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on November 11, 2000
Great book showing a positive future. One of the few books that does not forcast doom. I loved the book. I would also recommend the book An Encounter with a Prophet.
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on June 5, 2016
Came as expected. Wonderful insight into the "new children".. The author interviewed children - and adults- who had Near death Experiences." She documented the changes of values and activities after the experiences, and found a common factor in all of them. it's fascinating and helps me understand the way these kids think and how they approach life, and as well as how they can change the cultural patterns in society. VERY interesting!
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P.M.H. Atwater is a well-respected long time researcher on the subject of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). Her fascination for the subject originated with her own multiple NDEs. Children of the New Millenium is the most complete work, to date, dealing with the NDEs of children. Dr. Atwater feels that transformation of consciousness, regardless of the cause (including NDEs) is a "structural, chemical, and functional change that occurs in the brain." She states: "This sudden change, sometimes akin to a quantum leap, flings the experiencer from one mode of existence to another - as if on cue....I call the phenomenon a brain shift/spirit shift." She feels that the "brain shift", in particular, is affected to a greater degree in children than in adults, "propelling them into abstractions and learning enhancements". She presents an excellent and thorough discussion of all aspects of the characteristics and many possible after-effects of the NDE in children. She then compares and contrasts these with the changes commonly seen after adult NDEs. As well, there is an excellent presentation of four phases in the process of integration which she sees the child experiencers undergoing after the event. She has documented an average of 15 years for children, as opposed to an average of 7 years for adults, to integrate the NDE into their lives. Dr. Atwater obviously loves children. She is fascinated with, and respects, what those child NDErs can teach us all. She shares more directly quoted childhood NDEs than can be found in any other source including my own book which is Blessing in Disguise: Another Side of the Near-Death Experience (Llewellyn 2000). She also includes many of the sketches that the children drew of their events. Her statement that: "The child you get back after a near-death episode is a remodeled, rewired, reconfigured, refined version of the origional" certainly piqued my interest! This book also addresses a multiplicity of other fascinating subjects such as pre-birth memories, reincarnation, future memory, a review of the author's classification of four types of NDEs, and even alien abduction to name a few. There is something for every reader of every background. Whether or not you are open to the concept of alien existence and/or abduction, and whether or not you accept the author's theory of brain shift/spirit shift, the fact remains that the absolute merit of this book is the wealth of information it contains, especially about childhood NDEs, their after-effects, and their impact on us all. Most of us have come to agree that we most certainly are all interconnected to each other and to that Energy Source which created us. Therefore, what happens to one of us (including the child NDEr) will ultimately impact us all. Whether or not the author's theories resonate with your own, I believe that you will find them as intriguing as I have. This is a fascinating mind-stretching work!
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on January 13, 2005
The early sections of this book, which deal with the author's research into children's near-death experiences, are moderately interesting, though Atwater's criteria for an NDE are rather loose, and she includes many cases that seem more like vivid dreams - and even cases when no NDE was remembered at all! But it's the later chapters that drag this book down into 2-star territory, as Atwater blends UFOs, alien abductions, genetic modification, folklore, channeling, and wacky predictions in a fruity melange of New Age craziness. Here's a typical quote:

"A contemporary voice on the subject of the new race aborning in our time is Gordon-Michael Scallion. He is known as an intuitive futurist and modern-day prophet ... It was he who several years ago affirmed that the fifth root race [i.e., the alleged next phase of human evolution] is the blue race and linked it with the then soon-to-appear blue star, which he later identified as the comet Hale-Bopp. He associated the manifestation of both of these developments with Christian beliefs about the Second Coming of Christ, and also with the Native American prophesy of the White Buffalo and the portentous 1994 birth, in Jamesville, Wisconsin, of an all-white female buffalo calf ..." (pp. 211-212)

Scallion goes on to establish his prophetic bona fides by predicting that "between 1998 and 2001, everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear will experience a spiritual event that parallels the event that occurred two thousand years ago" (i.e., the birth of Christ). Well, it's 2005, and if it happened, I missed it. But maybe I lacked eyes to see and ears to hear.

