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on August 13, 2005
I've been a fan of Staind since the beginning. Im not one of these losers who thinks they sold out. Im just as big a fan now as i was back when they were into the heavier riffs of tormented. So take it from me...Staind still kicks. Im gonna break the album down a little and show you where im coming from.

Run Away....8.5/10...kicks ass...solid opening lick...kinda your eyes from BTC

Right Here....9/10...take away the fact that the radio has it on way too much ... its still one of Stainds best ever

Paper Jesus...8.5/10...takes us back to tormented...complete chaos and yet o so sweet

Schizophrenic Conversations...8.5/10...aweomse song to put after paper jesus..takes things down a notch

Falling....9/10...awesome song...sounds kinda like 14 shades of grey with a little btc....really good message

Cross to Bear....8.5/10...gets better and better with every listen..awesome vocal harmony on the chorus

Devil....8.5/10...kinda creepy tune with soft guitars...really good stuff

Please....10/10...highlight of the album...just the best Staind has ever put out

Everything Changes...10/10...almost as good as Please...similar to so far away from 14 shades of grey but much deeper and more passionate

Take This...8/10...softest song on the album...chorus is kind of weak but the rest of the song is still great

King of Excuses ...8.5/10....similar to for you on btc...heavy song with killer riffs

Reply...9/10....awesome awesome song...great closer
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I have listened to System's new album...It was good!
I have listened to Disturbed's new album...It was ok...
I have listened to Ill Nino's new album...Dissapointment!!

I listened to Staind's new album...Some people may think im crazy, but along with Mezmerize, so far this is the BEST of '05. "14 Shades Of Grey" kinda sucked, but wow... This is so enjoyable. Heavy "Break The Cycle", and yes "DYSFUNCTION" type Staind, along withe usual Aaron Lewis type melody describes this album. The CD starts with "Run Away" which in my head is a perfect track..Reminds me of "Taproot- Poem", but with more emotion to it. "Right Here"...Dont get me wrong, this is a good song, but i tend to kind of dislike it, because its too soft, shouldnt have been the single, because it monotones Staind to the "14 Shades..." style. Then you get Paper Jesus and...D**N that is heavy! Its pretty catchy too. "Schizophrenic Conv." is a good song, probably good for a single as other people say, but it dosent get my attention..."Falling" is slow, but still has some good hard rock in it, and a very catchy chorus. "Cross To Bare" is kind of another song like Run Away....Fast paced, heavy, not too heavy, good song. Im gunna skip ahead to my other fave track on the album "King Of All Excuses"...I hear this track before anything else (besides for "Right Here") on Chapter V, and i gotta say...I was sitting in my chair STUNNED at what i heard Staind do...This is the track that said straight to me "Staind is BACK!". All in all, it still gets soft at some points, but i find this album REALLY enjoyable. As a matter of fact, i think this is the BEST Staind album ive ever heard.
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After hearing Staind's new CD, I am quite pleased. I was worried about the band when I heard 14 shades of gray. Although that wasn't a bad album, it did digress from what staind is all about- Rock. I understand that Ballads made staind popular, but the big fans, such as myself, love the hard heavy grinding rock.

I would say Chapter V is a combination of Dysfunction, Break the Cycle, and 14 shades of gray. Songs like Paper Jesus, King of all excuses, and Run away bring me back to my favorite album from them- Dysfunction. Please, Falling, Cross to Bear, and Reply, sound a little more like Break the Cycle, and Schizophrenic Conversations, Right Here, Everything Changes, and Take this are softer songs more reminiscent of 14 shades of gray.

On the whole, there are a one too many slow songs, which prevents the album from getting 5 stars from me. I don't know where Aaron is going right now, he seems much happier (which has affected his lyrics). I just miss the "I hate you, you screwed up my life" kind of rock they used to play. But that doesn't mean this is a bad album. The songs that rock- truly rock. My favorites so far are Paper Jesus, and please, and I am sure the others will grow on me. If you're a fan of staind, this is a great album to pick up. It might not be their best (that is reserved for dysfunction) but it rocks, and easily goes head to head with Break the Cycle.

