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on December 21, 2008
I recently bought an Ipod touch and noticed right away that the silver back scratches almost instantly, and the fingerprints are all over is so thin, I just didn't feel like it had any protection if dropped. I ordered this from Bargain Cell, Ive ordered alot of cell phone accessories from them and they have always been high quality. this came with a silicone black cover, 2 screen protectors, a home outlet charger, a CAR CHARGER, earbuds, and a black armband to use for working out. It was very affordable, and everything was very nice and works well together...I recommend this product for anyone with an Ipod touch 2nd has everything you need for your ipod touch!
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on May 31, 2009
I was a little bit skeptical at first because of the price. Originally I just wanted a case for the itouch, being that it scratches so easily. So I came across this set which has everything you'd ever need for it. I'll give my oppinion on everything individually:

-Clear Screen Protector: This things amazing, protects the screen from scratches where you touch. it does not cover the entire screen, only where it is touch sensitive...the silicone case already does that.

-120V A/C adapter- UNIVERSAL...enough said...but i can plug in like any usb device and power it from the wall, does its job basically

-car adaptor- UNIVERSAL...i can charge my phone (i have a USB charger) and ipod! maybe ill try putting in a hub so i can charge both at once..?

-silicone case- someone reviewed this said the case smelled bad? well u have to really sniff the case to get a gross silicone smell, and who in the right state of mind sniffs their ipod?

-earbud headphones- they do their job. but theyre very cheap headphones, what do you expect for 10 bucks??

overall, what an awesome deal, buy it!
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on July 3, 2010
In this video I demonstrate most of the product. Unfortunately I can't show you the car charger, you will just have to take my word for it. It does work, I just tried it so if any reviewer says it does not work they received a defective product and should send it back for a replacement. Everything this package comes with works and at such a low price it's a steal. Definitely get this!
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on December 29, 2009
I will tell you why this charger does not work with your new iPod, and this should make you really mad. I will explain the issues and offer some solutions.

I have owned a lot of iPods, I just got a new 64GB Touch 3G only to find it would not charge with any of my docking stations, car chargers or wall chargers. Why?

Apple decided they needed to make more money by selling you new chargers for your new iPods, so instead of leaving well enough alone they engineered a change in their newer iPods so they would NOT WORK with older chargers.

First I will explain some basic facts about the methods used to charge an iPod. Typically, your iPod will connect to a USB or a Firewire connection to charge. There are some other dedicated chargers that connect directly to your iPod and they suffer the same ailments I describe here and also have similar fixes, though they are somewhat more complex.

USB has one and only one voltage that it uses, that is 5 volts DC. Firewire has one and only one voltage that it uses, that is 12 volts DC. There is no difference in voltage between devices of the same type, period. So why is it your old USB charger worked on your old iPod, but wont work on the new iPod? After all 5 volts is 5 volts is 5 volts.

USB Type A connectors (as used on iPods) have four contacts, the two outer contacts are the power, one side is ground (pin 4) and the other is 5 volts (pin 1). The two inner contacts (pins 2 & 3) are the send and receive data contacts for communications between devices, for instance your computer and your iPod.
Apple engineered a new "feature" in their new iPods that looks for a signal on the data contacts (pins 2 & 3) before it will accept the device to charge the iPod. Older chargers had only two contacts in use, the outer ones to provide the power for the iPod. There was nothing connected to the data contacts because there was no reason to have anything connected to them, at least not until now. You new iPod will reject a charging device that does not have a signal on the data contacts (pins 2 & 3). This could be your computer communicating with it or simply a small voltage (2.5 volts) on EACH data contact. If it sees this signal it will accept the 5 volts on the power contacts and charge the iPod. If it sees the 5 volts, but does not see the signal on the data pins it will present a message to you informing you it will not work with that device. Bear in mind again, this is the same 5 volts that is on all the older chargers and it must see the 5 volts to even give you the message that it won't use the device. There is no excuse for not using the 5 volts and simply charging itself.