Don't get me wrong. I think near-death experiences, when properly researched, provide compelling evidence of life after death. But Atwater's silly book cheapens the field and undercuts the serious work done by others. Read it for amusement only.
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on October 24, 1999
P.M.H. Atwater's interview style, relating detailed accounts of the children who have had Near Death Experiences, is compelling testimony, as well as the foundation of her concept of what the Millemium holds for those who wish to look. Momentous and hopeful, this book is for those who like to think "outside the box" and who enjoy that kind of challenge in their thinking and reading.
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on October 2, 1999
For anyone wishing to understand how brain and spirit shifts happen and the results of same, this is one more work by PMH Atwater which will enlighten. Atwater herself is an excellent example of how one accesses other realms of understanding when one's brain and/or spirit shifts into greater consciousness. Children of today are pressing us to save our earth, become more responsible, they demand attention and challenge every perception we have. For anyone wishing to understand more about their own possible NDEs and find hope that they, too, have experienced brain and/or spirit shifts, this book will be of great assistance. PMH Atwater is to be applauded for her dedication to thorough, ethical research and her commitment to educate us as to consciousness shifts.
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P.M.H. Atwater (born 1937) has also written books such as Coming Back to Life: The After-Effects of the Near-Death Experience and Beyond the Light: What Isn't Being Said About Near Death Experience: from Visions of Heaven to Glimpses of Hell.

She wrote in the Preface to this 1999 book, "Although bits and pieces of my personal story have been inserted into every book I have ever written, my primary work, first and foremost, is RESEARCH... During my third near-death experience, I reached what I believe to be the Centerpoint of Existence. Many revelations were given to me there---about creation and consciousness and the journey of the soul. Afterward, a voice spoke... 'Test revelation. You are to do the research. One book for each death.' ... I was shown my mission. Researching the near-death phenomenon and what it implies is why I returned from death." (Pg. xvi-xvii)

She suggests, "Among child experiencers, I regard a brain shift/spirit shift as an evolutionary event---for, regardless of how others are affected by a child's near-death scenario, the second birth the child seems to undergo reorders or 'seeds' the youngster in ways that are exceptional to regular behavior development." (Pg. 19) She adds, "The majority of the child experiencers I interviewed had the gift of conversing directly with spirit afterward. And they spoke of divine intervention as an active force in their lives." (Pg. 40)

Of popular accounts of NDEs (e.g., Life After Life), she observes, "Few near-death episodes include all eight components. Most encompass about five. This... has given rise to a major complaint... [that] What happened to them doesn't match the 'classical' model... the time has come to admit how the original model came into being. It is a composite of elements common to the experience that was created by the media to sensationalize Moody's first book." (Pg. 54)

Of one young person's experience, she writes, "[NDE] can be both a blessing and a nightmare... integrating the experience is a very sensitive issue for the young, one that has never before been adequately addressed." (Pg. 102)

She observes, "It is possible to have a near-death experience that has as great an impact and the same patterning of aftereffects as the worldwide phenomenon, and not be in the throes of physically dying. No one can explain why this occurs; we just know it does... How many people have had such an episode? ... of the 229 experiencers attending (IANDS) annual conference... 37 percent had their episodes in settings unrelated to anything that could be construed as life-threatening." (Pg. 129)

Atwater's books will be of considerable interest to anyone studying NDEs and related spiritual phenomena.
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on January 11, 2000
This book "spoke" to me about Brain Shift/ Spirit Shift and the resulting effects of a transformation of consciousness, having myself experienced (without a NDE) those effects almost a decade ago. Atwater's reports of childrens' NDE and the aftermath of NDE serve as a wake-up call to our reality: (1) that we are spiritual beings having human experiences, (2) that we are continually evolving higher and higher through our incarnations, and (3) that love, forgiveness and service to our fellow beings is our greatest goal on this earth plane. In the future, readers of this book will say, "P.M.H. knew, she really knew!"
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on June 11, 2001
this book is a very solid and complete study of NDEs in kids. There are many stories of people who experienced NDE, usually with peaceful outcomes. I ordered this book, looking for a different subject, and still enjoyed it very much. For me it was a little hard to read due to the many references, it made it feel like I was reading a textbook.
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on February 17, 2013
I found the book a bit dry to read
and have put it aside to read later.
There were not as many near death experiences
from children as I had expected.
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