Customer Reviews: Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B TV Wall Mount for 20-75-Inch TVs Bundle with 10-feet Braided HDMI Cable and a 6-Inch 3-Axis Magnetic Bubble
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on June 3, 2009
I was skeptical of this mount. Why should this be so cheap compared to other mounting kits? I ordered one (due to the price), and prepared to return it if I did not think the mount could handle the weight of the 52" LCD TV (Samsung).

Once I got it, I understood the cost. Good low-cost design and built with solid heavy duty steel.
- Two horizontal bars are load-bearing, and for proper VESA spacing, they have to be parallel and relative distance must be in the right tolerances. These are made of solid steel.
- Two vertical bars (in the wall mount) are flimsey, and that's ok. it should be solid enough make a rectangle box w/ square angles. That's it.
- Two vertical mounting (to the TV) brackets are of heavy duty metal. Making this in to two parts (not one), reduction of material, but also allows free horizontal adjustment on the TV mount.
- By doing the above, the kit is small, uses less metal (and reduce shipping and material waste).

1. Good solid and heavy duty construction.

2. Good value (low-cost). Paid less than $ 25 including shipping.

3. Easy install. Took 15 min to figure out the instruction (which is not totally clear), and 10~15 min to install and ready to watch.

4. built-in level worked well during marking of mouting holes on the wall --I tested w/ my own, and was consistent.

5. Once the mounted on the wall, and bracket on TV, you could adjust horizontal TV placement on the mount, just by sliding few inches left or right, post install. I expect this to be safe and true if the wall mount is directly screwed into the wall studs. I do not expect dry-wall install without the use of the studs to handle such adjustment.

6. The brackets on TV could also be used to adjust vertical TV placement by a few inches up and down. But for this one, you'll need to lift TV off the bracket and adjust and pull back :-).

7. There is a reasonable space (I would say, just right) from the wall to the TV to get cables/connectors through WITHOUT using any expensive 90 degree connectors. Plenty of space between two horizontal bars to put extra power outlet and data HDMI cable outlet to hide all the cables.

8. This supports tilt up/down, and works well. Amazon product description does not make it clear.

1. Just one. Clearer instruction so that I do not need to spend 15 min figuring things out. One could learn a lot form IKEA :-).
2. Packing/Packaging -- Not necessarily Cheetah Mount issue -- mine came w/o missing parts, although I noticed torn cardboard box edges and some parts COULD have been lost during shipping. Either double box, or have Cheetah use heavier box stock.

Helpful Hints & Comments
1. DO NOT forget to tighten the screws (2) on the bottom horizontal bars AFTER TV is placed on the wall mount -- especially if you are in CA w/ quake. This is what prevents TV falling off the mount accidentally. But do not over-tighten (you are NOT securing from left-to-right movement).
2. Very happy w/ my purchase. Will get one more for my other TV.
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on April 3, 2012
I rarely write reviews, but I have been installing HDTVs for over 5 years and I am constantly getting questions from people asking which wall mount they should buy. Without exception, I refer them to Amazon and Cheetah Mounts. I've used over a dozen of these mounts for installations, and other than the built-in level being NOT trustworthy, this is a great mount and should work for just about any TV in the 32-65" range. I have used this to mount anything from lighter LCD/LED displays to large heavier plasma TV's and it supports all of them just fine. I have also used other expensive wall mounts in the past and so I can provide a comparative review.

A lot of the reviews say the Cheetah mount looks cheap or flimsy. In comparison to the more expensive mounts, I would agree with that observation. However, when you understand the physics of what the wall mount is actually doing, you'll realize that a bulkier mount really isn't giving you much additional support in a fixed or tilt mount application. That's because contrary to popular opinion, the wall mount isn't really carrying the entire weight of your TV - in fact, with the exception of articulating arm mounts, it's actually not even carrying a majority of it. When the back bracket is installed across two studs (which is absolutely the way it should be done) and the bolts are firmly attached, the bracket, wallboard, and studs become tied together as one cohesive unit. This allows maximum load transfer between the wall mount and the studs, which leaves the studs bearing most of the weight. This concept applies the same whether you use a Cheetah mount or a more expensive mount.

I am not saying that the more expensive mounts that use thicker gauge steel aren't stronger than the Cheetah Mount. I would definitely wager that in a side-by-side test with increasing weights, the Cheetah Mount would probably fail before any of the other mounts I have worked with just based on the gauge of steel differences. But, we're not talking about hanging your Ford Focus on the wall...we're talking about hanging a flat-panel TV and at the end of the day, the mount either holds your TV on the wall or it doesn't. And, the Cheetah Mount does a fine job doing that. This particular Cheetah mount is rated for 32"-65" TV's up to 165 lbs, and I cannot attest to the validity of that because you'll be hard-pressed to find any flat-panel display that comes even close to 165 lbs. The heaviest TV I have ever mounted in the 32" - 65" range is a 65" Panasonic plasma that weighed 100 lbs, and that is considered to be one of the heaviest TV's out there. This mount handled that TV perfectly fine.

