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on April 29, 2009
With knifes, you have to use and abuse them a little before you can write a fair review based on it's performance. For most knifes of this price you wouldn't expect super high quality as you would with prominent knife makers like Benchmade or CRKT, etc. In this instance, however, this is actually a fairly well made knife. And, I will be quick to point out it is made out of the same high quality steel that most high end knifes are made from (440C). I have had no problems so far with mine in the two months that I have had it and I use it A LOT. Mostly as a utility knife but it would make an excellent all around everyday and campers knife. It has kept a sharp edge so far and the tip has not bent or been damaged even though I have used the tip to pry open things. The design is nice and comfortable to hold. The lock has worked well and consistent. I had to actually loosed the screws on mine with a torx wrench just a little so that the "quick open" finger notch worked more smoothly. With a light flick it whips open quickly now. It is super thin & the pocket clip works nicely. It's not too heavy even though it is a decent sized knife. I would rate this overall as a very useful utility and/or campers/hikers knife and would recommend it!
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on June 18, 2011
This knife isn't a great buy because it's a great knife, but a great knife because it's a great buy. Come on, you get an almost 4", 440c blade with finger flipper, lanyard holes,ferro rod striker (the jimping at the end of the liners), tactical features, comfortable handle, cool blade paint and deep carry pocket clip for 7 change delivered.

The drop point blade is fairly thick and menacing with a nice even grind and edge. The flipper acts as a finger choil if needed. The liners protrude past the end of the scales and house the laynyard hole. It's also nifty that the edges of these protruding liners are jimped for use as a ferro rod striker. You would think this folder cost 50 bucks after listening to some of the complaints in other reviews. At this price I'm willing to sharpen the blade and tighten a screw or two... what's the big deal? Of course it's not going to be a zero defect knife at this price.

By the way, mine was extremely sharp out of the box and my screws haven't budged. My blade does not lock tightly into the handle as others have stated and can come loose but at this price I'll live with it or fix it if possible. Blade centering when closed is off a bit but this doesn't effect the use of the knife at all. For The Money, This Knife Rocks! I would recommend it to anybody and I'm going to buy a few more.
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on August 16, 2010
I bought this knife for my 14-year-old son, and he loves everything about it (and I certainly loved its low price!). But after two weeks of use, the screw on which the blade pivots loosened and fell out. Fortunately my son retrieved the part and handed all of it to me to be repaired.

If this happens to you -- and enough users on Amazon have reported problems with these screws backing out that you might want to anticipate it -- you'll need a small Torx screwdriver (size "T8" to be precise) and a bit of Loctite, or similar thread locker (available at any hardware store or auto parts store). The blade is surrounded by a nylon bushing on each side. Once you make sure that those bushings are in place, put a drop of Loctite on the screw, and use the Torx driver to tighten it to just where you would like it -- tight enough to have little or no play, but loose enough that you can extend the blade with a flick of the wrist. I'd suggest using "removable" threadlocker rather than "permanent", just in case you ever want to change the screw adjustment. And use just a drop; you don't want to foul the nylon bushings that keep the blade moving smoothly.

Incidentally, for those of you with video-game-playing kids, you might already own a T8 Torx driver, because it's the same tool that opens up an Xbox 360 controller. If you don't have one, you can get this one on Amazon for about five bucks: Silverhill Tamper Resistant Torx size T8 for Xbox 360 Controller

In spite of this annoyance -- and it definitely IS annoying -- the knife is an awesome bargain, fully meeting my son's needs.
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on May 16, 2011
This is an amazing knife for the money. It is so easy to sharpen, and holds an edge as well as any stainless should.
Its no high carbon steel, but its a folder, leave the nice metals for a full tang, large knife.

The only downside to this knife, if carried regularly, is that the screws holding the whole this together will unscrew themselves. I learned this the hard way as one fell out and was lost. I found out that if you take them out, and apply a dab of super glue to the end, and screw them back in tightly, the glue will slide through the threading and keep it in place unless a significant amount of force is used to take them out.
Problem solved!

