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on May 15, 2015
The Suction doesn't SUCK, it ROCKS!

Let's address the Elephant in the room first...
If your suction is failing. clean your counter top! Make sure all surfaces are dry. And, make sure the bottom of the juicer is free from debris, food chunks, pieces, etc...

In my experience, after using this now for about just over two weeks, every single day, for every juice, I believe that people complaining about the suction either were starting with a dirty counter, a wet counter, or a wet bottom of their juicer or else they decided that they had to be Arnold Schwarzenegger and power through their produce!!

I know someone who takes this juicer on road trips, on the airplane, to weekend getaways, and even has stuck it to her car!! And since it is lightweight and manual, taking it international is a breeze without needing to get an electrical adapter.

On to juicing....
The best advice I have is simply "less is more."

Half a chute or a quarter of the chute full of produce can get munched up in just a few seconds vs filling the entire chute full and then having to force everything down.

I slice the apples into quarters and do 1 quarter at a time. I did 6 pounds of watermelon (rind and all) but I did them each slice by slice. During that entire process it did not come off the counter one time. For greens I do one or half a head at a time, sure. I juice one stalk of purple kale at a time. I stick carrots in with the small end down and proceed to crank away.

If you get physical with it, and force it, it can pop off.

I haven't turned on my electric juicer since this one arrived. From beets to carrots to purple kale to apples and spinach. This is now the only juicer I use.

I don't wake the baby during nap time!! My Breville Fountain is so loud that a sleeping baby in the living room would be woken up. Not now. Not with the manual juicer.

Clean up is a breeze...
I munch through an apple in less than two minutes (one quarter at a time) and I am able to clean the juicer in 3 to 5 minutes, depending on what I put in there.

Compared to my electric...(**Side note here** My electric helped me to lose a lot of weight, from 252 to 181! So, I do like it. However, had I known about this juicer two years ago, I would have gotten it. The price is right and the yield is better. I would have gotten more out of my fruits and vegetables.)

As I said, I love my Breville Fountain, don't get me wrong. But it is wasteful (compared to this one). Sure, it powers through an apple (a WHOLE apple, without needing cut) in seconds. Then, I have to take the wet pulp and have to either throw it out, find a use for it, run it through again or just accept that the pulp is wet. Or... I simply do an apple in this mean juicer and VIOLA! The pulp is very dry. It takes about 2 minutes, maybe 3 and the clean up time is fast. With the breville, even for one simple apple juice, it then needs to be taken apart, the screen washed, the pusher, the chute, the catcher, the side of the juicer, the pulp catcher washed out and or the bag it was caught in tied off and disgarded, and then the little spout, and the remnants around the lip of the juicer. All in all, and truth be said, if I grab 2 fuji apples and juice them in the manual one and juice them in the breville and then clean up both completely, the manual one produces more juice and is completely cleaned up and done before the breville.

Use your noggin...
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. As I said, I apply the "less is more" philosophy. When I first got it I filled the chute full, and the produce got stuck. Instead of getting upset. I experimented and quickly learned that one or two pieces at a time being pushed down is faster and easier. This baby munches right through and produces a bunch. -- This is my experience.

I have juiced over 60 ounces at a time with this little juicer. I'm loving it! Everyone is different and each of us will find pros and cons. I look for the pros and they far outweigh any cons I found. And most of the cons, were quickly repairable / avoidable once I put my thinking cap on.

The Chef Star manual masticating juicer for around 20 bucks on Amazon is the best $20 I have spent juicing!! And to top it off, cleaning takes about 3 to 5 minutes!

What do you juice?

Several of us in juicing groups on Facebook have now purchased this juicer and started a group on that we call littlemeangreenjuicer We share tips, ask questions, post pictures, videos, and more. The group is completely devoted to sharing experiences and giving tips on and about this juicer. Feel free to swing by and and ask questions, share your stories, ideas, pictures, videos, etc... or to see all of ours.

Kids, adults and just about everyone can use this juicer!

The elephant has left the room... spend the few dollars and improve your overall health! It is much easier than dropping $150 to $400 for a juicer that you may or may not use more than a month. My 5 and 4 year olds love to crank the handle and make their own juice. It's a fun way to introduce healthy consumption to the kids.
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on September 2, 2013
This juicer worked great for about 1 month. It still juices fine, but the suction on the bottom has stopped working. This makes it a problem when you're trying to hand crank wheatgrass through it and the suction pops off. I normally have to try to get it to stick again about 5 times while juicing my wheatgrass.
I have decided that I'll be buying a different juicer and giving this to someone who has more patience with the suction.
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on August 6, 2013
This juicer is probably the cheapest way to get into the world of juicing and still get a high quality product.

I wanted a manual juicer so that I could use it in the morning when others are sleeping. I have used it to juice kale, celery, carrots, apples, etc. all without any problem. It does not get all of the juice out, with damp pulp in the end, but it does an adequate job. The handle is not too difficult to turn although you do sometimes have to apply a good deal of force with the tamper to get the fruits and veggies to be taken in by the 'drill'. It is easy to clean.

