. However it all worked just fine on my Verizon DVR. - So the techs final move was to install a signal booster on the line to the Ceton. That seemed to do the trick - for about 1 day. After that the network tuners were locking up and crashing all of the computers involved. Service not available and "weak signal" issues again. No way - I tested everything and they were well within specs. Ceton's support asked me to just use 1 computer. Ok so I did - and not even 8 hours went by before it started failing on that one also. I've asked twice now for an RMA - and it has not yet been honored. I've wasted way too many hours on this and I'm tempted to just return it and get my Set Top Box back. These cards have production issues - no doubt about it. So many hit and miss or "it worked for a while" etc issues.

Also - the installation videos are great. Except for the network tuner video. It's missing 1 major piece of information. It tells you to configure the network tuner on a client computer - however it never tells you to install the Ceton driver package on the client computer. Just had to figure that one out. Does not mention it in the pdf either. When you install the network tuner to the client, there is no option to exclude the driver either. So you install the whole package just to get the network tuner. Which I can see now why they will not support it in Windows 8 - it barely works in Windows 7.

I've not even attempted to record shows with this device. I can't even get it to play live TV reliably - I surely wouldn't trust it to record things for me at this point. I can live with some of the limitations of Windows Media Center - but this card surely makes it that much less desirable.

When it did work (which was for the 1st 2 days) it worked ok and the Xbox 360 extender worked great. But now that the card has lost its will to do its job - nothing works. Yet Ceton continues to banter with me. I'm glad I paid money to be a beta tester of their hardware.

And yes the card does get very warm - but putting a fan on or near it did not help at all. It still says it's working within the temp specs, but it seems to get worse the warmer it gets. Typical side effect of heat with electronics.
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on January 15, 2012
So I have spent a considerable amount of time on this hardware. Initially, I was very excited about this purchase, I had planned a day to install the Cable card and get to watching some TV on my PC. Sadly, this was not the case. just a little background on me. I am a 11 year Tech 5 Signature Home Service technician For Time Warner Cable that being said I am pretty well versed in all thing cable and as for computers I am an enthusiast, this will be my fifth build.
I am not the kind of person who gives up too easily in fact I am very tenacious when it comes to problem solving. as of right know I have followed many suggestions from the various forums an help from the ceton website to correct any issues on my part, Ive installed and uninstalled the OS the card the drivers Ive switched video cards cable cards tuning adapter and so on.
I have a very unique situation that most do not, in that i have access to resources that most users of this product will not, such as access to head end engineers, and other techs who are using the product. I have set up the cable configuration to optimize signal, both the cable card and the tuner have a home run feed. I can see my card and the tuner on my system plant everything is green all my levels are perfect and the both are responding as far as the two way communication goes there is no noise one my end and i know the SDV channels are there because i have Cable box right next to it. Needless to say it not working i get local ch but not any of my premiums. I currently have an open ticket to see if it is an issue on our side.i don't think it is.
Good luck if you buy it it is very expensive @ 299.99, For 129.00 i can upgrade my sling box and watch my content with a alot less hassle and as for the recording i can just add a dvr.
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on February 18, 2012
I have to say I'm a huge fan of Windows Media Center. Adding cable TV to the mix was going to simply be a bonus on top of all the Netflix, OTA TV and music and movie streaming I was already doing. I knew going in that CableCards wouldn't "just work" like my OTA TV did and there would be some growing pains, so none of the -3 stars earned in this review reflect the adventure of getting it to work in the first place, partly because many of those problems come from working with the cable company itself. But over time the problems caused by this Ceton card were simply too much aggravation to endure.

As many others have noted, cable companies don't like CableCards. They make it as painful as they possibly can for people to have them installed. In my case they sent out a tech who had no idea what he was doing (I basically installed the whole thing myself while he watched) and when it initially didn't work they threw their hands up and said they were done. A simple reminder that the FCC mandates their cooperation under law compelled them to try a little harder and we finally got it all up and working. (The tuning adapter was the culprit.)

So for the first few weeks I was in love. But then the errors started happening. With each of these errors the only solution was to reset the card and start over, which meant losing my settings and about 45 mins each time. Ceton tech support was always helpful, but after this occurred for the 10th time or so I decided to try a new card. Same result. The only way I could get the system stable was to remove the networking feature, which was a real bummer because I wanted this card to work on my upstairs and downstairs HTPCs.

