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on December 5, 2005
Sixteen year old Chris Brown has released his debut self titled CD. It would be cliché to say that his debut CD is impressive but that's exactly what it is. His CD is a very impressive start to what has all of the makings of a long career in the music industry. When he sings you can hear the "I want to win," and tenacity in his voice.

The CD opens with a brief intro where Chris pays homage to his home town of Tappahannock, Virginia and is followed by the popular single "Run It-Remix" featuring Juelz Santana. "Run It" is followed up by the official second single "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)." "Young Love" is a real laid back cut. "Give Me That," is a decent album track.

One of the hottest songs on the album is "Ya Man Ain't Me." It seems like this would have been the logical second single since it might resonant with more listeners. This song really has the appeal of a wide listening audience and music lovers of all ages would enjoy this song. "Ain't No Way" is another really hot song on the album. "Poppin," and "Just Fine" are equally impressive. The production on both songs are awesome. The CD also includes the "Run It" remix featuring Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow. This song falls short of capturing the magic of the Juelz Santana remix.

Upon listening to Chris Brown's debut album you will think about a young Usher or Mario-which isn't a bad thing. It's really an album that any music lover can appreciate. They are both very talented established artists. Chris Brown has proven with his debut that he is not just another teen singer. One good thing about this album is that it's an R&B album. There aren't featured rappers on every single. Fans will be pleased to know that the CD insert includes a large fold out poster and lots of pictures of Chris. With a ridiculous fan base, a record breaking debut single, a hot debut single, and a good team on his side, Chris Brown has proven that he is the next big thing in R&B music.
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on December 1, 2005
See now that's what I'm talkin bout.........a young man representin VA that can reallly sing! I hadn't heard the song, don't listen to much radio, but saw him perform on the Vibe awards, and I had a (Beyonce moment)-- you know when a performer got da fire to make you jump out of your seat. I knew from the moment the camera put the spotlight on him "it was over". You talkin about stage presence-----Damn! Then he opened his mouth and his vocal flow and strength began to resignate in the room, the crowd went bananas. Not to mention, he was on Regis yesterday, performance was exceptional and he did the hat roll, Kelly, Regis and the crowd were all into it. This album is hot---tracks, production and oh, he is first named as executive producer, so he got his own (or) family paper, too.

This is a great album, very nice photo shoot and insert layout and I believe he is talented all around. Next time I hope he has a few general life songs because he has the appeal to pull it of without coming off too soft. And honestly, any of the rest of the tracks could be singles but I think the two he wrote would blow him up, Winner & What's My Name, but I like every song on this joint and that is saying a lot for me and a 16 year old artist( I'm Amazed). Grammy "Best New Artist", a given and naturally Billboard awards. Oh Well

The New Golden Boy.
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on June 9, 2006
This album is AMAZING! Chris Brown is a great influence to kids his age. He not only discusses the fun life of being a teen he also talks about teenage love. His songs are so intriguing from the upbeat tempos of his songs "Gimme That", "Poppin", and "Run It!" to the soothing flow in his songs "Winner", "Ain't No Way" and "Say Goodbye"! I admire Chris Brown for his talent at such a young age and especially for having come from a small town in Virginia. If you don't have this album you need to make sure you cop that, it's one of the hottest CD's. I know Chris Brown will be doing well in the future and I look forward to his next album!

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on March 7, 2006
My mom got the cd for me and the first time I heard it, it was amazing! His voice sounded like it was created by angels. There were so many good songs. "Ain't No way" is one of my favorites. It amazed me to hear how a boy who's only 16 can have so much talent, intellegence, and with out a doubt cuteness!!! That's why I think he's so amazingly amazing! If anyone ever reads this, I am Chris Brown's #1 FAN!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CHRIS!!!
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on May 5, 2006
I doubt you'll ever see this Chris, but if you do, I just want to say thanks for making such a great album! Unless you're a nostalgic, ignorant Rock fan obsessed with the faded Golden Ages of Rock or an even more ignorant idiot who looks dumb & insane by talking to yourself, I hihgly recommend this album to everybody! It's got everything you bangers (Run It, Gimme That, Poppin', etc.), ballads (majority of tracks on the album), reminiscent heartbreak songs (Say Goodbye, Just Fine)...DAMN, he even thanks everybody -including haters- for motivating him to get to where he is on the track "Thank You".

