Customer Reviews: Cheerleader Massacre
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Sales for "Cheerleader Massacre" would probably do a lot better if this 2000 direct of video release was listed under some sort of soft porn category into of being labeled a slasher flick. This is supposed to be the four film in the series "The Slumber Party Massacre," which produced films in 1982, 1987, and 1990. In fact, Brinke Stevens is once again playing Linda, her original role in first film. But for some reason the producers decided to trade in the cache, so to speak, of the series title and come up with something different. Is it because they think "Cherrleader" conjurs up more notions of sex than "Slumber Party"? Or is it because they noticed the story here is not about a slumber party? The plot--no, strike that: the setup for the massacre is that five high school cheerleaders to to a cabin the woods for a weekend getaway with their coach (Tamie Sheffield, whom you might recognize from "Fear Factor" in 2001) and a couple of jocks who show up to see what is happening. A crazy guy comes along and starts killing them, but not before we are treated to several scenes involving showers, bubble baths, and chocolate sauce.
The only real question here is whether in the final analysis "Cheerleader Massacre" is a worse example of slasher flick or a soft-core film. There has always been a connection between sex and death in splatter flicks, something we have understood ever since good girl Laurie Strode was the only one of her peer group to get out alive in "Halloween." Even when "Scream" made a point of the heroine not being a virgin, it only reinforced the idea that the subtext for such movies was that bad things happen to young people who have sex. If you think sexually transmitted diseases are bad, then you just wait until some guy with a knife, machette, chainsaw, or whatever comes after you.
But here the sex is way out in front. The only bit of gratuitous cheerleading comes at the start of the film, and even then there are no outfits. From then on there is little wearing of much clothing by these cheerleaders. In the end I have to write this film off more as porn that slasher because the acting is closer to the nadir represented by skin flicks than the wooden and unprofessional performances you often find in splatter flicks, especailly of the direct to video variety. In fact, one of the actresses has made dozens of hard core films. You should be able to pick her out, at which point you will realize that her acting really puts the rest of this cast to shame (which is not a good thing).
If you check this out for blood, guts, and gory, then you are definitely in the wrong aisle. If you are looking for a film with multiple shower scenes, then you may well end up being content with this tacky little film. I guess they could not work "Shower" and "Massacre" into the title, although you would think you would not need a lot of imagination to do that. Finally, if you are really looking for a slasher film with cheerleaders, then you are forced to go check out "Cheerleader Camp."
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on July 17, 2003
Cheerleader Massacre is a wonderful homage to slasher flicks of the 80's, most notably Slumber Party Massacre. There are many scenes reminiscent of that film in this one, and it's neat to realize what the director was trying to do. The actresses are typical of any slasher flick: beautiful, young, and willing to get nude at the drop of a hat (which will please many a viewer). The death scenes aren't very graphic (which may disappoint some), but there are so many of them, you may not notice. The ending is very Scream-like, but it works. Bring on Cheerleader Massacre 2: Electric Bugaloo!
The DVD features Director Audio Commentary, a deleted scene, cast bios, the original trailer, and other preview attractions. The picture is full screen, but the sound is Dolby Digital 5.1. This isn't a very surround-heavy mix, but it's always nice when they throw in those little surprise directional effects to throw you off guard.
Overall, a good movie and one that any horror buff should add to his or her collection immediately.
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on April 19, 2003
i have to admit i'm a big fan of the low budget massacre movies, slumber party massacre, sorority house masscare, and now cheerleader massacre. talk about hot babes, wish our cheerleader squad looked like that in school, little to good to be true. anyways plenty of nudity and plenty of victims. great low budget movie to watch with friends, had some pretty funny scenes as well. all in all a great low budget movie.
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on April 16, 2005
...for dumb, because that's exactly what this film was, and in spades...touted as coming from the people who brought us the Slumber Party and Sorority House Massacre films (most of which I've seen) released during the 80's, Cheerleader Massacre (2003) hardly follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, which seems kinda strange because it's not like they set the bar really high or anything, and to make a film that's actually worse than those would be pretty hard to do...but it was done...I guess the main difference is while those earlier films may have been bad, at least they were entertaining, and this one really wasn't...directed by Jim Wynorski (The Return of Swamp Thing, Sorority House Massacre II), the film stars Tamie Sheffield (Intolerable Cruelty), Charity Rahmer (The Frightening), and Erin Byron (One of Them). Also appearing is Leonard Johnson (Manhunter), Bill Langlois Monroe (Freedom Strike), GiGi Erneta (El Chupacabra), Melissa Brasselle (Raptor), and legendary scream queen Brinke Stevens (Teenage Exorcist, Hybrid), who's in the film for all of about three minutes, looking a bit long in the tooth.

