Customer Reviews: A Christian Rebuttal to Dr. Mary C. Neal's To Heaven and Back
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on September 22, 2012
To Heaven and Back, written by Mary C. Neal, MD, was the most beautiful insight into the realm of Heaven, that I have ever read. I've grown up with the Sisters of St. Francis as my teachers, and the wisdom in Dr. Neal's book as a personal account of her traveling to the Spirit realm in her "death" experience is as real as any of the stories in the lives of the saints, and visions of prophets et al.

To Heaven and Back is an important book for those who are searching for truth, wisdom, the eternal Love of God. Religious ideology can never replace one's personal relationship. I read the Bible, and I interpret a whole lot differently than standard ideologies, that care more for controlling the people, having power over the people. Jesus' words matter most. Read Jesus' words... let the idealogues, and the naysayers gnash their teeth.

I am amazed that Mr. King and his fundamentalist church found Dr. Neal's book so threatening that he found it necessary to write a "Rebuttal" to another's spiritual experience of the afterlife. For me, I find the comfort of God's love and joy waiting for me at the end of life, far more persuasive than fire and brimstone!
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on July 29, 2012
I was very disappointed with the author's opinion of the book "To Heaven and Back" by Dr. Mary Neal. I felt she was very credible and she is giving the proceeds of the book to charity so she didn't write it to make money. I am a Christian and go to church every Sunday. I love God with all my heart and soul and believe He is the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I believe she experienced everything she wrote about. We are asked to pray for Dr. Neal and I will do that for God to be with her and to help her through the difficult days of living with the loss of her son. I think we should also pray for Robert Alan King that his heart should be filled with compassion and caring for other people and to not call them a liar. I doubt Jesus would approve of this rebuttal.

Norma Hammer
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on July 22, 2012
Having just finished Dr Neal's beautiful and spiritual account, I would not choose to read this book, a so called "Christian" rebuttal. This, I'm sure, is the type of Christian who sees everything in black and white, whose rules are so structured that they confine God to a tiny box and dictate to Him what miracles he is allowed to manifest and to whom he may reveal himself, and in what way. These people will never know the real God who walks with us and interacts daily with us, the God who sends us signs in infinite ways, and who continues to enlighten his people. This type of Christian will never know the magnificence of the real God because they have a narrowly defined pathway upon which they look for Him. They will never understand that God cannot and will not be constrained by their rigid and unbending view of the world. Read Dr Neal's book. It will lift you up. Don't waste your money on this one. I know whereof I speak, because after my son's death, I experienced many of the things Dr Neal writes about,so it's not just my opinion, it's my sure knowledge, revealed to me by God.
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on March 21, 2013
I found Mr. Kings rebuttal to be a baseless barage of negativity. "To Heaven and Back" is a solid book composed of a personal experience of a very credible professional. Dr. Neal went "out on a limb" with her reputation to write such a book and clearly did so to benefit the reader. Unlike Robert King's ranting, Dr. Neal is not attempting to convert, dictate or bully in regards to religion or people, nor is she claiming to be a prophet.. She shares a personal account, period. (one which I found to be most inspirational and interesting) There are many books out on this topic and Dr. Neal's account is in line with all of the most credible ones published. Working in the medical profession, I have witnessed and been told of many such experiences as Dr. Neal's.
For shame that Mr. King has nothing better to do but practice religious fanaticism and negativity. I suppose he feels he is entitled to throw stones.
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on March 2, 2013
Wow! This author sure sets out to tear apart something truly beautiful and good that happened through the grace of God. Why anyone would want to refute such a beautiful miracle is beyond me.
The book "To Heaven and Back" has been truly inspirational story of a woman who is only alive due to the pure will and grace of God. It makes me realize it is a true miracle that any of us are here today. It is sheerly God's plan that we are still alive on this planet.
The author of this rebuttle book is purely trying to rock the boat; earn some money on the coattails of a beautiful story that has gained recognition. His story is soley to stir controversy to gain popularity much in the way a tabloid exploits stories about famous people. It is sad that he claims to be a Christian, but his book is fueled by greed to earn fame and money off the works of God's miracles that were performed in Mary C. Neal's life.
Of course, he has to claim to be Christian, to make his voice as controversial as possible, to gain the notority he is looking for. His rebuttle is purely heretical. Why he makes it his business to tell anyone what God thinks or how God really is, as if he has all the answers, is a red flag to me right away. His OPINION on what the Bible means or what God thinks means very little to me.