By the way, if you get a chance, you should really try and catch them on their tour with 3 doors down and Breaking Benjamin. The played a few songs off this CD and did a great performance.
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on January 16, 2006
Let me get something off my chest in case you are a Staind fan and you have not gotten this album yet, okay? Good. This is not like Break The Cycle. Okay, on with the review.

With a new producer (Break The Cycle and 14 Shades Of Grey were both produced by Josh Abraham), Staind decided to go into a different direction with Chapter V. A couple of tracks stand out on this album:

Right Here

Paper Jesus


Cross To Bear

King Of All Excuses

'Run Away' is quite good to start out with on a album, a nice hard bass line and some good drums, and you got a interesting song. When I first listened to 'Right Here', I thought Chapter V was going to be like another 14 Shades Of Grey, but once I got to Paper Jesus I was proven wrong. Most of the album is a mix of Break The Cycle and 14 Shades of Grey; a little fast, a little slow. One of my favorites songs on this album is 'Paper Jesus', Aaron I guess is pissed off at something (and I am assuming it is at Christianity), but Aaron is pissed like he was on Break The Cycle just in case you wanted to know.

Chapter V is pretty interesting than 14 Shades Of Grey (which I liked the album, but I still perfer Break The Cycle or Tormented) but like I said in the title of this album; listen to it and you be the judge.
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on January 30, 2006
staind somewhat goes back to their roots while at the same time trying to progress focusing on lewis's voice.

1.Runaway(3/5)awesome intro but sound is boring

2.Right Here(4/5)great song but overplayed on the radio

3.Paper Jesus(5/5) very different sound especially with the multiple vocals

4.Schizophrenic Conversations(4/5)

5.Falling(5/5) simply awesome

6. Cross to Bear(5/5) second favorite

7. Devil(5/5) favorite

8. Please(5/5)third favorite

9.Everything Changes(5/5)a break from anger but good

10.Take This(1/5)only bad track

11.King of Excuses(5/5) hardest song and one all can relate to

12. No Reply(4/5)
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Yes the harder sound in aarons voice is all but gone...but the music itself is still hard and his lyrics are still amazing. Ive read editorial reviews blasting it and its funny cause i think all editorial reviews are a joke. Idiots claiming they know whats good and not...yeah right. This album is overall awesome..some heavier songs, some lite songs, and the rest inbetween. Paper Jesus is by far one of the best with King of all excuses and Please my next favorite two. And live this band is one of the best ive ever seen.
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on August 12, 2007
It's been awhile since I've done a review, and even though I have the special edition of Chapter V, I was checking out the reviews to see what people thought, and there aren't very many, and they don't exactly tell how good this is to have as a Staind fan, so maybe I can help. I admit I was little annoyed when I heard Staind was releasing a special edition of their Chapter V album after I had already bought the normal version of the album, but once I saw the tracks, and the fact that it was coming with a DVD, I decided to get it. I'll try to give all the information about what to expect when you buy this version of Chapter V. First let's talk about the CD itself. I've been a fan of Staind since I saw the video for Mudshovel, so their harder stuff is what got me into them. I admit it, when I first heard "It's Been Awhile", I didn't really like it, but it grew on me with how much it played on the radio and Mtv/Vh1, so I am a fan of both their slower songs and their harder stuff. And I can tell you tell you I love all their albums. I would probably rank this as #2 on my list of favorite Staind albums, right behind Break the Cycle as I consider it just a classic. If you are afraid that Chapter V will be like 14 Shades of Grey (I liked it, but most people hated it for being too slow and a little too happy), think again. If you liked Break The Cycle, I really think you'll enjoy this album. These guys really went outside the box with this album, and it really shows in some of the songs such as "Devil" and "Paper Jesus". I'm not the best with reviewing albums, but I'll do my best. Anyways, let's get to the songs:

