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Char-Broil TRU 4-Burner TRU Infrared Gas Grill
by Char-Broil
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I haven't tried. But it's not s trough it's the heating element. Apparently they are not very helpful with replacements according to other reviews. personally, when mine dies completely I'm getting rid of it.
Jun 30, 2013 by Amazon Customer
After cleaning a brushing of vegetable oil or olive oil may help. Check with the manufacture as my grill went up in flames before a year old. If it catches fire they may blame you for it like they did me. The rubber hose under the cook surface needs replacing. The Weber grills do not start the rubber hose until they are out of the way of the heat zone. Any grease drippings can not fall on it like can from the char-broil. If you do not follow the instructions to the letter they will void any claim. Not to say they will stand behind any problem if you could prove it. Worst grill ever replaced with a Weber.
Sep 16, 2013 by Griller
The new one of this model does not have the far right start knob. I had the grill that is shown on Amazon now. The one you now get and which I also bought is the same style but it behaves much worse. No far right knob and the propane tank sits on the left side instead of the right. I never had problems with the older model propane hardware or the grill at all. This new model which I recently bought is already leaking propane left and right. The flare ups are freaking scary. The new model number is 463241413. I don't know the previous model number of the last TRU infrared 4 burner...which is shown in this picture.
27 days ago by Amazon User
463225312 May 22, 2014
I have had this grill for a number of years. The first two years rust was major problem until i was told to minimize marinating on the grill and, more importantly, to oil each time before cooking. Since then I have not had any problems and it works very well.
May 24, 2014 by David
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