Customer Reviews: WEN® by Chaz Dean Healthy Hair Care Kit
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on October 15, 2012
I love the Wen Hair care conditioning shampoo. However, the business practices of the company are definitely to scam people. They sent me $90 worth of product I did NOT order when THEY "estimated" I should be out, which I was not (!) and continued to try to process my credit card, calling me over and over and sending me multiple bills.
I never agreed to auto re-order. When I called them they said that if I had not opened the package, I could have sent it back for a refund. I opened the package because I did not know what it was!
Such a great product. It is a SHAME that this company feels it cannot stand on their quality alone and has to get "greedy" by forcing orders. I will order mine on Amazon and skip the hassle of dealing with Chaz Dean!
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on June 21, 2013
I had no idea that Wen was on Amazon or I would have switched over sooner for supplies.
I am appalled and I hate to guess how many people they must have scammed with their fraudulent advertising practices.

I registered last February and ordered the cleanser and a spray for $60.00 approx. What I received was a large box with a collection of products that I did not order and I would never use such as anti-frizz for my short straight hair! The whole package was charged for about three times my initial purchase.

I called and told Wen there was a mistake but they denied it and claimed that I had committed myself online to purchase this package when I registered. I was sure I had not as I always keep a hard copy of online orders.
What I discovered when I returned to the Website as a potential purchaser is that, buried in the 3 pages of dense verbiage that one has to accept for the purchase to go through, was a few lines stating that first time buyers would be mailed a full range of product for trial in addition to what was being ordered. This is the old worn out trick of hiding scams in endless pages of fine print that no one ever read because it would take far too long and besides, the language used is "Legalese" meaning incomprehensible to most people.

I refused to pay for the unwanted items and I contacted my credit card about the fraud, Wen would not get a cent extra. They threatened some sort of action but being a senior paralegal, I called their bluff.
I said that I was going to return the unopened products, they said they did not want it, I sent it back anyway with proof of mailing.

Twice I spoke with a Wen supervisor and explained the situation. Both, in turn, agreed to cancel the alleged unpaid amount and start my account afresh, but it never happened. On both occasions, after I had placed a repeat order, I never received it and when I called, the CSA said that I had an unpaid balance so my order had been cancelled.
This is a very sorry situation where a probably decent hairdresser placed his excellent product in the hands of a crooked or incompetent (or both) alleged corporation.

Nevertheless, the product(s) is excellent and I will fight to keep buying it, even if I have to use Amazon and lose on the member's preferred prices that I qualify for.
I was so incensed that I was ready to escalate the dispute to a legal action, but in the end, Amazon is an easier and more trustworthy alternative.

SHAME ON WEN = Let's kill it on Facebook et al.
CHAZ DEAN = Retrieve your products and start again - Honestly this time.
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on June 10, 2013
I tried Wen hair care, hoping it would help with split ends. It was not a helpful product for my hair. I have fine but thick hair, and I ended up with sticky feeling hair with flyaway dry ends. But to add insult, I was encouraged to set up an account so I could get advice from a Wen Consultant. DO NOT DO THIS!! I have been charged monthly and shipped products I have not ordered. I was told I had not cancelled my account within 30 days, so they could do this. I cancelled my account right away. Two more charges to my credit card later I was told the last shipment (that I did not want) was a three month supply, so in addition to the amount paid for the shipment, I had to make installments of $30/month until the three months runs out. The product is not worth it - and the money that it will cost, and the time to sort it out, is a hassle I truly hope nobody else has to go through. Avoid, avoid, avoid.....
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on July 30, 2014
Okay here's the deal. I love WEN hair system but the company is a rip off. I have used this product for a little over a year and will continue to use it on my entire families hair. That includes my 2 girls and my husband but I won't be purchasing it directly from WEN.

Here is why:

First the system has to be used properly. Don't use it in the recommended way because your hair will fall out or begin to thin.

Second only use the cleansing conditioner and sixteen conditioner together once a week or your hair will become over conditioned.

Third don't use the cleansing conditioner daily it will break your hair and make it thin or fall out from over conditioning.

Fourth if you use the cleansing conditioner, only use one of the other products like the texture balm or anti frizz DON'T USE BOTH! If you do using more than one product your hair may become hard or frizzy or break or fall out and thin.

Fifth don't mix and match WEN with other products, the end result will be disastrous.

Sixth do not use the amount of recommended product use half.