1.) Run Away - Right away, you'll notice how different the guitar is compared to other songs. This is just a great opener as it has great guitar and it really seems more like a song to simply rock out to instead of having a meaning behind it like being pissed off at someone. I admit I think it could of been a little better, but still a good song to open with. ***1/2 stars out of 5

2.) Right Here - I'm sure you've heard this song. It was the first single. The first time I heard it, I found it online somehow, and played it a lot because I loved it. It has played a good bit on the radio and on VH1. The song seems to be about troubles in a relationship, perhaps about the feelings we have after a breakup. Though it has sad lyrics, it actually always puts me in a good mood. ****

3.) Paper Jesus - Fans of the Dysfunction album, here's the song for you. The song has intense guitar riffs and is filled with anger from Aaron Lewis. Incase you're curious by the name of the song, the song is about how there are people who love money like there is nothing better than it, almost worshipping it like it is their God. This is one of the harder songs off the album and one the shows Staind going back to their old metal roots. ****

4.) Schizophrenic Conversations - Wow, this song is so different. I admit I didn't like this song at first because of that, but it grew on me. Aaron's voice really shines in this song. I'm not sure what this song is about, I suppose maybe to show how screwed up Aaron is. It's one of those songs you just need to listen to. ****

5.) Falling - Oh man do I love this song. The guitar riffs on this song are so addictive. This was the 2nd single off this album, and the song still plays a ton on my rock station. The song is about screw blaming people for your problems, and stop feeling sorry for yourself, it's easy to fall down in life, it's getting back up that's the hard part, and you can do it if you try hard enough. Really rare for Staind to have a positive message behind a song. The lyrics are great, the guitar riffs are awesome, you will love this song. *****

6.) Cross to Bear - I don't listen to this song much. It's a good song, but I can't get into it as much as the others for some reason. This is your typical Staind song and Staind sound. I believe the song is about maybe a controlling person really bothering you, and you're just waiting for them to get knocked off the top of their mountain, but can you really wait that long. ***

7.) Devil - Man this song is so incredible lyrically. The guitar really adds something to the song as it creates somewhat of a dark atmosphere around the song. It's one of the slower songs, and the song is telling the story of a couple of people who have screwed up in life and made mistakes, and maybe people look at them negatively for what they have done, but they swear they're not the devil. Really one of those songs like Outside that lyrically will just blow you away the first time you hear it. *****

8.) Please - If you liked their song "For You", you'll love this song. This is a harder song, and the guitar riffs are dark, and the lyrics & the way Aaron sings his heart out is very emotional, but the lyrics themself are just as dark. Incredible chorus. I believe the song is about the Parent/Child dysfunctional relationship some of us have. About your parents having high hopes for you, and trying to live up to what they want you to be instead of who you really are, and it's tearing you apart. "Tell me please, who the f*** did you want me to be?! Was it something that I couldn't see?! Never knew this would be so political!" Even if we can't relate to the song, it really hits you hard with how much pain the song has behind it. Truly one of the jewels of this album. *****

9.)Everything Changes - Wow. Just wow. I heard a sample of this song, and this was the song that convinced me to buy the album. This is the "It's Been Awhile" or "So Far Away" of the album. What really got me was how he can turn feelings into lyrics in the purest form. The song is so heartfelt and meaningful and could very well bring you to tears, because it's just such a beautiful song and you can very well relate. This was the 3rd single, and sadly it wasn't big, how I'll never understand, but it is so deep. Man I love this song so much. This song is about a relationship. I don't think you can appreciate this song fully unless you've been the one who has really hurt (or betrayed) someone you love. The song is about asking for forgiveness and a second chance at a relationship. He admits to being screwed up, but knows that he can change if she'd give him another chance. Together they'd be unstoppable, but she has to come back to him first. "Say that forever is more than just a word." A truly beautiful love song. *****

