Customer Reviews: Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame
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on November 20, 2011
I already have a chicco stroller to fit the carrier but it's huge. It barely fits in my trunk and doesn't fit well in tight store aisles. It's a very good stroller just not practical for everyday. With my first I ended up mostly hauling around the carrier without the help of the stroller. So now I have my second and I just don't want to do that again. I tried the caddy at buy buy baby and was won over. It's extremely light, easy to push, easy to fold, and fits the carrier perfectly (as it should because they're made for each other). Now that I've used it a few times I like it even more. The basket is great. You can access the stuff from the front or the back without moving the carrier.

Looking back, I wish I skipped the full travel system and got the carrier, the caddy, and waited until the baby was older before investing in a stroller.
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on May 12, 2013
I'll start off by saying that I've done a lot of research on different types of strollers and have 'test driven' many strollers of friends/family and at the store. Somehow, either by purchasing them new or buying them second hand, I've ended up with five different strollers for two kids, since each seems to serve a different purpose. So I was a bit skeptical of a snap in/frame stroller. (With my first baby, I had a snap and go, which fell apart after only a couple of months of use). However, I had a c-section with my daughter and just needed something simple so that I could run in and out of places without having to carry the infant car seat.

I LOVE THIS STROLLER. Even though it's pretty basic, Chicco has designed it with all of the right features so that it's super convenient, but not over engineered. Some of the features are even better than some of the more expensive strollers I own (BOB...I'm looking at you). At right around $100, I'd say it's a great value and if you're using the Chicco car seat, may be the only stroller you need until your child outgrows the seat.

-Chicco Car seat locks in-If you've used any other frame strollers, you know that the Chicco Infant Seat won't lock into place. You get the confidence that the car seat isn't going anywhere and don't have to bother with the trying to find both ends of the 'safety strap.' It snaps in and out the same way the car seat snaps into the base.

-HUGE Basket-I love this basket. It may be the best basket out on the market in this price range. I haven't used other Chicco Travel Systems, but this basket is so generously sized. I can fit my tote bag purse, a diaper bag and a gym bag in the bottom. (For perspective, it is noticeably bigger than the basket in my BOB single stroller and Peg Perego Vela). As an added bonus, you can easily access from the sides and there are zippers in the corners, so it is easy to access from the front and back. No more wrestling with the stroller to get the wipes out of the diaper bag! The material is sturdy and has held up well, despite abuse from all of our bags (vs. the snap and go, whose basket liner ripped within about three weeks).

-Cupholders--This may seem silly, but it comes with two cupholders that are molded in to the plastic console on the top (not a mesh/canvas console). Somehow the cup holder is an added luxury with most strollers and when you get the 'add on' cup holder, it isn't study because it's made from flexible materials vs. molded plastic. This securely holds the cup/bottle, so I never worry about it accidentally falling or spilling on the baby. Plus there's a little cubby in the console that easily fits a smartphone and set of keys and closes securely so they're not exposed.

-Adjustable handle bar--It's nice to be able to adjust the height of the handle bar to one of three settings. I'm not extremely tall, but I see how this might benefit people that are taller than 5'6 and still want to push the stroller comfortably.

-Easy to fold--It is a breeze! You just fold down the handle bar with two very easy to push in buttons on either side of the console and then lift a lever to fold it. I've folded this hundreds of times and it's never jammed or gotten stuck. (I can't say the same for my other strollers, but in all fairness, they're much bigger, bulkier strollers).

-Sturdy Construction--The frame of the stroller itself is not much, it's pretty light, but still feels solid. I'm not worried about putting my baby in there. (As compared with the snap and go, which felt like it was going to blow over if you left it in the wind). The wheels are one of the biggest differences for me. They are solid and don't seem to wear down. (The snap and go's wheel's are what made me return it...they were peeling off after a couple of months of light use---mostly indoors). There are brakes on each side and they feel solid.

Overall, this stroller has completely exceeded my expectations and I'm so glad that I got it. Chicco has made a good quality stroller that would easily last through a couple of kids. This will last you until you figure out which more expensive stroller you want to buy. (If you're a first time mom, I'd suggest waiting until after you have the baby to buy the 'big' stroller---what I thought I wanted and what I ended up getting were different once I'd lived with the baby for a few months).