My only gripe with this is the suction cup. I do not know how others are having an easy time with it, because I have tried it in every conceivable way with very little success. It does not matter if I keep the suction cup bone dry or slightly moisten it, and it does not matter what surface I try -- wood, laminate, or metal -- the suction cup works well for a few fruits or veggies and then slowly starts to loosen. I either have to reseat it every 2-3 minutes or eventually it will give out. It is very frustrating to spend 10-15 minutes juicing, only to have the whole unit suddenly slip out and send your hard-earned cup of juice flying onto your work clothes.

Tonight mine will be superglued to a piece of wood and clamped onto the countertop. I do like it enough to go to that trouble, so maybe that says something.

Edit: After supergluing it worked better, but not great. I do not use this juicer any more.
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A few months ago I bought a new and expensive juicer that cost me just under $400. I like it a lot, but it is always clogging particularly when I juice extremely fibrous veggies like celery. Well lo and behold, this inexpensive manual juicer does a better job than my expensive juicer on veggies like that. Plus, this is manual and that means you can take this with you wherever you go.

It's not only a cool looking and colorful machine, but it's quite ingenious in how the pieces fit together and the ease of taking it apart for cleaning and storage. It's quite impressive for such a relatively inexpensive little machine.

It all goes together in just a minute if that. For the best experience using this, pre-cut your ingredients and begin to feed them into the hopper about 1/2 cup at a time. Use the plunger to push the ingredients into the auger which masticates and separates the pulp from the juice. In many ways this is superior to any expensive juicer because heat is the enemy of juicing. Being manual means you control the speed, thus no over-heating. And if you get a jam, you just go backwards to undo the jam. It's so effective it's hard to believe.

I've used this with melon, carrots, celery, Kale, apples, lemons and it works beautifully, I've not yet tried it with wheat grass. Even the lowliest of juicers can handle an apple, it's fibrous material that challenges even the best of juicers. Because this is manual, it's easy to crank backwards to release a jam and another huge benefit of being manual is that it is easy to alter the speed and force you are exerting on each item you are juicing.

Obviously this is not an ideal juicer for producing vast quantities of juice. But for just starting out with juicing, occasional juicing or something that is easily transportable, this is an excellent solution.

I honestly have only a couple concerns. I wonder whether the handle will crack due to too much cranking force being applied. And I wonder if the suction mechanism will continue to work as well as it does after using it for a while. If you are too aggressive in cranking, it will lose suction and slip on the countertop. But that's to be expected if you exert too much force. Similarly, if you are over anxious, you could conceivably break the handle. These are not problems currently but could be in the future. For now I'm just surprised and thrilled that this works as well as it does. It actually works way better than a significantly more expensive centrifugal juicer I had several years ago... waaaaay better. This little thing is a gem.

I was provided a sample for review.
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on August 25, 2013
I bought this product because of the reviews. After receiving the product I was contacted on my private number to write a five star review. If you read some of the other reviews you'll see that people have also been given discounts or money back on the product for a positive review. It's not a terrible juicer, but I would not have bought it if it wasn't for the false reviews. This seller needs to be investigated and penalized for this.

Also this is the second time I write a review. My other review is gone for some reason. I honestly want my money back. You don't deserve it.
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Our family is decidedly "low-tech" and I go out of my way to use manual appliances as a nod to the "old ways". Can opener, mixer, food processor, blender, coffee grinder, solar cooker - I like the feeling of doing things by hand. And of course if our electricity goes out, I can still prepare all our regular meals without any inconvenience.

So when Chef's Star asked if I'd be interested in trying and reviewing their manual hand crank juicer, I jumped at the chance. It arrived in a few days, and I selected some apples and carrots to give it a test.

My first impression was that although it's totally made of plastic, it's sturdy, very well made, and designed to last. I cleaned the counter top and dried it well, and then suctioned on the base by twisting the dark green ring. It suctioned very nicely and I got to work with the apples. I manually cranked while pushing with the tamper, and watched the juice come out in one cup and the pulp ooze out the end. I didn't peel or pre-cook them (just cored and sectioned them), and still the juicer did a great job with them. The juice was cloudy, as natural apple juice is, and had small specks of pulp in it, but this was exactly what I had hoped for.

Next I juiced the carrots. This took more time and elbow-grease, but again I got a nice portion of cloudy-with-a-little-pulp carrot juice in one cup and dry pulp in the other one. The suction base came loose a couple of times during the carrot experiment, which is the only complaint I have about the juicer. I quickly suctioned it back on the counter top, and had my husband push the tamper on the carrots so I could hold the base of the juicer steady.