There can be no other explanation for why they engineered this change into the newer iPods other than they wanted to purposely make the old charging accessories obsolete so they can sell you new ones. As an electronics engineer for the last 37 years I can say this with absolute certainty. I can understand why the new iPods do not work with the Firewire devices, Apple probably did not want to support both 12 volts and 5 volts as it takes separate circuitry for each one, but to work with newer and to not work with the older USB devices is in my opinion, criminal.

I would like to see a class action lawsuit against Apple for this greedy stunt.

By the way, if you can get inside your old charging devices there is a fairly simple way to modify them to work with the newer iPods if you are somewhat handy with a soldering iron. I just modified an old automotive (cigarette lighter socket) charger using this technique and it works great with my new iPod Touch 3G. You will need four 47K ohm resistors (1/8 watt is large enough, but any wattage will work) and possibly a few inches or small gauge wire.

Solder one end of each of two resistors to one of the two center contacts of the USB A connector inside your charger. If there is no room to place he resistors directly at the connector use a small piece of wire to connect the resistors and place them where there is room. Now take the other end of one of the resistors and connect it to the 5 volts outer contact and take the other end of the second resistor and connect it to the other outer (Ground) contact. Do the same thing using the other two resistors from the other of the two center contacts this time. What you have done with these resistors if split the 5 volts in half at the center point between each pair of resistors and connected it to one of the data contacts. The second pair of resistors does the same for the other data contact. This puts a 2.5 volt signal on both data contacts and the iPod will now allow itself to be charged with the device.

I have also created a small 1.5 inch long male/female USB A adapter using the exact same technique with four resistors. By placing this adapter in line with my iPod USB cable I am able to charge my iPod from any older USB charging device (or hub). I did not have to buy any new chargers and all it cost me was about 16 cents for the resistors, an old USB A extension cable and a little time.

I hope this helps. It is not that hard to make these alterations.

Now go out and get mad at Apple for trying to rob you.

Since writing my original review I have come across the Apple specs for the new chargers and the devices are looking for any voltage above 1.9 volts on USB pins 2 and 3 so I modified my original design. I now use only two resistors of 100k ohm each and connect one to ground and the other to +5V (pins 1 and 4) with the other other ends soldered to both pins 2 & 3 which I solder together. This provides 2.5 volts on both of them and the devices will then accept the charger. This can be done with any USB charger that will not charge an iPhone or other Apple device.
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on January 7, 2010
I expected low quality because of the price. What I didn't expect was that the wall charger would fry my brand new ipod touch. I plugged the adapter into the wall, there was a pop and my itouch was gone. I had tried the car charger before the wall charger and it was also useless. It introduced static into the music playing but at least it didn't ruin my ipod. The arm band, cord & case are worth the money, but I would not trust the power adapters. A $10 accessory could ruin a $300 or $400 ipod.
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on June 28, 2009
I was a bit disappointed with this product. I have an iTouch second generation, and this is advertised as being compatible. The data cable coupled with the charger worked, but the battery didn't seem to last as long as when I charge it with the Apple cable and the computer. I didn't have a need for the car adapter, as my car has a USB outlet. However, the data cable will not work in my car, but the Apple data cable will. I ended up buying another Apple cable so that I could leave one in the car, one in the house. The arm band and protective sleeve, as well as the ear buds, have been the only things I've been able to use. Gave it two stars because of that and the speed of delivery.
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on April 7, 2009
For this price you cant go wrong!! Shipped very quickly and absolutely amazed that I got a wall and car charger for under $20. Only dislike I have with the bundle is that the silicone case has a gap in the upper left corner on the back (not really sure what its for either). I will be investing in a case without the slots for the armband for times that I'm not running. For under $20 you definitely can't go wrong with this deal.
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on November 19, 2010
I purchased this handy set when I bought my iPod nearly two months ago. I never really got around to using the wall charger until nearly 3 weeks after I received the set. As soon as I plugged my iPod into the wall charger, my iPod screen flickered and went completely black. I called Apple and discovered that the back light had blown out of my iPod so I sent them my iPod in exchange for a new one. I was curious as to whether it was the charger or my electrical outlet so I tried plugging other items into the outlet, such as my cell phone and my friend even plugged their wall charger into the outlet and nothing happened, it worked perfectly fine. I got my new iPod and decided I was going to find out once and for all what the deal was with the charger. I plugged it in and once iPod light busted and now I'm on my third iPod. I threw away the two chargers and the extra cord and I no longer have the screen protector and although the case does not fit perfectly, it is still very nice. I am thinking that perhaps I just got a defected item. But despite that mishap, all the other items in the package are very handy and durable!
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on July 3, 2009
I was a little worried about buying this set because the price was reasonable, I was worried it would be cheap and fall apart. I have had it for over 6 months now and it is still holding up fine. The way you have all the different outlet connectors to go on the USB cable is great and makes it so easy to charge your ipod anywhere you go. I would definitly recommend this to anyone who buys an iphone or ipod touch and doesn;t want to spend the money on an expensive docking station. This works so well for such a great price!
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on August 6, 2009
Considering the very low price, my expectations were accordingly low... until I read the other reviews on the product, which led me to believe I was in for some stellar deal - so I went ahead and ordered it.

