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on August 2, 2011
I'm one of those nerds that do two weeks worth of research before buying a ballpoint pen and buying a TV mount was no exception. I scoured through dozens and dozens of wall mounts and finally settled on this Cheetah mount. I read all of the negative and positive reviews and decided that for the price it was worth a try (I paid $30.33). I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the mount was. This wall mount was so solid that I believe it could have easily supported a much larger and heavier TV set. Yes, it was a bit tough to move at first as some reviewers noted but I would much rather it be too tough to move than too loose. In any case, it did quickly loosen up to where it was easy enough for my wife to move, yet it still stayed 'firm' enough to hold the desired position. I did not find the construction flimsy at all as some noted, quite the contrary it was durable and heavy.

Installation was really easy and while I am pretty handy the directions were simple enough for anyone to follow; in fact I found it so easy that I installed the mount and TV by myself (of course the TV only weighed about 25 lbs). Once a stud was located the mount was rock solid. It was nice to be able to move our older 32 inch Olevia in any direction (up, down, side to side, in, out). I really wanted an articulating arm and this did the trick. The bolt pattern on the back matched up to the obscure pattern on our TV just fine. The HDMI cable and the level made it an even better value. One reviewer noted this his TV dipped to one side. My TV dipped also, but it was easily fixed when I slightly tightened the silver nut on the back of the up/down swivel. It has held a perfect level ever since.

I ordered the Hol-E-Cap wall cover kit to give a really clean look to hide the wires behind our drywall (this also was a great value and easy to install). I waited for six months before writing this review and I have moved the TV all over in various directions and it has held great every time. Not a single issue since installation. If you are looking for a great TV wall mount and do not want to pay hundreds of dollars than this wall mount is for you.
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on January 18, 2010
We have installed (2) of these mounts. (1) on a 26" LCD and (1) on a 32" LCD. Both installations were easy, with the product meeting expectations. The second mount we installed was missing a couple of minor parts so I sent a quick e-mail to Cheetah mounts. An hour later, I had the 2nd day air tracking number for the remaining parts. While it was frustrating to be missing the parts, I was amazed by the quick response.
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I bought this to mount a 26" TV. It is a flawless mount, with strong mechanical parts, a complete set of mounting hardware that even includes the needed parts to mount to masonry, clear, detailed, and well laid out instructions, and a set of features that you would expect would be more expensive. However, one detail to be aware of: if you use this mount on a TV with a 100 x 100 VESA mount like mine, the protruding edges of the mount may cover some of your inputs--this is the case with my TV. The mount covers one of my HDMI inputs. I don't count this as a flaw in the mount--I should have checked this out before I purchased it. If you're working with a smaller TV, it's probably worth getting a wall mount with a 100 X 100 VESA mount rather than this one which supports many different size VESA mounts.

Installation was easy once I found a wall stud to secure it to with the provided lag bolts. I have no worries of this mount falling--when properly installed this arm probably would be rated for 75lbs or more. I know a thing or two about wall mounting display boards using various mounting methods (I used to be a furniture installer) and can tell you with certainty that two 5/8ths lag bolts into a stud will easily support your TV and then some. I would NOT recommend installing this to anything but a stud or to a masonry wall.

The instructions are simply fantastic. I'm used to either getting Engrish instructions that are indecipherable, or instructions in size 6 font that require a microscope to read. These are clear, large, and well laid out.

The hardware package provided is likewise excellent and includes all screws needed to mount a large variety of TVS, and a complete set of wall mounting hardware with extras of everything, all sealed in a nice plastic bag. If you've ever bought anything from IKEA, you know how frustrating it is to be missing parts. These Cheetah people know what they're doing. I wish every hardware package was this good.

Once installed, the mount functions and looks fantastic. The 15" tilt adjustment will be impossible to use unless you have a wrench on hand, so keep that in mind.

This is a great product, and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon May 14, 2011
Bottom line: I wouldn't buy this again because it's not very sturdy and sags with a 45 lb television.

Read on for details...

When we remodeled our bedroom I decided to mount the TV on the wall. The mount I used was a Simplicity full-motion wall mount (found much cheaper at my local membership warehouse). The mount was easy to install, the television moves smoothly, and it is securely attached to the wall with no sag.

Since that worked so well I decided to mount another television. I figured I'd save some money and buy this mount - it was less than half as much as the first mount I installed and it got good reviews here at Amazon.

