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3. Charlie Rose (June 5, 2006) TV-NR

A Conversation With Mitt Romney; A Discussion On Sleep

Robert Basner, Charles Czeisler
53 minutes
Original air date:
June 5, 2006

Charlie Rose (June 5, 2006)

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Season 6
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    1. Charlie Rose (June 1, 2006) A Conversation With Robert Baer; A Conversation With Leigh Montville And Fay Vincent; An Interview With Zaha Hadid

    TV-NR 53min June 1, 2006
  • $1.99

    2. Charlie Rose (June 2, 2006) A Conversation With John Lasseter; A Conversation With Vince Vaughn

    TV-NR 54min June 2, 2006
  • $1.99

    3. Charlie Rose (June 5, 2006) A Conversation With Mitt Romney; A Discussion On Sleep

    TV-NR 53min June 5, 2006
  • $1.99

    4. Charlie Rose (June 6, 2006) A Panel Discussion On Russia; A Conversation With T-Bone Burnett; A Panel Discussion On Magazines Today

    TV-NR 51min June 6, 2006
  • $1.99

    5. Charlie Rose (June 7, 2006) A Conversation With Romesh Ratnesar And John Burns; A Conversation With Freeman Hrabowski And Anthony Marx; An Interview With Doug Ellin

    TV-NR 52min June 7, 2006
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    6. Charlie Rose (June 8, 2006) A Conversation With Anthony Cordesman; A Conversation With Haley Barbour; An Conversation With Elvis Costello And Allen Toussaint

    TV-NR 53min June 8, 2006
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    7. Charlie Rose (June 9, 2006) A Conversation With Noam Chomsky; An Interview With Shirin Neshat; A Panel On Capital Punishment.

    TV-NR 55min June 9, 2006
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    8. Charlie Rose (June 12, 2006) A Conversation With Bill Moyers And Yvette Vega; A Conversation With Thomas Friedman

    TV-NR 54min June 12, 2006
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    9. Charlie Rose (June 13, 2006) A Conversation With Richard Armitage

    TV-NR 55min June 13, 2006
  • $1.99

    10. Charlie Rose (June 14, 2006) A Conversation With John Burns; A Conversation With John Updike

    TV-NR 54min June 14, 2006
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    11. Charlie Rose (June 15, 2006) Charlie Sits Down With Rick Wagoner, The Chairman And Ceo Of General Motors, The Largest Automobile Company In The World. They Discuss The Current State Of General Motors, And Its Future.

    TV-NR 54min June 15, 2006
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    12. Charlie Rose (June 16, 2006) First, Charlie Sits Down With Tim Russert, Host Of Nbc'S Meet The Press, To Talk About His New Book Wisdom Of Our Fathers: Lessons And Letters From Daughters And Sons. It Is Particularly Appropriate Coming Up On The Eve Of Father`S Day. Next, Charlie Talks With Texas Oil Mogul Boone Pickens. They Discuss The Oil Industry And Where It'S Headed.

    TV-NR 54min June 16, 2006
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    13. Charlie Rose (June 19, 2006) Charlie And Former Vice President Al Gore Discuss The New Documentary An Inconvenient Truth, Which Is Based On A Slideshow That Mr. Gore Designed To Educate Americans On The Threat Of Global Warming.

    TV-NR 55min June 19, 2006
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    14. Charlie Rose (June 20, 2006) Charlie Sits Down With Larry King In An All-Inclusive Interview.

    TV-NR 55min June 20, 2006
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    15. Charlie Rose (June 21, 2006) Earlier Today, Seven U.S. Marines And A Naval Medical Corpsman Were Charged With Murder, Kidnapping And Conspiracy In Connection With The Shooting Of An Iraqi Civilian In April. Charlie Discusses The Killing With Abc News Senior National Security Correspondent Jonathan Karl. Charlie Sits Down With Henry Kissinger To Talk About Foreign Policy And Soccer.

    TV-NR 54min June 21, 2006
  • $1.99

    16. Charlie Rose (June 22, 2006) First, Bill Moyers And Judith Moyers Talk About A New Series, Which Begins On Friday Night, Called Bill Moyers On Faith And Reason. Then, Richard Posner, A Leading Jurist And Public Intellectual, Talks About Reforming Our Intelligence Services, Global Warming, And Other Subjects.

    TV-NR 54min June 22, 2006
  • $1.99

    17. Charlie Rose (June 23, 2006) Charlie Sits Down With Bill Buford. Bill Buford Is A Staff Writer For The New Yorker Magazine, Where He Was Fiction Editor For Eight Years. In 2002, He Was Given The Opportunity To Train In The Kitchen Of Mario Batali`S Three-Star New York Restaurant Babbo. His New Book Heat Chronicles His Time There, As Well As His Apprenticeship With Culinary Masters In Italy.

    TV-NR 55min June 23, 2006
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    18. Charlie Rose (June 27, 2006) First, Charlie Interviews Lance Armstrong About The Tour De France, Cancer Research, And His Future As An Athlete. Next, Charlie Interviews Kevin Spacey, Who Stars As Lex Luther In Superman Returns, Which Also Stars Kate Bosworth .

    TV-NR 54min June 27, 2006
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    19. Charlie Rose (June 28, 2006) A Panel Discussion On Israel; A Conversation With Andrew Kohut; A Conversation With Stephen Cohen

    TV-NR 53min June 28, 2006
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    20. Charlie Rose (June 29, 2006) Charlie Interviews Lawrence Summers, Who Steps Down Tomorrow As President Of Harvard. Summers Resignation Comes In The Wake Of The President'S Controversial Comments Regarding The Role Of Women In Academia. He Is One Of The Most Closely Watched And Controversial Figures In American Education.

    TV-NR 55min June 29, 2006
  • $1.99

    21. Charlie Rose (June 30, 2006) A Conversation With John Yoo & Laurence Tribe; A Conversation With Tommy Smyth; A Conversation With Thomas Mann & Norman Ornstein

    TV-NR 53min June 30, 2006
  • $1.99

    22. Charlie Rose (June 26, 2006) A conversation with Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, & Melinda Gates

    TV-NR 54min June 26, 2006

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Genres TV Talk Shows
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Supporting actors Paul Nurse, Mitt Romney, Judy Woodruff
Season year 2006
Network Charlie Rose, Inc.
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