The whole unit cleaned up easily with soap and water, and overall I'm very pleased that I had the chance to try this juicer. In future generations of this product, it would be nice to have a clamp to use on tables or counters, in place of the suction base - but I recommend this juicer to anyone who likes low-tech or who wants to save the electricity and space needed to run and store modern appliances. The price of this unit is also much, much less than most electric juicers.
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on November 27, 2013
I've had this for a few months now. It still works fine. My complaints are that it takes more effort to clean than most juicers, it takes a lot of time to juice and I don't feel it gets out as much juice as others, but I guess when you take in the price point it is a very good entry level value.

I did not have issues with the suction not sticking to my counter, I followed the directions which state that the suction cup on the bottom should be lightly wet. If you don't do this it won't hold, but if you do it holds very tight and you'll have no issues. It does work as it should, but even with the price point I think anyone looking for a juicer should probably save up more unless they want something portable that takes no electricity.

I purchased it to see if I would like juicing, and I did and it works well, but if you're going to seriously juice every day save up for something better because this can take a while between setup, juicing time and clean up. Also, if you are not strong I would not recommend this. I'm pretty strong but when it comes to doing carrots and beets it is a hassle. If all you wanted to do was oranges, greens and apples or anything softer it actually is pretty easy to operate and doesn't take a lot of effort. I currently have an Omega BMJ330 and it gets more juice out of my produce which saves more money on food cost, though it's a much more expensive piece of hardware. I'm not saying to rush out and get an Omega BMJ330, I don't work for them, there are plenty of other Juicers in the $100-$200 range.

I would recommend to someone who wants a juicer that is portable, this is great for camping or a picnic (which is about all I'm using it for now, make sure you have something flat to secure its suction to) or to someone who doesn't mind taking the extra time and effort to juice and clean-up. It would be alright for someone who just wanted a juicer for wheat grass too.

I would not recommend it to someone who wants go on a juice diet, juice things very quickly or in large quantity, someone who wants to maximize the amount of juice they can get from their produce, nor to someone who wants quick clean up.

At $25 it might be a good way to see if you really want a juicer as it was for me, but if you're already set on juicing regularly get something over $100. I was contacted by the manufacturer about giving a good review for incentives too, but I ignored that and used it a few months to give everyone a real unbiased review. There's definitely a place for this juicer, just not for my personal every-day needs which it is kind of advertised as.
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on August 14, 2014
This is admittedly a premature review. I just received this last night and have not tried my first crop of wheatgrass in it which is the primary reason I purchased it. However, I can't be more impressed with the quality of the unit and its elegant simplicity. I was not at all confident in the suction cup method of fastening it to the counter but the stability is amazing. I can see where a textured or wood countertop would probably pose problems, but our smooth counter finish gives it suction that makes sure it's not going anywhere until you release the suction with the well-engineered mechanism. The auger/grinder (If that's the correct term) is also very solid with clearly a great deal of thought that went into it. I bought this as a starter since we're new to wheatgrass juicing and I didn't want to make a big investment in the event we don't make a habit of it. Then I assumed we'd invest in a more professional unit. However, I'm cautiously optimistic that this may be all we need. I had expected a light, rather 'plasticy' tool but this has some substantial weight to it considering it's largely plastic. There are metal internal components at the high stress points. Again - premature. I'll know better when we try it out on our first crop of wheat grass, but so far very impressed. I’ll update later….
Update June 2015 - this thing is great. The suction method of fastening it to the counter is actually very reliable. It hasn't gone flying across the counter yet despite applying some force to the crank during juicing (wheat grass in our case). It doesn't require a great deal of effort to get good results. We borrowed our friend's super expensive electric juicer. It cost many times more wasn't much faster, a bigger pain to clean, heavy, big and difficult to store. And being a huge nerd, I did a comparison. Weighing an equal amount of wheat grass and the resulting juice by weight and believe it or not, this little manual plastic guy outperformed and the juice wasn't warmed up like the electric unit did.

We went into this comparison test expecting to be swayed and convinced to bite the bullet to invest in an expensive electric juicer. Nope, we're sticking with this little guy. To be fair, it does require some effort. We do trade places cuz your arm gets a little tired after a few minutes but it's first world problems people. Live a little.

Go ahead and get one. We highly recommend it. We'll be juicing this weekend.
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on July 17, 2013
I ordered this juicer for juicing wheatgrass and have done so 2 or 3 times so far. Once i figured out the right amount to juice at a time it was relatively quick and easy. In addition to juicing wheatgrass i have also done apples and carrots. So far i have enjoyed the product. The only reason why it only gets 4 stars instead of 5 is the suction cup does not work very well.
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on October 18, 2013
Nice looking little unit but you need a strong arm to crank it. I have had a manual unit before but leverage is important holding onto the counter top for it to work effectively. I tried three different surfaces... even my floor. In the end have to send it back. A waste of time and I bought a tray of wheat grass that cost me $14 to get started. I didn't have time to grow the grass to try out the unit and work within the return policy. I don't believe I should have to pay return shipping when it is not working as it states. Carrots.. forget about it... very misleading -I have been juicing for 30 years...
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