This mount has far fewer parts than the Simplicity mount. It comes fully assembled - all you have to do is screw it into a stud. This mount supports fewer hole patterns than the Simplicity, which comes with a lot of hardware you may or may not need. If you want to use this with a different hole pattern you can purchase an adapter, like the VideoSecu Universal VESA Adapter Plate.

Installation of the television is more difficult with this mount. One person has to hold the television up to the bracket while another person screws it to the bracket. With the Simplicity mount you attach the mount to the wall and the bracket to the television, then slide a tab on the bracket into a slot on the mount. It's a much easier way to do it.

To attach my TV to this mount I found it more convenient to remove the mounting bracket where it attaches to mounting arm and attach the bracket back onto the mounting arm. I only had to install one large bolt that way vs. 4 smaller screws by following the instructions.

After the TV was mounted I immediately noticed it was drooping a bit. The source of this sag is first hinge, the one nearest the wall. I took pictures of how the first hinge looks under load - you can see it's not straight. (I added the pictures to the product page) It may not look like much but the first thing my wife said when she looked at it was, "why is the TV hanging down like that?"

The television attached to this mount is 32" and weighs 45 lbs. Though the manufacturer says this mount is good for TVs up to 65 pounds, I wouldn't use the mount to hold anything near that heavy.

The arm is full motion but the action is not very smooth. This comes with Allen wrenches for the bolts in the joint but there doesn't seem to be a sweet spot where the TV can be moved easily yet isn't too loose.

If you have a lighter television (something far lighter than 45 lbs) then this bracket is a good deal. Or maybe if you're doing what I did and installed a 6 year old TV in the basement then this bracket is ok (if you adjust for the sag). In the future, though, I won't be buying this brand again. I'll pay more and get something sturdier.
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on February 14, 2011
This mount is beefier than anything I could find at my local box stores and much less expensive. Cheetah offers a detailed description of what you're getting, whereas most others just a couple fuzzy photos. I was impressed with the quality and heft of this unit right out of the box, and comes with just about any fastener anyone would require.
I'm sure that most people know that installation is not a 30 minute project, and individual needs tend to breed individual problems! The 1st thing to know is that the single stud mounting bracket,(typical of any of these types), requires a solid mounting surface. If you're lucky enough to find a wall stud that can be used, cut out the square of sheet rock the size of the mounting plate and glue and screw a plywood plug in its place, otherwise the sheet rock will certainly crush in time. 2nd is that there is a better than average chance that the TV mounting plate covers input wiring, a jigsaw w/ a metal cutting blade is handy. 3rd, if you want to expand/collapse this unit frequently, I recommend taking the pivots apart and coat them with white grease and expect to dial in the exact pivot tension after install. 4th, tilt and level adjustment on this mount are torqued down w/ the same nut, so after it's installed, take a little time to see what tilt and level position works, then tighten it down & forget it! (arguably, a weak point.) Overall I am glad that I didn't spend any more money on a product that couldn't work any better!
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on November 5, 2014
Product functions well. Not perfect but it is good what it is intended. I used this mount for a 32in. Vizio tv. The TV is incredible light so I had no issues of whether the mount was going to hold it. I used a stud finder to find a stud and mounted it on the stud. The mount and screws are sturdy.

Items I recommend for proper installation (if not professionally installed)
-Stud finder
-Electric drill
-socket wrench
-socket wrench bits (you will need several sizes)

The mount rotates 360 degrees and tilts up and down slightly. I noticed that when the tv is tilted down, one of the screws in the back rubs against the mount. Not a major issue but something the the designers should be aware of and fix in the next issue. I didn't use the level provided as the rotation feature eliminates the need to be exact. I would rather mount properly on a stud and rotate later. The free HDMI cable is an added plus.

-easy to install
-cost (less than $30 at time of review)
-multiple vesa mount options including extensions (I did not use the extensions)
-all screws and items included

-back bolt rubs when tv is tilted.
-manual adjustment of rotation via tightening of nuts in the back. (not a big issue) (SEE PICTURE)

For a clean install (no wires showing) make sure you have an electrical outlet on the wall behind where the tv will be mounted.

I would recommend this mount for any tv that you would want to mount on the wall within their specification of sizes. If you are spending upwards of $1000+ for a tv...spend a little more and get it professionally installed though. Otherwise, this will serve a great purpose for most people!
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on September 5, 2010
This mount is rock solid. Love it. Only make sure you tighten the tilt adjustment screw correctly positioned.
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on January 18, 2014
*** 1/20/2014 - Based on some continued use of this product and a call that I received from the manufactures of this product I have decided to change my review from 4 stars to 5.

