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on November 20, 2013
Bought this for my sponsored Child in need for Christmas. I love the size! Bigger than a touch screen phone yet smaller than an ipad and LIGHT! I Loaded it with music before wrapping and played with it a little to see how it worked. If your looking for an Ipad move on because for 50-60$ that's not what your getting. (Duh for those leaving poor reviews!) However it holds a decent amount of music and has an expandable storage! That is important because they are so cheep no (32 g for 30$). It was pretty speedy with internet and streaming movies on Netflix. Would highly recommend for a teenager or Child. Cute bright color options. Sound good without headphones! I really think this was a good deal. Works great as an MP3 Player that also has Wifi and good for basic searches and facebook.
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on October 14, 2013
I bought two of these tablets for my daughters (ages 9 & 11). Both of them are fairly tech savvy and have used iPods and my more expensive Android tablet in the past so I thought this would be helpful when doing their homework. Upon receiving the tables, both girls started downloading various games from the Google Play store. They had no problems installing apps and I showed them how to go into the settings and move the apps to the SD card memory, so they wouldn't run out of memory on the tablet as quickly (being that this has only 4GB of internal memory.) Both of them (and I was too) were impressed at how nicely the tablet worked. They also used the tablet to video Skype with their cousin in Colorado (we live in California) and had some issues with a constant squealing sound. They noticed it went away when they used headphones during the Skype call. They video was clear and very smooth and sound quality was excellent, when using the headphones. A few other issues I noticed:

1) When installing apps: Sometimes the tables doesn't recognize an app has been installed, even though it was correctly installed and used a few times. The icon appears on the app list, but when clicked on, it says "App Not Installed". So I had to go to the app store and re-install.

2) In the beginning, the battery seemed to run down pretty quickly (after 2-3 hours of light use). But I noticed that this got much better after I let it sit for almost 10 hours on the charger. Then, I got more like 5-6 hours of use from a full charge.

3) When I daughters first got their tablets, they immediately began personalizing each one for themselves. One big mistake was, they both set up security PIN numbers to access the tablets home screen (to keep the other one from using THEIR tablet). My younger daughter selected a random 4-digit number and an hour after doing so, forgot her PIN. So her tablet became a paper weight. I have looked everywhere on how to do a factory reset on one of these cheap Chinese-made tablets, unfortunately there is no help. So I will have to buy her another tablet and make a rule that "NO PIN NUMBERS on any of the tablets."
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on February 11, 2013
Over the past few years I have refrained form joining the tablet revolution because I already have so many digital electronic devices in my possession. IE: 2 Android smartphones, pda, 2 digital cameras, 3 laptop pcs, just to name a few offhand.

However, when this tablet caught my eye, I decided to try one, especially taking into account the price and features.

Since this tablet has a limited internal memory (4 GB) I also purchased a 16 GB micro SD Card to push the capacity to 20 GB.

So far I have been completely satisfied with its' overall performance. Remember, this is my first tablet!

I like the fact that it does not require a contract since I mainly use it at home or at work, where I can use the Wi Fi connection. I have also found it can be tethered to my smartsphone to access the Internet. Took me a while to figure that one out, but it is possible! Just use Google to find out how.

The only downside I can see is the life of the battery (2-3 hrs). But I knew this beforehand, so I always have one or two chargers with me. It can be charged either with the plug in charger included with the tablet or with the same micro USB charger for my phone. So, for me, this does not pose a problem.

Yes, it may be slower than other higher priced tablets, but it does perform exactly as described.

In fact, a few days after purchasing one for myself, I ended up purchasing another for my partner who has experienced the same results a myself.

Overall we both are completely satisfied with this product. I have rated it with 4 stars out of 5 simply because I have not had it long enough to give it 5. This does not in any way mean it does not deserve 5 stars, I just have to use it more!

Give it a try, you will be surprised how easy it is to use.
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on July 4, 2014
I purchased three tablets and all stopped working after about a month. I also purchased extended warranties for each them. I initiated a claim and was told by Amazon to contact the warranty company for assistance in returning. The warranty company (SquareTrade) stated that since the Manufacturer's Warranty is in effect, I would have to use the manufacturer's warranty until it expired (then the extended warranty would take over). The problem is The Chromo Inc website has no contact information except for email which they do not respond to. I could not find a customer service phone number unless Amazon has another way to get in contact with that company. Right now, I have 3 broken tablets that can not get warranty service until a whole year has passed. If there is a way of getting around this year-long wait, please call me with the number on my customer profile
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I ordered this for my daughter. The tablet that she had started to glitch. It had been used for a few years so we thought it was time to replace it. I saw this one and it looked very nice. When it came, we were very excited to start it up and try it out. We were pretty disappointed once we did.

It started up with no issues. It is very light and feels great in your hands. This tablet does come preinstalled with Netflix, Google Chrome, and a few other applications. We downloaded one game and this was effortless. Once we went to download the second game, we were told that there was not enough room on the tablet. I then uninstalled Netflix, Skype, and Chrome. Most of the other applications did not have the option to uninstall, such as Google Maps. My daughter is 7 and this application is not needed so I found that a bit annoying. We still could not install another game.

I ended up going out and buying an SD card since there is an slot for this. This is definitely needed if you plan on doing anything on this tablet so I would order that at the same time. I paid $17 for a 16g. Once I put it in, it prepared it very fast. We were then able to start downloading again.

After a few minutes of downloading, we started getting notifications that the device was too hot and that we were using too much battery too quickly. This was only from downloading using the wifi. I found this very upsetting. If we are having these issues just downloading a game, she will never be able to watch videos on it. Even when opening an app, the tablet was slow at this.

