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Platform: Nintendo WiiChange
Price:$24.95+ $3.99 shipping
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on January 6, 2008
If you are looking for a way to unwind, after a busy and stressful day at work and can use a little bit of mindless entertainment, this game is for you or young children.

There are 3 different levels to this game: Easy, Medium & Hard

There are 2 different levels of play: Arcade (not timed) and Classic (timed)

Within the game there are 11 different levels, each with its own theme and accompanying music to match the theme:

1st Level - The Village
2nd Level - The Forrest
3rd Level - Nevada Desert
4th Level - Scandinavia
5th Level - Himalaya
6th Level - Antarctica
7th Level - Rocky Island
8th Level - Sahara
9th Level - Asian Village
10th Level - The Everglades
11th Level - The Final Task

As you complete each level, shooting statistics are displayed with regards to number of shots, hits, % of accuracy, etc.

If your statistics are not high enough, you will not advance to the next level and must start completely over from Level 1.

As chickens fly by or at you, some toss eggs, some do not. Some chickens are carrying suitcases with a picture of either a shotgun, sub-machine gun or gatling gun. In Classic mode (timed) some chickens fly by with a suitcase with a picture of a clock. If you hit the chicken, it will freeze the time for a few seconds allowing you to shoot more chickens.

In the upper left hand corner there is the chicken counter. It basically shows the number of chickens that must be shot prior to clearing the level and moving to the next. Even when the chicken counter goes to zero, you still must clear the residual chickens on the screen. They then come at you in numbers with a full assault of egg throwing.

In Easy mode, it is pretty much near impossible to not complete the entire game. You must be blindfolded to do poorly and in Easy mode all 11 levels can be completed in half an hour. In Medium and Hard mode, the "chickens" are more frequent, faster and the weapons scarce.

This is not a mind stimulating, role playing, first person shooter game. It is simply shoot at the chickens on the screen. Sometimes, the less challenging games are more fun because you can beat the game easily enough and simply have fun just shooting.

If you can pick up this game for $20 or less, it might be worth having a mindlessly fun just aim and shoot Wii game in the stockpile. I am still waiting for the "Shoot the Squirrels off the Bird Feeders" game. Now, that would be fun. :-)
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on August 7, 2007
Ok this is a very simple game it is basically a point and shoot game.It is very simple and reminds me of the flash games you play at work when your bored at work.I bought this and played it with my 10 year-old daughter she likes it and enjoys it .If you are a hard core gamer you will hate this game as its very simple and easy to play.

It is worth it for kids under 12 i would say but over 12 i would not recomend it is a fun little game and if you can find it used for 20 bucks like i did it is worth it.But brand new i would not recomend for 30 bucks
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on January 12, 2008
I rented this title, as I do with all of them before buying, and my 8 and 13 yr olds LOVE it. We are not even close to being hard core gamers. So this is based on the fact that when asking my 8 yr old to rate this, on a scale of 1-10, he gave it an 80 :o)

They must have played the whole thing through 3 or 4 times before giving up for the day only to start again the next morning. They didn't seem to mind that it doesn't take forever to complete all the levels. If you have young boys who want the thrill of shooting but you are opposed to overly realistic, bloody RPGs like I am, this is good fun. It is somewhat repetative as mentioned by others, but the graphics are Looney Tunes cute and change with each level. They had fun trying to get upgraded guns and added their own sound effects and dialog while playing. I had fun just watching them.

Moral of the story, this is a great game if you are not a heavy game player and want good clean fun. Hope this helps!
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on July 8, 2007
I rarely write reviews on Amazon, but I feel so ripped off by this game that I have to speak up. This game is boring, pointless, and unimaginative. I regret my purchase. It has neither the elegance and simplicity of a target-practice game, nor the sophistication and excitement of a role-playing game. Do yourself a favor and skip this dud.
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on November 10, 2007
The main reason I purchased this game was the mention on the case of an egg-catching mini-game. An arcade puzzle game from the 80's titled 'Chicken Shift', and my fruitless search to find said game again for the next 20 years, immediately sprung to mind. So I shelled out $30 for 'Chicken Shoot' and was on my way back to my trailer for some beer-swillin', chicken-shootin', egg-catchin', hootin' and hollerin' good times. Or so I thought.

I popped the game in my Wii and while the lackluster graphics were an immediate red flag, I reassured myself that I've already spent more money on worse-looking games for the Wii.