I still stand by my previous review and feel that the product is very nice. It meets my needs and performs as I would expect my mount with a swing are to. I believe that the mounting process could be a little easier. What I mean is that you have the option of either putting the TV on the mounting plate AFTER the back of the stand is mounted to the wall or you can take the device apart. The problem with the 2nd option is that it is hard to do. Not impossible though since I did it by myself. If you have two people completing this project than this is a non issue.

What made me change my mind about the rating though is their customer service (Jaden). I received a call from the manufacture and they were concerned about the 4 star rating and my happiness with their product. I explained that the item works really well but I wasn't 100% happy with the install process. They offered me all kinds of support and they were willing to bend over backwards to make me satisfied with their product. Based on this customer service experience, I decided that they earned their 5th star. You just don't find companies that value their customers like this these days. Because the item was not damaged, missing parts, or not effectively meeting my needs I declined their offers to provide me with any type of compensation. The product is truly worth the price that I paid and I would happily purchase this product again if I had the need.

I highly recommend this product and company to anyone who is in the market for a new TV mount.


I installed this wall mount today and I was really pleased with the ease of the install and the quality of the product.

The install when very smoothly. They provide you with all of the screws, bolts, and washers that you will need. This mount allows for multiple times of TV backs and provides different mounting options. Mine was standard and I did not require the expanders that they provided. The instructions tell you what sized drill bit to use when drilling the pilot holes. It will also help you understand what type of mount you are doing (stud vs. regular wall) and provides you with different hardware accessories depending on what you are doing. I mounted mine to a stud and the fact that this has two vertical screws is awesome. I was able to mount mine even though I only had one 2x4 that I was screwing it in to. Some of the ones that require 4 screws to mount against the wall can be difficult for placement.

There was only one thing during the install that I didn't care for. Based on what the instructions showed you could only really take this mount apart in the middle. This is necessary so that you don't have to stand their holding the TV while you mount the bracket to the wall or vice versa. I mounted the part that goes to the back of the TV first and then left it on the floor. I then wanted to attach the back of the mount to the wall so that I could be sure to get it level and aligned properly. The problem is that it only comes apart where the two arms from the back meet the single bar coming from the part that mounts to the TV. There are two washer type things that come off as well. Needless to say, this is pretty tricky to put back up on the mount (if you are doing it by yourself). I was able to do it but I would have preferred to have something a little easier.

Once I had the TV on this I found that it was easy to swing and position at different angles. I have no concerns with it coming off the wall and it allows me to put it at the perfect viewing angle for what every activity I am doing in that room.

One other note is that it DOES come with a HDMI cable which appears to be of good quality. I have not used it though so I can not comment one way or another.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a low cost mount for a 32 - 42 inch flat panel TV
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on November 23, 2013
I bought two of these; one for a 32" and one for a 55". The mount works great, I love it and highly recommend it. The only notable comments I have are these. The center of the TV is not centered on the mount. So when you mount the TV this fact needs to be kept in mind. The other problem is that this dimension is not shown or noted in the instructions.

Update 12/23/13; This should absolutely not be rated to 55 pounds. My TV is 42 pounds and droops. Not only does it droop due to metal not being capable of bearing the weight of this TV (not extended either) it cannot clamp the ball strong enough (after REPEATED tightening) to keep the TV vertical. It's great for the 32" TV, which I did not weigh. It is NOT GOOD for the 50" TV that weighs 42 pounds. I would not recommend this product for a TV weighing over 25 pounds. It will not support the weight due to garbage materials of construction. I may have to replace it.
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on February 18, 2011
The construction quality of this TV mount is pretty good, and it mounts to the wall easily, but if you want to move the TV around, I don't recommend it. Here's why: The two main joints pivot on threaded bolts. As received, the joints are too tight to allow to you to swing the TV around (i.e.: out from the wall to watch; back to the wall to keep it out of the way.) So, you must loosen the bolts (with allen wrenches that are provided)before you can swing the TV. But loosening the bolts enough causes the mount and TV to sag alarmingly.

Since the whole assembly winds up sagging down, swinging the TV to the left causes the TV to tilt one direction. Swing it to the right, and the TV tilts the other way.Very awkward.

It's just not very secure feeling; with the arm extended most of the way out, I can move the TV up and down nearly two inches. Re-tightening those two bolts makes things more secure, but, of course, the TV can't be swung around then.

One other point, some other mounts allow you to run the electrical cables through the arms to hide them somewhat. You can't do that with this one.
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