My daughter wanted to change the background so we decided to take a picture. She chose to put her favorite stuffed animal on it. The camera on this tablet is HORRIBLE. It does not focus well at all so you have to be super steady when holding the tablet. Even then, the picture looks bad. We tried with both the front and back cameras. Both look terrible. There is no flash either.

In my opinion, this tablet is not a good investment. You do need to figure in the price of what you will spend on the necessary additional storage. I would suggest going in a store and buying one that you can actually try out beforehand. Also, I am finding it hard to find a screen protector and case for this tablet since it is not a super popular one. I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review. These opinions are my own.
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on April 22, 2013
Ever since I've received this tablet my daughter and I haven't put it down. I like all the graphics, the pics i can take and screen resolution. Awesome.
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on December 29, 2014
I bought 4 of these for Christmas for my kids. They looked great out of the box. Great little tablets for kids. But the screens scratch SO easily !!! There were screen protectors on them that my kids managed to get off and the screen was nice under. But the screen under also scratches easily. It has only been 2 days and there are scratches everywhere. For the price I would buy again but I would put different screen protectors on right away.
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on January 4, 2013
Its a terrific tablet---does everything that I need it to do. For the price you can't beat it. My brother wants one now.
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on December 25, 2013
I have read a lot of bad reviews for this tablet. I wanted to chime in and say I ordered one for my 4 year old and wasn't sure what I was expecting. It came in the mail safe and sound. I opened it up and installed some games, watched Netflix, and surfed the internet. It is surprisingly fast, charges fine, and battery seems to last. I use my car charger to charge it without any issues. It is great and keeps my little one happy as she can watch Netflix on the way to the sitters(I have mobile hotspot on my cell phone). This thing doesn't lag with movies or games. My little one has even dropped it once or twice and it still works fine.

I like that it is supported by google play store as there is a lot of free kids games that are put out for android devices making it ideal for my little one.

I know some people complain as theirs arrived broken or not able to charge but I ordered one on Black Friday(2013) and its still going strong.

Let me add it has been like a Christmas present to me as well as I have my smartphone back now LOL.

If anyone has any questions about it feel free to message me. I didn't get into the specs on the listing as they are already listed for you in the product description. I just wanted to say this has been a remarkable tablet for my little one. Learning games, movies, and a lot of fun.
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on December 22, 2014
This tablet actually concerned me deeply... I bought two, the white one, and a pink one, both gifts. Well, I got the white one first, then the pink one followed a few days after. Upon receiving the pink one, I noticed that the box it came in was substantially smaller than the white one... and this was after I wrapped them already. Okay, I'm concerned, but I'm lazy. So, the only logical thing to do was to let my parents open them early, because I wanted to make sure I haven't received a wrong item... which I may have, hence the 2 stars instead of 1.

So, my mind was totally blown...

Though they appeared identical, the tablets were TOTALLY different. The pink one was perfect. It was responsive, quick (considering the hardware in it,) reliable, functional, beautiful, etc. I'll give all the amazing points the pink one showed in a moment.

The white one, however... It was horrible. The layout was terrible, having the search button on the left side of the screen, and the menu bar on the right side of the screen, which in landscape, can cause you to swipe without wanting to. Google Search ALWAYS stopped responding and crashed the moment a single letter was typed in. I could not set up a new Google Play account, it always crashed the moment I put in my dads name (I actually had to go to my laptop and set him one up to bypass this problem..) The keyboard would occasionally stop working out of nowhere for about 5 seconds. The touch screen had a horrible response time. Screen tearing happened constantly. The speaker was AWFUL. It paled in comparison to the pink one's speaker by a mile. The problems were abundant.

So I started investigating. Turns out the pink tablet had totally different build numbers, model numbers, etc. The works. I don't mean one or two letters difference. For the build number in the pink one, it was one line of text. For the white one, it was 3 lines. Same for the model number, except the pink one had maybe 5 'words,' while the white one had roughly 18.

I noticed USB Debugging was already turned on for the white one, which led me to believe that it had been factory refurbished, or tampered with (Or at least that's what I told my dad.) This was not the case on the pink one.

So, based on other people's reviews, call this tablet a gamble. You have a chance to get an awesome tablet, considering the price, such as I did with the pink one, or you run the risk of getting a paperweight like I did with the white one, which is actually being returned to Amazon as this is being written.

Now, as far as the pink one goes:

Performance/Responsiveness: The tablet is amazingly responsive considering the price, and the tech inside of it. My mind was blown as I tested it out and set up this and that for my mom. Honestly, solid 10/10 on the performance and responsiveness, which MATTERS when it comes to a tablet. The most I tried was three fingers operating the screen at once, with no problems. Didn't try to push it to the (5 fingers?) limit.

Sound: The speakers on this thing are ridiculous. One of the first things I set up for my mom was Pandora, because she likes music. I showed her the volume, how to use Pandora, etc... The sound boomed out of the tiny speaker on the back. For this audio I'll give it an 8/10, which is still high considering the price. What lost 2 points? Simply the fact I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard from technology. It was amazing considering the price, ridiculously loud, just, don't expect miracle sound quality.

Video: The screen actually put out beautiful quality video and pictures. I was most pleased by this, because again, the cost is a big deal on this tablet. It seems so cheap that it's too good to be true... which, I suppose is the case in the white one? I'd easily give video an 8/10.

Wi-Fi and 3G: I don't really need to say more. Most tablets that allow 4G now are $120+. This thing at least gives you the ability to have 3G, which isn't as dead as a lot of techies like to believe. Sure, it won't be blazingly fast, but it'll at least be an option when you can't find Wi-Fi. Had no problems connecting to Wi-Fi and using network features.

Overall, the pink one would have made me rate this item a 5 star item, EASY. The white one just let me down too bad. I'd recommend this product at the price, just make sure it doesn't give you problems like the white one and works like the pink would. Makes a great starter tablet.
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