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on February 26, 2014
After several false starts, the story finally gets to the point. Something invisible hits Chicken Little on the head. He freaks out and rings the emergency bell. Pandemonium breaks out as the townsfolk react to the claim that the sky is falling. His father quickly throws him under the bus in front of the entire town, siding with those who called his son a liar or just plain crazy. A year later, the humiliation still lingers. He has very few friends. He literally has to dodge the nasty kids who relish taunting him (teachers included). This movie virtually wallows in cruelty. Chicken Little is mercilessly ridiculed on a massive scale for most of the movie's 81 minutes. Waiting for the father to support his son also takes most of the movie. If there was a positive message here, I failed to see it. It'd hate to think this movie sponsors and encourages bad behavior and abuse. In this movie, the bullies are treated like heroes while Chicken Little has to struggle to get people to take him seriously. No one should have to work that hard to prove they are worth something.
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on June 6, 2006
Disappointing, is an understatement with both the film itself and the DVD package. Chicken Little has a great soundtrack, big name TV stars, Zach Braff (Scrubs) and Adam West (Batman and Family Guy) supplying voices you'd think a great movie result would be a breeze. Unfortunately the big money must have gone to their salaries and to pay for the songs with only the bottom of the barrel writers being able to be afforded. Chicken Little struggles for original ideas with characters like Fish being pretty much clones of other characters (Kenny, South Park). The War of the Worlds is pretty much plagiarised as well by the alien attack scenes. Throw in the fact that Chicken Little barely passes the hour mark in length and you know there had better be some great bonus features or you've been ripped off.

Great bonus features however there aren't, with very poor efforts put into the meagre bonuses included. As if there is any chance you won't find fish in the Where's Fish? trivia game. Alternative beginnings are mostly hand drawn sketches, they couldn't even bothered creating them. Save your money for other DVDs.
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on October 15, 2014
It's alright but not great. Classical music is overused in all animated movies and this one is not an exception. Sudden onslaught of 10 thousand violins during "tense" moments made me grab my remote control nervously to adjust the volume. But like I said above this is not a problem of only this movie. Otherwise, the animation is rather average and the plot is somewhat weak. Ok for one evening.
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on April 22, 2014
I think animation was nothing special, story was average at best and I didn't really like characters. Aliens were more likable than the rest of the animated cast. Didn't enjoy the movie and it was pretty easy to guess what would happen next.
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on March 27, 2006
Let me say this from the begining, kids will love this film. They'll enjoy the cute and cuddly chick who wants to be loved and appreciated. However, some people will be perplexed by the storyline. I felt the premise of the story was too long. There's only so much you can do with a small story and it showed with the inclusion of space aliens. I also wasn't impressed by a few characters. One character I realy was annoyed at was the pig. I felt he was out of place and not funny at all. Despite the shortcomings, your kids will enjoy the film, adults will be disappointed.
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on March 23, 2006
There is great computer animation...there is great classic Disney...and there is "Chicken Little", which is far from a great example of either. This weird update of an ancient fable is graced (?) by some of the clunkiest-looking characters I've ever seen, overwrought dialogue that hits both kids and parents over the head, and incredibly cheesy action effects that resemble purposely-bad sci-fi. Add some loud, annoying voice work and dumbed-down '70s music references, and you've got something that's just a few feathers short of being an empty nest.

Chicken Little looks like nothing so much as a geeky, gabby golf ball with grotesque green glasses, and his self-esteem issues are contrived. Plus, he's voiced with a bad Bronx accent by "Scrubs"' screwball doctor, Zach Braff. His dad, a/k/a Buck Cluck, is a beefy bird voiced with an even worse accent by, of all people, comedy writer/director Garry Marshall. I didn't see a bird father and son here, but a noisy New York sitcom. And the other characters are just as annoying. I mean, what's so funny about a 500-pound pig that keeps quoting '60s pop tunes out of context?

The animators say they were trying to update classic Disney cartoons, but it looked more like a bad Muppet show to me, especially during the all-animal baseball game sequence. The later alien invasion climax? Don't ask. OK, it looked and sounded like a cheap video game, and threw in an ironic R.E.M. rocker as happy background music. These people either have a really warped sense of humor and off-the-track sense of timing, or they're trying to add a post-modern flavor to what could, and should, have been a cute kids' movie in better hands.

About the only things I saw that rose above the spacy murk of this movie were the two-minute "Hollywood version" of "Chicken Little" at the very end- and, yes, that was Adam West as the voice of the "Super Chicken"- and a deleted opening sequence that gave the original fable a charming, old-school Disney flavor. This bit was narrated by the late Don Knotts, who also voices the dimwitted Mayor Turkey. Boy, did he deserve a better swan song.

In the last decade, we've all been spoiled by the brilliant work from Pixar and the broader, but still witty at times, DreamWorks movies. "Chicken Little" will probably satisfy kids who'll watch anything animated and parents who won't criticize them. But to these eyes, it's just a soft-boiled egg.
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on March 26, 2006
Never thought I'd see the day, but Disney flunked with this one. Mr. Cohen's review says it looks like a bad muppet show and he is right. I kept waiting for it to get better, but it didn't. Incredibly clunky, bad sound, just plain bad.
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on July 24, 2006
I was very disappointed with this one. I was expecting a smart movie full of imagination and beautiful animation. Well, the animators did a great job, but the writing was really bad as was the direction. Most of the characters I didn't care about. The rest were just annoying. Like the pig. I was bored all through this movie.
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on May 22, 2006
when a piece of an alien ship lands on the head of the main character in the movie, he frantically screams and yells and rings a bell that frightens everybody. When he has everyone's attention he shows them the "Piece of the sky that fell on my head," only to rudelly realize, it's not there anymore. Then an acorn flalls on his head, and everything just crumbles from there for the little guy.