As much as I hate to tear someone apart, (as he does in his book) because I think it is very unchristian like to do, I feel he has attempted to disgrace something so pure, so beautiful and good, and it is not right!
I sincerely pray for the author to learn to humble himself before God and realize he is not perfect and does not have all the answers. That is all!!!
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on December 3, 2012
A nit picker who missed the point. Accusing someone of making of a story after all the author went through is downright mean. Dr. Mary Neal doesn't need the money. She was asked to tell her story after years of silence.

She and her husband are a cut above. When practing medicine in LA, I had the priviledge of being a patient of her husband Dr. William Neal.

Fight on UCLA/USC
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on April 7, 2013
I saw Mr. King's "Rebuttal to Dr. Mary C. Neal's To Heaven and Back" and wondered why a Christian would be the one writing the rebuttal. Then I saw all of King's other rebuttals and I am even more bewildered. The only reason I can come up with is that people want to read about Heaven and when they find a book about Heaven, King wants to make sure that his little "booklet" is right there beside that book so MAYBE people will purchase his book as well. All in all, I think his time could better be served in other pursuits.
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on March 20, 2013
Mr. King diminishes his rebuttal of Dr. Neal's book by making petty criticisms. There are enough places where Neal finds herself at odds with orthodox Christianity that it is not necessary to gag at gnats. His personal disdain for Dr. Neal is covered by only the thinnest of veneers.

I might add that a thorough proof reading would give his work a much more professional look. And more care in covering the writer's own bias would lend this pamphlet greater credibility.
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on March 21, 2013
I read most of the reviews and because especially today so many are 'on the fence' searching and seeking (and have great difficulty to understand the bible)that I am making comment in hopes of being helpful to someone. I not only believe what Mary says I KNOW she is telling truth as she experienced it. I have had many 'Godly' experiences myself and as one of the "Real People" on this planet (some say Cherokee) I KNOW when Creator gives me a sign and directs my path. Creator made everyone unique and individual like snowflakes and yet collectively make a snow sculpture. Same with plants, animals, people..all individual but connected in our collectiveness with God. We are all one and not necessarily AT THE SAME TIME. Only God can do such a thing in such a way. Mr. King obviously perceives of things from his perspective and his own interpretation of the bible. Even reading the bible in biblical Hebrew is quite different than in the English interpretation. Mr. King,we are blessed that we can each express our perspective freely ~Creator gave us this freedom and again, it is the humans being (who 'they' are) that try to take freedom away. Thank you for expressing your opposing view for it only enforces those of us who KNOW what we KNOW to continue on our path with Creator and those who are unsure to make his/her own choice. Therein lies FREEDOM, which is our Creator's second gift (life being the first). Dr. Mary Neal I am most in agreement with her experience. I hope these words/perspective helps someone: TRUST GOD/CREATOR first and foremost because trusting God yourself is not a gamble no matter what other peoples' experiences are.We each will be as unique as Creator intended. There are NO IDENTICAL TWINS and yet humans act/talk as if there are...who do you know in all your lifetime that has the same IDENTICAL fingerprints as someone else? So, Mr. King, you are right for you as Mary is for Mary. May we each and all be blessed to KNOW what GOD has for each of his children; one by one.I chose to stand in agreement with believing Mary's account/story since,too from reading scriptures there were quite a number of 'unbelievable'stories unique to those people in their time.It is truly, the Great Mystery. Aho/amen.
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on July 23, 2013
I cannot believe how these fundamentalist fanatical clowns will attack or even attempt to debunk an experience which they have no firsthand knowledge of or have had a similar experience. You sit there and tell us to believe in the heavenly father and all that it is written in the bible. Here a woman and not just any woman mind you, writes a book about her experience and you have the gall to write a rebuttal. Sir, are you that jealous that God just hasn't touched you in that manner that you are so hard up that you must question someone else's experience. I met Dr. Neal and let me tell you. Dr. Neal is an exceptional woman, skilled surgeon and God fearing woman. Her experience recounts an extraordinary as well as horrific experience from which she emerged. Having said that, Mr. King some would say that it is nothing short of a miracle that she survived. Mr. King here is my rebuttal until you can prove that you have had a similar experience I suggest that you return back to the crevice that you crawled out of. May I suggest for you to re-enact Dr. Neal experience and see if God will touch you as well and send you back. You are a man of God, I presume. I can't stand it when people who are just jealous of others because God has chosen to personally touch their lives in a more intimate way, will sit there and write rebuttals because they feel left out. Get over it Mr. King you're just not that special. Keep working on it, I am.
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