Customer Reviews: Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener with MyQ Technology and Battery Backup
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on June 29, 2012
This product is the latest generation of opener technology from Chamberlain. It is extremely quiet and the warranty is fantastic (better than earlier generations). Please note that because this is a new generation, there WILL be compatibility problems with older generation openers. The remotes and remote keypad use Security+ 2.0 and the accessories use MyQ technology. This means that this opener will not work with previous generations of Chamberlain accessories, so be careful when purchasing them. Also, some reviews here that are not Amazon verified seem to not be for this unit and describe earlier generations. This unit is for 7' tall doors (kits available for taller ones). Note that the model carried by Costco looks to have a similar model number (WD962KD) but it uses the older technology so the accessories/remotes are not compatible.

Pluses over older generation belt driven models: Better warranty than earlier generations. Compatible with CFL bulbs. Cheaper/more capable monitor accessory. Auto-Close feature. Motion detecting light activation. MyQ Accessories are pretty awesome (see end of review for a summary). There are lots of reviews here regarding Homelink compatibility - I'd call Chamberlain before purchasing if you have HomeLink enabled cars (bear in mind if you need a repeater box it works on mains power so you can't use the car opener in the event of a power failure - an inconvenience, but not a deal killer - use the wireless keypad instead).

My recommendation is to go to the Chamberlain website and get a copy of the manual for this unit and read it before purchase to fully understand what you are getting. When reading the manual, you need to know that this unit comes with the Motion detecting panel, NOT the smart one. It also comes with a wireless keypad for mounting outdoors (there is a cruddy 9v battery that comes preinstalled - I'd replace it with an alkaline with a long expiration date). The wireless keypad is not mentioned in the manual, instructions are packaged with the keypad. The manual is better than most DIY installation type products.

If you own and have previously used the tools mentioned in the manual, and you are replacing an existing opener, you can probably perform a DIY installation. Mine was a replacement for an existing opener, and it took me 2-3 hrs. (closer to 3 for the first unit, closer to 2 for the second unit). Installation tips: See review from PacificNW "Installation Tips" dated 6/21/2012. My addition to those: I had the parts laid out in front of me and read the manual in its entirety first while looking at the pictures and put the parts where they are installed/used before starting. After doing that the entire manual makes much more sense and is very easy to follow because you know why you are doing the previous steps to set up for the next part. This should also make any additional hardware you may need obvious. For peace of mind I'd purchase and install the Chamberlain Garage Door Universal Surge Protector accessory - this is easier to to install at the same time as the unit itself than later (install it just before running wires from the panel/door protector). Note that the surge protector is not just a normal plug-in surge protector, it also protects the wires going to the safety sensors and remote panels.

I'd recommend having some extras on hand in case your situation is a bit different than the basic installation. A set of 6 .25" diameter x 1.5" long bolts with 2 washers and a nylon insert nut for each, heavy-gauge Galvanized Pipe Strap (plumbing dept at any home store), and tin snips are useful extra parts and tools to have around for more complex mounting situations. I also used the rubber straps from two rubber exhaust hangers from an auto parts store to further insulate vibrations from the opener (similar to Steel/Rubber Universal Tailpipe Hanger, but around 5 bucks). A small part of one (3 holes) was used between the wall mounting bracket and the stud, and 4 holes worth was used on each side of the opener and I connected the mounting angle iron to it. The result is having rubber vibration dampers that make opening/closing the doors completely inaudible - even when standing on the other side of the man door or in the room above the garage.

For a fresh install, you will need to make sure you can cut and mount part of a 2x4 support bracket, and have a non-switched outlet in the ceiling close to your motor mounting point. To do a one-person installation you need a 8' ladder to prop the unit on, and probably another one for you to stand on.