Don't be fooled by the cast, When watching you can barly pick out anyone [except of course the main chracters and Don knotts, the turkey]. I didnt even know Patrick stewart was ion the movie till i read the cast and credits... online.

The story line gets a bit redundent and is very predictable. It ends up being a "War of the worlds" look alike, only it's kid friendly, so no one dies. There are a few jokes that are amusing, but the storyline is just not that good, and the jokes don't revive it. In fact, if it weren't for the character Fish, this movie would not be funny at all.

Don't get me wrong, for any 5 - 7 year olds, this movie has the formula for a good buy. Action, a simple plotline, a few scenes where cumunication is seen in a good light, throw in a few scary scenes at the end, add an unlikly hero and... you have what disney has been doing for years... only with Chicken little, they got a little lazy, and made the plot a little too simple, repedative, forseeable, and again if it werent for fish, id take off yet another star.

Some people may be offended by the many derogitory jokes cracked in this mvie. However keep in mind the person who does them is not exacally an angel herself and is protrayed as a "Bad person." The jokes are generic, but to some kids, it may just slip out one of these days... Not that that can be avoided.

I give it two stars for its nice, and easy to follow storyline, and Fish.

Everything else is just a bit... repedative. After the first 300 seconds of movie watching, you can already predict the ending. Fish adds the spice to the movie, if it werent for him, it just wouldnt be worth watching.
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on May 1, 2006
"Chicken Little", written by Robert L. Baird, Steve Bencich, Ron J. Friedman, and Dan Gerson; directed by Mark Dindal. Spoilers abound.

Disney's feature animation unit has seen some pretty rough times in recent years. Most of the Disney films released since the glory days of "The Lion King" and "Aladdin" (with the possible exception of "Lilo and Stitch") have progressively lost more and more of their audience. Many have attributed this to the rise in popularity of computer animation, that perhaps audiences now see hand-drawn animation as old-fashioned (I don't think that's true at all, but that's another article). "Chicken Little", then, is Disney's biggest bid yet to enter the 3D sweepstakes, and once again be a dominant force in animation. I think that there's a lot riding on this film for the studio, fairly or not.

Unfortunately, the strain shows, and the talky, hectic "Chicken Little" probably won't put much of a dent in their current track record. To their credit, the filmmakers went in a different aesthetic direction than most computer fare. The film's look is a charming hybrid of cockeyed fifties design and children's storybook art. A menagerie of fuzzy animals putter about in their diminutive cars, and many of the characters are boldly stylized and well animated. But charm can only take you so far, and that's where the trouble begins.

The story is an update of the old fairy tale, which, to be honest, I hardly remember. In this version, Chicken Little (Zach Braff) is a boy, and he's right about the sky falling - if 'right' means that the sky is a piece of a spaceship's cloaking device (a nice use of the computer medium). The problem is, there's been no evidence to support his warnings. The plot attempts to worsen his situation in a school dodgeball game, but he comes off more as an unlucky klutz than the chicken who keeps crying wolf.

When the "sky" falls a second time, Chicken Little, not surprisingly, wants nothing to do with it. He's just helped his little league team win the pennant, and doesn't want to risk his precariously restored bond with his father, Buck Cluck (nicely voiced by Garry Marshall), who also wants to get past the whole town-laughingstock-thing. This unfortunately removes their conflict (Son needs to prove himself, Dad wants him to lie low) established at the beginning.

It's especially frustrating to see this central conflict wasted - the entire town misses crucial proof by a couple of seconds for the sake of a gag. Where's dad, pulling Chicken Little by the arm, telling him to stop this nonsense and just come home? This would've exacerbated their problems, rather than the aliens having to drive the plot. But they do, and it's up to father and son to reunite and save the world from the oncoming invaders.

This is pretty familiar stuff, and the film doesn't stop with echoing "Finding Nemo" and "Billy Elliot", but also borrows heavily from "Jimmy Neutron", "Shrek", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "E.T.", "War of the Worlds" (which is explicitly mentioned), "Signs", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", and Top Forty playlists from thirty years ago. Most of the the songs are ill-fitting, the nadir of this being the "I Bruise You" song, disservicing a good emotional moment.

The supporting cast - buddies Runt (of the litter), "Ugly" Duckling, and Fish (out of water), are mostly one-joke characters who wear thin pretty quickly. Runt starts out as a panicky overeater and winds up a Streisand fan. Fish seems especially extraneous, serving only to generate distracting background business.

Some of these problems would be easier to handle if the film were funnier than it is - there's a chuckle here and there, but by far the best bit is the "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" coda where the cast watches the film version of what just happened to them. Adam West makes a guest voice appearance, and sadly, the film feels the most at home with itself than it has for most of its running time. While some small children may enjoy "Chicken Little", its future doesn't look bright.
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