10.) Take This - Another song that sounds so different from Staind's style. It just doesn't have that Staind sound, but you know it's them the moment Aaron's voice comes into the picture. Another one of Staind's slow, deep songs to add to their collection. The guitar in the background is an awesome touch. The song seems to be his thoughts and feelings about the relationship just before he breaks up with her. "Now the sun has gone away, it's getting colder everyday. So before I freeze to death there's something, I should say..." Another song some of us can relate to in a way. ****

11.) King of All Excuses - Back to the harder songs. Another one of the true highlights of the album. The guitar riffs are incredibly addictive and the anger in Aaron's voice truly shows in this song. Mike does show a heavier side of his guitar work in this song and its awesome. The moment you hear the riffs at the beginning, you are hooked. The song is about about someone who is completely dishonest and untrustworthy, and how it all catches up with them in the end. Though I'm not sure if it's true, I heard the song was about Aaron's contractor building his new house, but the guy did a poor job and asked for more money than originally stated. Aaron has said at concerts that the song was about someone "that he didn't like very much at all". Just the classic angry song we love from Staind. ****1/2

12.) Reply - An alright track to end (the original) album with. I admit I'm not too big on this song, though it does have a great guitar solo in the middle of the song. The song is for the Staind fains. Aaron acknowledges those fans he can't always reply back to and lets them know that he appreciates the letters they send him and the dedication they show. ***

*Time for the Bonus Tracks*

13.) Let It Out - When it comes to the bonus tracks, this is the reason to buy the special edition. This is a song that did not make the final cut of their 14 Shades of Grey album. Such a beautiful song. This song is amazing. The melody and harmonics are just beautiful. It is mostly acoustic, and is right up there with "Epiphany" or "Outside". I'm not sure what the song is about, nor do I have an idea, and to be honest, part of me doesn't want to know. I'm almost afraid it'd ruin how beautiful this song it is, and perhaps I enjoy the mystery of it. But trust me, it is a song you must listen to if you're a fan of Staind. *****

14.) Novocaine - a Peter Gabriel cover. I remember searching for this song a long time and finally it is here on this collection. I believe this was a song that didn't make the 14 Shades of Grey album as well. I think this song is about problems and stuff that's going on in the world that they have to take. The Novocaine is how they escape it. ***

15.) Reply (Original Version) - Man I love this version a lot more than the other version of Reply. It is a lot slower and feels more meaningful towards us fans. Again this song is for us Staind fans. I wish this version of the song would of been the one to close out Chapter V, because it feels deep and more from the heart than the other. A great slow song either way. ****1/2

16.) It's Been Awhile (Acoustic) - If you bought Break the Cycle, this is the last (bonus) track on it (at least for some people, mine has Outside Live from Family Values Tour). Even though it's acoustic, this is Staind's biggest song. This is the song that helped make Break The Cycle sell over 8 million copies worldwide. This is what got them into the mainstream and made them a huge rock I miss those days, back when music actually played on Mtv, let alone good music. Luckily I've never listened to the radio much, so I still love this song and I'm not tired of it one bit, including this acoustic version of it, which is just as great as the original album version. The song can really represents different things to a lot of people. To me, it's a realization song, maybe a look back at your life. Either way, it's a classic. *****

17.) This Is Beetle aka "The Beetlejuice Song" - If you're curious, there is a goofy character on The Howard Stern show who has his own little intro song and all, and Staind was on the show one day and did their own rendition of the song, which explains this song. I admit I don't listen to this song much, but it's kind of cool to have on the CD. It kind of has a jazz or blues vibe to it, and is a song you can kind of just mellow out to and relax to. It's kind of funny, but not anything too special. ***