But really, a great knife, smooth to flip, a breeze to sharpen, and a cool factor that has all my friends oohing.
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on December 1, 2011
I purchased two Mtech knives at the same time and they both arrived this evening. The cheaper of the two is the Mtech Extreme, which I am writing about now. I opened and closed the knife maybe 3-5 times within the first out and not consecutively and it got stuck open. The spring shifted all the way to the opposite side and jammed. I got it to close again but every other cycle, the spring shifts to far again and jams. Also, when the blade is locked, it has play, which is definitely not correct. As of now, this may be cheapest quality knife I have ever had. I haven't contacted the seller yet but if this is one of those deals where I have to pay for shipping to send it back, which would likely be close to the cost of the knife, I will never purchase another Mtech again.
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on July 13, 2011
This is a great knife.Opens very easy, strong belt clip and was razor sharp right out of the box.(shaved the hairs on my arm with it)!
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on July 14, 2012
This is a nice knife, especially for the price. It opens smoothly, looks nice and feels good in my hand. The blade arrives sharp and didn't need any lube to open and close nicely, it came adjusted about right. Looking through the frame down onto the blade, it's a flow through design so all you see is the blade through the center of the knife along with a few screws/spacers to hold the sides apart. This is a Liner Lock design where one side of the frame is formed to include the locking tab that must be slid to the side to close the knife. An interesting design choice is that the center spacers are chrome, so they stand out when viewed on edge. This knife weighs in at 4.93oz on my digital scale, and is 5" long closed and 8-5/8" long opened.

I like how the pocket clip is attached. When I carry my knife I need it to be down into my pocket as far as possible. I don't want it to be obvious that I have a knife. I need it to be a functional tool without making a statement. The belt hook on this knife is mounted so that the knife will ride right at your pocket or belt. This means I can use this as a daily carry. It's too large to be used as an inside the pocket knife and for me bigger than I want to carry daily. I see this as more of a weekend or adventure knife. It is great to keep in the toolbox too when you need a knife for odd chores (cutting grass etc). I'll also post a picture for size comparison to some other popular knives.

4 stars for being a solid knife for a very good price.
review image
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on January 13, 2012
Pretty, but completely useless as a knife. Locking mechanism is defective & poorly designed. If you manage to get one that does lock, takes minimal amount of pressure to have the blade fold back on you. Could have had some degree of potential had they taken the time to construct/design it properly, but its not. Spring catch grabs 1/16 of round swivel. Staying clear of Mtech locking folders as a result.
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on February 27, 2010
I was pleasantly surprised when I first received this knife in the mail. It's really nice looking, extremely sharp and works great. Within two weeks of using the knife, I was missing all of the tiny screws that hold the knife together. For $5, you get what you pay for I guess. But I almost stabbed myself the first time I reached for it and it was open all of the way because the screws weren't holding it together any longer.
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on September 12, 2014
This is a fairly nice knife with a few minor design flaws. I have owned several decent knives similar to this, ranging from Gerber, Smith and Wesson, and some random other brands as well. I typically like to carry around one that is easy to clip to the inside of my pocket for quick access, usually four to five inches max folded, and can handle a beating from various random uses. What first got my attention was the price of these knives from MTech. Depending on the knife, they are anywhere from $3-15 cheaper than their similarly specked S&W or Gerber counterpart on Amazon. While that doesn't sound like much, at $5-8 for this knife on Amazon, that can be at least 50% cheaper or more for similar function. I'm not a namebrand junkie and like to judge a product based on it's actual use, not it's name. That said, I was a little skeptical of a knife in this price range as most I've seen have usually been cheap gas station and/or Walmart knives that adhere to the "you get what you pay for" adage.

In general, I judge a pocket knife based on three main criteria: handle comfort and build, pivoting/folding action, and the blade.

