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on February 27, 2014
I've long been an Anker fan of their products. Excellent support, top notch customer service and a quick response time whenever I've had inquiries or issues.

As an IT Director I recently I had a need to purchase a few hubs for my job. We have a lot of ultrabooks, PC and Mac, that are very short on USB ports and needed a solid solution for our build center to allow for more peripherals. Webcams, microphones, Skype Headsets, speakers, data cables and other charging ports are always at a premium especially these days when laptop systems are so stingy on the ports to allow for the thinness in form factor.

I've owned a ton of USB hubs at different jobs over the years, as well as for home use. Most have been pretty cheap in quality and function but not in price! I ordered the Anker USB 3.0 7-Port Hub to ensure that I'd have plenty of ports, be able to take advantage of the USB 3.0 speeds, especially for external hard drives for imaging purposes. It was very important to have charging port at a higher capacity for the multitude of smartphones used at this company.

So far this Anker product has been excellent. It's well constructed, sturdy and does exactly what it says. In the past I've had some issues with cheaper hubs giving device conflicts in Windows XP, 7 and 8. No issues to date with Anker's product, and I love it so far.

Make sure you plan out enough ports for all your devices before purchasing and always opt for a few extra ports in case you add peripherals over time. You'll never wish you had less. Also if you have to choose between USB 2.0 and 3.0, go for the 3.0 and future proof yourself. You'll be glad you did with these transfer speeds.
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on November 7, 2014
Original Posting -
Did not work. I plugged in apple keyboard and it did not light up and did not see keyboard. I plugged in SSD drive and USB hub lit up but would not read hard drive on computer. It was really weird. I gave up. I have posted pic showing light not coming on with apple keyboard.
The USB hub was plugged and powered by surge protector. I tried 2 different surge protectors.
Wasted my time - very disappointed. Returning it.

UPDATE Jan 18 2015
Anker contacted me and said the USB charger was defective. They sent me new replacement charger. I just tried it with my apple keyboard and external hard drive and they both work. I am changing my rating to 5 stars for excellent customer service. The product is excellent because it is so portable and has usb charger port too. Very happy with it.
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on June 14, 2014
Initially, I thought it was dropping connections. But after resetting it once, it has been fine. I have 5 external HDD's plugged in for various backup tasks using Carbon Copy Cloner and Time Machine. Some of my initial backup tasks were aborted because of "changed location of volume". After powering everything down and disconnect/reconnect of all cables, it seems to be working fine. Time will tell. I will update if there are more problems.

I bought this hub specifically because of the orientation of the ports. The hub is adhered to the desktop and the ports face up, it is easy to connect HDD's for temporary use.

The case is plastic but seems well made. There are no mounting holes but for my purpose a few blobs of Quake Hold suffice. You could also use double stick tape.

The connection LED's are small numbers, are blue and not too bright. There is also a small green power LED. The blue led's light when there is a USB device connected and recognized. They also stay on while Drives are hibernating.

My hub is actually attached to my Airport Extreme router so the drives are available on my network. My computer is a Mac Mini and it is also used by a Macbook Pro for backup.
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on March 7, 2014
UPDATE/NEW REVIEW (3-Port + 1 Ethernet Port)
Since Amazon combined the two products I'm reviewing, I have no option but to add my new review to my existing review.

I recently bought a Winbook (TW801) which amazingly has one USB 3.0 port, the only high-bandwidth port on the tablet. Due to this and the fact that I planned to leave this as an HTPC running Plex and for Steam streaming, I needed more USB ports and a gigabit ethernet port. This Anker device is perfect and due to their amazing reputation (my house is quickly becoming an Anker home catalog). I get full gigabit speeds for file transfers (up to 120MB/s to my Synology 1812+) and the USB 3.0 ports also give me full speeds on my ultra-fast Sandisk Extreme USB drives. I love performance with no compromises and this product works perfectly.

FOR USB TRANSCEIVERS (like the Logitech K400 I'm using):
USB 3.0 emits 2.4GHz interference that reduces 2.4GHz transceiver range significantly. My K400 keyboard/trackpad's range dropped from around 10-12ft to around 1ft or less when plugged directly into this plastic ethernet/usb hub so I had to get a USB extension cable to move the USB transceiver further away. THIS IS NOT ANKER'S FAULT. The USB 3.0 standard simply did not plan ahead with proper shielding and plenty of new AC wireless routers with USB 3.0 ports have had issues due to this as well. Perhaps the newer version of the aluminum unibody hub fixes this but I still preferred this black/white plastic look since I'm not using a Macbook or other aluminum-trim products.

ORIGINAL POST (6-Port + 1 BC 1.2 Charging Port Hub)
I had originally purchased the Anker 4 port bus-powered USB 3.0 hub but found that its connection wasn't stable enough to allow HD Tune to run its read benchmark or error scan without failing on a Sandisk Extreme USB stick. I still needed a USB hub and Anker deserved another chance so I got this 7-port powered-version instead.

This version is much nicer for a few reasons:

- While still plastic, the casing is more attractive to me in the white/black shell. It also feels more substantial and planted, so it doesn't seem to be as prone to tilting over. If this becomes an issue, I may stick some velcro tape to attach it to my desk.