That said, Chicco has come out with a new stroller (Chicco Liteway Plus) that is an umbrella stroller that accommodates an infant seat. Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Equinox Had I known about this, I would have considered that (Full Disclosure: I haven't used this stroller, so I can't attest that I like it more or less than this one.) That said, we have a Chicco Capri umbrella stroller (we bought it from a co-worker) that we used all the time for my older, toddler son (before we had our daughter). We kept it in the car for quick trips. Had I known that was available, that might have been a better option so I wouldn't have to store two separate strollers (frame and umbrella)!
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on December 28, 2011
We replaced a Baby Trend car seat with the Chicco Keyfit 30 and wanted a stroller caddy to use with it. Our daughter is growing rapidly and it isn't practical to carry her around in the car seat. I was able to put it together easily with one exception. The directions are easy to follow with one step per page and all the pieces fit together well except the arm bar (the piece that sticks out and holds the car seat) - my husband had to come help me push down with full body weight to get it to click together. Fortunately it worked and we didn't break the plastic in the process.
Pros include:
- Large and easy to access basket
- Adjustable handle (although it adjusts from a hinge and swings up and down instead of sliding down. This makes for a slightly awkward pushing angle when in the shortest position).
- Smooth ride - it rolls really well and doesn't have the same clunky ride as the Baby Trend Snap and Go stroller caddy we used before.
- Easy to push with one hand.
- With practice, the stroller frame does open and close with one hand by pulling up on the lever by the cup holders.
- The frame folds up tightly and locks into place so you can put it in the truck of the car with one hand. The handle bar also folds down for easy storage.
- The stroller, when folded, stands on the wheels so you can store it against a wall without worrying about it sliding down or falling over.
All in all we're glad we spent the money instead of trying to make the Baby Trend stroller work with the Chicco car seat. The transition from our City Mini to the car seat stroller isn't as painful anymore!
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on August 9, 2012
I'm SO glad that I got this caddy stroller to use as the primary stroller for my son for the first 3-4mo of his life. Originally (before I knew any better!) I was thinking of buying a "travel system" including carseat and stroller .. in fact I was looking at the Chicco system, since I knew I wanted a Chicco carseat. THE CADDY IS SO MUCH BETTER! For the following reasons:
- The Chicco full-size stroller is only so-so .. definitely not the highest rated in its class, and not one I would ever consider purchasing as my primary stroller on a standalone basis. Why then consider buying a so-called "travel system," when the carseat will actually work with lots of other stroller bases?
- The Chicco caddy is SUPER convenient and lightweight - very easy to fold up and store in the car, then open up and pop baby in and out when running around town doing errands.
- Handling is very good and it's actually pretty versatile, more versatile than you might think given how lightweight/portable it is. It's definitely not an all-terrain stroller (the wheels aren't large or robust enough), but we took it on some walks on mostly flat dirt trails (nothing too bumpy/crazy), and it held up just fine.

You may also be considering the Snap n Go generic caddy stroller, especially because it's so much cheaper than the Chicco. I struggled with the same thing, and am SO glad that in the end I bought the Chicco caddy made specifically for Chicco carseats. The Chicco carseat audibly snaps into the Chicco caddy and is much more securely attached than it would be on the Snap n Go (where there is no "click," and you are supposed to manually close a strap over the carseat every time you attach it). Otherwise, I found the two stroller caddies to be pretty similar, in terms of ride/handling, quality/materials, etc. But the greater security/safety & convenience (not having to use the strap) of the Chicco caddy were good enough reasons for me to spring for it.

It's expensive, and you may only use this item for a few months, but for us it was worth it. I suspect that the resale value on these will actually be pretty good as well (given that it's a pretty new item and there aren't many used ones on Craigslist etc. yet), so in the end you may even be able to recoup much of what you paid!
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on March 19, 2014
When I got my Chicco Keyfit30 for my newborn granddaughter I took a pass on this caddy - instead going for a traditional Graco "luxury" (ha ha) stroller. Well I soon found out that didn't work very well - having to take her out of her car seat and transfer her into a stroller just was not working for us. Now all I have to do it pop out the carrier, click it onto the caddy and away we go! No more waking her up for the whole unbuckling and transfer process. Then when done with errands, pop her off the caddy and click her right back into her car seat - no fuss, no muss! I do think if you can only afford - or only want one stroller - go with a traditional one as it will last a lot longer and you will get more use out of it but this Chicco Caddy sure is handy. It is also very light and easy to handle (folding and unfolding a snap) with a generous storage backed underneath.

As an aside I got a great deal on this with amazon prime - list was $99 but I got an "open box" for $79. Was in absolutely perfect shape, inside packaging was still intact - only thing was the top of box had been opened and resealed.

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on February 7, 2012
Wow. Sporty, sophisticated, durable, strong, smooth, easy-to-use, easy-to-steer, reassuring, zippy, comfortable, super light (11 lbs.), enjoyable, handsome, useful, accommodating, perfectly-designed, fun! (The matching car seat was even rated #1 by Consumer Reports, and it is FAA-approved.)

That's probably enough to say, but some of these reviewers have only used the stroller a few times. I am always more interested in reading reviews that are written by people who have really put an item to the test. That would be me. If you don't have time to read my whole review, just buy it. I am POSITIVE that you will be thrilled with your purchase.

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a bargain hunter. I want the finest, best-designed items, and I will pay for them. This stroller is so phenomenal in EVERY way that I did not even look any further. I am unable to even think of a needed improvement.