Seriously, this dude is the real deal! He sings, dances, does a bit of songwriting & he'll be acting soon. His youthful looks & smooth, soulful voice give him commercial appeal, while his diverse, relateable subject matter, meaningful lyrics & strong love for Old-School R&B gives him artistic appeal. His debut album isn't isn't as soft as Rihanna's "Music Of The Sun", but it isn't as hard as Teairra Mari's debut album either. To top it off, Chris actually takes the time to talk to his fans in his own spare time...not just at concerts, interviews or set dates...I mean really COMMUNICATE with people! Although musical artists tend to be very busy, he still finds the time to communicate with his fans, which is rare nowadays. His talent really shines on his debut album.

Although this album mainly aims at teens, anybody can relate to the things he talks about. "Run It (feat. Juelz Santana)", "Gimme That", "Poppin'" & the "Run It (Remix)" cater to all the people who like energetic club bangers. Both versions of "Run It" & "Gimme That" are mainly Hip-Hop/R&B, while "Poppin'" has more of a catchy R&B/Pop-Dance vibe to it, and sounds refrreshingly different from the other tracks.

The multitudes of self-explanatory love ballads ("Yo", "Young Love", "Ya Man Ain't Me", "Is This Love" & the bonus track "So Glad") all stand out in their own way, taking on different perspectives of love, yet they all sound great & amazingly beautiful. However, the most creative ballad of the lot is Chris Brown's self-penned track "Winner", which uses a boxing ring as a metaphor for falling in love with another girl. Chris sounds brilliant on this track, and the metaphor ends up being creative without coming off as cheesy.

However, "Say Goodbye" & "Just Fine" are the best slow songs from a musical standpoint. "Say Goodbye" truthfully explains the situation of finding it hard to say goodbye to your lover through creative lyrics, a beautiful beat Chris' smooth, soulful vocals. "Just Fine", on the other hand, tells the same story of breaking up with a lover, but letting them know that the'll be just fine, and will find someone or something better in life. "Just Fine" is definitely my favourite track on the album.

Oh yeah, better not forget "What's My Name", featuring a new rapper named Noah, and he's not too bad. Chris Brown basically talks about himself & his credentials, but he does it in a polite manner. He doesn't sound like a self-obsessed, rude egotist (unlike Bobby Valentino...sorry man). The laid-back beat really helps the track as well. "Gimme That" has Chris talking about himself again in a more arrogant manner, but it's nothing bad enough to make you want to spit in his face. The beat is hot too!

The album ends with the standout track "Thank You". This track is self-explanatory...he thanks everybody, and I really do mean, friends, fans, haters, East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West, Dirty South, ladies, get the idea. Hell, when it comes to tracks that directly thank fans, this is BY FAR the best track ever made IMO.