- There are 7 lights that light up next to each corresponding port to indicate when it's plugged in. The blue light is bright but not too distracting and lets me know that things are plugged in properly.

- The USB cable is longer on this version (the 4-port was definitely made for laptops) and is just the right length to go from the back of my PC to where I need it on my desk.

Both the power and USB cables plug into the body and have a snug fit, it doesn't feel like it's going to fall out even when I pull against it to the limits of the USB cable's length.

By being a powered hub, I can also feel comfortable that each of the USB ports are being supplied enough power to charge/power my peripherals. I haven't tried the fast 2.1A charging port since I charge my iPad upstairs with its included charger.

The same HD Tune error scan test on the same Sandisk USB stick passed on the first try on all 7 ports. I plugged 2x Silicon Power A80 1TB drives and the Sandisk Extreme USB stick and ran the HD Tune read test one at a time until all three were being benchmarked at the same time. This is where I found that the hub seems to max out at around 250MB/s for concurrent transfers. I don't have a 2.5" enclosure and a free SSD to try to see if a single connection can go any faster but this will restrict you to using only 2 (maybe 3) external USB 3.0 hard drives before they start to affect each other's sequential read speeds. In practice, if you're transferring small files, your hard drives won't reach their max speeds and you should be able to have more drives connected concurrently. I'll upload photos of the HD Tune benchmarks running at the same time to illustrate my point.

Overall though, despite seeing a bottleneck in transfer speeds, this hub works really well, gives me more ports, and lets me connect my drives, card reader, USB sticks on my desk instead of the front of my PC. Since I've accidentally turned around and kicked my USB drive before while it was connected, this hub definitely adds a lot of convenience in a compact package.

Update 3/11/14
Just wanted to update and say that I'm loving that this hub is long and skinny with ports facing upwards rather than short and wide with ports to the side like many other hubs. This hub saves me a ton of space width-wise on my desk which allows me to put more things within reach. A minor yet significant productivity booster!
review image
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on January 8, 2014
This unit keeps dropping anything I plug into it. I pug in an external drive, and 5 minutes later, I get the error this "disk not ejected properly". Will not charge iPhone/iPad. Not happy with it.
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on July 20, 2014
It works for the intended purpose--of giving me additional ports on my MacMini--but it also throws incredible amounts of wireless interference. What the hell. Right now I have it wrapped in tinfoil so that I can browse the Internet. I'm debating whether to return it.
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on March 20, 2014
-Six USB ports provide much needed expandability to my MacBook
-High speed USB 3.0 ports are fast enough to keep up with all my devices
-1.2A charging port charges my phone more quickly than a standard USB port

-DC wall adapter is very large
-Does not work at all without DC power. When I'm on the go, I don't want to carry a giant plug with me, I just want to be able to plug in a few thumb drives, Bluetooth adapters or other low power USB devices, but that doesn't work
-The white plastic is very cheap looking. Don't expect this to look good next to a MacBook or other high quality laptop. Additionally, both the green power LED and blue indicator LEDs shine through the plastic, making it look even cheaper.
-The bottom provides negligible grip. I'm going to have to buy some Velcro to keep this in place. Some rubber pads would have added a lot to this, especially when you're on the go and Velcro isn't convenient (on the plus side, since the USB ports are vertical, there is much less sliding when inserting or removing devices)
-Charging port is only 1.2A, iPads and other tablets use 2.1A charging, so it takes much longer to charge these devices than it does with the standard wall adapter

Bottom line:
It's less than $40 for a 6 port USB 3.0 hub (not counting the charging port) and besides the wall plug, it's a convenient size. I'd say it's worth the money, but I would spend a little more time comparing other options before buying this one.
review image review image
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on July 7, 2014
I received a defective unit with several dead ports (I think only 1, 2 and 7 worked).

When I emailed Anker to let them know, they responded quickly to help me troubleshoot the issue. Based on the information I shared with them, they agreed that the unit was not functioning correctly and emailed me a prepaid label to ship the unit back. I was offered my choice of a refund or a replacement. They issued the refund the day the product reached them.

Based on the working ports, the speed was what I expected and my hard drives mounted without issues. The hub was lightweight, though the plastic build felt a little insubstantial. Nevertheless, I would have kept it had the other ports not been dead.

Overall, I was very happy about how easy it was to work with them and would consider buying from them again.
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on April 16, 2014
Bought this for my Mac, as I wanted a hub that would provide USB 3.0 support. Worked perfectly on an iMac running mavericks. 4 stars instead of 5 because the plug side of the power adapter was pretty large. If you're targeting Apple users, then you should know most of the Apple plugs are designed to be slim/compact, having the massive plug was a bit of a letdown. Small complaint though, shipped fast, packaging was nice too (much better than the other USB hubs I've purchased). Plug and go, what else could I have asked for?
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on December 22, 2013
It has been installed for only 3 days but seems to be working as advertised. I plugged in a USB 3.0 WD 2TB external HD and it immediately recognized it and allowed data transfer. Some people had complained WD drives were not compatible....not so in my case. Plugged in other USB 2.0 devices and they are working fine. So far so good.
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