Accessories: Supports up to 8 MyQ compatible accessories. All Security+ 2.0 and MyQ labeled accessories work - even LiftMaster branded accessories. These accessories will not work if you have a power outage unless they are plugged into a backup power source.
Liftmaster 829LM Garage Door Monitor Identical to the Chamberlain branded AGDMEV. Works with up to 4 doors, beeps/lights when any door is opening or remains opening. Can close all doors by pressing a single button. I am using this one because it was available locally. Unlike old generation sensors, this requires no additional sensor mounted on the door and can close all open doors - a definite plus. See my review there.
Liftmaster 828LM Garage Door Opener Internet Gateway Allows you to open/close/check state of garage door(s) from your smart phone. Takes up a WIRED ethernet port on your router. Also works with the remote light control below. This system goes through Chamberlain's servers which is ultimately what talks to your garage door opener. That means my home security is as good as the security of their systems. [Update: 2/12/2013] There used to be a $15/year fee after the first year, but LiftMaster is now saying there is no longer an annual fee on their product page for this accessory. The terms of service allow LiftMaster to change this policy with a 30 day notice to their website, so this is still subject to change.
Liftmaster 825LM Remote Light Control Plug this into a wall outlet and plug a up to 600 watt/5 AMP lamp (even CFL/LEDS!) into this and you can control it from your remote or via the internet when used with the Internet Gateway.
Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch This replaces a single wall switch (not a 3 or 4 way) and allows you to control 300 watts of light (even CFL/LEDS!) attached to this switch from your remote or via the internet when used with the Internet Gateway. I can see this being VERY useful if you have an outside floodlight you want to turn on for security or visibility.
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on June 6, 2013
We purchased this garage door opener for a new house that we were building, so there was never one in its place. I've only had experience with one other garage door opener that was a very noisy chain drive at our previous residence. This unit got great reviews, and we found it on sale at a local home improvement store. So we purchased it and had it installed. I DID NOT attempt to install it myself, so I cannot offer any pointers for that.

The highlights of this system are that:

It is very very quiet. So quiet that our dogs usually DO NOT hear when a car pulls up in the garage. They only know that someone is home when they hear the door from the garage close. The garage door makes more noise as it rolls up than the unit itself.

I absolutely love the motion detection in the garage. We have had it less than a week, but with the two light bulbs on the unit, it lights up our garage perfectly well, and I don't have to bother even reaching for the light switch. All I have to do is walk in the garage and boom I have lights.

I have already configured the garage door opener to close after 15 minutes if we fail to close it.

Battery backup is there if I do need it.


If I have to pick on anything, I would agree with a previous user that for a unit that was rated 5/5 on speed for the home improvement store, it is not that quick. I have not timed it, but it seems to be slower than my previous garage door opener.

If I could give a half star, I'd give this unit a 4.5, but I cannot so I'll give it a 4 instead. I do not regret purchasing it, and I'm hoping I can get into some of the additional functionality such as the MyQ technology with the smart phone. Neither my wife nor I have a car that has homelink functionality, or lack thereof, so that fact has not been considered. We also have a 7' garage door, so we did not have to purchase an extender.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 25, 2012
This is the best garage door opener I have ever seen and not heard. It is well built and dead silent.

The WD962KEV opener is sold under as a variety of bundles. I happen to have the HD920EV (HD stands for Home Depot), the opener itself is exactly the same across all these bundles, it is the accessories that are different (HD920EV, 349544, WD962KEF, and WD962KPEV are the same opener).

My only complaint with this opener is the instruction manual. There is a fair amount of paper packed in the box. It would have been really simple for Chamberlain to publish and installation manual and then a separate manual for use. I'm not normally somebody that likes extra paperwork. In this case the installation is so complicated and long, and I will only use that part of the manual once; it seems logical to have a separate manual for adjusting, programming, and use. Sadly the whole box feels like a bunch of independent parts tossed in one box. The biggest omission is the whole HomeLink discussion - what kinds of accessories can I use with this thing, and the whole MyQ technology. There is absolutely nothing in this box about any of those cool things. I'm still totally confused about what accessories I can buy and what they actually do.

The garage door opener itself is incredible. A 3/4 horsepower motor is more than enough power to reliably open and close just about any home garage door. I had a LiftMaster 1/3 horsepower chain drive opener that lasted over 18 years. One day it shredded the drive gear and I decided it was time to just buy a new opener. My split panel garage door has parallel springs (not the roll up torsion springs). I had the door inspected for tension, and it turned out the door was just fine, my opener just got old and died. Little did I know how much noise that darn chain made.

The great things about this opener are the dual 100Watt light bulbs; they light up my garage so much better than a single 40 watt bulb in the old opener. This is compatible with CFL's, although I wouldn't put them in this opener. CFL's work better when they are on for long time periods. A garage door opener will see them turning off and on several times a day and being on for only 5 minutes at a time. The door slows down just as it is closing so that the door doesn't bang shut or make a lot of noise at the final stop. The door can be programmed to automatically close by itself after a set amount of time. This is a nice feature for the forgetful person backing out of the garage.

