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on September 21, 2008
I have been a Chicago Tribune (print) subscriber for 10 years. I wanted to get the Tribune on the Kindle for a number of reasons (no paper to deal with, ease of delivery, etc.). While I'm very glad the Tribune is now available on the Kindle, there is certainly room for improvement.

The Kindle version of the Tribune is simply a 'dump' of the Tribune articles. For the most part, this is fine -- the reader gets all of the content (minus graphs, charts, comics, crossword puzzle) of the print edition. However, there are a number of flaws that haven't been corrected yet, including:
- Most columns do not have a byline (even after being told this would be corrected, it isn't 100%)
- Accompanying articles are out of order
- General formatting (e.g. lists)
- Occasionally items are clearly missing (e.g. 'Here are 5 items ...' and then the 5 items are missing)
- US/World blurbs do not identify the state or country

It's clear the formatting of the Kindle edition of the Tribune needs some work -- the Tribune needs to understand how the reader views the articles and format them accordingly. A simple 'dump' from the print edition isn't sufficient; additional formatting is necessary.

I have subscribed to the Chicago Tribune Kindle edition since it was first offered, and it has improved. Here's hoping that the Tribune continues these improvements to make the Kindle edition something worth my continued subscription.
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on November 5, 2010
Well the Tribune finally has photos. They're kind of nice to have even if they make the file 5-10 times bigger (a hassle if you're in a war zone with crappy internet access). The thing is, since they now include graphics for the news stories there really isn't any reason not to include comics as well. I can get the Tribune online for the same price with the comics included, but the file is 5-10 times even larger than it is now. Again, only a problem where I'm at but even when I'm home I don't carry a laptop with me everywhere as I can and do with the Kindle.

For those who are wondering why I'm going on about the comics, look, the paper edition home delivery is the same price (approximately) as the online and Kindle editions. If you're not going to include certain features on the Kindle edition you should make the price much cheaper. I don't read the paper just for the comics, but if I'm going to pay for them I'd certainly like to have them available. And now there is no reason not to include them!
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on July 14, 2009
What you get? ... Tons of articles. No pictures, comics, or puzzles. But then again... are you really reading the paper for a pictures and puzzles?? Seriously??

I'm happy to have all of my content (weather included). I'm up to date on the news right on time. I'm usually up and ready to read the paper by 6:30a. I'm not sure how early anyone who has not gotten their paper on time gets up....

I'm from Chicago. I like that how the Trib has a nice balance of local news and national news. The stories are well written (most of the time). I'd like to say it's pretty open minded for a newspaper. I don't really agree with everything.. and sometimes I want more info. But that's news, right? It's a fresh opinion before all the facts are out.

I also noticed that a lot of the bad reviews are kind of dated. Perhaps they've perfected their system? That's a good sign....
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on February 16, 2011
The Chicago Tribune on the Kindle reads very well and I now read more of the newspaper than I ever did in paper form. The pictures look good, if not out of place sometimes. The content is great and I am not distracted by advertising.

Two Suggestions:
1. Organize the Sports section better: Most sections of the Chicago Tribune paper have a manageable number of articles - 3, 9, 15, usually up to 20. The Sports section has 54 articles today. And that is low. The Sunday section had 98 articles. The majority of these are the box scores for each game in each sport, the list of upcoming games, special statistical boxes, etc. This list needs to be consolidated and organized. Each NBA box score should not be a single article; they should be one article. Organize the articles by team or sport. I don't want to page through 14 to 18 pages of story titles to get to the article that I want to read.

2. Split out the Weather: The Tribune has moved the weather to every section but the Obituaries (they even have their own section!). The weather deserves it's own section. It's not a full page on the back of one section for nothing.

Now I just hope that someone from Amazon and/or the Chicago Tribune actually reads this.
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on January 28, 2010
I was a subscriber to the Chicago Tribune a couple of years back, but had to cancel because the delivery times to my home were so unpredictable. Sometimes my paper arrived after I left for work in the morning and it became useless to me. Having the Kindle edition certainly solved my problem. It's always there for me when I'm ready to read it, and it always knows where I left off.