Well that closes out the CD. As for the DVD, it is a pretty cool thing to have. It shows clips of Staind on the road, promoting their album with interviews and some acoustic performances, as well as some clips of them performing at concerts and backstage afterwards. It also shows what they do on their time off, such as Aaron playing golf. It's pretty cool to see what the band is like besides on stage. At the end is probably the best, as we kind of get to see the band say how the feel on their success, and Aaron especially showing how grateful he is towards the fans, recognizing that without us buying their albums and coming to see them play, he probably wouldn't be where he is today, which really means a lot. Also there is the music video for "Right Here", as well as live videos of Staind performing "Falling" and "It's Been Awhile" live at some free live concert in New York to help promote Chapter V. Man what a crowd at that show. Also something very cool, is the actual book casing that holds the CD and DVD. Inside it's like an actual book. It has the lyrics for every album, and is seperated into Chapter's based on each album, such as the first chapter being about their first album. In each chapter, it has lyrics for that certain album, as well as cool pictures and a little information from the bandmates themselves about recording that certain album, or what touring was like, or maybe how shocked they were when a certain album became so huge, etc., which is real cool to read about.

If you are a Staind fan, you have to get this. I admit I was a little aggrivated when this special edition came out (blame the record company, not Staind), but in the end this product is so worth it. You get an incredible album (Aaron has said this is his favorite album, no joke), 5 great bonus tracks, a DVD showing a few Staind performances and what Staind is like off the stage, and a great book kind of showing you the band's hard work and how they've gone from touring in a van and only playing covers to earn their money to becoming a widely known rock band with millions of fans around the world who love their music. Why shouldn't you buy this? It has everything you'd want as a Staind fan, or as someone who is interested in checking out Staind. This truly is something worth buying. I hope this helped you guys and girls. Take it easy.
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VINE VOICEon January 4, 2006
The Good

When it comes to innovative and intricate riffs, look no further than Staind's Mike Mushok. The albums opening track "Run Away" is a perfect example. Aaron Lewis is his typical deep toned melancholy self with his vocal work. "Right Here" is another mid-tempo hit for Staind that's full of plenty of sadness and regret (and another great Mushok riff). The chorus is instantly memorable. "Paper Jesus" has one of the heaviest grooves that I've heard from the group in a long time. It's both fist-pumping and pit stomping worthy.

"Falling" starts off with a powerful guitar section that gives way to some clean guitar picking, and back again. Lewis sure has a knack for writing and delivering lyrics that you'll recall easy and sing along with in no time. "Devil" is a simple track that shifts focus on the lyrics rather than the backing music. "Everything Changes" is an acoustic ballad that compliments some of the same sentiments in "Devil." It has a very emotional arraignment. Just as you start to get comfy and cozy with the ballad, Staid reverts back to the heavy stuff on "King of All Excuses."

The Bad

Nothing notable

The Verdict

I'm a casual Staind fan at best. I bought their first album and loved it. Ever since then, I've just enjoyed their songs on the radio. However, I was starting to think that the group was getting caught in a rut. Let's face it; most of the stuff they release to radio is down-beat, sad, and melancholy. The first song that drew me to Staind was "Mudshovel," and you don't hear anything like that from them on the radio.

Being able to listen to Chapter V in its entirety, I've come to the conclusion that they save the harder stuff for the album. With this particular album they have a nice combination of slow stuff and heavy stuff. Lewis is the consummate depressed vocalist and Mushok is always interesting with his licks and riffs. Granted, Chapter V is more of the same for Staind, but it's a solid rock record never-the-less.
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on December 28, 2005
I'm a big fan of today's rock, and Staind was one time one of my favorites. When I heard their first mainstream album "Dysfunction," I was mightily impressed. With my hopes high, I very much anticipated "Break the Cycle," and it was a decent album. Nothing spectacular. The rebound I hope for in "14 Shades of Grey" disappointed me so much I threw it away. That optimistic pish-posh is NOT Staind.

Enter "Chapter V"; though it is no "Dysfunction," the band is definitely back on track. It's not perfect, but the album has a solid to-hell-with-pop feel, and fans need to rejoice in this.