The battery back up is just plain cool. The door moves slower, but in the event of a power failure it will open and close roughly 20 times. The 12V battery backup is similar to the batteries a UPS used for computers (I would guess an equivalent battery would be easy to find and not terribly expensive).

There is just so much to love about this thing once it is installed.

Installation was moderately painful. It took me about three hours to replace my old opener. The assembly instructions are crystal clear. But this is a complicated device to put together, following those instructions precisely is critical. The tool list is a good one. I added a nylon mallet to assemble the rail system. The only place that was confusing to me was releasing the round spring for the drive belt tension. I think I got it right, but there weren't any instructions to verify that I got the tension exactly right, or how to adjust the tension after the fact.

Where I ran into difficulty was hanging the opener and attaching the lift arm to my door. I've found out that the guy before me in my house didn't always do things exactly right, so I'm always fixing his mistakes. The instructions talk about a 2 inch clearance for the rail and mounting the header bracket. Going all the way up to 2 inches meant I would have had to add a 2x4 up in the rafters. I only had about 3/4 of an inch clearance. I just decided, since the old opener worked, I'll just put it in the same spot. The opener worked just fine. Turned out if I had followed the 2 inch clearance, the rail would have hit the rafters running perpendicular to the door (not a good thing). So that 2 inches can probably be cheated.

The other problem was connecting the lift mechanism to the door. I have a sectional metal door that has incredibly thin metal brackets. The bolts for the old bracket were loose. The new bracket lined up perfectly with the old holes, except they were stripped. I struggled with this for a long time trying to figure out a better mounting solution. Finally I added the two reinforcing angle irons from the opener kit. And put four bolts on the mount. It isn't pretty or as sturdy as I would like, but it seems to work. The ideal solution would have been to use a metal bar passed through the slots on the upright.

Once I solved those silly mounting problems, everything worked great. The new opener fit in exactly the same motor suspension slots as the old one. I was able to reuse the door switch wiring adding a 1 foot extra length with wire nuts at the lift motor. Unfortunately the wires for the reversing sensors are hard mounted to the sensors. So I had to rip out the old wire and run new. The paper covered staples in the kit are a pain in the neck to use (a hint, grab the whole row of staples, tap one into the wall, then tear it off the strip, and finish driving the staple in) - regular staples would be a better choice. The clips for mounting the reverse sensors are really strange. They kind of snap onto the door rail in a weird way. Try really hard to position those perfectly the first time, they are a major pain to move if put in the wrong place.

I really like the newer reversing door sensors, they have a wide angle of view and the two LED lamps on them make adjustment fast and easy. In fact I didn't have to adjust anything from the snap in position. Adjusting the door travel is incredibly simple and precise. The instructions make it seem like once the door is adjusted that's it. In fact if the up or down button is pushed too far, simply press the opposite direction and then press the round button to accept the position. In other words, the position can be fine tuned.

The remote controls worked right out of the box. That surprised me. I figured I would have to program them with the opener. The battery back up was a bit odd to install. I'm used to those batteries with the electrical tabs on top. In this case the battery lies on its side.

The outdoor wireless remote control was super simple to program, those instructions made it seem much more complex. There is a sweet undocumented feature, pressing the Enter button will close the garage door, no need to enter the code for door closing.

Programming my car remotes is a whole different story. That has been nothing but a major pain in the rear end. I have three cars with HomeLink remotes in them. The 2012 Ford Focus programmed in no time at all, exactly the way the instructions said it would (basically hold down the garage door opener button and the button on the car until the lights flash rapidly; then press the yellow round button on the garage door motor and press the car remote button until it flashes - programming is done). My 1999 Mercedes E320 and 2002 Buick Rendezvous are a totally different story. I'm still having trouble programming them. For reasons I don't understand, Chamberlain doesn't help with programming cars; they pawn that off to the HomeLink organization. Their website is terrible. They phone support is friendly, but I was on hold for 15 minutes before I got a human. Then that person just sent me the same instructions I got at the website. I've read about these repeaters people have used with older cars, not HomeLink 2 systems. There is nothing at their website that talks about those. For the time being I'm just using the remote controls supplied with the opener.