The film opens on a couple camping in the woods, and since we don't know these people, it's a good bet they're going to be our first victims...and sure enough, they are...but hey, where's the blood? Sadly, these scenes are pretty much indicative of the kill scenes throughout the film, as very is little shown, and features very little blood. Anyway, cut to some cheerleaders practicing (since `cheerleading' is in the title, I figure they gotta show some girls getting their cheer on, and this is it for the entire film), and afterwards we get some nekkidness as the inevitable shower scene occurs (very few of the Wynorski films I've seen don't have one of these scenes). Seems the girls, along with their coach, the very stacked Ms. Hendricks (Sheffield), are preparing to go on some kind of camping trip, and the short bus is leaving very soon. Around this time we cut to some scenes involving various members of the police department talking about a recently escaped serial killer and how the bodies are beginning to pile up. So the girls leave, end up running out of gas, and hoof it to the relative safety of a spacious, deserted cabin, but find themselves up to their eyeballs in trouble as their number begin to dwindle due to an aggressive depopulation campaign propagated by a unknown assailant.

The first thing I noticed about this film was it was shot not on film, but on video, giving it an overall cheapness quality right off the bat. At least the previous massacre movies were shot on film...oh well, anything to save a buck. The only real reason to watch this movie is for the softcore stuff, of which there is a decent amount. The rest hardly matters much as the story is lame, even for this kind of movie, the kill scenes really pathetic and nearly absent of any blood or violence, the dialog insipid, continuity errors galore (watch as the killer cuts the power to the cabin, but oddly enough the lights still work in the bathroom where Sheffield's character is showering), virtually no tension, and the acting all around rancid. I will say the actors playing the high school students looked close to the age of their characters, which is pretty uncommon for films like thing this film does have in abundance is pointless characters. I lost count of how many different characters kept popping up, and it's not like they were there to provide for a plentiful stock of victims, but just more so to fill out the 85 minute run time. They could have cut the number of characters in half, focused on those that were left, and had a slightly less crummy end result, but that is just my opinion. Wynorski seemed to have phoned it in, expending most of his talents filming, in loving detail, the female characters in varying degrees on nekkidness, master of the slow pan. The best among these scenes would have Tamie Sheffield, who played the coach, and her extended shower scene...oh yeah, use that soap, far as the massacre bits go, there really wasn't much there, except for one scene where a character lost his head, literally. The characters basically run around, doing stupid things, more so than normal for a movie like this, and get killed off screen. As far as the mystery killer goes, throughout most of the film, we only see the hands, and the choice of weapons and methods used to off the victims were very bland and conventional, as if there was no effort to even try and make it interesting, which was completely disappointing. If there's the appearance of effort put forth, I can overlook a lot of things, but here there doesn't seem like much was given, and the result is just an edgeless, boring, predictable film with some decent boobage. Oh, man, I almost forgot...the big revel of the identity of the killer and motive...that's a key element to a movie like this. The rest of the film can be crud, but you can't do a movie like this and shortchange your audience in this area, which is what happened here. It was just so pathetically lame when it was finally bang, just a slight pop...the music was okay, but its repetitiveness wore on me.

The fullscreen picture does look decent (for video). The audio does come through clearly, and is available in Dolby 2.0 stereo and 5.1 digital surround. There are some extras including a commentary track with director Wynorski and actress Erneta, along with a choice deleted scene (3 girls in a tub), cast & crew bios, a trailer, and previews for the films Quicksand (2001), Disappearance (2002), and Sting of the Black Scorpion (2002). I give this film two stars, one because Amazon does not allow for zero stars, and a 2nd for the nekkidness featuring the hot babes.


By the way, in case you're interested, I got a body count of about 9, but it could have been more as I lost interest about halfway through...
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on September 16, 2014
By my 3-star review, which means "It's Okay", I mean that as long as you know the kind of movie you are about to watch it's okay. It's a skin-and-slasher flick, nothing more and nothing less. It's as formula and as cheap as they come, but it's not nearly as bad as many other small to no budget slashers go. It's got pretty women getting naked at the drop of a hat, horny guys, and murders and attempted suspense. As someone else mentioned it gets nearly indistinguishable from softcore porn during one segment, but as I said, as long as you know the kind of movie you are getting (and want to watch that kind of movie) then it's okay.
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on July 18, 2010

What we have here is a bad, shot on video follow up to the "Slumber Party Massacre" series. There's a few kills and Brinke Stevens has a cameo. Apparently; it was supposed to be a sequel - but the name was changed when Corman had an issue with his own rights(?).

