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on October 31, 2005
Honestly, this is just a good movie to be enjoyed on a rainy day or with a girlfriend/boyfriend. It's not supposed to be a great genre-defining movie, it's just supposed to be FUN. The three leading ladies play their parts exactly the way they are meant to be played. Cici (Sofia Vergara) is the bombshell, Lorena (Roselyn Sanchez) is the strong intelligent woman, and Patricia (Jaci Velasquez) plays the rich girl. They have great chemistry on-screen and their rivalry is played very well. It accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: have fun, and I can't believe people are trashing it for that.
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on September 10, 2007
This movie is extremely funny. It's a wonderful romantic-comedy.
It's pretty simple which makes it such a lovable movie. It involves 3 women living in different areas of the US (Miami, Chicago, and the other in New York). The love interest of all three of these women, is Tomas, a business man who travels to each of his ladies because he can't choose just one. All three chicas travel to Tomas' house in California. Tomas himself is already becoming stressed out by having 3 relationships at once and is afraid of any of them meeting each other. Well let's just say his worst nightmare (besides La Llorona getting him) comes true and he is shocked as well are the women.

That's just the beginning, the rest is hilarious with some fun action scenes.
This is a great DVD to add to your collection because you can watch it over and over and not get tired of it!

**Also Nicole Scherzinger, from the Pussycat Dolls, makes a small cameo in this movie as "Miss Puerto Rico".
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on April 21, 2011
If you are a hispanic woman you will DEFINITELY relate to this.
I felt right at home watching this movie. Jackie is superb. I wonder why she hasnt made any more movies after this.

A man, b/c of business, travels a lot and has a relationship with 3 women in different states.
When the women find out its a race to see who can catch him and force him to make a choice.
The hilarity of all the trouble they get into and how they grow as a result makes this movie a five star for me.
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on October 5, 2011
'Chasing Papi' is a movie that has everything; comedy, drama, action etc. Papi is a man who can't make up his mind when it comes to women. He's dating three women in three different cities at the same time. Now let's say they all decide to go see Papi at the same time and accidentally meet. Add in Papi going through a slight melt down and some gangsters looking for some money with an FBI lady being mixed up as woman #4 by the first three.
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on November 3, 2013
The movie is a delightful romp in the tradition of the 1960's and the romantic comedies. This is almost identical to 1,000 films where a lothario/giggolo has a skein of women pawing at him. The difference is the Latin flavor. If you know what 'La Tremenda' is or watch Gigantic Saturday, you will love this film. For Anglos, it's still pretty good, but doesn't translate perfectly.
The male lead is handsome as expected; the three women pursuing him range from homely, beautiful in the full-figured realm, and finally beautiful in the Hollywood/fashion model slim mode.
Three women, competitive to a point, then colluding in putting this Romeo in his place for promising devotion and three different ladies, if not many more.
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on December 17, 2011
Cici (Sofia Vargura), Lorena (beautiful Rosalyn Sanchez), and Patricia (Christian Tex-Mex singer Jaci Velasquez) are all in love with the drop-dead gorgeous Tomas Fuentes (Eduardo Verastigui). The trouble is that they don't know about each other until a latino psychic guru tells them all to go after the one thing that they want. They all end up at Tomas' home in lingerie he bought for all three of them, and the cat claws come out. There is a beauty pageant, drug money in a car, an heiress losing her fortune for running away with her cute little pomeranian, and a pro-bono lawyer who had no idea she was beautiful or sexy until the girls need a place to stay with Tomas' overly tranquilized body. The movie is fun, if nothing original, and I watch it every time it comes on cable. Boasting a great soundtrack that features Christina Vidal, little sister of Lisa Vidal who plays the coolest cop on the block in this rompfest, you can't miss fun jokes on class distinction or the way three girls start out as rivals and become great friends. So it's not rocket science. It's enjoyable to the nth degree, and the soundtrack is to die for. Eye candy for both sexes is what you're in for, and the idea that three women can better themselves for the mistake of being with a man who is looking for all their qualities in one woman. It's obvious Tomas needs to keep looking and that these three girls needed him to find themselves. Fun, witty banter and gorgeous scenery don't hurt anything either. By the way, the Charo-resemblant Sofia Vargura can really dance, and that is just a plus in this delightful comedy!
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on July 3, 2013
...when I was staying at a hotel in L.A. I thought it was pretty sexy! I tried to find it in stores while I was there (my room came with a DVD player. Considering the large Latino community I was staying in, I thought it would be easy to track down a copy of it! No such luck. I finally caught the whole movie on cable. The plot is a little thin but the Latinas in this flick are hot! Roselyn Sanchez and Sofia Vergara could melt butter by just entering a room! They should look even better in hi-def!
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on November 19, 2012
Perhaps this is not the best movie of the century, or one of the ten best ever, if you want substance see Oliver Stone or Orson Wells, but if you want to delight yourself by looking at some beautiful latin talent, this is the place. From the decent direction, to the musical score, and then how can you go wrong with Sofia Vergara. Please, the woman is a godess! The other two ladies are nice two, but to close to my daughters age, so I stick to my age group, and watch this movie time and time again to put a smile in my face. Bravo!!!