First off, this order arrived VERY quickly... faster than the UPS-shipped order I placed within the same hour, to be sure. However, based on the look of the dilapidated USPS Mili-Pac (TM) it arrived in, it looked like the guys in the seller's packaging and shipment department decided to play a friendly game of catch with it, possibly followed by basketball and a little football practice. In other words, the Mili-Pac was all but torn to shreds, frankly, and this did not make a very good first impression... I was even a little hesitant to pick it up off my porch for fear of what it might be until I saw the return address. Regardless, the actual products inside did arrive, and quickly. So allow me to expound on those...

- Silicone skin case: Nothing to write home about. Just a generic iPod Touch skin, though I think it was actually designed with the iPhone in mind, as it has a small hole where the iPhone's earpiece would be. Regardless, it does what it needs to do, fits the iPod Touch just fine, and has the slots in the back for the included elastic wrist strap.

- USB car charger: Now this one scared me a little bit... Not only was it just rolling around inside the package without any individual wrapping, it also sports a curious little brown stain along one side... It's barely noticeable, but it's there, and I'm careful not to touch it until I can find some means of removing it. The charger does, however, seem to work all right at least, so no worries there.

- USB home charger: Fine and dandy. Does what it's supposed to, though do note that it doesn't charge as fast as plugging your iPod Touch into your Mac/PC.

- Screen protector: Individual packaging reads "Professional ScreenGUARD", also appears to be designed with the iPhone in mind (an iPhone is pictured on the package), has a sticker reading "For iTouch" inconspicuously stuck onto said packaging, and appears to hail from some nation in eastern Asia. It does, however, work just fine, and fits the iPod Touch as well as it would fit an iPhone... though calling it "re-usable" is being a bit generous.

- USB data cable: Not much to go wrong with here. It is what it claims to be, and operates accordingly.

- Elastic armband: An elastic armband. Attach to an appropriate iPod Touch silicone skin case and wear on arm or wrist to free both hands and pockets.

- 3.5mm stereo headset: Threw them out shortly after fitting one earbud in. Absolute trash, but the description never claims they're anything special. Oh, and they come with cushioned covers that seem infallibly absorbent of earwax.

So in summary, for the price, it's no bad buy... but frankly, I wish I'd gotten it all for free. Then I wouldn't feel bad about throwing away the headset or sanitizing the car charger.
Go for it if you really want to , but if I ever need these things again, I'll be looking elsewhere.
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