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on April 15, 2011
Just like the successful Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comics, Charmed has also returned in comic form and it is a welcome return for the series. The story picks up about a year and a half after the end of Charmed - Season 8 [DVD] which saw the sisters settling down and beginning demon free and magic lite lives. However, there are new evil forces at work who plan to not only resurrect one of the sisters' greatest foes, but also to unite the underworld against the Charmed Ones. The story is told over five five issues which make up the following "chapters":

Issue #1 - Charmed Lives
The sisters are enjoying their lives away from fighting demons, however magic still remains a part of their lives with Piper and Phoebe's daughters coming into their powers and Paige teaching at Magic School. Meanwhile, two mysterious enemies Neena and Hogan begin their plot to resurrect The Source.

Issue #2 - No Rest For The Wicca
Phoebe and Piper attend the funeral of their first innocent, Brittany, who has mysteriously died and reverted back to the old age she was after being attacked by the demon Javna the sisters rescued her from. Phoebe has a premonition which shows her that all of The Charmed Ones' past innocents are all in danger.

Issue #3 - Innocents Lost
The sisters attempt to figure out who is after their past innocents which leads them to Tyler Michaels, a firestarter they once helped. As the realise that they must return to fighting demons, Neena and Hogan successfully resurrect The Source.

Issue #4 - Mortal Enemies
The sisters' innocents turn against them after The Source casts a spell, sending the sisters to Magic School in order to devise a plan to stop him. Meanwhile, Piper searches for the place to open her restaurant.

Issue #5 - Unnatural Resources
The sisters go up against The Source after devising a clever plan to vanquish him forever. However, as Neena's plan comes together it appears that this is only the beginning of The Charmed Ones' return to fighting evil.

Also included is Issue #0 a recap issue which came out before Issue #1 which quickly explains the characters and all major events and storylines throughout the series. A special extra story is also included "To The Warren Born" which is a prequel story set during Charlotte Warren's pregnancy with Melinda. It appears that this may have some larger ties to the overall story than simply being an extra, but we'll have to wait and see if it is indeed part of a larger story.

This is a strong opening arc for Charmed, and although it starts off slow, the story does improve issue by issue and by the final issue of the arc Charmed is well and truly back on form. There are many references to past events, as well as some old characters returning and some really nicely put together stories, some of which are self contained such as Phoebe helping Romeo and Juliet and others which are bound to pop up again (Piper's restaurant, Henry and Paige overcoming Henry's actions while under a spell) and I'm not sure if its because of a fresh set of eyes writing the series but the storyline does seem new and exciting and I think it is safe to say that there is still so many more stories that can be told about the Halliwell sisters.

The artwork is mixed, the original artist departs after Issue #3 and a much stronger and capable artist draws Issue #4 onwards. The artwork is incredibly important in a comic book, especially one bases on a TV show as we need to see the characters we know come to life in a new way, which is something the new artist Marcio Abreu does wonderfully. The story itself is written by Paul Ruditis who wrote two Charmed guides as well as a few novels, so the writing is being done by someone who is familiar with the show and it really shows as he has a good grasp of the characters as well as past events.

If you are a Charmed fan then this is highly recommended, especially if you are one who also enjoyed reading Buffy Season 8. I'd say that so far Charmed manages to feel more like what Charmed did on TV than what the Buffy comics do, and I hope they keep going in the direction that they have started because it's great having the show back in this form and hopefully the comics will continue for quite some time.
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on February 13, 2011
If you are a Charmed fan like me, then I know u can never get enough of the Power of Three. Although I would much rather have a Feature Film or TV spin off, the Charmed comics are an amazing little treat for any Charmed fan. I personally have been buying the separate issues, but decided to get the book as well because it comes with all the bonus issue covers (each single issue has 2-3 cover variants) and also a very cute bonus story at the end. Also, the paper quality seems much better. These first five issues take place about a year after the show ended, and although now they have like a million kids, luckily the emphasis of the book (and action) still revolves around our favorite three divas. The girls powers advance a bit as well, which is cool, and realistically for the price, u cant beat a "premonition" into the future of our favorite witches. Do urself a favor, and buy Charmed Season 9. Even in print, the girls can't be beat.
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on September 11, 2011
Season 9 picks up roughly 18 months after the last episode of the television series, which puts us in the middle of the happy endings glimpsed at the end of the "Forever Charmed." During this demon-free period the sisters have all been busy leading normal lives and having babies. The comic opens with two of those babies displaying the first of her powers and the initial stirrings of demonic forces. You know, your typical beginnings for a new season.

In a lot of ways the comic retains much of the feel of the television series. He may not have been part of the show, but Ruditis shows a wonderful grasp of the show's continuity, which is saying a lot given how wacky the show was at times. There are little things such as Piper whining about how her life can't be normal, assorted jokes that attempt to be witty and are almost funny, and, of course, shots of Phoebe's assets. But what really stood out to me was that the freedom of the comic medium allows for the series to sort of get back to its roots. For instance, not only do the sisters get a boost in their active powers, but the demons actually look like, well, demons again!¹ That includes the new (several times over) Source.