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on January 1, 2006
Okay, I think it's kind of interesting, that all the kids reviews are bashing this album, but all the regular reviews are giving it 5 stars. Well, I'm a college student, going to an art school, studying the music business. And I was absolutely amazed by this album, and a lot of my college friends would agree with me. This is a very impressive debut for a sixteen year old. The album starts with his #1 debut hit, "Run It", which is a hot Scott Storch production, which is the song that everyone wants to hear in the clubs and at a parties. The song is based around the typical hit-making formula which leaves no question why it's so successful. But personally, I just believe this song is HOT! and addictive. The next track on the album Andre Harris/Vidal Davis-produced second single "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)". The song is just a sweet song that brings back memories of going to the skating rink and stuff, or some type of teen dance party, lol. But everybody remembers what it feels like to just see somebody who catches your eye and just wanting to dance with me. It's just such a sweet song with such a soothing melody. People keep dissing his voice, but I think he has a very nice voice. It's probably going to change a bit throughout the next few years though. The next song on the album is one of my favorites, taking it back with a familiar sample and talking about teenage love. This song just takes you back to your teenage years, remember the first time you truly believed you where in love? A great song!! One of my favorites. The next track is another Scott Storch-produced club track called "Gimme That" which is basically like another "Run It!". It's hot! The next song is "Ya Man Ain't Me" which a nice song produced by The Underdogs. Basically, the song is about him talking to a girl who has a boyfriend who doesn't treat her right. My favorite part is "he ain't fly, he don't even drive." Definately a 16-year old, I love it. The next song, "Winner", is one of my favorites. This track is produced by Bryan-Michael Cox, one of my favorite producers around right now. This song is just a nice catchy song, that keeps calling you back. The next track, "Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me)", is just as good. I don't quit no what to say about this song, other than you just have to hear it. It just takes you away. The next two songs definately aren't highlights on the album, but definately not tracks to skip over either. "What's My Name" is an upbeat track produced Cool & Dre, and "Is This Love?" is a slower song but with a heavy bassline, produced by The Underdogs. These two songs are followed by another hot Andre Harris/Vidal Davis production called "Poppin". The song is upbeat, but not enough so to be played in a club nowadays. It's basically just a smooth upbeat irresistable track. The next song has to be my favorite on the album, it's called "Just Fine". It's about realizing that the person your with deserves someone better than you and letting them go. The song-writing is excellent and it's just a beautiful song. The next track is another Bryan-Michael Cox production, called "Say Goodbye". Another heartfelt ballad here, about letting a relationship come to an end, and how there's really never a right time to say goodbye. It's about not knowing exactly what you need, and what you want, and who you are exactly, which is something you have to explore a lot when you're young. Beautiful song. The next songs are kind of like the closing tracks on the album. The "Run It!" Remix features Bow Wow, and is remixed by the one and only Jermaine Dupri. It's just as good as the original in my opinion. Still a party starter! I really don't care for the closing track on the album, "Thank You", but maybe it's just me. If I was the executive producer of this album, I wouldn't want "Thank You" to go on. I think the album would end better with the "Run It!" Remix as the final track. The "Run It!" remix seems to kind of close the album. But regardless of that, I would still definately give this album 5 stars. I think the reason Chris Brown might be liked more by college-age people as opposed to people his own age or slightly younger, maybe due to the fact that his music takes you back to those years we have already surpassed. With high school kids or junior high kids, songs like "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)", "Young Love", and "Ya Man Ain't Me" just might seem too simple or might hit too close to home, when their looking for music to show them something outside of the world their living in. I believe that music should inspire thoughts and music should create images in your mind, and that's what these songs do. It makes us think back to younger days when we thought we were in love with the boy/girl at the school dance. There's really no picture to be painted when you're already there. It gives something for slighty older people to reminisce on. With the 18-25 crowd, these teenage memories are still very close to our hearts, because we have just recently said goodbye to them. With even older crowds, they've moved way beyond this and their already reminsicing on their 18-25 days. That's my theory on why the college-aged crowd seems to be more into this CD than the under 18 crowd.
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on January 5, 2006
Chris Brown is on top of the world right now. His debut single "Run It" stayed on the top of the Hot 100 for a few weeks, making all heads turn his direction just to see who this new kid on the block really is. The 16-year-old Virginian actually considered a rap career, but opted for singing after realizing the attention he caused when girls would hear his voice. I have to admit that I didn't like "Run It" when it first came out. I heard it when I saw the video one day and immediately thought of the same comparison many of you probably came up with yourselves....."He's trying to be Usher!" And because of this early rush to judgment, I kind of shunned the idea of even listening to his self-titled album. But then I saw his video for "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" and I saw what some label heads obviously saw....potential.

We've all heard "Run It" a million times. And even though it's played all over the place, the song doesn't seem cohesive like an Usher track would be. Even his live performances of the song don't impress me. But then I heard the rest of the album and realized that "Run It" is probably his worst track considering he sings out of his range on the song. Thankfully he keeps within his limits on mostly all the remaining tracks on his album. "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" is more convincing because there is a concept behind the song, and his singing doesn't come close to any unacceptable levels. "Young Love" uses a few samples and reminds you of a bunch of other songs from the past, but Chris Brown does a good job of making it his own. Some other good songs are "Gimme That," "Ain't No Way," "What's My Name," and "Poppin." But his stand out tracks are without a doubt his more mellow cuts. "Ya Man Ain't Me," "Winner," "Is This Love" are perfect examples of his smoother side. But the best selection has to be "Say Goodbye," a song worthy enough to be his third single.