Song breakdown (out of 5 stars):

1. Run Away...3 stars... melodramatic and yet snappy. Slightly above average.

2. Right Here...4.5 stars... it's pop-oriented, yes, but I still think it's a song for the Staind fans who've stayed with them over the years. We're still "right here waiting."

3. Paper Jesus...3.5 stars... heavier (though no Lewis screams disappointed me), but "the reason for your anger" (chorus) is what all of Staind fans need of this band. I can see a lot of the new Staind fans hating this song. Kind of like "A Flat" from Dysfunction.

4. Schizophrenic Conversations... 5 stars... wow... Think of "Outside" paired with "Me" (from Dysfunction). About looking at two sides of a coin, and just how difficult it is.

5. Falling... 3.5 stars... the second single off the album, it's like "Fade" meets "Home." Good riffs - much like any track on Dysfunction - and a kickin' chorus, but the lyrics in between are a bit lacking.

6. Cross to Bear... 4 stars... heavier, chunkier. the salt to "Right Here"'s pepper, this is about leaving when things go awry (compared to the first single's waiting around).

7. Devil... 5 stars... my favorite song on the album. It's about two people who have reached their end, finding the other person at fault - they are the devil, and they know the other feels that. So sad, so intense. This song really twists off the cap and let's it loose, like Bush's "Alien" or Pearl Jam's "Jeremy."

8. Please... 5 stars... simply awesome. I think this will be the fan favorite from the album. It's about learning the faults of some one and getting disgusted with them; the chorus is "tell me please, who the f*** did you want me to be?"

9. Everything Changes... 3.5 stars... Acoustic, slow, but upbeat about a drab topic. Your typical Staind filler song. I think this will be the next single. It's good, just not as amazing as the two songs preceding this track.

10. Trippy / Take This... 2 stars... You'll like this if you need words to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, but it's far from "Trippy." Not a fan of this one. To blah.

11. King of All Excuses... 3.5 stars... A great grunge feel in the depths of this song. This type of song is the same thing as "Falling": good riffs, good chorus, terse lyrics in between.

12. Reply... 4.5 stars... I think this song is one of the best last songs I've heard on a CD. It's about a person who is making a lot of sacrifices for the other, but it's only "writing in vain." A solid track, but yet there's nothing spectacular about it - which is all a true Staind fan could ask.
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on August 14, 2005
I began listening to Staind in their earlier days. There was no other CD (and there still isn't) as painful as their first two: Tormented and Dysfunction. There are many bands that sing about suicide and suffering, but none with such a violent truth as Aaron Lewis does. This man has been to hell.

On Break The Cycle, their third album, he explored that pain in the context of the world around him. The opening track on that album spoke of the ignorance of the world to people's pain. He was beginning to understand and make sense of his situation.

Their fourth album, 14 Shades Of Grey, saw Aaron Lewis try to take things more positively. He sounded worn out, as if he were trying to force himself to overcome things. As if he were saying, "I'm Ok now", but only to convince himself. The suffering seemed to have taken a heavy toll on him.

On Chapter V, he seems to have realised that the positivity he's craving isn't working out. He's stuck. His life isn't as bad as it once was, but it isn't good either. He's "dead inside", he's stuck in nothingness. He feels numb and longs for emotion, but the emotion on of the past doesn't come. This is a shame, because the intense emotion of their earlier albums was so raw and beautiful.

Throughout this album, it feels as if Aaron Lewis is struggling to understand why if the worst pain is gone, he still doesn't feel right. Though, it left me wishing that he'd realise that his suffering of the past wasn't something to avoid and get back in touch with what he really feels.

Staind is a journey. From their earlier albums to now, they are a journey for people who suffer. I've never listened to Staind for their music (I think there are some better musicians out there -just my opinion though), but I've always listened to Staind for their honest reflection of life. You'll never encounter such an acurate catalogue of one person's pained journey through life as you will listening to Staind's CDs.

Staind is an art. And the emotion of it will live on much longer than the music.
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