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on August 7, 2011
I absolutely LOVED this chair when I got it. Not bulky like so many others, and not too traditional, but not too modern, either. I liked the pattern and the idea that I could hook it onto our island so I could feed our baby while preparing food. It seemed like the golden egg of baby high chairs.

Unfortunately the island's overhang was too short by one inch. Thankfully, though, I was able to fit it (just barely) on our table.


*Very cute! We got the Miro pattern.
*Saves the most space of any other kind of high chair
*Rotates to four different angles (Not quite a continuum of 360 degrees--the chair locks at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees for safety.)
*Good price


I started noticing these one my baby became self fed, which was for us at 7-8 months, a month after we got the high chair.

*3-point harness
--it sticks, even when clean, the straps are difficult to adjust (maybe I am just oblivious as to how to properly adjust this kind of strap). Also, because it is a 3-point harness, it is NOT SAFE FOR SQUIRMY BABIES. Obviously, the baby should be supervised at all times, but my 9-month old was able to get out, even with the harness tightened.

*Nearly impossible to clean
--Not only is this made out of fabric, which is not wipe-clean or particularly stain-resistant, but this thing has a ZILLION tiny crevices that food gets stuck in. The folds of the chair, the 360 degrees of track that rotates, the straps, the gaps between the tray and seat all get filled with baby food.
--You have two options for cleaning: 1) Get a hard-bristled brush and scrub the life out of each and every crevice after each meal or 2) unfasten the cloth seat by its buckles and snaps, take out the bottom pad, and throw it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, let air dry. I usually go for #2, but even though this seat has metal buckles and snaps, I think the manufacturer never intended the seat to be removed. If I had teenage boys, it would be their chore to dismantle this thing.

You can't use this high chair on table leafs (leaves?), on tables with tablecloths, or on tables with only one center leg. Tables must be 0.75" to 1.5" thick. The chair's arms need a depth of approx 14" (my own measurement) in order to correctly fasten the chair to the table. Use for children up to 37 lbs.

I really wish this were easier to clean. But because it isn't, and because my son is able to catapult himself out of the 3-point harness, I'll be getting a new high chair. Soon. If you decide on this for your family, be sure to read the restrictions (above) before purchase.

Happy shopping!
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on September 13, 2009
I love this chair. We have a tiny kitchen and even one of those plastic boosters on a chair took up more space than we had to spare. I debated and debated whether this would work for us, and with fewer reviews than I would have liked, I went ahead and took the gamble. I'm SO glad I did.

When I pulled this out of the box, assembly was so simple and intuitive that I didn't even open the instructions. When installed on the table, it feels totally secure. I love, love, love turning my daughter to see whatever is going on around her as well as being able to face her to me for feeding. The fabric seat is made of a sturdy, lightly coated material that resists stains. Taking the seat off to clean is a little tricky, but I figured it out quickly (again with no instructions). I realized after removing it that I could have cleaned it just as easily (with a toothbrush) without removing the seat altogether. So from now on, I know to spot clean as needed and only remove the entire thing for SERIOUS messes.

One additional feature I love that isn't mentioned is that it has 3 metal hoops surrounding the seat that hold the fabric seat in place, but they double as toy-holders (you can attach links to attach toys to them). Genius! We always had to use the strap on the old seat if we wanted to attach a toy, which was a pain. The other great thing is that they rotate with the seat, so your baby can access them at any seat position.

I haven't traveled with this seat yet (aka, to restaurants) but I look forward to it. I am certain my daughter will love finally being at the table with us. I can't imagine why anyone would want a full high chair when they could have this. It's more innovative, efficient and portable than any other feeding chair I've seen. Can't recommend it enough!
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on April 14, 2012
******Update******** 07/03/12

I wanted to update this because when I posted this review my son was eating solids (baby food). Now he is eatig on his own and it can get pretty messy. I do not think Chicco made any updates because I have the same problem as the other posters where food gets caught in the crevices. It has never been so bad as to smell like another posted, but it does get caught. I still think the seat is easy to wash (in the washer) and comes out great and is easy to put back on. I would purchase this again even though it does have the crevice issue. I still really like it alot!


I was looking for a booster seat for our third child. We have the Eddie Bauer wooden booster seat too and I really liked that one, but it had been through both my girls and I was using it for my now 2 year old as just a "big girl" seat (without the tray) so I knew we would need another one. We also have one that I got for travel, but it's not as great as I thought it would be so I wanted to get a new one. Didn't have to buy one, but had been looking around just to see what was out there. I am SO glad I did. I read many reviews on this item and decided to get this chair.

I am not a person who will spend a lot of money on baby products and will really research it before I purchase something that is more spendy. This is on the more spendy side for me, especially since we didn't need to have one. The main reasons I purchased this is for the portability and the 360 degree rotating option.

I honestly don't know where to start or what to say other then I am very glad I purchased it, it's worth the money and it has met all my expectations and more. The following are the reasons I purchased this and how it has actually been working.