Then we get to the whole MyQ Technology story. I'd love to see some kind of home automation included with my garage door opener. The problem, there are no instructions for what this stuff does, what I can do with it, how to hook it up, and how to program my garage door openers to use it. There isn't a single bit of glossy advertising literature in the box. MyQ appears to be something on the box, the listing here, and the lead description on the Chamberlain website; but there's nothing else. It seems like a total dead end. Chamberlain could do a much better job with this.

In a way, I'm glad my old garage door opener broke. This one is so much better than the old one. It is so quiet and just works well. I wish Chamberlain did a better job of describing the whole system and use of the extra features. It seems like a tool box of cool stuff, but I have no idea how to use them.

May 7, 2013 Update: I smile every single time this door opens or closes - I can barely hear it. I'm so glad the old thing broke.

I realized I forgot to include the business about the remote control light switch. That thing is fantastic. It was super complicated to get it working (Chamberlain determined my first one was defective, the second one worked perfectly). This was part of the Home Depot bundle and turns on the outside lights whenever the garage door opener light is on. It is the best thing in the world. This is the part - actually worth buying if it didn't come in a bundle (the part is WSLCEV wall switch). Chamberlain WSLCEV Wall Switch/control With Perp Smartphone/computer/tablet Support.

Installing that crazy switch showed me that Chamberlain does have fantastic support if you get to the right person. The lady hung out with me on the phone for maybe 45 minutes trying to troubleshoot that switch. The replacement showed up in three days no questions asked.

The other annoyance was the autoclosing after 5 minutes. The door does this by default. But if you're working around the garage, that's a pain. It took me a while to figure out the wall switch has a Hold function on it. Press that and the door won't close.

I do love this garage door opener.
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on April 19, 2012
Although I bought this product at a local store, this product is the same.

By far this is the quietest garage door opener I have owned. I am very impressed with everything about this product. Some people complained about the directions. I found them very clear. Some people also complained about some missing parts. Since each installation is very different, I can understand why some parts might not be included. The directions make it very clear which parts are missing from the kit.

There is a downside that was brought up by a previous reviewer. The garage door opener uses new frequencies or codes that are not compatible with automobiles older than 2011. The company that deals with the wireless stuff is called Homelink, a unit of Johnson Controls. I called up the company and told the representative that my car would not program properly. He told me my car was not compatible and I needed something called a Homelink Repeater. That would have been nice to know earlier, but I was able to order it from him for $7.52 shipping and handling. Supposedly this retails for $50.

My garage door opener is less that a week old, so I will have to see how it holds up long-term.
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on June 13, 2015
Just installed. If you've never installed an opener and you're not mechanically inclined, hire someone. Directions are ok, but again, if you haven't done it before it may seem confusing. Seems to work very well. Nice and quiet. I also purchased the Myq Gateway and the app for your smart phone seems to work well.

Cons - Most openers allow you to route the safety sensor wires across the bar from the top of the door to the motor for a clean look. This opener wants you to tack the wires to the ceiling. Not me! If you have a good "fishing" tool, you can route the wires through the bar. Enter through the bar at the motor location and pop-out at the front of the bar by the door. If you try entering through the front tab, your "fish" will not go through as it will hit the connecting portions of the bar. Trust me, I tried! There is a tab at the front of the bar that they want you to bend up during installation and this is the spot you can come out of. You will need a small "hook" type tool or some good needle nose plyers to get the wire out of the tab area. Now you will have a professional, clean install. Please see photos.

Homelink - After reading the reviews about compatibility or lack there of, I went to Chamberlains website, and entered my car and opener info and in bold green letters it stated " NO BRIDGE IS NEEDED". See attached picture. I called Chamberlain and even after the person I spoke to seen for herself, I was told I had to purchase the bridge even after the glaring evidence to the contrary on the website. I kept bringing this to her attention and after a while I was asked to hold numerous times. They finally decided to send me the bridge at no charge as a courtesy. Courtesy? Their website was dead wrong! Be prepared to spend more money if you want your cars Homelink to work. One of the most expensive garage door openers and it doesn't work with Homelink unless you have a brand new car. For this reason my rating drops to 2 stars. A lot of wasted time and frustration on the phone to try to correct a problem that shouldn't have been...
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on June 6, 2012
If your car is not 2012, (or some 2011's) you will most likely need a repeater.

You program your car to "open" the repeater, and the repeater re-sends the request to the garage door. If you have two garage door openers, you need two repeaters.