PS Sofia, still available?
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on March 23, 2012
This movie is a cute movie with four beautiful and sexy female stars (and women assure me the male star is hot, too). It helps that I am a super-fan of Roselyn Sanchez - one of the hottest women on the planet! Is this movie great cinema? No. Is it enjoyable? Yes. It is one of those movies you watch, then put on your shelf. Years later, when you have forgotten many of the scenes so that it is almost like watching it brand new again, you can enjoy it again. That is why, when I found it here on Amazon, being sold used (like new) for $2.89 and still eligible for Amazon Prime free 2-day delivery, I went for it. I haven't seen this movie for years (but definitely remember I enjoyed it), and when it arrives, I will enjoy it again and then put it in my collection.
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VINE VOICEon November 30, 2006
CHASING PAPI has good and bad points. It puts cartoons and music to effective use, and there's some funny satire.

Of course, as others have commented, the big plus is its beautiful ladies. Men may enjoy discussing which of the three women Papi should have chosen. Roselyn Sanchez is my personal favorite.

But at least for me, this film got boring. Perhaps because there wasn't much substance to it. When I felt I was an hour into the film, I checked the timer and saw that only 38 minutes had gone by. The film is only about 75 minutes long (not including credits) but it felt much longer.

The jokes are tame. Those who prefer MONTY PYTON or SOUTH PARK may not find CHASING PAPI too funny.

Worse, this film suffers from what I call "ethnic sitcom disease." You know, when a producer makes a show about a previously unfilmed ethnic group. We see a (Korean, Latino, black, etc.) family, and their home is full of ethnic posters and artwork related to that ethnicity, and the jokes and wisecraks all revolve around celebrities who share that ethnicity, as though people of that ethnic group spend all their time talking about issues related to their ethnic group.

CHASING PAPI feels like an "official latin film," in that the filmmaker felt the need to pass along some messages about latinos. For instance, Cici is constantly harping on how Patricia is "ashamed to be a Latina" because of her "fake eyes" (i.e., colored contact lens). But this makes no sense, because Cici appears to dye her hair blond. Sure, some latinas have blond hair, but some also have blue eyes. What's the big deal?

For that matter, Cici's latin accent seems overdone. I know she's latin, but she also speaks English well. Yet in her role, she occassionally slips into a pronounced latin accent. And because it's only occassional, it seems unnatural to her character; as an affectation done to remind the viewer that Cici is latin.

The dialogue as a whole is obvious and not too funny. A collection of ethnic observations, feminist statements, and repetative snipes at each

Even so, the film is fluffy and well-intentioned. The women are pretty and likeable. I was also pleased that Tomas was not villainized. When I read the description, I worried that I was in for some feminist male-bashing, but that proved not to be the case.

It's a sometimes enjoyable film, although not edgy "laugh out loud" comedy.
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