Chris Brown made a believer out of me, especially once I got past the whole "He trying to be Usher" phase. And the truth of the matter is the simple fact that EVERYBODY should be trying to be the level Usher is at right now. But Chris Brown outright trying to BE him couldn't be any farther from the truth. He has his own appeal that many teenage girls have already witnessed, yet he isn't confined to just the young adult market. They just happen to be the main audience, much like a Mario or Omarion. But as soon as Chris Brown and these other cats get a little older like Marques Houston and Usher, the more mature crowd will see what these young fellas are made of. Usher came out right around the same age, and his song didn't climb up and stay at number one on the charts nor was his album sought out by every teenage girl out here. Chris Brown unquestionably has the capability of being just as big a star as Usher...if not bigger.
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on November 6, 2013
I think it was about that time I did another R & B review. Back in 05, Chris Brown was a teen out of VA trying to make a name for himself in the R&B world. On his self titled debut album, he didn't try to be too grown and he made songs people could relate and dance to. For instance, the crunked out Run It featuring Juelz Santana could get any party started and its a good song to have a dance off to. Then on Say Goodbye, CB has a hard time breaking up with a girl he loved at one point, but his feelings for her changed, therefore it was time for him to move on instead of not keeping it real with her.

Young Love samples Blue Magics Sideshow and Slick Ricks Teenage Love. And don't act like yall can't relate to that song either, cause we all been through it when we were teens Lol. You know when you're in love with someone and the grown ups try to tell you its not true love because yall are too young and they call it puppy love? Well the hook breaks the song down perfectly, Since we ain't 21, they be trying to say it ain't love/ Cause we can't hit the clubs, they be trying to say we're too young/ I ain't saying that we trying to be grown, I'm just saying that we old enough to know/ We got that young love, young love We lucky 'cause we got that young love.

Even on songs like Ya Man Ain't Me, where he wants to get with a girl that's already taken, and he feels like her dude doesn't treat her right so he wants her to leave her bf for him, he sings I know you got a man but girl he's slipping/I can see myself gettin' in where I fit in/ I want you to see, just how much your man ain't me.Yo (Excuse Me Miss), Gimmie That and Poppin are good songs too, I suggest checking out the Poppin Remix with Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana, and as for Gimmie That, depending on which version of the album you have, the remix might be on there. I have the original version of the album so that remix isn't on it.

Chris Brown was on a roll till it got to track 9, then it starts to get hit or miss. What's My Name? featuring Noah is extremely weak, and the forgettable Run It! (Remix) with Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri. Honestly, does anybody even remember that song? I'm not even tryna be funny either. Is This Love? gets skipped from as well. But he was a rook at the time and there's always room for improvement. Don't get me wrong the album isn't wack at all, but at the same time its not great. With production from Sean Garrett, Scott Storch, The Underdogs, Bryan-Michael Cox, Dre & Vidal, Moe Faisal and others, its definitely a solid debut that's worth checking out.
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on July 21, 2006
This CD has not come out of my CD player since I purchased it right after the BET Music Awards Show a few weeks ago. This brother is AWESOME and is truly going places. I couldn't believe that he was only 17 or 18 years old. His future is already big and bright for him...all he has to do is just walk in it. He is truly a GEM..smooth, talented, nice looking, great physique...etc, etc, etc. He really knows how to bring the SOUND. I love the ENTIRE CD and strongly ENCOURAGE any and every one (young and old) to go out and get it today. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSATISFIED!!!

Keep on keeping on CHRIS.


Atlanta, GA
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on December 7, 2006
Now this is what you call a smash debut for a youngster. Other needs to take note. Its 2006 and he still has hits coming off this album. "Poppin" the lastest single is just now hitting the radio and I'm really digging it. Overall this is a great album, I'm sorry I slept on it for so long.

Your Man Ain't Me
Say Goodbye
Run It
Gimme That
Aint no way
Just Fine
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