My first mission was to hunt down the egg-catching mini-game, which turned out to be nothing like my beloved 'Chicken Shift' (strike #2 and I hadn't even had the disc in for 2 minutes) It seemed to automatically toggle between being overly-sensitive to non-responsive - a trait which rendered the egg-catching portion of the game completely useless to me. Then logic mode kicked in and I had to ask myself, why the farmer was even going through the trouble of catching the eggs when he's just going to shoot them after they hatch?!?

So I moved on to the shooting portion, which is the alleged meat and bones of this game - figuratively speaking. Here you have the same chickens repeatedly juxtaposed onto different backgrounds. The mannerisms of the chickens distinctly remind me of the Whammy animations from the 80's game show 'Press Your Luck'. Can anyone say cheezy?!?

Suppose you pick off the chicken washing her laundry on the bottom of the screen. If you move elsewhere on the same level, the same laundry-washing chicken re-appears in the same spot where you had just shot her. Annoying. They could at least vary what pops up in a particular space.

The only thing that really varies in the game other than the cheap middle school play backdrops which change from level to level, is the different style weapons which you get to use. I didn't play long enough to figure out how I managed to get other weapons or why some weapons lingered around for a while and others disappeared after firing six rounds. It would have been nice if you could work your way up to even more ridiculously overpowered weapons such as cannons and flame-throwers, but since this game isn't very well thought out to begin with, I guess I can't expect much.

I did wind up playing this for about a half hour in order to give it a chance, but it gets old really quick. The graphics, audio and just about everything else seems not only dated, but below sub-standard, if that's even possible. This is supposed to be a 'next generation' console - I wish the game developers for the Wii would give us some titles that are worthy of the phrase.
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on December 14, 2008
I had to review this one since most everyone else is really ripping at it. Look if you are a skilled gamer you are going to hate this. But I am sure there are others like me : a 40 yr old with a brain injury whose doctor advised them to start playing video games to improve cognitive function then you may enjoy this. Though in no way will this improve your cognitive function outside of how to aim accurately...its more like a stress relief game. Young children may also enjoy it. I like it because I just like to shoot at things and most of the other DS games are so difficult that I can't play. I'm also not sore over the cost unlike other reviewers because I bought it for $4 (including shipping but minus the instruction manual) on Ebay. Chicken Shoot is still more fun than the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix and Cars:The Movie which are so not worth the money.
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on January 14, 2008
My 8 yr old son hates this game. He played for 10 minutes and asked, is this it? He spent $20 of his own $ for this game and I felt so bad, I have him the $20 back. I think from now on, we will rent games before making a purchase. So far I have 3 Wii games that are pretty sorry.
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on December 10, 2007
We got this game in a bundle with the Wii system. Within 5 minutes you are bored. Don't bother buying it. If you really want it, go to a used game store and pay less. I think that is where I am going to take mine!
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on December 2, 2007
I'm not sure which part is worse, the fact that this is barely a step above Duck Hunt for the original Nintendo system only remade with chickens, or the fact that I wasted $29.99 on it.

I'm not a hard core gamer, but I do like a dose of entertainment and fun with my video games. I'm hooked on the duck shooting gallery in Carnival Games for Wii and that one repetitive game is 100% more fun than this shoddy, cheaply made game. Actually I'd take any of the shooting games in Carnival Games over Chicken Shoot. Even the shooting thing on Wii Play is significantly better and more challenging.

The backgrounds look marginally better than graphics for the N64 platform, the sensory recognition is poor, and the game is tremendously repetitive. After level one, just drop in a different static backdrop and you have level two. The worst part is that it's not even funny. With a name like Chicken Shoot, you'd think there would be some humor or feathers flying, alas there is only aggravation.

Save your money for something fun.
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on July 3, 2011
We got this game for my 70 year old father for Christmas. He LOVES this game! He wanted a game for the Wii that was like Duck Hunt. I think we've found it!

As others have noted, there is not much variety. It is what it is==and I don't believe they claim it is anything more. It's a great game for the young and old. In all honesty, I will say those in between will likely find it boring (as I do). It is a simple game. The world needs simple games though! Yes it's mindless but sometimes mindless is great.

It's a good, old fashioned game. It's fine for the young--the chickens are cartoonish and they always come back for more. It's great for the older players who don't want complicated--just something they don't have to think about.

My dad plays this game more than any other we have gotten for him. It's his first go to game. When people go to his house, he suggests that they need to play the game. Oh, and I suppose I should mention how my mom's laughter at the name of the game, "Chicken Shoot", brings her to tears everytime (that naughty mom of mine--I didn't even think that until she brought it up!)

Others have suggested that the price would not be worth more than $20--and I would agree. That is about what we paid for seems the price is even lower now..I think it would be worth your $10 if you are looking for simple!
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