I was hesitant to buy the Kindle edition at first, but I took the 14-day trial and was completely hooked. All the relevant content is there. There are no pictures, comics, or puzzles yet. But I find that I mostly don't miss them. I now concentrate more completely on the words of the articles and it has come to feel like a richer reading experience in a way. Still a few pictures would be nice and I'm not sure why the Tribune can't make that happen. After all, I can send simple PDFs to my Kindle on my own and the pictures are there so why can't a large media organization like the Tribune figure out a way as well.

Although I probably wouldn't pay more, I find the cost of the Kindle edition to be quite reasonable. Especially considering that I get all weekday and weekend papers and the Tribune has just raised the news stand price yet again. The convenience of reading the paper on the Kindle is also unmatched. I can search, bookmark, and clip articles so easily. It's also so easy to just carry my Kindle with me to lunch and browse the paper without getting ink on my fingers or accidentally dipping the edges of the paper in my soup. Give the 14-day trial period a go and see for yourself.
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on September 4, 2010
When you subscribe to the Trib on the Kindle, you basically just get the text of the stories and that is pretty much it. Receiving the Trib on the Kindle over paper is nearly ideal for me. Here are my pros and cons.

*All I care about is the story and that is exactly what I get.
*It saves paper and recycling.
*I don't care about ads or the automotive sections. They are not included in the Kindle version.
*It is less expensive than the paper version.
*I can read a story all at once, as opposed to starting it on the front page and having to skip ahead four to ten pages to finish it. I have never liked that aspect of newspapers.
*Easier navigation and search functions.

CONS (as of today):
*No photographs.
*No graphics.
*Minimal to no design.
*No comics or games.

Reading a newspaper on the Kindle may not be for everyone. You need to decide if the pros outweigh the cons. I can say it was a good decision for me.
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on September 10, 2008
Thank you for finally getting the Tribune on the Kindle! I checked the newspaper section on Amazon every couple of days until it was finally there. I currently live in NYC, but I'm from Chicago, so it's great to get the hometown coverage that I love! There aren't any pictures, but it has all the articles that I want to read.
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on June 9, 2011
I have a Nook Color and the Kindle android app. The B&N Nook is awesome for newspapers and magazine, I find the Kindle editions very watered down and not very nice.

This was my perception until I tried the Chicago Tribune, the only Kindle paper I have seen that surpasses any Nook edition. It seems to have most of the articles (I haven't compared with the print edition), now it includes photos and they are better and more than the Nook offerings.
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on February 6, 2012
I really WANT to like this new delivery mechanism, but the Trubune has a ways to go before it's "ready" to be liked.

I do ABSOLUTELY like that the paper is waiting for me @ 5:00 AM, even when I am on the road. I can read all the content. Well most...some columnists are NOT there, for example MotorMouth or indeed the entire Sunday "Rides" section.

The major issue is the ORGANIZATION on the electronic edition.

The way it is now: It is clearly "poured" directly from the columns of the paper pages to the Kindle. This has the unwelcome effect of strange and jarring transitions. For example, the NBA Scores follow another sports article...not any NBA article. The Hockey standings do not follow hockey articles. In short, the organization of the broadsheet remains, where one can scan an entire page and easily see what one is looking for. On the Kindle, one cannot see, and is LOST.

What should happen: The content needs to be ORGANIZED to take advantage of the new delivery mechanism. There should be, I guess, "subsections" that help me locate things I need. For example: "Sports:NHL Standings" would help me find the standings easily...not force me to guess the article behind which they are stuck randomly.

I will keep reading, buying and hoping that the Tribune figures this out and starts properly delivering organized and functional content.
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on May 6, 2016
As a Chicagoan I love your guys, but you are running a messy and crappy app game.

Purchased the App on Kindle.

9.99 daily with daily updates. No more information is given, other than it is supposed to be automatically delivered 5 Am Chicago time.

I wake up get my coffee looking forward to relaxing and reading the Tribune. It only has yesterday's copy that I downloaded. THERE WAS NO WAY TO UPDATE THE PAPER FROM INSIDE THE APP. I went to the app store page to try and understand what the hell was going on. Again, no information other then it updating daily.

I uninstalled the app and hit the purchase price/install button again hoping to update the paper. It updated but also seems to have charged me more money.

Now I am here wasting my time and ruining my relaxing morning because they can't get their act together.

Only after seeing my digital order in Amazon do I see that the pricing is 9.99 a month. Who the hell is going to pay 120 dollars a year for something that is 20 dollars on the Website? Seriously, what the hell Chicago Tribune.
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