-360 degree rotation: I know this is not a "need" for probably anybody, but I really enjoy having this option. My son uses this chair all the time and his spot is right in our main walking area. I use this option all the time because before he was eating finger foods I would keep it in the "normal" position so he could play with toys on his tray (now he can eat his finger foods too) and then I would turn the chair toward my chair so I could feed him. I have used the chair with him facing out too so he can watch his sisters run through all the time when they are playing. It has been really nice for him to be able to watch the girls play around and goof off. It keeps him occupied and happy for a while. I have really enjoyed this feature and honestly can say this is why I bought this item. This chair is very easy to rotate and clicks/locks very easily. My daughter who was 5 at the time of getting this was able to turn it around, but yet it's not too easy so my two year old can't.

-Hook on chair: We have a small house so I have never had a high chair because we don't have room. We have always had a booster seat. The one thing about the booster seats is they are portable, but we never used them out of the house because they really aren't that small and easy to transport. We even have one that is more portable, but it didn't fit my second daugther very well as she has VERY chunky thighs. I like all the boosters we have had, but I honestly love this one. We have only had the need to take it out of the house once and that was to Chuck E. Cheese's. It was so nice to have this. My son sat in this so we didn't have to have a stroller. It just took the place of a chair and we didn't have to move a chair around, just spin his seat around. It was so nice. It is VERY easy to unhook and hook back up and folds into a square so you are just carrying a bag (shown in the pictures and that's exactly how it looks). Very portable and easy to use.

-Removable tray: This has been nice for cleaning. It is so easy to pop off and wash and put right back on. Very simple. Anybody that has had to wipe down a tray for a child knows that having it be able to fit in a sink or dishwasher is very nice.

-Weight: I was really surprised to see that this goes to 37lbs and knew I could use this for my second child for a while if we needed to. She has sat it in for a while and actually really likes it, but we have only used it for our son who is now 10 months.

-Age: I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be for my son before he could hold his head up, but the way the chair is he just rests against the back and isn't slumped over or anything. I was really impressed. It was so nice having him sit at the table with us in his own chair.

-Seat/Material: Now this is the one reason I DIDN'T want to purchase this item. The material is fabric. It's a frabic that you can clean with just wiping it off, but it can get pretty gross so it will need to be washed. It is machine washable on cold/delicate. I had read another reviewer state that it was pretty hard to take the fabric part off and once it was washed it was hard to get back on. I hadn't yet washed it in the washer and today I decided it was in need. It seemed somewhat hard to get off, but it didn't take me more then 5 min maybe to take it off. Once I figured out what I needed to do to get it off it went fast. I don't typically follow instructions on items when they say how to launder them, but this one I did and I'm really glad I did. I washed it on cold, by itself and on gentle. Right before I wrote this review I put the seat back in. This is what made me decide to write the review. I was actually shocked at how easy it was to put back on. It fit just fine. I didn't have to fight to get it back in and it honestly took me maybe 1 min to get it back on. I was very pleasently surprised.

I think I covered all the items I had concerns about or why I purchased this item. Yes it is spendy, but in my opinion I really think it's worth the money. I hope this helps you make your decision easier on whether or not to purchase it.
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on January 1, 2010
I've had this high chair for 2 months now and have loved it up until yesterday. My 6 month old daughter got her finger stuck in one of the 3 circular metal hoop tabs on the front of the seat. Thankfully I didn't just grab her out of the seat when I noticed her screaming in pain. She caught her tiny finger up inside one of these hoops and was trying desperately to pull it out. Once I finally managed to dislodge her finger I noticed that her blood vessels were broken in the tip of her finger. Needless to say she had a very unhappy New Years as did I. For the moment I have put tape over these hoops so that it doesn't happen again. Chicco really needs to rectify this problem before another baby gets injured!
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on October 28, 2012
This chair is a fabulous idea. We've been using it for almost a year probably. My son is now 15 months old. I love that he can sit with us at the table and I love that it has a tray. However, it makes me so angry that it is so difficult to clean. We use it three times a day so you can imagine how much food gets dropped and wiped on it as my son loves to feed himself. But it has two huge problems that make it impossible to wash regularly and keep clean. First is the fabric seat itself. Once you figure out how to remove it, it's fairly easy - not super easy, but fairly easy. I wash it on a gentle cycle and let it air dry and it comes out very clean. The impossible part is putting the fabric back on the chair. It has the most ridiculous system with these three metal hooks sewed on with fabric tabs. The tabs are super short and made of unstretchable material that make it almost impossible to thread them through the tiny space allotted and secure the seat. There is no way the genius who came up with this design ever used this in a home. Because it is so difficult to secure, you tend to wash it much less than it should be washed. Right now, I can't even get the seat back on. I'm not sure if the super short tabs shrunk in the wash or what. It's super frustrating. My other complaint about cleaning is all the crevices that are impossible to get clean. I've used ear swabs, knives, toothpicks and wet wipes but it's impossible to get into the crevices to clean. It's disgusting. I will post photos of the gunk in the crevices and the ridiculous strap system. Do not buy this item if you want your child to eat in a clean environment as there is no way to keep it clean.
review image review image
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on January 17, 2010
I posted the under-the-table view in the customer photos so that you can see that the design of this chair narrowly missed our wood skirt, support pieces and leaf extensions on the underside of our table. We're thrilled that it fit and I'm certain that not one of the other competing hook-on high chairs would have been able to work with our table.
review image review image review image
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on July 30, 2009
I ordered this hook-on chair because I was tired of our traditional (space saving!) high-chair taking up so much space in our dining area. I really like the hook-on chair option, and my daughter seems to like it, too, as she is more part of the table. She doesn't fuss at all getting into this seat -- not always the case in her regular high-chair. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this new option from Chicco.