Overall the story is above par for what I expect from an episode of the show, but it starts off very slowly. It's not until the fourth chapter ("Mortal Enemies") that there is any real action. That isn't completely abnormal for the show, which often kept the action limited to the third act, but I expect a bit more going on in a comic format. The first chapter ("Charmed Lives") is little more than a glimpse at the domestic lives of the sisters with some bad guys plotting stuff thrown in. I think I also have a slight problem with how easy The Source was taken out even though they've battled him numerous times before. But maybe it just feels easy since the preparation for and the actual battle are condensed into their own chapter ("Unnatural Resources"). I did like that the sisters had a few side stories of their own, like Paige's new charge, Piper's restaurant location search and Phoebe's presiding over a mass wedding ceremony that included Romeo and Juliet. These B plots are usually my least favorite parts of an hour long episode, but in the new medium they don't overtake the story to the same extent. Or maybe they're just handled better.

The design of the comic is kind of baffling to me. The characters are often very hard for me to differentiate between. Part of this is certainly due to my color blindness, but the designs themselves don't give much help. The initial artist is replaced after the third chapter ("Innocents Lost") and there is a distinct difference in the art. Most notably, the color palette changes from something out of a Berenstain Bears book to a style that's much easier on the eyes. Unfortunately, while the sisters are more recognizable, I had an extremely difficult time telling the husbands apart with this new artist. There are some wacky things that deserve mention like the random cover designs and odd posing of the Charmed Ones. The new format does allow for a distinct rise in the level of violence shown, albeit it's minimal. I'm interested to see if this will translate into more elaborate action pieces in later books. It's still very early into the comic, though so I'm happy enough to say that the art does improve with each chapter.

The comic itself is pretty accessible to those unfamiliar with the show, and the graphic novel includes pages from the Book of Shadows; this prequel chapter ("The Sourcebook") serves as a basic introduction to the Charmedverse. Though, given the slow start I don't know if I would have stuck out the waiting if I had read this issue by issue, especially if I had never seen the television series. I do think that Ruditis handles the material better than the show's writers did in many cases and he's set up an intriguing enough mystery with Neena that I'm willing to continue reading future volumes and see where he goes.
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on August 7, 2014
The story, illustrations is all great. But the scanned kindle version of the story is so messed up. The pages are not in order, the Multiple pages are scanned together making the font really tiny. The reader must select the image and click zoom to eat it. Very poor, disappointing reading quality
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on March 3, 2011
When I saw this listed on Amazon I didn't realize that they decided to a 9th season in comic book form. I was thrilled to see that they decided to this. I know that they are going the same way Buffy The Vampire Salyer went with their 8th Season..I think that it is great. I just got this in the mail and have read it in one day.
I was very impressed with the story and the artwork of the entire book. This story picks up a little after the 8th season ended. Each of the Charmed Ones now have children. The children are coming into their powers already in this star of Season 9. Another Feature I like about this graphic novel is that it has all the bonus covers of the comics in the back and a special bonus story . If you are Charmed Fan and have been waiting to see what has been going on with the Sisters this is the graphic novel for you.
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on March 18, 2011
I don't want this review to seem negative. I did enjoy the first issue, but I really hoped for better writing! I am a long-time Charmed fan and as such I have learned to deal with the inconsistencies in the writing of the show. I overlook some of the ridiculous plot lines, etc. because I love the characters so much. However, I've always wished that Charmed would some day return to its former roots and become a little more grown up again. I enjoyed this graphic novel, but I have to say I was expecting better artwork and a more mature style of writing. The last three seasons of Charmed were so sugar-coated and fluffy that it made my teeth ache. I really wish the writers would go darker again. Charmed was never super gritty and realistic, but it at least had the element of horror in the beginning of it's run. I really hope to see the series go back towards its roots and just stop all the sugar-coated family friendly crap. The show originally wrote for adults and by the time it ended, I felt like the series was catering to 10-year-olds and ignoring the fans it started out with who are a little old to find the soft-serve story lines enticing anymore.
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on August 14, 2015
The Charmed Ones are back! This was a really great story in the same style as the television show, and although the story felt a little rushed or maybe a little bit too quick to culminate, I can see how the structure of the comic sort of forced that, and it did work pretty well. My only complaint really is that the art changed somewhere halfway through the run and NOT for the better in my opinion. The girls looked less like the actresses IMO and the men looked all the same. The story, however, remained pretty strong throughout.
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on August 30, 2013
I have been a "Charmed" fan since the inception and was truly looking forward to this "next" installment. Season 9 is not conducive for Kindle. The words were so tiny...impossible to read. This gives me pause to wonder if the print version is better. The "Look Inside" that was viewed prior to purchase was a little deceiving.
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on May 31, 2012
When this series was on TV I was hooked, I really liked these lovely and strong sisters, that were also known as the Charmed Ones. I was so sorry that the show ended and was hoping that maybe a spin-off was being planned. I saw these Zenescope Comics and t,hat Charmed was included, and I flipped. I bought the first two books in this series and really enjoyed them. I'm planning on buying books #3 and #4 this fall when it comes out. Wonderful stories in both books, and also enjoyed seeing their children coming into their powers. The other stories were great as well, and seeing Leo,Coop and even Henry actively involved with the situations as well. Loved seeing the girls Dad and even Grams, and Penny, their mother. If you want to see how the Charmed ones survived and continued with they're lives buy these comics, even though not in novel form very enjoyable and exciting. I highly recommend these comic books, they're great.
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on March 3, 2015
If you loved the Charmed TV series this is a continuation of their lives. It was hard to read at first but I read them all again and then passed them on to my niece and when she's finished she will pass them on to her mom to read.
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