Frustrated, I decided to switch to the SiliconDust HD Homerun Prime. I haven't had any problems with that unit and the ability to pool the tuners for use on any computer in the house has been wonderful. I could not more evangelically endorse that unit and urge you to avoid this one.
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on June 20, 2012
Bought this tuner with much anticipation after reading many glowing commentaries about it. Boy was I disappointed.

Per usual I had some setup issues related to malfunctioning Time Warner equipment and not the unit itself. And while I can't blame Ceton for those issues, Ceton's product and support have plenty of problems of their own. Having received a bad tuning adapter from TWC I was experiencing horrific computer crashes. It turns out that when Ceton's tuning adapter driver failed to sync with the malfunctioning adapter, it got stuck in a loop that would not allow my computer to shut down, instead crashing it after about a 15 minute timeout. Ceton's support refused to acknowledge that this was what was happening and instead chose to call my computer and operating system into question. They even suggested that I completely reformat my hard drive as a fix. Utterly absurd. It was obvious that their driver was causing the problem which sure enough went away as soon as I got a new TA. Again, I can't blame them for the bad TA, but even the junky drivers that come with offbrand products don't cause the crashes that this driver was causing. I have to chalk that up to poor design by Ceton.

Eventually I was able to get everything working only to be most unimpressed. This card hogged tons of CPU and memory, and was slow and sluggish. Furthermore, after attempting to set up the network tuning features, it completely crashed my network and became undetectable to the computer it was housed in. Interestingly enough, the Ceton software actually has a function built in to restore settings in the event of this happening. Nice, but hardly a good alternative to it just working the way it should. Long story short I never got it fully working as described by Ceton. In fact if there is any upside at all to this product, its that when you have a problem with the tuner and Google it, you find hundreds of forums full of people having the same problem. The downside is that the most common solution for all such problems is returning the Ceton and getting an HD Homerun Prime. I am happy to say, I did this same thing and couldn't be happier.

The HD Homerun Prime sets up easier, allows you to use all 3 tuners anywhere, doesn't crash your computer, doesn't crash your network, tunes channels waaaaayyyyyyyy faster, and uses almost no system resources. They're not even close. Don't believe all the Ceton fanboys trolling the forums. The Ceton is not even in the same league as the HDHRP. I spent 5 days trying to get the Ceton to do what the HDHRP did in 5 minutes. With no hard drive reformat required. Go figure.

One more thing I'll say on the topic. Its always hard to gauge a product when you come on Amazon and some people give it 5 stars and call it flawless, while others give it one star and call it crap. If you want to get a truly accurate assessment of how the Ceton compares to the HDHRP, I suggest simply Google the following:

"Ceton Infinitv 4 problems"
"HDHomerun Prime problems"

You will see for yourself that there are hundreds of links for the former and almost none for the latter. Take opinions out of it and you'll see the numbers don't lie. The Ceton has endless issues and the HDHRP has very few. I wish I had done this before making the mistake of buying this problematic, glitchy piece of junk. Its a nice idea, and I give it 2 stars because it does at least work. But it is not ready for primetime. Spare yourself the hassle and buy the HDHRP. Do not buy this product. You've been warned.
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on November 25, 2012
Usually I don't bother to write reviews, but I feel obligated to let anyone considering this card know that this is not the best way to get TV on your HTPC. I had nothing but problems with this card, especially driver issues. Although it is only fair to complement Ceton's service team on very fast response times and willingness to help, I should not have had to install beta drivers to get this card to work on the other PCs on my network, not to mention have to reach out to the service team to get them. Once I could get the signal on my other PCs, it would randomly drop out, only working again after rebooting the remote computers.

After returning this I chose a popular, cheaper (though you get one less tuner) stand-alone network tuner alternative and had 0 issues getting any computer on my network to receive video from it.

I'm giving it one star because it works on the host and one star for great customer service, but that's it. As long as you have an extra port open on your router/switch, I have to recommend you look elsewhere because this card, unless you're only using it on the PC you've installed it, will give you headaches.
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