A few pieces of advice regarding working with the Cheetah Mount:

1) As mentioned, do not trust the level that is built into the bracket - I have had some that were OK and some that were way off. The separate 6-inch level that is included is sufficient, but if you have a 2-ft or 4-ft level, you'll be most assured of being level.

2) If you don't have a stud finder, invest in one (you can use the money you saved buying this bracket vs. a more expensive one). If you have a stud finder, make sure the batteries are good. The bolts used to attach the bracket to the wall are large, so you want to hit close to the center of the stud to get maximum hold.

3) Connect the cables to the TV before hanging it. You may have to have a 3rd person connect the cables just as you are raising the TV. Once the TV is on the bracket, it will sit so close to the wall that it is almost impossible to maneuver cables around.

Long story short, if you're skeptical trusting your $1,000+ investment to a $25 bracket, don't be. This thing will work just fine, and you'll be patting yourself on the back that you spent so much less on your wall mount than your friends!
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on March 21, 2010
Why anyone would pay over $100 in a store for a mount is beyond me. I guess people believe that you have to pay for reliability. But nothing could be further from the truth.
This is the second Cheetah mount that I have installed. The first was for a lighter Vizio 32 inch LCD. No problems with that mount so I decided to try Cheetah again for an 81 lbs. 42 inch Samsung plasma.
I wasn't sure about the design of this model considering you have to assemble it. The first mount, like most, was made like a flat plate that could distribute the weight of a TV to all four bolts screwed into the wall studs. Although it looks like this model could not do the same, when assembled, the vertical bars are more than capable of spreading the weight to the bottom horizontal bar. Also, the unit is considerably sturdy after assembly.
I noticed that there were complaints about missing pieces and the built-in bubble level. I purchased my own lag screws to bolt it onto the wall and I would never trust a built-in level (since the one that was built-in came cracked open, I didn't have to worry about it anyway).
A major advantage to the design of this mount is the open back. I was able to install an outlet box between the top and bottom bars. All of my connections (power, two cable lines, and two telephone lines) come in directly behind the TV. With the addition of a cable management track, this looks like an almost professional install. I have not seen mounts that give you the ability to install an outlet box in this fashion.
The looks can be very deceiving with this mount. Rest assured, this mount is more than capable.
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on December 7, 2014
For $28 bucks you can't go wrong. It is sturdy it is easy to install and its 28 bucks. Now is it the best quality? Prob not; it will do the job and it does a good job; but the quality of the metal isn't the same as some 80-100 dollar mounts. But this does the job just as good as those expensive mounts and I don't see a point in paying a premium for a mount that you never see or really interact much with. See my photos and judge for your self.
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on November 30, 2013
Edit/Update 10/21/15:

As you can tell I was contacted by Cheetah Mounts via Amazon recently (see the comments/responses). You may wish to review those comments in context of my original review. Make your own judgments about the current product. I'm leaving this review intact to assist Amazon buyers and to be fair to Cheetah Mounts.

----- Original Review -----

As others have noted, the 5 star reviews written on AMZ were for a prior revision of this product - not the one shown here. The current product for sale is junk. Cheetah advertises this new unit as "improved" and "using less metal". Read that as "cost-cutting" that doomed one of the best cost-quality ratio TV mounts.

The new unit is flimsy, uneven, and the included hardware is so bad that the nuts will strip the screws on a medium torque setting. They even cut costs with the lag screws holding the mount to the wall.

I fell for the "overall 4-5 star" rating game here on Amazon. Cheetah is advertising the current (terrible) revision with the older (quality) units' ratings. I came back and checked the review dates & now I see what they did. Caveat emptor.
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on May 30, 2012
I bought this a few months back to use with my 81 lbs 60" Sharp Aquos LCD TV. I bought it because it was inexpensive (I wasn't about to fork over more than $100 for a wall mount at Walmart) and had great ratings. I was also familiar with the brand since I had purchased a Cheetah wall mount for a 46" Sceptre LCD TV that I have in my bedroom back in 2009. That one I bought for $20 and the quality of the steel was superb. I figured I'd be getting more of the same with this wall mount. Well, when it arrived I was surprised at how flimsy it looked and felt. Not at all like the heavy duty steel of the previous Cheetah mount I had purchased. But I read reviews of people that had used this mount for the same size LCD TV so I figured I'd take a [BIG] chance and go for it. After all, I could always return it if I decided I wasn't convinced it would be able to hold the weight of my television. So I decided to go ahead and mount the TV with this unit. Installation was a breeze. I used the 6" level it came with. The small level that comes attached to the center of the mount itself had broken off, probably during transit - no biggie. Anyway, I installed this back in the first week of February. Today is the 30th of May and my 81 pound LCD TV is still holding up fine on the wall. The free HDMI cable came in very handy too. So for $28 I got an efficient wall mount, a level, and a good quality HDMI cable. Can't beat that! I've included a couple pictures of my setup as reference.
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on April 7, 2015
Cheap and effective mount.
This mount has to be built as it came in 6 pieces but that didn't bother me. For some it may be an issue.
I installed this mount on my wall to be used with a Samsung 40" LED Smart TV. There is plenty of space in the center of the mount for my cable box, power outlets, and HDMI/Cable/Internet cables.
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on March 18, 2011
Just installed a 42" Plasma in our bedroom, and here's my take:

This is actually a surprisingly high-quality, sturdy mount. When I took it out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised.

Be forewarned that the directions that come with this kit are mediocre at best. The pictures are vague, and only after wrangling with this pile of metal did I figure out how this thing is supposed to be assembled and installed. Please note that the mollies included in this kit are for MASONRY, not drywall. Probably obvious to most, but again the anemic instructions may lead you down a path of destruction. I may or may not have been led down said path... :-)

So if you're using this in your home, here's what you need to do: 1. Assemble the rack on the floor/table/bed/whatever, and make sure it is square. 2. Find the wall studs, and mark them lightly with a pencil. 3. Hold the mount up on the wall where you want it, and the make sure the holes (not the "obvious" 4 holes) align with the stud marks. Adjust as necessary. 3. Level the mount horizontally, and drill pilot holes into the studs (make sure you are on-center!) and drill THROUGH the appropriate holes on the mount. 4. Use the included lag bolts to affix the assembled rack to the wall with an impact driver. 5. Attach the vertical bars to the TV, and then hook them on the installed rack. 6. Slide the mounted TV left/right, and tighten the clamps once the preferred angle is achieved. 7. Carefully screw the lower set screws into place (which hold the TV in place in the event that it gets bumped).

I was just at <a commercial retailer> recently, and they have the EXACT same mount, under a different brand name, for $140.00. Had I purchased their product, I'm sure this review would be a tad more negatively biased.

The bottom line: It works, it's sturdy, it's flexible. The instructions are lacking, which leads to frustration, but your average DYI person can pretty easily figure this out.

Would I buy it again? Yes. In fact, I AM going to be buying another one real soon for the basement setup.
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on August 10, 2013
You'll notice the majority of the positive reviews about this product are from a few years ago. Apparently since then, they've changed the design such that the supporting main piece comes disassembled and in four pieces. I don't know if it's just incredibly difficult to assemble this properly, or if it's now just a bad design, but the actual mount frame IS NOT LEVEL. As another reviewer mentioned, it's sort of like a bow-tie once assembled. However, this is not noticeable to the naked eye. You'll think you mounted this thing level until you go to set your TV upon it, and then you'll realize in frustration just how crooked it is.

Like many other mounts, this thing goes into the wall studs with huge bolts, so there's very little room to make any corrections to the out-of-level condition. Thus, you're left with moving it a few inches up or down on the wall and starting over. I tried hanging this thing twice, and both times it was not level. It wasn't until after the second try that I realized the problem is the mount itself and not my leveling skill. Not to mention the level that comes with this thing reads differently if you have it upside down (yes, you read that right, there is a proper orientation on the level - apparently the top of it isn't as straight as the magnetic bottom side).

Even though I didn't get this far, I noticed the tilt functionality has to be set with the TV off of the wall. What's worse, both sides move independently of each other, so you'd better hope you get them lined up perfectly with each other before putting your TV up. I would imagine this could take a bit of trial and error to get right.

My final complaint is really more of an annoyance that was fairly easy for me to overcome but may pose problems for others. The "safety" screws on the rails on the back of the TV that you screw in from the bottom once its hung are difficult to reach. I used a very long screwdriver and a flashlight, but given how close to the wall the TV is, it was a tight fit, and there's no way you could get in the handle of the screwdriver or your hands between the TV and the wall. So, if you're going to use this and actually care about properly securing it, you will need a very long phillips screwdriver to do so. How long depends upon the size of your TV. I used one that was about a foot long to reach the screws behind my 42" TV.

Overall, I would recommend folks stay away from this mount. All of the glowing reviews for it were obviously for an earlier, different one-piece design.
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on November 12, 2013
The mount itself is great, easy to use, etc... However, the level that's built into the unit isn't level! I'm going to upload a picture showing what I mean. After getting it securely mounted to a BRICK wall, which required a bit more than just screwing into studs, I was very upset to see the tv hanging crooked. Unfortunately I forgot about this and when I moved to a new house and remounted it, I had to adjust it again! Don't follow in my footsteps, don't use their level!
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