Unfortunately, bad acting and photography took over here with ultra-cheap production values.

However, it is still fun - and worth a purchase under $10.

Where did the budget suddenly go?

Here's my rankings of the "Slumber Party"/"Sorority House" Massacre series - best to worst - knock-off's and spin-offs included (out of 5):

"Slumber Party Massacre" (1982) - ***** The Original and Best - Brinke is HOT here in her cameo. A classic 80's slasher to go down in history.
"Sorority House Massacre" (1986) - ****1/2 Starts off slow - and then has an amazing finale. A great spin-off.
"Spring Break Massacre" (2008) - ****1/2 - Cheap for sure. But a welcome movie that was a BIG step-up from "Cheerleader Massacre". Linnea Quigley and Reggie Bannister are WELCOME anytime.
"Hard to Die" (1990) - **** - The unofficial "Sorority House Massacre 3" - but it contains stock footage from "Slumber Party Massacre"? This one is so-bad-it's-good - and knew it. I LOVE this lousy clone of "Die Hard". Great fun. Forrest J. Ackerman has an amazing cameo.
"Slumber Party Massacre 3" (1990) - **** - Great fun. LOVED the next-door-neighbor with the telescope. Hope the re-release DVD is Unrated - because the New Concorde DVD I own is EDITED!!!! Still holding on to my VHS.
"Sorority House Massacre 2" (1990) - ***1/2 - CHEAP - but great fun. So-Bad-It's-Good in many ways. Boom mics and blood bottles throughout. Worth a purchase at a reasonable price for sure.
"Slumber Party Massacre 2" (1987) - *** - Kinda a rip off of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" that doesn't make sense. Though Points for the killer with the drill in his guitar.
"The Last Slumber Party" (1988) - A knock-off that's so-bad-it's-good. Terrible film stock. Atrocious gore effects - but laugh out loud funny :-)
"Cheerleader Massacre" (2003) - **1/2 - LAME movie. Bad Video. Worth a rent or purchase (if cheap). Glad it wasn't an official sequel.

Haven't seen: "Cheerleader Massacre 2"
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on July 4, 2014
No option for a minus 10 star rating so I'll have to give this piece of rott one. Absolutely no plot, not really anyways. I had to give up after about 40 minutes. The cheerleaders and female characters must have been clones of one another, all phony boobs bleached hair and ZERO brains (or maybe that was just the "actresses.") The male characters were all the same too. Dumb and stoned or just plain dumb, all seemed to have the same thing on their minds, sex. Even Cinemax would be ashamed to show this one .
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Okay, so there are these cheerleaders, and they spend most of their waking lives naked. Unbeknownst to these nubile, young nymphs, a mad killer named McPherson is on the loose. Will their nakedness be rudely interrupted by said maniac? When their van breaks down, the girls trek to a remote, abandoned house in the woods. Thankfully, it's soon warm inside. Far too warm for clothes. As you might have guessed by now, this is a Jim Wynorski film, so mega-nudity is a prerequisite. As in real life, every cheerleader in this movie is insanely beautiful. There are a few male characters floating around too, but who cares? They're either comic relief or nameless psycho-fodder. CHEERLEADER MASSACRE is a movie strictly aimed at the avid admirer of the female anatomy. Oh yeah, there are some bloody murders that occur as well. CM is a magnificent slab of cheeeze! I especially love the howling wind sound effects, while not a leaf or a twig is moving on the trees outside! Enjoy...
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on July 9, 2011
This film is really not bad. There is an actual plot and some mystery (not just endless killings for no good reason like most slasher movies a la Friday the 13th), plenty of gratuitous nudity by mostly women with natural breasts! The acting is pretty good. The Commentary with Jim Wynorski and Gigi Erneta is pretty funny when you find out how many of the people associated with the film are using fake names and insist upon not being named, and how they made the film with no money. A film being made cheaply is not a crime. The film looks pretty good with what money they had to make the film. If you listen to the Commentary, you will have a better appreciation of the film.
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on August 27, 2015
This is one of my favorite teen slasher flicks. Lots of boobs and blood, but it never takes itself too seriously, which is why I enjoy it. There IS a fair amount of suspense as there are two different stories, one about a psychopath who just escapes from prison, and the other about a group of hot cheerleaders who get lost on their way to a competition in Big Pine, CA. Who IS the real killer? If you like this genre, for a fun, 81 minute romp, check this one out.
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