My husband and I are tall, very tall. I am 5'11 1/2" and he is 6'6". This stroller's handles can easily flip up to the perfect height, even for us. Just as importantly, our feet do not kick the axle bar between the two rear wheels (a common problem for tall people.) I have had back problems in the past so I must protect my back at all times. This stroller is so light that it is a breeze to put it into the car.

We just adopted a newborn on New Year's Eve. We had to fly across the US and back. I was so worried about maneuvering the airports, rental car buses, sidewalk ramps, lack of sidewalk ramps, etc. with all of our luggage, the stroller, the car seat base, and a tiny baby. This stroller PERFORMED. It is mystifyingly strong and lightweight at the same time. I would have paid twice the price if I have had known how fantastic it would prove to be. I was even able to balance the car seat base upside down above the baby using the canopy and the parent tray. (I had no choice due to all of our luggage, but it actually worked!)

I do our grocery shopping using this stroller too. The other day I amazed a lot of people at the grocery store when I got $157 of groceries into the basket. It can expand at BOTH ends and become huge!

My only concern has been dreading the day when I will need to say good-bye to this stroller when our son grows. I feared that I would not find another stroller that was so delightful to use. I insist on lightweight (less than 20 lbs.), smooth, easy-steering, easy-folding, expensive feeling. (In case you are interested, I have now found that replacement. The winner, which I chose after hours of looking, is the 2012 Peg Peregio Vela Easy Drive. It has the same feel, that same sturdy, smooth, easy feel, but stay away from the 2011 model.)

So, just get the stroller and enjoy it! You know it will sell easily when you are finished with it because the reviews are ALL phenomenal. The only negative review was about a defective wobbly wheel that needed to be replaced. There is nothing wobbly about this stroller. It is smooth rolling all the way! There are great pictures of the stroller in its various configurations on the Chicco site in the gallery for this stroller.

On a side note, if you can afford it, get two of these. We keep one in the car to use when we are out, and we have one that stays in the house to use inside and for neighborhood walks. It has been great to be able to push our baby around the house so easily when he wants to sleep in the car seat. And when it is time for us to go out on errands, the car seat is already on the house stroller so I can easily strap him in without straining my back. Then I remove the car seat and head out the door, leaving the home stroller inside the front door. When I return home, the empty stroller is right there for me to place the heavy car seat back into. Then I can unstrap my baby at a good height. Or if he is asleep, I just roll him into the other rooms of the house with me - a real help if you have back issues, and a real luxury if you can swing it. Enjoy!
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on January 21, 2015
It lasted us about 9 months. Construction was kinda janky, the base got messed up during the first month we had it, and was difficult to fold up after that. It was very light and compared to other strollers, pretty easy to open and close. I like that it stood up while folded(most of the time). I wish the base fit with other car seats like the NextFit, for example. I also wish the keyfit car seat base would fit in the basket underneath, but it totally doesn't, so if you are using it with the car seat and you're traveling, for example, you'll have to carry the base--which is extremely hard to do with just one hand. And that's assuming you have a free hand!
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on March 2, 2014
With my first born, I got a Chicco Keyfit 30 travel system. For those of you who know it, the stroller is heavy, and takes the whole room in your trunk. With my second born, I was planning to reuse the car seat, but after having used a super lightweight, easy to maneuver stroller with my older, I could not imagine using this heavy chicco stroller again. Enters the caddy...

It is super lightweight, easy to steer, easy to fold and unfold. The basket holds A LOT, and if you need more room you can just unfold a flap and it holds EVEN MORE. And you can unzip the front to access the content even with the carseat in. The handle folds completely down, so you can have the seat really near you when sitting (in a waiting room, tram car etc). It is pretty perfect.
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on November 18, 2015
this stroller is a WORKHORSE! we bought the chicco tre jogging stroller travel system (we LOVE LOVE LOVE the tre btw-- such a sexy stroller and such a ridiculously smooth ride. anyway, i digress) the tre can obviously be used to click the keyfit infant carseat into but we found that the jogging stroller was just very big for us to use (which is normal for jogging strollers- they're all pretty huge). especially since the LO was in the infant seat all the time we needed a small, lightweight alternative and the CADDY was it.

MAN, this thing could take some serious abuse. we have travelled on planes, trains, and automobiles with this bad boy -- it has taken on NYC sidewalks, gravelly hills in the country, and survived being thrown around on the baggage belt at 4 different airports. no signs of slowing down.

the baby is soon gonna outgrow the keyfit (we will be moving onto the nextfit zip) and we will surely be sad to see the caddy's days come to an end. we are however excited to use the Tre now that the baby is a bit older.

DEFINITELY get the caddy
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on November 21, 2012
I really loved the Chicco car seat (Key fit 30) so I thought I would love this little caddy! I don't know if I got a defective one, but the back wheels pop out constantly and to me, this feels cheap. I wish that for the price, I would have put the money toward the regular Chicco stroller. I do like that it's light but the quality is not good.
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