First off, when opening the package and examining the knife, I noticed that it mentions the word USA no fewer than three times on the Knife and box. That said, upon closer inspection, you notice it says it is "designed" in the USA, but is made in China in tiny print. I find that to be a funny (and somewhat misleading) marketing tactic. However, I'm not one that believes in the "made in USA" = quality hype, so this had little affect on me other than wondering what other misleading things they might take liberties with.

Luckily, outside of this misleading marketing tactic, the knife itself was packaged decently and looked well made. You could tell immediately that this wasn't a $5 gas station or novelty store knife, but one made with function in mind. The first thing you notice is build quality and heft. Everything seems to be well machined, put together, etc., however, it is much heavier than similarly designed counterparts from bigger namebrand companies like S&W and Gerber. I think this is because in order to save costs, they used heavier steel and also didn't use aluminum in the handle frame, but steel here as well. That said, while it feels heavier than I prefer, it does give the knife a feeling of durability. The design itself is almost identical to a S&W knife I had lost, except slightly longer and black. I'm not sure how well the color will hold up but it does feel like it will hold up. I will update with use and wear. While similar to the S&W, I immediately noticed that the machining wasn't quite as nice as the S&W. It's not that the handle looked cheap, but you could obviously tell the limitations of the machining equipment used by MTech and its inability to make contoured handle pieces out of metal. The S&W has subtle metal curvature that gives it a smoother and more ergonomic grip without adding wood/rubber/plastic grip inserts. Everything on the MTech is very angular and not quite as form fitting for the grip as the near identical S&W design. I doubt this is a design choice and more of a manufacturing limitation. That said, while this doesn't give it quite the same level of quality and ergonomic feel as the S&W, it looks decent and I suspect most won't care about minor things like this in a sub $10 knife. The real downside here might be the weight. If you plan on having this inside your pocket, it might be a little heavy. The clip is sturdy and overall, the initial impression is a nice durable knife, just heavy.

When opening the knife, there is zero blade play. It doesn't feel too loose or too tight and opens cleanly and snaps closed and open very securely. This is very important in this kind of product for safety and durability and an important judging criteria for me. I will see if this stands the test of time, but as of right now, the blade action is perfect. The one and only negative here is the standard push-type plate thumb unlocking piece to unlock the blade and close it. I am not referring to the thumb assist on the spine to open the blade, but the one inside the grip to close the knife. It is slightly too thin and hard to get to with one hand/thumb. The reason is most likely to prevent accidentally releasing the blade lock while gripping the knife. However, it needs to be about a millimeter more pronounced to be a little easier to use with one hand.

Finally, the blade. In the pictures, you will notice the blade has some sort of combo net and stripe print on it that they refer to some sort of beneficial blade treatment. I somehow doubt it has any significant functional purpose and is more for show. I almost didn't purchase the knife because of this "gimmicky" print that is often reserved IMO for novelty store trinket knives. While I like subtle design efforts, for the most part, I want my pocket knife to be functional, not a GI Joe knockoff. I'm not in the Marines, nor am I some tactical expert that specializes in hand to hand knife wielding combat. Sure, if I need it in a pinch for protection, that is certainly one of many possible uses, but I don't necessarily want that as the theme of my pocket knife (I would imagine boys/men from teenagers to early twenties mike like this print). It even perpetuates this gimmicky effort by having the words "Extreme" on the blade (very small) and alludes to some sort of Marine coordinated design effort on the box. However, despite all of this, the blade came sharp, well designed, and looks like it will fulfill its main objective, to cut, quite well. Also, while the pattern seems more pronounced in the pictures, it is more subtle in real life. So despite initial reservations, the blade seems to be well made.

In general, the knife had good build, great blade action, and a good blade. For the price, the only real con is the weight, but otherwise, for $5-8, this blade is a very good buy. It's obviously not a top tier knife (thus the four stars), but then again, you aren't paying for that. I feel like you get all of the functional qualities and durability out of better namebrand knives, just without some of the small/subtle differences upgrading to a more premium brand might give you such as slightly better machining, forged steel, and aluminum. If none of that matters and you just want a reliable sharp pocket knife, then don't hesitate.
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