The repeaters are free ONLY if you say you own a model of car on the "hidden" list.
They are NOT free for cars manufactured BEFORE the new technology was available.
They ARE free for cars manufactured AFTER the new technology was introduced and BEFORE that model included that technology into the car.

For example my car is a 2006, before the technology was made, NO free repeater, I would have to pay $57 including shipping.
If you have a car (only an example) which was made in the 4th quarter of 2008 you may be able to get a free repeater. They have a list.

The repeater does NOT work during a power outage, so during a power failure you need to operate the door using the keypad or included remotes.
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on June 6, 2012
I purchased this opener at the local home improvement store this last weekend. Unfortunately I spent more than today's Gold Box deal, but that's another matter. :) I purchased it for the belt drive and battery backup feature. Once installed I was blown away by the included indoor monitor module and the control box for the wall since they have features I was not expecting. **As noted by a commenter it appears the bundle here does not include these options.

- Time and temperature display on the wall button module
- Auto-closing based on the timer
- Indoor monitor has light indication of an open door as well as an audible alert

The track length made it fit using the hanging hardware already in place for my Genie screrw-drive unit that had gotten WAY too loud. I highly recommend this opener.

HOMELINK USERS - The reviewers are correct about the homelink compatibility issue. This is not a new problem. Garage opener manufacturers change their security protocols and frequencies once in a while to thwart thieves who continue to get better. I knew this going in and did not consider the $34 repeater to be compatible with my 2007 and 2009 vehicles with Homelink to be an issue at all. While you're ordering that you can also grab an Internet connection module if you are completely geeky. :)
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on December 22, 2012
I would have given this opener a much higher rating IF Chamberlain was more upfront with the fact they changed the software and it is NOT compatible with new cars that have the Lear Car2u door opener buttons (2007-2013 Corvettes for example) or older cars with the Homelink System. Chamberlain will require you to either buy an adapter from them for Homelink or call Lear to buy an adapter from them. The adapters are $50 a piece! I had to purchase both adapters. One real crazy fact, the adapter sold by Lear is actually manufactured by Chamberlain but Chamberlain will not sell it directly to you.

I discovered all of this AFTER spending 6 hours installing the opener. Since unit was now installed, impossible to return the unit, I had no choice but to purchase the adapters.

If you are going to purchase this unit and want to use the opener buttons built into your car, be sure to go to and/or and determine if it will work with your car. If I had done that, I would not have bought this unit.
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on January 7, 2013
I've had this unit installed for two years and its been working great. I just bought a new car and parked it in the garage. The next day as I was setting it up with homelink I noticed the bottom of the unit had been eaten through by acid! the liquid acid from the battery had eaten through the unit and dripped down to the floor of the garage missing my brand new BMW by an inch,inch and a half!
I really got lucky.
The response from Chamberlain was "Its a sealed battery, It shouldn't do that" (Oh really?) and "If its under one year we'll replace the battery".
So glad it missed my car otherwise I would have had to start small claims proceedings.
Keep an eye on those batteries folks! I won't be using one on mine from now on.
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on February 11, 2012
First, the garage door opener itself works great. Extremely quiet, setup was much easier than other openers I've used. The timer to close feature is great...especially with kids.

I got it at a local home center, and for the same price there, it includes a little box to put inside the house that tells you whether the door is open or closed. And you can use the box as a remote to close the door.

Now, the downside. Homelink recently changed their security codes. So if you expect a Homelink-compatible product to work with your vehicle equipped with guarantees. In fact, unless your car is brand new, chances are it doesn't work. Nothing on the box says anything about this, and a call to Chamberlain will get you the phone number for Homelink. Strike one - good companies take care of their own customers. So the call to Homelink got me a lecture from their so-called 'customer service rep' about why I SHOULDN'T expect Homelink to just work with Homelink. Strike two. Finally, to make the thing work, they want you to spend $50 + shipping for a repeater box which transfers the request from your 'old' Homelink system to the 'new' opener. Strike three. No good engineering company would release a new product that's incompatible with all their existing customers, without very clear marketing (i.e. a new brand name) to make it clear the two don't work together.

Now, for some newer vehicles, they're kind enough to offer this box for free, but they still charge you shipping. I'm still debating whether to rip the thing down and bring it back to the store. There are other companies out there who actually try to make products which please their customers.
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