The biggest down-side to this particular seat is that is made from fabric (not plastic), which I thought was a plus when I bought it, but it makes it really, really hard to clean. You have to take the seat off the base to wash it -- not a simple process, plus you can only wash by hand. They also suggest (and I have done this twice already in about a week and a half) using a toothbrush to get food particals out of the crevice where the seat meets the base. This is a lot of work for an already over-worked mom! Still, I like the chair and am happy with my purchase -- maybe because I don't want to feel bad for spending $70 on something that is really kind of a pain. At least it looks good in our house and works well for what it is supposed to do.
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on February 3, 2012
This chair is great in concept, and I had super high hopes for it, but I literally cuss its existence on a daily basis. It is literally impossible to clean because of the rotating seat-- it leaves multiple tiny crevices for food and liquids to go in. I literally go to it with a toothpick multiple times a week and can't get all the junk out. This also means that if you get close, you can smell it. I hate to think about all of the germs in there. Also, our seat specifically says 'hand wash' only, although the item description said 'machine washable', and the fabric isn't laminated like it is in the Chicco Poppy high chair, which is what I expected. Therefore, it stains easily, and you will have permanent reminders of the jello, blueberries, and spaghetti your child ate.

DO NOT BUY THIS. Trust me.
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on November 15, 2009
With my first son we had the Chicco clip-on chair with the oh so cute hippo arms. It worked well enough, but by the time he outgrew it the thing was trashed - despite frequent cleanings. The reason was those super cute hippos provided cracks and crevices for baby food and it required constant scrubbings. Plus, it was difficult to keep a placemat underneath - and a pain to put it there - having to constantly unhook the chair.

With my second son I really, really wanted a nice chair that fit my decor but I just could not stand to spend $300 to get the one I wanted and I didn't want a big plastic hunk of junk in my dining room (even though I have the space). The 360 solves all of the problems of the lower-end model with 2 simple features - the eating tray which means I won't need a placemat! Yeah! And the 360 swivel which means that right now, while I have to feed my son, I can move him around to face me during feeding time. In addition, if I am done and cleaning up the kitchen I can leave him there and just twirl him around so he can see me.

I was tentative because there were so few reviews, but like the previous reviewer I took the plunge and was so glad I did. I saved $225 without sacrificing decor. Thanks Chicco!
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on June 8, 2012
Before ordering this chair I searched everywhere for the length of the arms/minimum clearance needed to hook up, since I was going to use the chair on my kitchen island (bar/counter). I could not find any information on this so I called Chicco. I was told by Chicco that the minimum amount of space to hook it up would be 12", but most important was that the part of the arms that are covered by the rubber are completely on top of the counter. The amount of clearance on our countertop was 12" so I had to order and test it... WE PASSED!!!
* First thing: So easy to assemble! Wow!
* Turning the chair is so much fun and easy!
* My baby is super comfortable in it!
* The chair IS made out of fabric... it got dirty on first use, but just a little. I can see that I am going to have to throw this seat in the washer about every 2 weeks or so. It's not that hard to get the seat off... putting it in is a bit of a pain, but hopefully I will get the hang of it and get easier every time.
* Love the tray! Keeps my granite clean, easy to wash, dishwasher safe and it ACTUALLY fits in the dishwasher!
* We took it to the bowling alley today. (We have an older child that loves to bowl!) The chair was a little bulky to be an "on-the-go" chair. However, it hooks on and off in a matter of seconds! I did not buy it as a travel chair (we have a high chair cover) so the steps to get it to fit in the bag did not upset me, but it's not like it was impossible! Definitely great to have when going to places that don't usually have high chairs (like a bowling alley!)


My toddler is now 22 months and we have stopped using the chair. Not because we were not happy with it, but because she wants to sit on a big chair like big sister!

We used the chair for a year and I loved it! So easy, functional and I received so many compliments on it! Also a huge space saver! I never got better at putting the seat back in after washing. That was a huge pain in the butt! But what I started doing instead was taking the whole chair off my counter, taking it to my yard and hosing it off. So much easier and was clean every time! Also my kid never, ever, ever got her fingers stuck in it, I had read that before I purchased. I guess they can get their fingers stuck anywhere if you are not careful! Anyway. Used it for a year and I loved it! Worth every penny!
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