Now that I have gone through the don'ts. Lets talk about WEN's pricing and business practices. Like I said this is a awesome product when used correctly. However I believe that WEN knowing recommends you use this product in a way that is dangerous and will damage your hair so that they make more money. If you are using the product the way that the company recommends you will run out of product within 3 months if not sooner. Which then WEN will mail you a new shipment automatically. I know your thinking well thats great and the way that it should be. Well your wrong.
Take this into consideration:

1st WEN tells you that you will pay 29.99 for the first kit with a membership and then you receive a travel kit plus 2 bottles of cleansing conditioner, 1 bottle of the sixteen sampler. Awesome for the price. They tell you when you receive your second shipment you will receive 3 bottle of cleansing conditioner 1 bottle of sixteen conditioner 1 container of anti frizz (or whatever product you choose) all for the low membership price of 39.99. Wrong that is not true. Yes you will receive those products but no they will not be for the low price of 39.99.
This is how WEN gets you. First you will get a shipment with the items you choose and a charge of 39.99 which they tell you includes the shipping charge. However when you look at the website or the pamphlet they send you it specifically says any purchase over $100 is free, right, wrong. See you think you just paid 39.99 and that is why you had to pay for shipping but that isn't true. 28 days after you get charged 39.99 for the shipment WEN will charge you another 29.99 and then 28 days from that charge you will receive another charge for 29.99 and by then it will have been 3 months so it will be time for another shipment so within a couple of weeks you will see another charge for 39.99 and the process will begin again. So you say to yourself where is the membership deal. There isn't one. Your paying 99.97 every 3 months for WEN products that you don't need. In addition to the fact that in at least one month you will pay twice. If you use the products the way they recommend your hair will be damaged and will thin and break and fallout. If you try to use the products with other products your hair gets worse. Which I think WEN intentionally did to make sure you stick with their line. Not to mention that even if you cancel your order you will still get charged unless you cancel the order before the item is shipped. If not then you are responsible for shipping charges and they will continue to charge you every month unless you call and cancel and make sure they refund the money before its charged. Sounds confusing right but in their system it already has it set up to autocharge so they must go in and refund those auto charges in their system and if you don't receive a email confirming the cancellation then your membership is not cancelled and you have no proof that you cancelled it and again you will be responsible for upcoming charges.

So in short yes WEN is a great hair product if used wisely and not the way the company recommends. However, unless you are willing to deal with the 99.97 charge over a 3 month period and being charged onto of the charge 39.99 because the scheduled membership mail out overlaps the monthly charge and the possibility that your hair will be damage if you don't find a good regimen and it may take up to an additional 3 months to actually cancel your membership then I wouldn't recommend purchasing this product from WEN. Now if the product offer is as a one time fee charge through another company or website then I say go for it. You will just have to play around with the product to figure out whats best for your hair.
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on April 1, 2013
I had heard for some time how great this shampoo is, so I finally bought some. I used it for 1 week and gave it to my daughter to try. She has tried it and is also of the same mind set that its not that great.
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on December 18, 2013
I've used this product twice. The first time, my hair certainly didn't feel clean afterward and it definitely didn't stay clean. I usually wash my hair twice a week, no problem. It's Wednesday, and I'll be washing tonght for the third time this week. I'm so disappointed because the commercials make it look so great. Sad deal, not worth it.
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on October 4, 2013
Do not buy Wen products and especially DO NOT BUY THEM FROM THEIR ADS! Their ads lie and their guarantee is tough to get back. The product is not that great - just use your moisturizer as shampoo that is what Wen is... moisturizer works better, is cheaper and you won't have to deal with the scam tactics that the company uses & keeps billing even though you call to cancel.
The shampoo doesn't foam - it is just like conditioner. (The shampoo directions say to us 10 to 15 pumps of the product - that's alot!!!)
The customer service person basically called me a liar. She told me I hadn't called to cancel. Oh, but I did!
DO try the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty Moisturizer product - Creme de Serum - my older skin is amazingly soft & smooth now, & that company does do what they say. Their products work!
DO NOT BUY WEN - I have a feeling I will have a fight to get my money refunded. You know they are a scam when you call & their customer service people don't care and are rude. They basically just tell you to return it - what happened to the money back guarantee and they are sorry you don't like the product? AND, she asked if I had any negative effects like hair falling out!!!! Yikes - why would they ask that if it hadn't been a problem???? HMMMM....
Buyer beware of WEN!!!!!!
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on October 20, 2012
I LOVE WEN conditioning shampoo and have been using it now for about 5 months. Once in a while I will shampoo my hair regularly to see if I'm still loving the WEN. I don't know why I've done it for the last 2 times because I always regret it. I have very long, highlighted hair that although is relatively thick, curly, and frizzy it is somewhat fine. It always been difficult to comb out my wet hair after shampooing but with WEN, it glides through! I really do love this doesn't matter which scent, they are all very nice. I purchase my WEN on QVC. No dealing with the reorder messes everyone writes about and its actually less expensive to buy the pomegranate and mint together for $40.00. Sometimes they have other discounts on WEN as well. The only product in the "kit" I care about is the conditioning shampoo so that's why I buy on QVC because that's all I want.
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on June 9, 2014
I only wanted the trial version they advertised on TV for $29.99 which ended up costing me $39.99. I did not like the product and I think it stinks. The next thing I knew, Wen charged my credit card and sent me what they called a 90 day supply. I never asked for this so called 90 day supply nor did I ask them to send any additional products. I am still trying to get my money back minus the shipping and handling charges which I also did not ask for. I feel violated by this company. Don't waste your money. On top of everything else, It did not do anything great for my hair.
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on January 19, 2013
Not worth the price of the product! I bought this product and I was very disapointed. I did not return it just wasn't worth the hassel. I won't buy it again. Made my hair feel gross and dirty.
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